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Stop publicising standoff with IPS officers on social media, Home Ministry tells CAPFs

Several CAPF officers have formed Twitter accounts like ‘We the OGAS’ and ‘Movement for OGAS to CAPFs’ to bring attention to their demands.  

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New Delhi: The officers of the central armed police forces (CAPFs), who have been campaigning aggressively for parity in promotion and pay benefits with IPS officers, have been advised by the Home Ministry to avoid using social media to publicise their demands, ThePrint has learnt. 

According to sources, Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla Thursday met with representatives from all CAPFs — including the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Border Security Force (BSF), the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), and the Sashatra Seema Bal (SSB) — to hear their demands and concerns.

Social media is the last resort

“The home secretary has heard our demands, and assured us that he will look into the matter,” said a senior CRPF official on condition of anonymity. 

“But, meanwhile, he has said we should refrain from using social media to voice our concerns since the issue is becoming a ‘public spectacle’,” the officer added. 

However, the CAPF officers who have been using social media aggressively say it is their last resort. 

“We have been writing letters to the Home Minister, our DGs (director generals), the home secretary, and anyone and everyone who can help us,” said a senior BSF officer. “What do we do if all our demands fall on deaf ears? This is our last resort, and this is the only thing that is making them jittery.” 

The meeting of Home Secretary Bhalla with CAPF officers comes just days after he met with the DGs of all these forces, who are all IPS officers. 

In that meeting, as reported by ThePrint last week, the home secretary had told the DGs that if they can fight the matter out in court without inviting contempt of court, they can go ahead with the existing recruitment rules (RRs).

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that officers from the CAPFs will be granted non-functional financial upgradation and other pay benefits given to their counterparts in all organised ‘Group A’ services (OGAS). In July, the Union Cabinet gave its nod to the proposal.

The CAPFs believe that the grant of OGAS status has to be followed by an upgradation of RRs, without which the grant of the status would be meaningless. However, if the RRs are amended, it would ensure that the CAPFs become “closed services”, and the deputation of IPS officers in these services would stop. 

Resentment among CAPF officers has only grown since that meeting, and Bhalla had called them to address their concerns. 

Several retired CRPF officers had also met CRPF DG R.R. Bhatnagar Monday. However, the meeting failed to resolve the differences. 

Of late, several CAPF officers have formed Twitter accounts such as “We the OGAS” and “Movement for OGAS to CAPFs” to bring attention to their demands.

“The thinking among the CAPFs is that we shouldn’t leave any stone unturned this time,” said the CRPF official quoted above. “Despite orders from the apex court and the approval of the Cabinet, they are doing everything to thwart the natural course of things, so this is our only tool now.”



‘Blackmailing and maligning the IPS’

However, IPS officers believe that the CAPF officers are resorting to “blackmail” by “maligning” them on social media. 

“The fact of the matter is that a clarificatory plea in the SC is pending… Why can they not wait for the court to clarify whether or not IPS officers can continue their deputation in CAPFs?” said a senior IPS officer. “How can they preempt what the court will say and blackmail the government to toe their line?” 

The standoff between CAPF officers and their IPS counterparts has been going on since the Supreme Court’s order this February. 

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  1. CAPF is only capable of leading in battle field.They don’t qualify the exam which test their efficiency of policy making and decision making.They don’t have administrative efficiency at all.Despite promotion up to level of DIG is sufficient for them.Even in state police personnel recruited as DSP get promotion up to DIG .Then why personal recruited at level at assistant commandment want promotion up to DG.Their wish is fascinating.So,such type of discussion is worthless.Scope of promotion for assistant commandment is sufficient.They are get five time promotion in their service up to level of DIG is sufficient.Rank of ADG and DG should be reserved for IPS only.

  2. Namaste,I stand with CAPF, bcoz IPS should not forget the roots as they were trained and taught by CAPFs personnel only. IPS should not alianate force with Thier bosism or imperialistic attitude forgetting professinalism.they(IPS) should b one among the force that’s discipline. Nowadays AIS personnel are at their will n wish in submitting resignations to disobaying orders.Request Govt. to crack a whip on them.

