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New Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) is firm on its decision that educational institutions hold final-year exams despite students’ and parents’ concerns about the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.

“The UGC stand is very clear, universities will have to complete the final exam, whether they do it through online mode, offline or blended mode, it’s up to them,” UGC vice-chairman Bhushan Patwardhan told ThePrint when asked about the misgivings regarding the idea. “Without examination, how can the universities grant a degree?”

On 6 July, the UGC had issued revised guidelines for higher education institutions, directing mandatory final-year exams across all universities. The directive has led to much opposition among students, and it was also challenged in the Supreme Court earlier this week. 

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‘Don’t undermine autonomy of universities’

Defending the UGC’s orders, Patwardhan said they don’t undermine the autonomy of universities and do not force them to adopt a specific mode for evaluation. “Universities can do the evaluation the way they want to, the guidelines are not imposing on them,” he added.

He said nearly 75 per cent of the universities have either conducted their final exams or are in the process of doing so, adding that only a very small portion of universities are still undecided.

According to latest data shared by UGC, as of 22 July, 603 of 954 universities in India have either conducted final-year examinations or are planning to do so by September. 

The UGC had asked all state, central and private universities to inform them about the status of exams, and 818 had submitted their responses by 22 July.  

Some states, including Maharashtra, have decided to not hold formal exams despite the UGC guidelines. However, the Maharashtra order was challenged in the Bombay High Court by a retired teacher. In its affidavit to the court, the UGC had subsequently said the state government has no power to cancel the exam. 

The UGC said “its guidelines have to be adopted by all education institutions”. The matter will now be heard on 31 July. 

A similar decision has been taken in Delhi.

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  1. FACTS
    • in India grades are more important than knowledge
    • everything is corrupted
    • if you have money you can pass
    • UGC is doing business here playing with student’s future
    • INDIA has the WORST education system here seats are reserved in the name of CASTE and not for deserving students
    • my honest appeal to all the intellectuals there THINK & REBUILD India’s pride now ACT NOW& REMOVE reservation system and give chance to the DESERVING
    • To all the teachers and professors Treat every students EQUALLY do not show PARTIALITY
    • lastly I hope every University will take necessary actions to promote students .
    Doctors are dying nurses are dying PROMOTE every individual and see the difference!! Suicide rate and depression amongst students will be drastically low if you promote 🙂 thank you from Sikkim India

  2. What the hell is ugc thinking ?? How could they order universities after wasting this much of time to conduct exams.really,what type of idiots are there in our Indian education system, ducation

    • I want to ask question straighly to ugc members of education system.who are ordering to conduct exams after wasting this much time of this year 2020.sir,is education is important/life is important.where ever you go to find/get employeed by the company they see your talent not based on your degree/ need to re-think about your decision,of putting every student’s life in danger at this kind of pandemic situation of daily raising of 1000+ could you raise a word of exams that too for final year’s.what kind of judgement is this ?? There is no vaccine/anything we do have at this condition.there are no proper services,accomodates/transport sources & now we’re suffering with financial get out of this need to pass-out all students of final year’ get balanced b/w every middle class/lower class families.its not correct decision what you have taken!!#.if one student involved with these disease then the whole nation would be turned into dead of every also know that India is now in 3rd place & soon it will hit 1st place in covid19 cases all over world.please stop thinking this type of idiotic ways ugc.think about future not exams/waste full thoughts.??#

  3. I being post graduate student don’t know what kind of logic is going around in conducting exams only for the final years and not for other semesters. We all know that the weight of each and every semester is same, which points out that cancelation of 2nd semester or final semester exams doesn’t create any differences. UGC is also suggesting to conduct exams on different modes like online, offline, etc. I myself live in a rural area of small a district where getting a network is next to impossible, which indeed offers less possibility of attending the exam. Also the college in which I am studying right now, is around 6 hours away from my place. There is no assurance of getting a proper residence at this point of pandemic. This isn’t my only issue, I am sure there are lot more students who would be facing all these issues. Most of the students have left their study materials in their hostel as well.
    Just trying to point out some valid reasons not to conduct exams. Not atleast at this point of pandemic
    Please consider our request.

  4. Even in some universities (like CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF PUNJAB,BATHINDA) they are conducting exams for INTERMEDIATE SEMESTERS (through online mode)as well. Instead of the fact that the students are suffering from network issues (like students from assam), and flood crisis . *UNIVERSITY HAS BEEN PRESSURISING STUDENTS WITHOUT HEARING ANY OF THE PLEA. A BIGGER FACT BEING, HERE THE EXAMS ARE BEING CONDUCTED AGAINST THE GUIDELINES OF UGC, WITH RESPECTED VC’s OWN FREE WILL* .

  5. Actually it’s very simple for UGC to give certificates without exams. Because till now they were taking exams without
    1. course completion
    2. proper delivery of course materials
    3. proper academicians to take classes for specified courses.
    Well UGC should understand the basic fact here that we are not talking about top 10 universities of india but about those 100s universities where many courses have students but no faculty or no proper classes or no proper Laboratories. And with all these problems, UGC used to take exams and then UGC never asked that how we can take exams without these facilities. Then why today during panademic they are stuck with exams. Also it’s another sibling AICTE is at top, they have cancelled exams for graduation but masters exams will continue, it seems in the eye of AICTE, masters students are more covid19 proof than graduates..

