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Why Delhi woman behind viral post on ‘molestation’ didn’t appear in court for 3 years

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Jasleen Kaur is now based in Canada. She reached out to ThePrint after our story on the struggles being faced by the accused, who claims innocence.

New Delhi: The woman at the centre of a three-year-old Delhi ‘molestation’ case centred on a viral social media post has told ThePrint she “doesn’t want to stretch this”.

“I want to live in peace,” Jasleen Kaur (23) said from Canada, where she is working for an HR company.

In August 2015, when Jasleen was a student at Delhi’s St Stephen’s college, she made a viral Facebook post accusing a man, Sarvjeet Singh, of verbally harassing her at a traffic signal. An FIR was filed and the case has been in a Delhi court since.

Sarvjeet has denied the allegations, and claimed from the outset that his interaction with Jasleen was restricted to a heated exchange on traffic rules.

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Jasleen reached out to this reporter after ThePrint published a story on the struggles Sarvjeet has been facing because her failure to respond to repeated summons has brought the trial to a standstill.

But Jasleen insisted that she never backed away from the case, and vowed to fight on.

“I started this fight for a reason and I am not going to shy away from it. I will come and give my statement in the court,” she said.

Jasleen also denied receiving any summons to appear in court in the last three years and accused Sarvjeet of lying.

“Since it is a state case, I am just one of the witnesses and have not been summoned for the 13 hearings, as claimed by Sarvjeet and his lawyer. They are lying,” she said.

ThePrint, however, has a copy of the order, dated 16 May, which shows that Jasleen was summoned.

Jasleen also refuted Sarvjeet’s claims that a bailable warrant was issued against her in the last court hearing on 29 August.

“There is no bailable warrant issued against me. That is a complete lie. There is a warrant against another witness, but not me.”

This claim was refuted by Sarvjeet’s lawyer, Kuldeep Singh.

“In the last hearing, the judge issued a bailable warrant against Jasleen as she failed to appear in court despite repeated summons,” he said. “The next hearing is on 1 December.”

Viral controversy

Jasleen’s Facebook post, dated 23 August, 2015, was initially greeted with sympathy, with an image of Sarvjeet clicked by her soon going viral. Television news channel Times Now famously labeled him “Delhi pervert”, playing his image on a loop.

However, public opinion split after Sarvjeet posted a comment in his defence and offered his version of the incident. Sarvjeet claimed that it was Jasleen who misbehaved with him and then threatened to get him arrested.

Amid this confusion, it is widely expected that the question will finally be settled by the court.

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‘Can’t be forced to come to India’

Jasleen’s lawyer Ravinder Ruhil accepted that summons had been issued, but said the court could still not “force” Jasleen to give a statement since she is just a witness in the case.

“The court cannot pressure her to come. It is true that there have been summons but her father has been appearing in court and has told the magistrate that she is in Canada,” he said.

“If Sarvjeet is suffering, so are we. The woman’s father takes leave and goes to court for each hearing,” he added.

Ruhil also said there are only nine prosecution witnesses, Jasleen being the only one present at the scene. The other eight are from police personnel and judicial officers involved in the case.

In 2015, after Jasleen’s post went viral, a purported eyewitness, Vishwajeet Singh, vouched for Sarvjeet’s innocence. Vishwajeet claimed it was Jasleen who had verbally abused Sarvjeet and misbehaved with him. However, Vishwajeet does not feature in the list of nine witnesses, as police have not been able to trace him.

“This Vishwajeet was just a plant by Sarvjeet. If he is a witness who changed public perception on social media, after which Jasleen started to get abused, why does he not appear in court now? Where is he,” Ruhil asked.

‘Left India because of abuse on social media’

Speaking to ThePrint, Jasleen’s uncle Prabhjit Singh reiterated her claim that she was just a witness in the case.

“The case is State vs Saravjeet Singh. Jasleen is just one of the witnesses,” he said. “She, however, must come forward to give her statement and she will.”

Although the state does represent the prosecution side in the case, they are finding it hard to begin proceedings in Jasleen’s absence as the entire case rests on her statement.

Prabhjit said Jasleen had left the country after facing a barrage of abuse on social media. “She got admission in JNU but, because of the abuse, decided to move abroad instead,” he added.