  3. Why these IPS officers are so much interested only for deputation to CAPF and not other central organizations. The ill mentality is now very clear,these so called IPS officer is shame on india.their records at state level is very poor and to get rid from this short comings they use this short cut of deputation to CAPF where they enjoy lavish life like king and never wants to go back to their state. These IPS officers are nither physically fit enough nor mentally sound to work in CAPF. They just pass on their times without doing anything,and whatever some good work done by cadre services officer they takes full credit without any actual assignments. They even get gelentry award without going in any of operation. They go on forigen courses which actually assigned to CAPF officers. Total loot without any responsibility. These all IPS officers are actually fake officers. Let them to continue in their cadre state and maps their performance ,the result will be always zero performance. These kind of dead lot of officers should not by called for central deputation. Moreover their central deputation is matter related to central government so if they wants anything they should approach directly to government but how they can claim their central deputation to CAPF only, as most fit and urgent case. CAPF don’t needs their services how can they self impose their need to CAPF. And most unwarranted their stupidity is they went to court for clarification about their continuation in CAPF. This matter should be left with central government to decide whether they can be called on deputation to Central government or not.

  4. If the IPS don’t want to quit CAPF and want to continue in CAPF then they should quit IPS and join as an Assistant Commandant in any CAPF and then they can lead the force..

  5. Why IPS should lead CAPFs

    A person becomes IPS officer after cracking a very tough examination CSE. Its preparation requires a lot of study and analysis. So by just cracking that exam a person becomes eligible to do any task in the world. After completion of their basic training they are usually posted in the districts where they learn about the practical knowledge of managing law and order. We all know no crime can happen if an IPS officer is present in the district. All the rules and regulations are implemented by the police authorities under command of IPS officers. After commanding state police with such a perfection, an IPS officer gets all the ideas and experience to command CAPFs (Armed Forces of the Union of India).

    They usually go on deputation to CAPFs in the rank of IG. Having a vast knowledge, they got to know even a minor problem of the troops by just sitting in an office assisted by some very capable officers. They have that ability that they can instruct how an operation is to be conducted in LWE areas without actually seeing the ground by just using maps and apps. They also know that whatever map shows can’t be different on the ground. Although many of them might have not ordered even a lathi-charge during their tenure as an ASP and SP but due to knowledge and experience carried by them when they come in CAPFs as an IG(Ops) they order the troops to perform the tasks which are not possible on the ground. They possess some magical powers. They can provide food, clothes, medicines and even plant trees in the forest areas through the ground troops without spending a single penny. In this way they can perform that tasks that cadre officers can never think of.

    The main reason that an IPS officer leads the CAPFs is the coordination between state police and CAPFs. A cadre officer can never ensure it. In elections CAPFs are deployed in large numbers and they are provided luxurious accommodation by state police. Even a 5-star hotel can’t match the facilities provided by them. The only reason is the presence of IPS officers there.

    So, it is necessary that an IPS officer should head the CAPFs as they are capable and cadre officers do not know anything. These cadre officers start their career from the ground and knows basic requirements for the respective forces. But the experience on the ground can never be compared with the booking knowledge IPS officers possess.

    IPS officers are the real heroes.

    • By this logic they should also lead Army . Moreover they should be not in same category as IAS .
      You are a rotten fellow who does not know any thing about CAPF. Go and see Sukma & Bastar . IPS enjoy are the studio facilities where as CAPF has to move in Jungles.
      Go even in training in CRPF Gurgaon all the facilities are enjoyed by useless IPS on deputation. like Gold Pool etc.
      Honest IPS like Asthana , Prakash Mishra and Durga Konte were always in Favour for CAPF.

