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Not just stay, need action against Sudarshan News for ‘UPSC jihad’ show, say ex-civil servants

Ninety one former civil servants write to home minister, Delhi CM amongst other seeking action on the grounds that the show will malign and undermine the UPSC.

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New Delhi: As many as 91 retired civil servants Tuesday have called for strong administrative and legal action against Sudarshan News for its proposed television show that claims to expose “infiltration of Muslims” in the civil services.

In a letter addressed to the home minister, minister for information and broadcasting, chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), chief minister of Delhi and chairman of News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA), among others, the retired officers called the show a “communally charged, divisive and sensational series”.

The former civil servants also stated that they were not affiliated with any political party but writing as citizens who are “neutral, impartial and committed to the Constitution of India”.

The signatories of the letter included Shafi Alam, former director general (DG) of the National Crime Records Bureau; Mohinderpal Aulakh, former DG of police (jails) in Punjab; Vappala Balachandran, former special secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat, GoI; S.Y. Quraishi, former election commissioner of India; N.C. Saxena, former secretary of the Planning Commission; and Parveen Talha, former member of the UPSC, among others.

Speaking about the teaser of the alleged expose, which was posted by Sudarshan News Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke last week, the retired officers asked for stronger action against the channel even though a stay on the show’s telecast was ordered by the Delhi High Court.

“It is completely perverse to allege that there is conspiracy to infiltrate Muslim officers into the services, or to use terms like ‘UPSC jihad’ or ‘Civil Services jihad’ in this connection. These communal and irresponsible statements amount to hate speech and are defamatory of an entire community,” the letter stated.

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‘Show’s telecast will add generate hatred toward Muslims’

In the letter, the retired civil servants explained what may happen if the show is allowed to air.

The telecast, they wrote, will generate hatred toward Muslims without any basis and “add fuel” to “allegations of Corona Jihad and Love Jihad” against the community.

It will also tar the UPSC’s reputation “by claiming that it is biased in its recruitment process”.

“The UPSC is one of the few institutions in the country that still enjoys an unblemished reputation for integrity and has enormous credibility with both the government and with the people of India. The telecast will destroy people’s faith in this highly regarded institution,” the letter stated.

It also said that the show will “spread a false belief that a disproportionate number of Muslims are being selected for government services, especially the IAS and IPS”.

Referencing an article by The Indian Express, the letter said that Muslims make up for 3.46 per cent of the country’s 8,417 IAS and IPS officers, much less than the percentage of Muslims in India (14.2 per cent).

“Over the last forty years, the number of Muslim candidates has been going up and down. In fact, there have been years when not a single Muslim candidate was selected in the IAS…,” noted the letter.

The show’s telecast, it added, may encourage other caste, linguistic or regional groups to “look at their rate of success in the civil services examination” which will compromise the UPSC’s credibility.

The letter also said the show’s telecast will malign the reputation of the Jamia Millia Islamia “which has recently been rated as the top central university in India”. The retired officers noted how the central university has been providing “free coaching services to disadvantaged candidates” and the show’s telecast could discourage such initiatives.

Finally, the letter said, the show would divide the civil administration on religious lines and undermine the contributions made by administrators.

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‘Offences filed against channel be investigated’

They retired officers have asked the administration that offences filed before the Delhi High Court against Sudarshan News, which include defamation and promoting enmity on grounds of religion, be thoroughly investigated.

They have also asked the information and broadcasting ministry and the NBSA to investigate whether the telecast will fall in contradiction of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation Act) and the Code of Ethics and Broadcasting Standards.

The NHRC, Minorities Commission and the UPSC should take notice of the “vicious hate campaign to malign a particular religion and community through the propagation of slanted news,” stated the letter.

