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After IRS, Modi govt wants to forcibly retire IAS, IPS officers, review tainted ones monthly

The Narendra Modi government has also asked all ministries and public sector units to recommend names of officers every month for premature retirement.

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New Delhi: In continuation of its bid to get rid of “corrupt” and “unproductive” government officers, the Narendra Modi dispensation has now decided to crack the whip on more such bureaucrats and also wants a monthly review of “tainted” officers.

Days after forcibly retiring 27 senior officers from the prestigious Indian Revenue Service (IRS), the government has now asked all ministries and Public Sector Units (PSUs) to recommend names of officers every month for premature retirement.

In a letter dated 20 June to the secretaries of all ministries and departments, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has said, “The Ministries/Departments should ensure that the prescribed procedure like forming of opinion to retire a Government employee prematurely in public interest is strictly adhered to, and the decision is not an arbitrary one, and is not based on collateral grounds.”

The DoPT has asked all the ministries to submit reports of officers who they think should be prematurely retired under Fundamental Rule 56(j) (1) and Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. Fundamental Rule 56(j) of Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, provides for compulsory retirement of government staff in public interest.

According to sources, the government could also invoke the rule soon to punish some IAS and IPS officers with “tainted” records — some of who may already be under the scanner.

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Rule existed, but rarely used

While the rule always existed, it was rarely been invoked to punish the deadwood or the corrupt in the bureaucracy. But, under the new Modi regime, the rule got an impetus as the government forcibly retired 27 IRS officers from both Income Tax and Customs departments.

These officers were facing charges ranging from corruption and sexual harassment to fraud and illegal use of public office, among other serious allegations.

The DoPT letter comes just days after the Cabinet Secretariat and the Central Vigilance Commission reportedly asked the vigilance heads of various departments to identify officers for compulsory retirement under the same rule.

In its previous term, the Modi government had sought to use the rule strictly, but it is only now in its second term with a bigger mandate that the government is proactively weeding out officers it sees as deadwood.

While some officers who ThePrint spoke to had expressed concerns over the possible misuse of the rule to target bureaucrats seen as inconvenient, most civil servants hailed the crackdown as a welcome step to reform the country’s bureaucracy.

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  1. Hear in j&k state MODI ji revenue department of land n biulding boldely is in big curruption. patwari to tehsildaar is the main chain. they dont consider human as human.

  2. A good move,all these old non performers still on job even after they have passed their retirement age are still working as they have reduced their age on paper via manipulating with their voter id,aadhar etc along with human resource department they all should removed.These oldies are so crap at job they don’t understand computers or the latest technologies.A welcome move.

  3. What about political corruption? When will the govt act against the well known grey areas in the nation’s political arena?

  4. It is one more way to divert attention of the poor voter, for another five years. Like Namami Ganga, swatch Bharat, National highways, skill development, no one will come to know what is really achieved. It seems, the ‘Paryatak’ Mantri has acheived mastary on Orwellian formulas! Now, Bharat Mata should suffer only Chaddiwalas in all official positions and so the Bhakta tribe will increase!! Bharat Mata ki jai!!!

  5. Don’t change the officers. At first change your minsters and politicians. They are most corrupt persons in the world.

  6. its high time PM modiji starts looking within his party and his allies and stop recruiting tainted functionaries.

  7. 1st to action against corrupt politicians and then to civil servants . But question is that modi govt. take any action on all corrupt politician or not which is forcibly (may be )

  8. Its a fantastic decision taken although the rule framed ages back.. Also look into people at public sector holding positions like Chairman, Vice Chairman, Vice President, CEO who abuse their power and sexual harassment on the needy person..

  9. The rule is there but not implemented often. Good initiative. What abt The politicians had criminal cases. If the legislature is corrupt, the executive branch will get corrupt.i think a great strategy also behind this. there is a plan of inducting private Company officials in joint secretary rank is started .if already existing bureaucracy is shown as corrupt,no one will oppose the lateral entry scheme.

  10. This cracking down should be implemented in State Government also. Those state government officers are also corrupt and are enjoying the protection of elected leaDersingham to full fill their evil intentions.

  11. One nation one rule should be implemented in every field not only for IAS and IPS.There are many MLA MP ministers who are most corrupted and criminal.I think they should be sweep first from their position in the best interests of public and India.

  12. Beaucracy being cleaned now. What about politics and other sectors like
    MNREGA, PDA, FCI and Defense where a large chunk of taxpayers’money is being drained into corrupt practices.

  13. If this happen then there, whole part of corruption who are involved they will too affected,
    ” if roots get infected, than whole tree get infected.”
    So too politician will………………………..

  14. Before Officers govt have to think they should take action against politicians… it seems modiji thinks all politicians are clean people ,🤣🤣🤣 ,,..

  15. It amounts to giving weapons in the hands decoits. The wolves in guise of sheep in top executive will eliminate the remaining honest faster than ever before. Most poweful are most corrupt in this country. God save my motherland

  16. Modi Government must give retirement to Director general of police Dilbag Singh. When he was DIG, he was suspended in a recruitment scandal for one year. This man should be behind the bar and must get premature retirement.

  17. I fully agree with Mr.Narsiham’s opinion,and it should be religiously APPLIED to POLITICIANS also.

  18. Dear PM Sir, this system must also be implemented in the states as well .kindly ensure.we support you .Regards -Rajeev Jogpal -Panchkula.

  19. Sounds good…
    But first u need to clean the elected executives. Only cleaning the bureaucracy leaving the politicians as it is will not clean the system.

