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Modi govt wants states to start producing herbal remedy for Covid-19 immunity, sends recipe

The Ayush Ministry missive comes after PM Modi, on 14 April, recommended the use of alternative medicine to strengthen immunity against Covid-19.

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New Delhi: The Ministry of AYUSH (ayurveda, yoga, unani, siddha, sowa rigpa and homoeopathy) has directed states and union territories to start the commercial production of a herbal decoction that it claims boosts immunity against Covid-19.

The directive comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi threw his weight behind a ministry advisory urging the use of alternative medicines to strengthen immunity amid the pandemic.

“Considering the importance of immunity boosting measures in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, Ministry of AYUSH intends to promote the use of following ready-made Ayush formulation in the interest of health promotion of the masses, which has been endorsed by the honourable Prime Minister during his address to the nation on the Constitution Day, 14th April, 2020,” the ministry says in a letter dated 24 April that has been sent to states and union territories.

The letter, which has been accessed by ThePrint, outlines the ingredients of the decoction thus: Basil (tulsi) leaves, cinnamon bark, sunthi (Zingiber officinale) and krishna marich (Piper nigrum).

A decoction is a concentrated liquid, which is prepared by heating or boiling a substance. It is generally a herbal medicinal preparation. The other names the ministry has used for the decoction in the letter are ‘kwath’, ‘kudineer’ or ‘joshanda’.

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‘Decoction can be sold as teabags, tablets’

The letter, which is titled “Ayush health promotion product for commercial manufacturing by Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani drug manufacturers” shares the complete recipe of the decoction that is to be manufactured.

The letter advises manufacturers to “dry the ingredients and make a powder and put them in sachets or tea bags each of 3 grams of powder and sell to public to boost immunity”.

It suggests that the preparation can also be manufactured as tablets, which can be “consumed like tea or hot drink by dissolving in 150 ml of boiled water, once or twice daily”.

“The formulation may be manufactured and sold in generic name as ‘Ayush Kwath’ or ‘Ayush Kudineer’ or ‘Ayush Joshanda’,” the letter adds.

The ministry also directs the AYUSH Licensing Authorities to consider granting approval to interested, licensed ASU (ayurveda, siddha, unani) drug manufacturers for the production of this herbal medicine, in accordance with the provisions of the Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945.

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PM Modi’s immunity advice 

On 14 April, in an address to the nation, PM Modi had recommended following AYUSH Ministry’s guidelines that suggest a range of home remedies to boost immunity.

The advice offered includes frequently sipping water boiled with tulsi leaves, crushed ginger and turmeric (haldi), timely sleep, eating freshly cooked food, and practising yoga and pranayama under the guidance of qualified instructors.

The ministry has also urged the consumption of ‘chyavanprash’ in the morning, and a “herbal tea” or decoction made from tulsi, cinnamon, black pepper, dry ginger and raisin once or twice a day. It also advised people to drink “golden milk” — turmeric powder mixed into 150 ml hot milk — once or twice a day.

The government had earlier recommended some siddha treatments as well, especially the “Nilavembu Kudineer decoction” — a combination of nine herbs used to treat fevers caused by viral infections, malaria, chikungunya, among others — twice a day. A decoction made “by boiling Behidana, Unnab, Sapistan in water” was the unani remedy advised.

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  1. हिंदुस्तान आयुर्वेद शास्त्र विश्र्वगुरू था !
    विश्र्वगुरु हे !
    और विस्वागुरू रहेगा !
    बस मौका मिल जाए साबित करणेका