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  1. Is channal aur is aadmi ka naam pahle kabhi nahi suna dharm ke naam par maal kamine wale log hain azadi se pahle east India company ke liye jasoosi karte thhe aur kitne krantikari pakdegay aur maregay in gaddaron ki wajah se manuwadi hain kisi insaan sirf dharm se neech bolna khud neechta hai karm neech hain tu kitna bhi lamba teeka lagao koi fayda nahi chahe kisi bhi dharm ka kiyun naho

  2. Just a program can not spoil the name of an institution. Let there be an investigation on the allegations of a channel. It may not be the mistake of the upsc; sometimes the rules of exam may be misused. If a channel throws light on misusing the rules by some body unlawfully, let it be probed. Instead of that opposing a channel’s programme is against the freedom of expression. Only impartial investigation will clear what is what. If there is every thing right , why to worry about a telecast. It is better to ask the government to investigate whether the allegations are true or not instead of opposing the programme. In a democratic country nothing should remain suspicious.

  3. Therez no jhad on this issue.. it’s totally made up to sabotage Muslims n not let them come up.. this poisonous Crab shud b jailed immediately

    • U r wrong..we have seen things like this in many department …and those all IAS who wrote are corrupt, communist minded people

  4. I think, as far as sudarshan news goes the decision is right , but there are web series such as pagal lok which itself mal aligns the image of the community, so is that justified?

  5. If the government is not knowing what is happening in JMI or any institutions then it will be better to resign and get lost,

  6. I am Fully Agree woth sudarshan News . One Country one Rule one exam patterns . Yha urdu ya arbi ka kya kaam hai . Reservation Hum Barso se Aise hi jhel rhe hai .

  7. If you want investigation, go through the proper channel. Do not malign the integrity of a reputed institution through your half-witted half-baked arguments.
    While writing this letter, particular regulations have been referred to, to probe further into this matter. It is not said that “just because we don’t like it, shut it down” which was done in case of Padmavat and Article 15 films.
    Regarding “what was going on in JMI in the name of CAA and NRC”, you need to read a lot more, about both sides of the incident, in order to understand exactly what happened.
    And it is “I” not “We” who condemns this letter. You are not India. Speak for yourself.
    Do not go with your emotions. Hopefully you would understand.

  8. If any channel is claiming something them it has to be investigated rather than just start opposing if any such practice is cooking then it cannot hide for long ….. Just in case the news telecasted has any truth in it then it will be the injustice with others

  9. Most of IAS is currupt, so there is no need to take there views. Muslims are mist untrustable in the world and in india..So no need to keep them in the main admiNistation.they believe first in there tp religion then other things.
    Mistakes must be corrected , which we made in 47

  10. UPSC is among institutions which still is fair and independent body, maligning its image would drop the belief of candidate appearing in the exam, therefore what matters is it’s credibility.. Regarding what the tv show wanted to express , it can, but not in connection with such Institution like upsc
    (Whoever consider it as biased, I would ask them to sit in the exam once to see the level and then decide)
    Moreover regarding FoE, how much it is expressed now a days for the sole purpose of hike in TRP’s of the media channel is well known…

  11. Eik baar exam likho pata chalega kitna tough hota hy. Not an easy thing to get. Just don’t pay attention to all these news. Jo bhi ho desh key liye aur logon key liye kaam karey.

  12. Agreed totally with sudharshan news .what they said is correct . Any body preparing for UPSC since starting with help of special institution may be modern funded by hawala money brainwashed .The language he chose may be only read understood by a few has a clearcut advanatage over other aspirants .if 5-6 selected per year will be posted in departments important to judiciary foreign affairs home affairs will run agendas in disguise that is all luteyns gang all about. Any where posted will help in rioting and cleansing of population and adding salt to majority day by day.
    You may disagree but you can’t avoid above.
    Change language Hindi and English only see results. If you are so literate why don’t talk about reservation in upper grade services .Barking for issues raise by qnybbews channel is wastage of time but their point is valid.peace

  13. sudharshan tv has full right of expression.
    when other do use this right to defame democracy and nation then one side alway stood up for defending them ,even by irreational reasoning ….

    sudharshan is counter for that…
    sudharshan is far better than than most main stream media , only thing with sudharshan tv is that it chooses its niche ….