  6. केंद्रीय सुरक्षा बल या फिर केंद्रीय सशस्त्र पुलिस बल जिनको अर्धसैनिक बल भी कहा जाता है भारतीय लोकतंत्र की नींव में लगे वो अभिन्न निष्ठा के पत्थर है जिनका लोहा खुद लौह पुरुष सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल सरीखे इस देश की कई महान हस्तियां मान चुकी हैं। परंतु अपने राष्ट्र और लोगों के प्रति अपार निष्ठा व कर्तव्यपथ की बलिवेदी पर हंस कर जान न्यौछावर करने वाले इन बलों को आज भी दोयम दर्जे का व्यवहार झेलना पड़ रहा है। विभिन्न नेता,मंत्री व चर्चित लोग इन बलों की चर्चा समय समय पर करते हैं और फिर कहीं अपनी अतिव्यस्त ज़िन्दगी में खो जाते हैं। सामान्य जन आज़ाद भारत के 70 साल से ज्यादा वक्त बीतने के बाद भी इन्हें भारतीय सेना या फिर न्याय व कानून व्यस्था की ड्यूटियों में सम्मिलित होने के कारण पुलिस मानते हैं। यह तथ्य आज तक भी उजागर नहीं हो पाया कि इन् बलों को पुलिस के कानून व न्याय व्यवस्था को लागू करने में असमर्थ या नाकाम होने की हालत में बुलाया जाता है। इससे भी अचंभित करने वाली बात पाठकों को यह लग सकती है कि इन बलों को केंद्र के अतिरिक्त सशस्त्र बलों की संज्ञा दी गयी है जिसका रहस्योद्घाटन आर0टी0आई0 के माध्यम से भी किया जा सकता है। साथ ही सुरक्षा बलों के विशेष अधिकार अधिनियम (AFSPA)के अनुभाग-2(क) के तहत इन बलों को केंद्र के अतिरिक्त सशस्त्र बल मानते हुए ये विशेष अधिकार दिए गए जिनमें जम्मू-कश्मीर व पूर्वोत्तर के कई राज्य शामिल हैं। पंजाब का आतंकवाद हो,कश्मीर की 1990 से अशांत वादियां हो,पूर्वोत्तर के सभी राज्यों का विद्रोह हो या फिर माओवाद और नक्सलवाद का खूनी संघर्ष हो,भारत-पाकिस्तान की रक्तरंजीत सीमा ,भारत-बांग्लादेश,भारत-तिब्बत(चीन),भारत-नेपाल व भारत-भूटान की सीमा या फिर भारत-म्यांमार सीमा की रखवाली करने का पूर्णरूपेण ज़िम्मा इन अर्धसैनिक बलों का है। अब भले ही आप इन्हें सी0आर0पी0एफ0,बी0एस0एफ0,आई0टी0बी0पी0,एस0एस0बी0,सी0आई0एस0एफ0 या किसी और नाम से जानते हों या फिर नहीं। कुम्भ मेला,अमरनाथजी यात्रा या फिर लोकतंत्र का महोत्सव जो आम चुनाव के माध्यम से यह विशाल देश मनाता आया है,बिना इन सुरक्षा बलों के अभूतपूर्व योगदान के इतिहास में सफलता के प्रतिमान के तौर पर दर्ज नहीं हो पाते। भारत के विभिन्न विशेष महत्व के स्थान एयरपोर्ट,रेलवे यातायात,परमाणु संयंत्र,अंतरिक्ष संयंत्र,रिफाइनरीज़ व अन्य महत्वपूर्ण स्थान इनकी सुरक्षा में हैं। इतने पर भी बात रुकती तो ठीक था ये बल बाढ़,सूखा, भूकंप,इत्यादि किसी भी प्राकृतिक आपदा के समय आपको टी0वी0 स्क्रीन पर सर पर,कंधों पर आम जनता को लादे मिल जाएंगे। यहां तक भी होता तो ठीक,कानून और न्याय व्यवस्था की धज़्ज़ियाँ उड़ती ही जा रही है और इन बलों को आये दिन जानवरों की भांति कभी गाड़ियों में तो कभी रेल की बोगियों में भरकर यहां से वहां फेंका जा रहा है। बलों का हाल इस प्रकार बयान किया जा सकता है कि साल में ढाई महीने की सरकारी देय छुट्टी भी उपभोग करने का समय नहीं है उल्टे गर्दन तक ज़िम्मेदारी का बोझ लादे ये कार्मिक भारतवर्ष के हर कोने में भटक रहे हैं। इन कार्मिकों से सहानुभूति कम और खिलवाड़ ज्यादा किया गया है। 6 दसक बीत जाने के बाद भी इन बलों को सामान्य सुविधाओं व पहचान के अभाव से गुजरना पड़ रहा है। वह भी तब जब आज इन बलों को कभी सी0बी0आई0 कि रेड में सहयोग के लिए याद किया जाता है तो कभी डरी हुई व अपराध में संलिप्त अपराधी या बाहुबली के साथ खड़ी पुलिस व्यवस्था पीड़ित को सुरक्षा देने में असमर्थ साबित होती है। आश्चर्य यह भी है कि अपनी सड़ी-गली पुलिस व्यवस्था जो कि हिंदुस्तानियों का खून चूसने व अपना साम्राज्य अनंतकाल तक बनाये रखने की मंसा से अंग्रेजों ने शुरू की उसे आजतक पुनः सृजित क्यों नहीं किया गया अपितु उनके भ्रस्टाचार व नाकाबिलियत को प्रमाणपत्र देकर इन अर्धसैनिक बलों को उनके भी कामों का ज़िम्मा सौंप दिया गया। सिर्फ इतना भी होता तो शायद कम होता परंतु यह भी विसंगति जन्म दी गयी कि जिन लोगों व संस्थाओं की नकारेपन व असफलता पर इन्हें बुलाया गया वे ही राज्य