  2. PM MODI has taken commandebl initiatives to manage and score over covid19 pandemic .All over world is suffering and trying hard whatever amenities they have to fight with . In this particular context our Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi stands well ahead as he has accepted both the approach of modern Medical science as well as age old India’s own medicinal approach comming under Ayush department.we are sure as Indian we are going to get synergistic effect to conquer Covid19 very soon .In this juncture Iwant to take the privilege as an qualified VASTU CONSULTANT AND PRACTITIONER as lock down is one of the most effective precautionary measure and people are supposed to stay in HOME more ….WE HAVE TO MAKE OUR HOME ENOUGH CAPABLE TO CASTLE US AND I TO PROTECT ALL WAY ROUND MORE EFFECTIVELY AND MEANINGFUL LY .if WE Can follow the VASTU PRINCIPAL S AND CAN TAKE CORRECTIVE MEASURES as and when required .it could be a very good value addition to fight that pandemic. This will be immense pleasure and would feel blessed if my knowledge could serve even a bit for my fellow country people … Synergistic effect of Modern medicine and India traditional medicinal knowledge and wisdom under able leadership of our beloved PM ji definitely we will conquer Covid19 pandemic. STAY SAFE ..STAY IN HOME ..

  3. Who will provide these to patients in isolation ward. No one is allowed (family members or friends) . Condition of isolation wards is so bad that even normal water is provided with difficulty. Modiji should make Ayush product centrally and make it available at all hospitals dealing with corona.



  5. Homeopathy . Easily available Can supply throughout the world . Whereas herbs can not be supplied to the whole world. U can’t have glycerrinea glabra or basil to the whole world. Homoeo medicine easy to carry….. Less space occupying. NO SIDE EFFECTS. CHEAPER . TIME TESTED SYMPTOMATIC . NO NEED TOVWEIGHTVFOR THE DISEASE NAME . ASCIATIC CHOLERA FLUE PLAGUE SCARLETT FEVER WERE TREATED SUCCESSFUL LY WITH HOMOEO WITH LOW MORTALITY RATE …. READ PADMABOOSAN DR.BM HEGDE WHO WORKED UNDER NOBAL LAUREATE SPEECH ON .. HOMOEO IN VIRAL FEVER. RAJIV BAJAJ ROYAL FAMILY ADVICE HOMOEO.

  6. Those criticized modi g and ayus ministry suggestion on use of immunity boost ,ayurvedic herbs and cow urine. See the condition of iran and western countries during the coronavirus outbreak. And other viruses affect like Ebola,sars. In the world and India.

    • Mr Sanjay Yaduvanshi: New Zealand and Australia are teh 2 countries that have had minimal COVID 19 infections on a per capita basis. Do you think it is because they drank they took Modi’s advice and ate dung and drank urine ?

  7. Please modi ji…include cayenne pepper in this contains capsaicin which can destroy cancer cells…and also has huge role in killing viruses…

  8. Whatever be the decoctions Ministry of Ayush should tie up Amul, Gujarat, for production and marketing. They have a well knit marketing. System which reaches every nook & corner of India. They are already marketing Buttermilk & Lassi and these products became very popular. So Amul can do it with ease. They can also include South Indian Turmeric Rasam in the products range.

  9. LICORICE ROOTS GLYCYRR HIZA GLABRA Which can Cure the patient’s Suffering from CORONAVIRUSES. As per LANSET journal on their websites.

  10. The TCM Traditional Chinese Medecines they are Using as per LANSET journal on their websites to cure COVID 19 patient’s with LICORICE ROOTS (GLYCYRR HIZA GLABRA) Which can Cure the patient’s Suffering from CORONAVIRUSES. The Indian Name of the AYURVEDIC MEDICINE is MULETHI and the Tamil South Indian Name is ATHIMATHURAM it’s available in your NATTU MARANDHU KADAI in TamilNade INDIA.

  11. Homeopathic remedies to cure COVID-19

    Corona viruses are all-pervading, indomitable ravenous & disastrous. In such a position, so many information regarding safety measures & treatment processes are coming out from different parts of the world. The growth rate of infections & the death rate reveal that we are running after phantasm.

    As the world is now in the alarm parade (dilemma), we must be free from any kind of prejudice regarding different ways of art of healing and our only motto is to resist the pandemic and no other. We must fight it being assembled at one stage, but the great success in saving lacs of people from the graveyard would only come through the proper decision & management taken by the centrally organized body.