  20. Excellent decision. Judiciary system should also be cleaned from Tareekh pe Tareekh and b’cause of wrong judjements; dragging public from lower to higher courts for years together. It’s waste of Public money and time due to delayed judgements. Time bound process should be adopted selectively, which will increase Public confidence in System and Ease of Doing Business as well.

  21. similar step should be taken toward politicians MPs ,MLAs . criminals and corrupts politicians should be removed first from the party before the forceful retirement of officials because leaders are more corrupt and criminal charges than official.i think Modiji should show his dare against own politicians.

  22. Similar kind of laws should be brought for politicians too. Those politicians with pending criminal and sexual harrasment cases should be debarred from contesting elections, the cases should be fastracked. Take steps to punish corrupt politicians then lay hands on bureaucracy

    • Commendable step. Public dealing departments like Railways, municipal corporations, public hospitals are full of corrupt officials and should be weeded out.

    • Yes that’s true !! Yhey are the first to be tried and sent off!! There would hardly be anyone left!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. What about BJP when it is inviting tainted TDP rajyasadha MPs. Better BJP also should resign.

  24. There can’t be a better news than this. Government should also find a way to recover the loot by the corrupt government officers. If changes to laws are needed that should also be done. I hope Khan market intellectuals and Lutyen’s media will not create unnecessary noise in support of corrupt officers..

    • If the heads are correct then the rest will follow but if the ministers themselves are corrupted then the officials will also follow suit !! So all ministers should be audited and they should be held accountable for all that happens in his or her tenure !!

  25. Implementing this with proper due diligence will encourage officers with high integrity to act without fear or favour. The propensity for inaction should change towards proactive action. Hereafter, errors of omission should be equally condemned as errors of commission.

  26. It will be highly appriciabe if Modi govt starts retiring and ban entry of corrupt people in politics also.They are giving tickets to criminals there and showing we are cleaning the system. We leading towards the rule of mob

  27. Ha ha my comment about clean up of corrupt judiciary and corrupt media is not being published. Wonder what The Print is so defensive about ? So much for these people talking about FoS. Laughable.

    • Need of the hour is an all-out cleaning drive for growth of Swachch Bharat- Cleanliness not only of physical surrounding and places but also of Political, Bureaucratic, Judiciary and Media. But all said and done, principle of Transparency has to be ensured without prejudice from any quarter.

  28. Most of the government employees in their late fifty’s are already well financially established combined with surety of pension in superannuation, while most of our youth are lurking in roads with no jobs, so our government needs to retire employees aged 55+ so that some kind of financial stability can be achieved.

  29. Hope to see clean up in judiciary and media. Especially media dalals involved in Agusta deal should not go unpunished.

  30. Great step forward in cleaning up a system rooted in corruption. Hope to see clean up in judiciary and media. Especially media dalals involved in Agusta deal should not go unpunished.

  31. It’s the right step in cleaning up a system rooted in corruption. Hopefully Modi 2.0 will also see clean up and overhaul of corrupt judiciary and media which have had a free run for decades. Hope to see India’s worst dalal, Couptaji, the most corrupt journalist of our country, also involved in Augusta deal, founder of this rag bag ‘The Print’, in jail.

  32. Very innovative step by our great PM. This practice should be extended to state Government officers as well as in Defence Officers also. Then it really because Corruption free India.

  33. What a good good good decision ,Pm sir please look at first the income tax and revenue dept , huge corruption and in efficiency in these Dept’s , most of the senior officer are corrupted ,that’s why huge no of builders professional s mainly doctors chartered accountants lawyers are making huge black money which are destroyed our country and people.

  34. The government officers who are using government vechiles for personal use by making enteries in log book as official use should also be booked.
    All government vechiles be fitted with GPS to check misuse.Rather government will ultimately saving.

  35. Great, very good. This two CADRES, IAS AND IPS, had their days numbered. The growth of this parthenium should be controlled. Do it fast, minimum atleast in three digits. As someone said that will be A REAL SWACHA BHARAT.

  36. In many states, the CM has a coterie of trusted bureaucrats who often wield more power than several ministers. The nexus with senior police officers can be even stronger. Given how far this model has deviated from constitutional practice, unclear whether any exercise of this nature can remain entirely objective and impartial.

  37. No doubt a good action, which should be exercised to corrupt politicians also and at the same time it is feared that overall outsourcing in the level of baureaucrats will be done from the likeminded political fields , which will ruin the fame of beauraucracy

  38. Similar kind of laws should be brought for politicians too. Those politicians with pending criminal and sexual harrasment cases should be debarred from contesting elections, the cases should be fastracked. Take steps to punish corrupt politicians then lay hands on bureaucracy

  39. Indian beaurocracy hates speed.They are everywhere involved in Indian working system and try to show supremacy unnecessarily on most of the occasions. They should first be made responsible and accountable for any any lapse in the system. This is a welcome move by the govt. and sincerely be implimented without any biased attitude.

  40. Those who have joined bureaucracy have definitely done their might in the initial years and seldom do their best once they cross 50. It is better to weed out most of the dead woods who enjoy the power as if a green card has been bestowed on them and their families. Sky will definitely not fall if the so called seniors leave the government.


  42. It’s not the politicians writ that’s running this country. It’s the beauracts who are running this nation to serve themselves. It’s high time they are shown their place. All most all UPSC level officials are neck deep in corruption, We the people should support the government in reining them in.

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