में तैनाती के दौरान इनके करता-धर्ता व मार्गदर्शक की भूमिका में रहेंगे। इससे और ज्यादा हास्यस्पद और कुछ नहीं हो सकता था। एक और महान उपलब्धि यह है कि इन् बलों का चरित्र विषुद्ध तरीके से सशस्त्र होने के बावजूद इनमे उच्चपदों पर आयातित भारतीय पुलिस सेवा के अधिकारियों को पदस्थ किया गया जोकि इन् बलों व राज्य पुलिस में बेहतर सामंजस्य रखने के नाम पर इन् बलों में प्रतिनियुक्तियों पर आते रहे। इस योजना का लाभ यह हुआ कि सालों अपने राज्य पुलिस के कार्यकाल में जरूरत से कहीं उत्कृष्ट सेवाएं जिसका प्रत्यक्ष उदाहरण हमारी पुलिस व्यवस्था है देने के उपरांत ये विशिष्ट वर्ग के अधिकारीगण इन बलों में थकान मिटाने व विशेष सेवाएं देने आते रहे जिसका मुख्य फायदा यह हुआ कि समय भी अच्छा गुज़रा और कोई खास जिम्मेदारी भी नहीं लेनी पड़ी। बड़ी से बड़ी घटना में भी ये अफसर “एस0ओ0पी0 का उल्लंघन बताकर” क्षणभर में समस्या को खत्म कर देने की योग्यता रखते हैं। यहाँ इन बातों को इंगित करने का ध्येय ये बताना बिल्कुल नहीं है की पूर्व के किसी प्रतिनियुक्ति पर अधिकार ने कुछ नहीं किया अपितु यह जरूर है कि वह इन बलों की नब्ज़ को छूने में असफल रहे हैं।
    यहां यह भी बताना आवश्यक होगा कि इन्ही बलों में अपने अधिकारी भर्ती करने का भी प्रावधान है परंतु उनके पदोन्नति के सीमित क्षेत्र है कारण की विशिष्ट वर्ग व सेवा के अतियोग्य अधिकारी जिन्होंने कभी इन बलों के आखरी व्यक्ति की दिनचर्या नहीं देखी,कभी अपने साथियों के साथ जमीन पर जंगल मे नहीं सोये और नाहीं कभी गोलियों की गड़गड़ाहट में सहमे हुए अपने साथी को ये हौसला दिया कि हम सब सही सलामत घर लौटेंगे,उनको प्रतिनियुक्ति के पर्याप्त मौके मिलने चाहिए। ऐसा ही एक चर्चित प्रकरण आप सभी के इर्दगिर्द चल रहा है जिसमे पहली बार इन बलों को देश की न्याय व्यवस्था के सिरमौर माननीय उच्छतम न्यायालय ने संगठित सेवा का दर्जा देते हुए उससे संबंधित सभी लाभ इन बलों के अधिकारियों के लिए देय किये। सरकार भी सालों न्यायालय में वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों के एक समूह के साथ इन् बलों के विपक्ष लड़ते हुए केस को हार गई उसके उपरांत संगठित सेवा व उससे संबंधित लाभ देने की घोषणा कर दी। अपने स्वाभिमान को सर उठाकर आकाश की तरफ उत्कर्ष करते देख बल के सभी अधिकारी सालों से चली आरही न्यायिक लड़ाई की खटास को भी भूल गए। भूल गए यही सरकार और यही वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों का संगठन इनके विपक्ष में पिछले सात वर्षों से न्यायालय में लड़ रहे थे। तदोपरांत भी व्यवस्था में दबी हुई साम्राज्यवादी सोच के कीटाणु अपना दम तोड़ने को तैयार नहीं,जो उनका नहीं उसपर अधिकार छोड़ने को तैयार नहीं,तो मुझे भी आज यह कहते कोई संकोच नहीं कि इन् बलों की इस दशा, जिसमे निचले से निचले कार्मिकों के सामान्य जीवन संबंधी हालात हो या फिर परिचालन में उठाये गए नुकसान के कारण बल के कार्मिकों की हतास मनोदशा हो,इनके लिए यह वरिष्ठ पदों पर पदस्थ हमारे नर के रूप में व्यवस्था में नारायण बने अवतारों को मुख्य ज़िम्मेदारी लेनी चाहिए और इनकी जिम्मेदारी है। जो कुछ अच्छा या लाभदायक सरकार द्वारा या माननीय उच्चतम न्यायालय के द्वारा जारी आदेश के माध्यम से किया जा रहा है उसमें अपनी साम्राज्यवादी सोच के वसीभूत हो जो अड़चने इस समूह द्वारा डाली जा रही हैं उनसे आपने इन बलों के कार्मिकों की नज़रों में अपनी बची हुई इज़्ज़त भी ख़ाक में मिला दी है। अंततः यही सत्य है कि हार तो आप सब चुके हैं अब इंतज़ार है विनम्रतापूर्वक आपके द्वारा अपनी हार स्वीकार किये जाने का और सही उत्तराधिकारियों को उनका अधिकार सौंप अपनी सच्चे कर्तव्यों का पालन करने जोकि आपका इंतेज़ार कहीं और संभवतः आपके महकमें में कर रहे हैं। यकीन मानिए इतना पानी बह जाने के बाद भी आपके ऐसा करने पर इन् बलों की महान परंपराओं के अनुरूप आपको आदर ही समर्पित किया जाएगा।
    (लेखक केंद्रीय रिज़र्व पुलिस बल में सहायक कमांडेंट है व राष्ट्रपति द्वारा पुलिस वीरता पदक से सम्मानित किया जा चुका है।)