    I firmly believe that the valuable diagnosis of pathological system in collaboration with homeopathic remedies may bring wonders in the treatment. Homeopathic remedies are accepted after well proving in a group of healthy men, women and children of different ages; in which treatment is done by unbelievably tiny particle & thus leaving no side effects without disrupting the immunity of the patient & which is fully based on symptomology.
    Moreover the prophylactics against pox like Malandrinum, Variolinum etc. are being used in this art of healing for long about 200 years with full satisfaction notwithstanding the genes of the viruses mutate or not.

    In cardiac asthma, pneumonia, hay fever, heart & respiratory troubles Ephedrine 1x only 2/3 doses , 2 grn in each dose one hourly. After some relief Ephedra Nebrodensis –Q, 10 drops doses with little water 3 times a day for a week, then 5 drops doses twice daily for a month & thereafter once daily for another month. It will cure completely the asthma & heart troubles.

    Another option is there. 1st Ephedrine 1x 2/3 doses only & after some relief, Aspidosperma-Q or 1x (powder) 1 grn doses will give wonderful results. It will strengthen the lungs, increase oxygen in blood and drive away the respiratory distress.

    Some other medications are to be used as per symptoms of the patients :

    1. Aconitum Napellus-30: At the onset of the decease, when there is fear of death, anxiety, restlessness, heat & agony; when it first attacks the larynx (croup), bronchi, lung & pleura, heart & circulation (erethism); it alone will do all to be done. (It is used in very congestive & inflammatory stage).

    2. Arsenic Iodum 30: Rapid sinking of vital forces, prostration, night sweat, diarrhea, catarrhal broncho-pnemonia, much expectoration, asthma, intermittent fever, creats cavities in lungs in pulmonary phthisis.

    3. Antimonium Tartaricum 30: Rattling cough, lungs seems to fail, cough declines & ceases, mechanical, as apparent death from mucus in bronchi, from impending paralysis of lungs, drowsiness or coma.

    4. Veratrum Album 30: Rapid sinking of vital forces, Cold sweat, cold breath, cyanosis, diarrhea, bronchitis, asthma, intermittents, fainting & collapse. It will save the life.

    5. Chloralum Hydratum 30: Severe suffocation every moment feels he will die, gasps for air, heart’s function deteriorates, causes deep comatic sleep.

    6. Aralia Racemosa or Arsenicum Album 30: Dyspnoea , difficult breathing while inspiration.

    7. Chlorumn 30: Dyspnoea with spasm of glottis, difficult expiration.

    8. Lobelia Purpurascens 30: Paralysis of the muscles of breathing; slow or superficial respiration.

    9. Vipera 30: Anxious breathing as in croup; threatening asphyxia.

    10. Elaps Corallinus 30 : Naso-catarrhal pharyngitis, constant cough,

    11. Sumbul 30: Attacks of suffocation in the last stage og croup.

    (Others are Grindelia, Sambucus, Lachesis etc.)

    Lastly, I would say that we should not drive ourselves to terror/panic/phobia which may diminish our heart immunity (for this Aconitum is the best & only one remedy) because in spite of taking some safety measures, we can not be fully protected from this invisible virus; RATHER we should search for the way to destroy the poisonous matter entered in our body in any of the way.

    And for this, I would suggest all to smear hands 3/4 times daily with 7/8 drops of Echinacea Angustifolia-Q mixing with little oil (olive) & take internally 12/15 drops 2/3 times daily mixing with little water. This is better than any sanitizer and it will save us from all septic elements externally & internally.