  14. No doubt, journalistic freedom is important for the growth of a country. But doing something that endangers already marginalized minority should be done with caution. Problem is, if what Sudarshan TV is claiming turns out to be true, it will tarnish the image of UPSC. But if it turns out to be baseless, Sudarshan TV will not apologise. We need to refrain from communal bullying.

  15. Freedom of expression and speech is constitutional right that need be respected and protected.lt is a previlege guaranteed under democratic set up.lts sanctity must be dear to all.lts medium to express anger and apprehension felt against denial of what legally was due to an individual, group,party, community or region.lts recording of protest and pressing for redressal of excesses or of unpleasant incident as per law of the land.
    Every right to be exercised has simultaneous equal weight of duty to be discharged to keep the balance of liberty, justice and equality.Going oblivious or behaving partially or one side disturbs equilibrium that is against justice.It is misuse of rights and violation of law as well.
    Vomiting anything one likes or loves without least consideration of rights of others or adverse of this vomit for others can never be declared as exercise of right to expression.Our friends should know it that while feeling resent and advocating self fair doesn’t entitle assault,attack or humilate others—-individual, community or institution.In case it’s such,it comes under grave violation of law and subsequently amounts to misuse of the right, platform or the position that conspicuously invites violence.hatred, disharmony, discrimination, lawlessness on the one hand and doubt on the merit of the concerned institutions.
    Promotion or marketing or publicity of one’s business cannot be allowed by practising hipocrisy and downgrading institutions and communities, trampling others or exploiting lies.lt never wins instead brings distaste for society as a whole.
    Ours is a proud democratic and excellent administered setup where supremacy of law is of earth depth.Law need to take its own course and not only check brake but root out each and every vicious attempt that may vitiate or harm our democracy and its institutions.

  16. mujh samjh mai nahi aata …ki yeh media houses jab yeh kehti firte the ki brahmins have control over every big govt post …tab inhe freedom of expression yaad araha tha aur ab inhe freedom of speech yaad nahi araha..

  17. Muslim are doing with our reservation and They are struggling for a long time. When saccher committee came no one talk about, how to improve the condition of Muslim. How can people media say like this. Is there any credibility in news channel…. Jiska jo man aye bol de.

  18. इनको बिना किताब छपे किताब में क्या लिखा है उसका पता चल जाता है, टीवी पर बिना दिखाए ही, जो दिखाया जाने वाला है, उसका भी पता चल जाता है कि जो दिखाया जाएगा वो संविधान के खिलाफ है, अभिव्यक्ति की सम्पूर्ण आजादी का भरपूर आनंद लेने वाला टुकड़े टुकड़े गैंग, दूसरे पक्ष को ना पुस्तक छापने देता है, ना टीवी पर कार्यक्रम दिखाने देता है, और ये बेशर्म लोग दूसरों पर असहिष्णुता का आरोप लगाते हैं।
    मतलब सबकुछ सिर्फ इनकी मर्जी से चले, दूसरे को बोलने नही देंगे कि कहीं सच्चाई सारी दुनिया ना जान ले?
    बन्द करो ये फर्जीवाड़ा, दूसरे को अपना पक्ष रखने दो, अगर उसके बाद कुछ गलत लगता है तो जाओ कोर्ट, करवाओ सजा, ये नाटकबाजी बन्द करके सहिष्णु तो होना ही पड़ेगा, ऐसे नही तो वैसे सही।

  19. Blueberry bans a book on Delhi riots and now Sudarshan TV. Does freedom of speech is for one school of thought only? Why are we so touchy? Why can’t we debate?

  20. This is find example of chor ke dhadi me tinka, u can pelt stone burn public properties kill people’s in name of freedom of expression but if it doesn’t suit ur agenda n ideology u try to strangle this freedom of expression, why such dual standards.

    2ndly how can u judge a book by its cover, the program was about the unethical n illegal nexus that is rampant in disguise of secularism n minority, specially suresh chavank was about to expose jakat foundations hidden agenda with proofs that’s why they become restless.