  7. It is a fact that there is disappointment among CAPF officers on the issues like OGAS or NFFU. These are required to be implemented soon. The CAPF officers are also averse to the idea of occupying top posts by IPS officers as their promotion prospects are greatly hampered due to the existing practice. Some kind of rational approach is absolutely necessary so that there exists a healthy cadre management. But, taking the plea of professional superiority over IPS doesn’t sound good as ips officers are also exposed to functioning of armed battalions in their respective states and they proved themselves to be successful in the field operations. It’s not something rocket science the capf officers boast of which cannot be learned and managed by ips officers had they not been appointed as Astt commandant and served in battalions. The government is not fool to not allow the ips officers in the capf set up to ensure full implementation of the govt policy. The entire beaurocracy is meant for carrying the messages of the govt in power. There is no exception here also. Maintaining heterogeneous nature of any force enforces the integrity and clean fabric of any organization. This is definitely a non-negotiable concept. We should rest our faith on the wisdom of the govt.

  8. Main plight of CAPFs personnel is that they are represented by deputationst who are outsider and have no concern with problems of CAPFs. These deputationsts who himself are a big problem in CAPFs only want to enjoy their luxurious postings at prime locations and manage close proximity with power centre.There are no checks on their illegal deeds hence they put un due pressure in the name of all India service on central government. Apart from this, there is no system or platform where government can have direct communication with true leadership of CAPFs hence real concerns of CAPFs are still not touched and always feel looser by own authorities . Recent example where honorable court’s direction union cabinet has approved the status of orgainsed group ‘A’ service (OGAS ) for CAPFs cadre officers.Accordingly department of personnel &training (Dopt) issued notification but these Ips officers who are on tenure deputation in these organisations reluctant to implement it on ground and indulge in hampering the issue by using hooks & cròcks. Till the time direct communication with true representatives of CAPFs is not established such type of issues will always come in future hence government of India must establish such type of mechanism where CAPFs own cadre officers may direct in touch with GOI which better for larger interest of our country.