He said her father had been attending the hearings on her behalf, saying she will appear in court soon too.

“Earlier, she was a student and did not get leave. The same was conveyed to the court by her father,” he said. “She is now working with a company in Canada and will have time to visit India and give her statement.”

When asked if Jasleen had sought permission to give her statement through video conferencing, Singh said they were not “given any such direction by the court”.

“If the court asks, we will be happy to do it,” he said.

Rules issued in this regard by the Delhi High Court allow courts to let witnesses or any of the parties involved to give evidence or make submissions via video link.

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  1. She should not be given PR in Canada as She is involved in a false case. First of all how could she leave India if a case was running by her. Canada is a shelter for all criminals

  2. I do not know law much. But with the intervention of state where is the harm in bringing back her to India so long the final verdict is obtained?

  3. Companies where he worked forced him to leave because of false accusations made against him, companies cited international clients are not ready to employ him, but same international companies are ready to employ a false accuser cheater liar . Double standards men need protection in this country from women and feminist media.

  4. Firstly Jasleen shouldnt get visa approval when a case has been running in the court. Let it be a witness or a victim you shouldnt leave the country even if you do 13 summons so far and never attended even one? Open challenge to all the national and local media which shamed the guy based on a statement made by this liar jasleen. Since you know the truth now why dont you bring this into national news and let the nation know about her deeds? Nex question is to the judiciary of our nation. What are you people waiting for? Bhai criminals ko itna mauka kaun deta hai? Is this the way one gets justice in this country?

  5. How can a picture be a proof of verbal harassment? Is it any funny thing for that girl by not attending one single court session from the past 3 years.. Guys how can one ruine others life like this. Why there is only one whiteness in this case . Is she traveling alone. All of the sudden she comes on the road and start controling traffic. Then where is her vehicle in the middle of road ? … This is purely an action came out of her ego. It destroyed poor guys life. That girl should be ashamed of her action (if she is wrong- but I don’t think so). I hope if she is wrong she should get the same situation as of that poor guy..

  6. She wants to live in “peace”.. what?? Look at the audacity…She is enjoying her life in Canada and her celebrity status and the poor guy is suffering and this lying Princess wants peace!!! BullllShhhitt.

  7. Let us all pray that justice is made and whoever is proved guilty be punished and made to recover the loss.
    Let the truth prevail.

  8. She should be punished firstly for wasting everyones time and misleading .The court could have used the very same time in setlling a case that actually mattered.Jasleen your parents must be really proud of you.Imagine a girl doing that to your brother.Just a ‘witness’- your parents should be publically ashamed for raising a child like you.how do you live with yourself

  9. I am the one who first exposed Jasleen’s lies in my blog The Male Factor. That was the day when media debates were not even started but media started shaming him. However, today I don’t promote these stories of how Saravjeet has become a victim of the system. This is because after all our protests when we broke the media trial, he went to feminist rallies showing how much problem women faced. He created more misandry that will eventually lead to more biased laws, biased minds etc. This is the core reason men suffer like him. So, if he created misandry let him face it unless he learns a good lesson from feminists.

    • Don’t be so harsh on the guy. It’s pretty evident he was just trying to rehabilitate his reputation by showing he’s not a “pervert”. He was under attack from all sides and thought this act might give him a reprieve.

      Maybe you’re made of sterner stuff. Or maybe if you were an ordinary guy being persecuted by the feminazi media and legal system, you’d have done the same thing. Who’s to say? Either way, no need to swing between the two extreme opinions regarding him. The truth lies somewhere in between.

      Anyway thanks for the work you do to expose these fraudulent feminists.

  10. After ruining a innocent person’s whole life she wants to live in peace & still only her father is suffering. what an heartless bitch hungry for social media attention she also must be fired by her company in Canada & face the same consequences he had face, no wonder why crime patrols trp never goes down .