    HC has done blunder by staying the telecast u can’t censer fourth piller of democracy, if u have any problem u can complain but after telecast , this pre telecast stay upholds the Sudarshan news claim that something is fishy, it’s just like jihad against truth n that can’t be tolerated, but as the old saying Truth always prevail, Satya Mev Jayate.

  21. 1)FOe does not protect you from defamation or spreading communal disharmony.This shoes telecast being stopped is not a violation of foe

    2)This man has not made any credible inveayigation.He has simply looked at reports of.numbers of Muslim officers increasing and is considering this as a conspiracy.As far as conspiracy theories go,this one is afoul of all.kinda of ethics and restrictions of FoE

  22. Problem with Muslims is they never introspect.. On basis of religion, they took Pakistan.. On basis of religion Hyderabad and Junagarh want to join Pakistan.. On the basis of religion now Kashmir want separation.. But still they say never suspect their religious inclination.. Hypocrisy

  23. Before so much hue and cry, analyse who was Shah Faesal.. What he did as a civil servant, was not he became sepatarist in Kashmir and then left CIVIL SERICES..and also look what subjects he chosen for UPSC mains.. One of our vice president who was civil servant, how he worked for national goals while he was IFS, All should be looked.

  24. There is another angle to say something.. Any kind of subjects which can produce impartiality should not be part of UPSC. Be it urdu or sanskrit.

  25. 90 retired civil servants have been a bit too smart for their own good. These parasites need to come out of their cocoon to see that Sudarshan TV’s report is just a repeat of many reports of earlier times.
    Sudarshan TV is merely doing what many others have done earlier. The only difference is that Sachar Commission said there were too few Muslims in public life, too few Muslims who were educated, too few Muslims who were in business and too many Muslims in jail. Sachar forgot to add that no one stopped Muslims from being educated, being in public life or being in business. Also, no one went out of their way to put Muslims in jail.
    Sudarshan TV is merely doing what hundreds of newsreports and thousands of academic articles have done earlier when they insisted that there were too many brahmins in public life, too many brahmins in education, too many brahmins…..

    Sudarshan TV and similar reports will keep on coming till so long it is fashionable to target brahmins and Hindus.

  26. What is wrong in that , in place of opposing and accusing Sudarshan TV, just investigate matter through CBI or NIA. Maybe he is telling right. But if is true then it’s matter of threat for whole country.

    • 100% agree with u… Why these IAS have to fear.. if the channel is so bold, they must have some proof with them… Anyhow, it is well known that most, if not all, IAS PCS are corrupt…

  27. This is a point which is very divisive and the way it is presented by Sudarsan news, was a bad taste.
    Media should be responsible and accountable for all their activities.

  28. These ramnents of British legacy butchered our national values and still live in fools paradise…. These hypocrates need no heed… Let them go to hell… We can decide what to watch and what not… Who these bloody advisors are…..

  29. I do not agree with what SUDARSHAN TV has broadcast about Muslims in UPSC…. However disagreeable it may be…. SUDARSHAN TV has the right to its opinion…. That is what Freedom of Expression is all about…. There cannot be FoE only one way….. It has to be multiple way…. That is what our ancient Ethos was… that was the basis of our enlightened civilization, since time immemorial…. that is the basis of our constitution….. So it is better that all Indians wake up to this ….. Let all thoughts, ideas, opinions COEXIST….. That’s the surest way to strengthening our society, our nation….

    • Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that any one can speak any thing rubbing against any such reputed organization such as UPSC.

      Sudarshan TV has to be Banned and the nasty owner who is trying to get cheapest publicity and is trying to be noted in the eyes of Rss as a champion of Bhakts, so that he could get the Ticket in the coming elections.

      Suresh Chohan must be put on trial and should be slapped by the lifetime jail, with the cash penalty of Rs 5 cr.plus life time jail.

      So no other persons can start this type of dividing oh great country.

      Our judiciary should take a serious note of this.

      Hindu Muslim, mandir Masjid, Topics in the Traitor godi media should be immediately stopped, if we want our country to bring our future generations with good morals.
      Jai Hind.