  9. Civil services have long since enjoyed their position of dominance . It has to change . There is lot of incongruence in the rules and framework. Only by fighting it out (when all other means fail) can it be fixed. I stand with CAPFs.

  10. High of illogicalit on part of MHA. MHA is scared because they know that what they are doing is wrong and unjustified .What is wrong when poor CAPF cadre are expressing their grievance on social media. IPS have their own lobby and association to talk their view. What about CAPF officers ? They do not have association till date. Why they will not speak out. Just to please MHA. Remember these are the people who are fighting for the govenment every where be it kasmir or naxal or indo pak border or securing law and order and MHA fought against them to deny their due upto supreme court and now also it is doubtful whether court order be implemented or otherwise. And MHA is issuing saying that do not vent your grievance to CAPF. Yes I am the sister of CAPF officers and I am free to tell the nation how MHA and IPS lobby is denying legal rights to CAPF officers .

  11. How CIPSA is legal in Police Organisations. Are they not Police Officers? Further they became petitioners by filing petition against CAPF whose heads are CIPSA members by default. Hence implementation of OGAS is in wrong hands and MHA must understand.
    Here the conflict started. Had it in neutral and in independent hands, it could have been implemented with in month as AIS applied OGAS with NFFU / NFSG in 2009 once DoPT issued mandate.
    Govt needs to act wise and honour the supremacy of Appex Court.

  12. IPS officers through their Association and with connivance of some IAS babus in MHA DO&EPT have lost their resistance for granting OAGS & NFFU to CPOs Officers in honorable Supreme Court and the Central Govt, despite it they are still resisting to it for their vested interests. They come to Paramilitary Forces to enjoy, weild powers without responsibility and all disciplinery cases of the officers are dealt in filthy manners in typical Police style where the aggrieved officers have to run around the courts taking years together to finalise the cases. By any reasons IPS lot is just not needed in all Paramilitary Forces now.Let them go back to their states to reorganize their State Armed Police Battalions to improve Law & Orders if they are so keen to serve in Armed forces. Remember Hemant Karkare IPS died of militants bullets just because of his unprofessionalism. Non initiating of amendment to RR rules by all DGs who are all IPS is contempt of the highest court and all sensible CPOs officers representing the case must insist for immediate ammendment to Recruitment Rules for initiating implementation of NFFU. CPOs Officers need not get cowed down by Home Minister’s Rebuck as he should know that if these IPS officers with utter disregards to Supreme Court and the Central Govt orders are still resisting which is totally unlawful imagine the disastrous extent to which these guys can lead CPOs during war. So it’s time to throw this lot out straight.