    • Mr Ranjit Kumar Deb: There are surely laws in India to prevent quacks from practising medicine. Not that it seems to have deterred you from proferring your unwanted, unasked for treatments through The Print. In any case, pray tell us where you “studied” medicine …

  12. Like me , many Indians have suggested that when we were suffering the lockdown phase I, but our honourable PM thought he would be able to handle the situation with lockdown phase II. Now our country suffered 160 billions of financial loss, and now he’s looking for our own Ayurved Formula for a Virus.
    One month back I had suggested that :
    1> Passive Immunity to health care professionals, that will cover up the spreading of virus within high risk group
    2> Proper mask N95 and disposable rubber gloves to all, will inhibit rapid spreading of virus within mass
    3> Hospital (not Home) Quarantine ensure proper isolation beside treatment
    4> A proper Ayurvedic solution for all respiratory system infection and protection as well, distribution Free of cost to everyone.
    5> Disinfectant spray in highly congested areas will rapidly clean the fatal pathogens
    6> Flu vaccination to all, will inhibit the people from associated lung infection (comorbidity)
    However the COVID-19 pandemic actually has no cure as per WHO. Even the person having antibodies are again getting infected.
    Hope our PM will now start with an intelligent way to fight the pandemic solution.

  13. So this was the same media that wrote offensive articles against alternative system of medicine few weeks before
    Think hundred times before making any remarks about medicine.. human being is a complex system
    Science is constantly changing and everyone is learning new information every day
    What was said wrong in the past will be prove true in the future

  14. I totally agree to go back to our roots. There’s nothing to feel inferior about our culture and tradition. The west is looking towards India to lead the COVID war. The low fatality and seemingly high recovery rate is taking India forward. But our citizens don’t value our centuries old Ayurveda,Yoga, Pranayama to stay fit. Faith and belief in our systems and being disciplined is the way forward. Modiji is treading the right path to win over this pandemic. Kudos to our Prime Minister.

    • ‘The west is looking towards India to lead the COVID war.’

      The Hindu vishwa guru will be teaching the world. After it becomes the number one in cases.

  15. Listen to the PM’s message before launching into mindless criticism. There are no claims about protection from Covid.

    Increasing the population’s awareness of natural herbal remedies to boost immunity is a good initiative.

    The Print should focus on what it does best – criticism, negativity and worshiping the Congress & The Gandhis.

  16. Vitamin C strengthens our immunity system. Let doctors tell us what foods have lots of vitamin C, or some other time-tested elements, and that’ll be enough for guidance, instead of using us as Guinea pigs to test some fancy concoctions.

    • Short views we take, don’t see the length behind… if you think vit C alone is sufficient why don’t just take limcee 500 mg x4 and chill comfortably, those relying on masks, meds, santizers were only fools, you only seems to be the prudent one.

  17. To the honourable PMO sir there is an age old ayurveda medicine for immunity & for the respiratory system which can be used for corona virus treatment..May be this medicine help in curing corona . I have written to the man ki baat aap also but no response sir.

  18. It’s the best time to discover our roots. We have always underestimated our indigenous culture and revered the west as if they were superior. Time to get rid of this inferiority complex and stop getting validation from foreigners. We should not only promote our culture and practices within India but abroad too. We can start with ayurveda.

    • You think the claptrap emerging from the Ministry of Hocus Pocus a.k.a. AYUSH works? Or do you trust the Delhi University graduate so much that you will drink bleach and Dettol if he tells you to ? Have you bothered to check if there is any proof that this silly potion works ? isn’t there a limit to being a Modi bhakth Mr Vijay ?

  19. We have found these ingredients to be great immunity boosters in people of all ages and stages of life…very positive.