  11. Let us assume that her side of story is true.
    But why is the Hon’ble Court not taking recourse to our so called procedural laws and doing what needs to be done.
    And also how convenient is this phrase ‘i want to live this peace’

  12. what is it about photographs of pretty girls which newspapers cannot resist– why are you publishing her photograph and giving her publicity– at the same time indicating that she is blatantly lying– did not think a newspaper run by Shekhar Gupta would indulge in this populous stuff

    • Are you implying that she is not lying? She said she has not been issued summons and here in this post there is a picture of the same. Also, picture of boy is also quite visible in video thumbnail. So what was your point again?

  13. Wow what a foolish reason her father gave he says that he is also suffering as he has to take leave is that really a struggle and what about Sarvjeet he can’t take a leave because nobody is offering him a job and what that dumb girl is doing sitting in Canada and telling her lawayer to fight against hoax case and what lawyer says that she can’t be forced this is a totally unacceptable as what she did is really punishable and she should be punished and our Indian media should do some study before publishing something and should be unbaised or there would be many more Sarvjeet. India is home to this pseudo feminism and it should be stopped and I saw tweets and there are some feminists who are still mocking Sarvjeet sitting at their homes without knowing what he is been through.This society is becaoming pawns because everybody is looking at one side of coin and are not interested on other side.

  14. She should be braught to india to face justice. She can’t getaway with destroying someone’s life. She is one of those people who takes advantage of the law.

  15. Did the print shown this summon to her? If yes what was her reply? After spoiling his carrier she is enjoying in Canada? This is our legal system. This case was highlighted by media other this is routine practice in small towns.

  16. “just a witness” hahaha… never saw a woman downgrade her status from Prosecutrix to just a witness. They don’t make such noble soul anymore ! 😉

  17. First of all, the procedure of the court is that when the criminal case is filed, the complainant becomes the prime witness, where the state runs the case on the complainant’s behalf. Without her statement, the call will fall apart. She has to get the deposition done, get for the cross examination and then prove her story right. The other witnesses are the supporting witnesses.

    Police will not put any of the defense witness in the chargesheet, since the prosecution has to prove the case on its own footing. He will come and give the statement when required in the court. So, Jasleen has to see the difference between the requirements, proofs, evidences and procedure. She cannot confuse the ordinary persons by talking rubbish. Jasleen’s lawyer Ravinder Ruhil has proved to be the true lawyer who confuses local persons by lying. He is trying to make Jasleen escape from the process of law.

  18. This case highlights the abuse of process of the law by scorned women who do not have any fear for the consequences of their actions as they know they will get away after destroying someone’s life. Just look at her complete lack of remorse and the gall to lie to this publication even after court records such as summons and warrants are available in public domain!

    The people must ask themselves, is it fair to put their sons through such misery through one sided laws which disproportionately empower the accuser and stack the odds against the accused? While violence against women is a legitimate concern, one must look at the data and ask themselves, how many of the purported cases lodged against men are real and how many of them are from Jasleens or even worse, blackmailers and extortionists? Where is the accountability of the police personnel who are, in many instances, found hand in glove with the accuser to extort a hefty amount from the accused as the man is terrified of losing his reputation and livelihood?

    One of the fundamental principles of law is that where there is a right, there is a remedy for the breach of that right. Unfortunately, women seem to have a premium attached on the breach of their rights, by accusing the nearest man, dog and the lamp pole, with the media and the administration going on an overdrive to hound the accused. On the other hand, men are forced to parry to the whims of such supposed victims, with their rights being discounted and laughed off by an apathetic judicial system and political class.

    As far as I am concerned, the woman’s family members – especially her dad – is complicit in this crime of destroying Sarvjeet’s life and they can go bloody fuck themselves.

  19. Such a shameful act by Jasleen,she seems to be habitual liar to me ,she is again and again prevaricating ,such type of woman not only harrass innocent man but create problems for real women victim also ,she shud be tried for perjury and she shud give monetory compensation to Saravjeet for the trauma he has faced .court shud make an example out of her so in future no woman high on lie will think twice before doing such a thing …

  20. Jasleen’s argument don’t hold much water. Yes it is a state case, but the state is fighting for her. She is just not another witness, she is the prosecutrix. She does not want to push it, because her lies will fall apart during trial. Her claim of not receiving summon stands exposed in this article itself. Her father may be attending dates, but he will not adduce evidence in place of her. The only reason she has left and country and not appearing before court is that she is a coward.

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