  13. ~The Myth, of coordination between CRPF and Civil Police due to IPS leadership~

    Under the garb of coordination, CRPF faces several discrimination and subjugation under the hands of Civil authorities especially District Police headed by an IPS, examples
    1. The lack of stand on minimum requirement to set up a camp (both HQ and coy) results in lack of space, lack of basic amenities, low standards of infrastructure. This can be witnessed in every HQ or coy which has been provided by civil authorities. Barracks to transportation, from office to POL availability CRPF heavily depends on whims and mercy of civil administration. In contrast infrastructure build by CRPF is well structured and robust, recent sanctioning of SRE funds to CRPF in SOZ and J&K is the biggest example of this.
    2. In operations, there is stark dilution of rank structure like there is several incidents where TI of a thana is made boss over ACs and DCs of CRPF, which results in serious discontent. Its true that in force gazetted ranks viz. AC and DC are made ground commanders but in no way they should work “under” someone who is way below both in rank structure and intellectual insight. Under IPS leadership CRPF has lost its true respect amidst the hierarchical structure of administration. An officer is an officer and he should get what the Gazette of India legally authorises him/her for.
    3. While serving in SOZ I come to know that civil administration has failed miserably in providing even the basic rights of Citizens of this part. Poor roads, no electricity, pathetic PDS, miserable education, disabled PHCs, miniscule effort in employment generation and many more. Frankly speaking there is no administration at all. But, you can see CRPF camp even in farthest of villages providing a sense of Government and even giving their all (like Medicine, food, clothes and now making burma bridges too) through CAP or by self motivated ground commanders. The administration if willing could easily have taken help of CRPF camps by providing resources of civil administration but alas! this never were done or even tried on ground. They want our presence without having any vision to improve the situation. CRPF personnels laid down their life in making roads but slow pace, poor quality shows inconsiderate approach of civil authorities.
    The “certain” changes when a Cadre Officer (A ground officer who actually have the experiences) gets the top Posts.
    1. Taking stand while communicating with State/District Administration, like fulfilling basic SOP in providing camp infrastructure etc.
    2. Starting from SP of district, to sector head of CRPF, DG in dte and officers in MHA are from IPS which has long decided for rest of 99.99999% of force. At least now we can expect “own members” taking stand and putting in for Forces’ welfare in MHA, like share of SRE directly to CRPF, deciding for policies like HRA, RHA, other allowances to force members etc. All this will certainly increase confidence in force which automatically increase coordination with local authorities (less dependence on mercy of civil administration).
    3. Operational performance will increase if forces are considered for what they are meant like work “in aid” of civil police not “in place” of civil police.

    Note :- One classic example to make you understand better is “Election duty”.
    All the coordinators like sector for CRPF and district police are headed by IPS but we always see miserable management for accommodation and transportation and despite several SOPs we often see half section deployment irrespective of sensitivity of place. However, it is due to the leadership of “Cadre Officer” we have seen performance above expectation with utmost integrity and dignity. This is attested by the repeated recognition from EC and Judiciary in official proclamations. We can easily see the difference in performance by “Cadre Officers” and IPS bosses.
    The myth has to be broken, we have been betrayed over this for long and even now we see IPS association which was the main opponent in OGAS case are now implementing the same with an ill intention and un professional way. They have failed earlier and now they are losing respect too.

  14. Cipsa going to court.
    Do they really have mandate to take up d cause on behalf of IPS officers. Is it a recognized association, I dont know but if so there was no reason for MHA to issue orders n not wait for out come of case pending in court on its behalf.
    Well, why IPS want only top posts? Will they join in d rank of Asst. Comdt.? Cake, cake n cake only?
    Let them understand d Force from that rank onwards n then get elevated along with cadre officers. Any chance?

  15. Judiciary should also be kept in loop regarding the social media updates… only if they have a social media account…

  16. It is worst case of violation of natural justice if IPS r to recommend course of action against cadre officers, having lost their plea in Apex Court.
    Is it not dilly dally on part of MHA to prompt them to go to court saying,”if they could avoid contempt”?
    Well Once Apex Court turned down their plea, MHA needed to issue clear implementing orders.
    Once DGs submit proposals on basis of old RRs, it makes a case of contempt, as they r disrespecting d very spirit of Apex court’s orders which is that benefits cannot be denied n to be given to all, not a handful on d basis of old RRs. Did Apex Court mention any such restriction in its order?

  17. If IPS officers are so keen to come to CAPFs, why don’t they join there as Assistant Commandant. Moreover the Government may also declare CAPFs or BSF/CRPF/ITBP/SSB etc as separate cadre of IPS so that they can continue in the force upto top level after understanding the force from root level.

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