  20. PM’s call to AYUSHdept/Doctors….to prepare/work out & put in place a drug/decoction….to enhance greatly the body immunity of people in general & those affected by COVID 19 in particular is timely,welcome move.PM has said it should be available to the needy easily.
    India being a tropical country,is home to plants,trees,herbs…grains(food…)..millets…many of which are of medicinal /nutrition …value..some of which are unique.,& used for a few thousands of years.,scholars like Shushrutha..Charaka..& others treated people and encyclopaedia on health,herbs …etc used are still preserved and used even today.India & world at large is facing pandemic of COVID 19.So it is high time these, edible/. Medicinal … (Herbs. ..Etc) are put into use by proper method,means.Some of these can be consumed raw,,/other means..diff methods of preparation,modification,,using a few or individually.Some grow wild,, are edible(the plants/creepers/trees’s .leaves,stems,roots,tubers,bulbs,flowers,roots….)very strong, in nutritional value./boost immunity…but still easily available.A few of these are, Vinca rose pink leaves,raw Neem Giloye leaves,powder of raw Fabaceae/fever nut,raw Passiflora foetida nuts/fruits…raw leaves of Herbarium JCB/phyllanthus Amaras,,raw leaves of Sacropus Androgynous, ,Raw tomato leaves,cordia Dichotoma berries,(presently season ..trees abloom with berries),Canthium Parviflorum berries,Raw leaves of Eagle Marmelos,,Raw leaves of Indian pennywort,raw Pursley ,Garden night shade,,raw Alternanthera Sessilius,,raw Justicia Adhatoda,raw gymnema Sylvester,raw long pepper,,raw berry of Physallis Peruviana,raw leaves of Toddolia Asiatica,, Raw flax seeds powder or its tree’s raw leaves,raw flowers ,raw touch me not plants leaves,raw Centella Asiatica leaves,raw Aloevera,,raw wild Amaranthus Veridies,raw Mexican mint leaves,raw Wild goose berry, raw mustard seeds,mustard plant leaves raw,raw Turmeric powder.raw ginger,garlic,raw tender leaves of drum stick,mango tender leaves,Jamoon plant raw tender leaves ,even guava leaves,raw orange/lemon peel, pomegranate inner peel,pomegranate plants tender leaves,raw banana stem,raw Neem leaves,even neem ripen berries/unripen nuts.,prickly pear fruit,,raw Decalepis Hamiltonii,..root,Raw Indian Borage leaves,raw Basil leaves,raw Celosia leaves.Raw Pappaya leaves even it’s milk 2 or 3 drops mixed in water, even about 5 to 6 ripen/unripen seeds….many more such precious herbs. Etc…traditionally used /home remedies..for thousands of years..Apart from these raw veggies like RawBitter gourd,Raw cluster beans,raw ladies finger,raw cabbage, raw raddish,..many. More such items, even many fruits..
    But the thing is the proper dosage & method of using..Garlic,muster seeds,ginger.raw cabbage,raw raddish,Vinca rose pink leaves…etc .should be chewed for at least 5 minutes then to be swallowed slowly bit by bit ….Most of these specially used for cough,throat congestion/infection…these are also very effective for intestinal……disorders…the most imp being the general body immunity boosting.These can be used simultaneously with the Allopathy too..More & more research should also be taken up in this regard specially the present period of crisis,to take on the Pandemic to the extent possible at least….

  21. This is excellent. I am using thes products since young. I never visited a doctor in my life. Living in France.

  22. It’s well known seeds of fruit as by Hadith
    bhi fruit has capacity to give you strength of 40 person and it’s fruit of paradise jannat.
    Seeds of fruit is good for mucous problem it’s decotion is beneficiable to treat
    Most important is our eating habit to be change major causes of diseases is wheat flour and maida mostly eroupe has ban on mida and it’s biscuits as we forgot our elders fallowing the has come up to cry this what is root cause of all problems any one wants to discuss can call on 9182732804 hopefully we all look forward for better living in life

  23. Sir Fresh tulsi is not available, comes from rural jungles in town. Some of other names given of herbs are not common or heard off. Sir phir bogus company aur brand bhi aayega

  24. Modi ji must also think about use of gaumutra as well as gobar for developing immunity and remedy against the corona virus as it will be very helpful in such situations

    • Dear Aryan, kindly follow AYUSH recommended herbs which is result oriented and proved in Kerala. Instead if you are delighted to consume cow urine and cow dung like cow milk there no harm for health. For some diseases in Ayurveda medicine Gowmuthra and cow dung is recommended. But take consolation of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.

  25. What happened to Arsenic Album – 30 which was being pushed aggressively by AYUSH Ministry? Some feedback would be welcome.

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