    • Wow,so you only fight for the freedom of expression of the right wing because you belong to that ideology.
      Anything the left says is automatically slapped with sedition.

    • Freedom of speech n expression mentioned in article 19(1) is followed by 19(2) which mentions that there are reasonable restrictions in FoS.
      If it disrupts communal harmony or in any way disturb public order.. Or if it’s against the country.. Etc there are 7 such restrictions. FoS is not absolute.. It has responsibility added to it.
      Sudarshans programme clearly violates the constitutional provision of FoS. So should not be allowed.

    • True, the have the right to their opinion but then the show should have representation if its planning on an exposé not a one sided storytelling. Also this is only going to increase the religious divide even more. We must keep showing the world that we are above that.

  30. This is bjp india Muslim are not safe are we the constitution itself is not in control everything in bjp year is just ram raj

      • Why don’t u do the needful. Why is Pakistan ur favorite place.. Why not buy him a ticket to USA or UK with a valid visa.. Dude, It’s not him.. Ur love for Pakistan comes out in this situation.. U should definitely go there 🤣🤣

  31. Time and again Jinnah is proven correct. The Muslims of India are realizing it big time under this fascist government which is hell bent to make them stateless or at the least reduce them to second class citizens. Jinnah had the foresight to see the barbarity of fascist Hindutva being unleashed on the minorities. A true visionary indeed.

    • then go to pakistan ..your ancestor voted for Pakistan in 1946 ..and you community contribution in India is null

      • His ancestors stayed here with your ancestors.. Probly ur ancestors didn’t tell U that.. Did they..
        In 2020 U keep crying about 1946.. We got independence in 1947.. Ur still a slave of the hatred Britishers wanted to put in our hearts..

    • Jinnah was mad man, we Bengalis prove that and break Pakistan and created our Bangladesh and throw two nation theory into Bay of Bengal, Joy Bangla.

    • Yeah right. I too believe in Jinnah. With my experiences with Pakistanis in the gulf, I am forced to admit this. They have been the nicest people i the whole subcontinent. Jinnah was right, it both communities separate, they will live like brothers.

      Secondly, without any bias against UPSC , my question is WHY are muslims SOOOOO obsessed with civil services? Because if a senior police officer, IPS is in charge who is mslim, he can better control a communal riot? Why are muslims not so bothered about a career in corporate sector?

  32. There was a write up in ” THE CHHAPPAI ” saying a particular community has a RELIGIOUS BOOK IN ONE HAND FOR EVERYTHING THEY do .

    If ALL RELIGIONS start following this strategy. The scientific and modern outlook of this great nation would be in tatters.

    It’s a known fact that freedom of speech under the dreadful watch of undereducated jhollawallas and rent a journalist was at great risk .

    We shouldn’t let this happen ever again.

  33. I think this Sudershan News paid these chaps to oppose so as to get some publicity!

    Cos no one even heard of a Sud News!

  34. Strict action should be taken against these kinds of channels and content. This isn’t some banana republic. We aren’t a state of Pakistan which looks at everything from the myopic lens of religion. This is a dangerous precedent

  35. If Sudarshan TV has raised some issue why it should not investigated if there is unfair practice in UPSC or not?
    Why the champions of FoE want to suppress the voice of a national tv even before watching the show? Fo Indians not know what es6d going on in JMI in the name of #CAA and NRCprotest? We condemn any such letter!

    • @Kumar S
      If you want investigation, go through the proper channel. Do not malign the integrity of a reputed institution through your half-witted half-baked arguments.
      While writing this letter, particular regulations have been referred to, to probe further into this matter. It is not said that “just because we don’t like it, shut it down” which was done in case of Padmavat and Article 15 films.
      Regarding “what was going on in JMI in the name of CAA and NRC”, you need to read a lot more, about both sides of the incident, in order to understand exactly what happened.
      And it is “I” not “We” who condemns this letter. You are not India. Speak for yourself.
      Do not go with your emotions. Hopefully you would understand.

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