  6. It’s really difficult tasks for the final semester students.There is no proper teaching learning process during covid-19 pandemic period.and we the B.ed students are needed proper guidance of teaching learning experience but we are not getting this process the how we can teach and give imparts our upcoming students. really it’s effect the students. in regarding the conduction of examination of terminal and intermediate semester are big challenge for students as well as institution and management team. therefore cancellations of examination is necessary.

  7. UGC has to think about the students coz they are not the one who risk their life to write the exam, the main exam is to how to face out this pandemic situation. Rather than this, UGC is thinking about how they can grant a degree without examination.

  8. I m student of final year of b. H. M .S from mpmsu jabalpur… N filled my form for exam.. Bt because of sudden Lockdown my books remained in hostel n I Ws at home.. UGC was not sure for exam.. Sudden order of exam n I filled form at 16 July bt have no preparation. I m not saying to cancel bt at least give 40 days for preparation after form fill up formality… Nw I m back at my home wd my books..bcz of lack of food at my hostel… Bt unable to prepare within short days 10 days only…i hv to go again college hostel to attend exam with improper studies from 6 August ….due to which I m in extreme level DEPRESSION thinks to end up my life as I m not ready for exam because of rumours of govt n UGC…. I m not saying that please don’t take exam… Just saying please give time for preparation because we r student not superman ….while writing all I m crying… I don’t know how I m going to perform in my exam in such less preparation…. I think RESPONSIBLe of UGC don’t have kids and heart.

  9. I am heartily request to UGC and Universities to take fast action about an exams , pending of youths career it’s not good thing for country ,it can destroying globalization of country and back to decades to the nation ,

    I think this pandemic never end cause hell is an empty and all the 😈 devills are here 😉 .this is concerning with UGC members and Governors and Government

  10. ugc playing with student life … they making mad to student… the exam is much important more than student life for ugc… bluddy idiots …

  11. Ugc has lost it. Ugc has made indian education worst,where they want students to do roat Learning and volmit in papers. They don’t believe in practical knowledge. If one yr they won’t conduct exam and pass every single student on previous performance it will be easy for them too. Ugc is no one to decide students future in its students hand how they want to. In abroad also there is no university who give importance to marks they see other factors as well apart from academic knowledge. Really shame on indian education system specially UGC

  12. You can pass there is no problem.. if Modi got his BA & MA degree then anyone can pass due to covid and grant them degree… it’s okay… let them pass… everyone deserves it.

  13. My suggestion to UGC
    1. For final year/semester student give them provisional pass degree and mention after the pandemic is over they have to appear for clearance or it will be marked invalid as now all such information is online and anybody not clearing will have to face consequences. This will benefit student who are waiting for jobs based on degree.
    2. For other year student promote them to next year/semester and university to hold online classes and also online exams.

    Very important : Make the joining process of job based on skills and knowledge . Degree is added advantage not the first criteria for next 3 yrs till pandemic time is there. Need courage by UGC /Govt to look into this and right panel who selects candidates.

  14. And what about the students who has backlog in 1st or 2nd year papers but cleared final year papers? As per norms there should be final year exams as well as backlog exams too from 1st or 2nd or of 3rd year exams, in case of engineering students.

  15. Comparing this severe pandemic to some previous period of Emergence won’t justify UGC’s stubborn imposition on the whole nation. We don’t have the right to talk about the quality of education( like some do)when nothing but fear has been imbedded into our brains from our childhood. You don’t measure the quality of education by conducting exams compulsorily at a time of distress and suffering( unless you want more lives lost). Just think about it as rational beings. I cannot believe the fact that our country is run by such scoundrels in the name of intellectuals.

  16. Then how UGC , 1st & 2 nd year students can get prompted next year without holding exams.They are having 6 subjects and they have a base stage without basic knowledge of subjects they getting promoted , What was the logic🙄. Final year students have a complete knowledge in the respective streams and final year students are eligible to promote without exam.
    Promoting the students of all years except final year students is also not justified…
    Don’t waste the year and life of the final year students. The situation is very worst day by day cases are increasing in this situation if UGC is conducting the final year exam that means they don’t have a concern about the final year students. India having a third position it covid-19. Think if exams is conducting after that what is the situation.???????

    • According to Ugc-“degree ko Corona ka dbhaaa (daag) nhi lgna chaiye chahe students ki life ko kyo na lag jaye”.

  17. I think UGC doesn’t know that final year/ Sem exams are not only the exams witch evaluate candidate’s capability, in this pandemic situation. Puple are requesting, to evaluate them on the basis of their previous performance, whereas the final year/sem students are almost completed the academic year 2019-20(Upto Mar 20), and about to write exams if the situation is good enough. Hope UGC will realise it, and need not to pass on sympathetic basis pass them on their previous performance, thank you.

  18. Right to life is our fundamental right .UGC has no right to denied our right. According to disaster management act, state has power to cancel exam. UGC think that nothing is above than UGC but UGC forget that SC whatever will decide,has to follow. Waiting for SC decision on the next day.

  19. As we are living in this pandemic war coronavirus, people can’t go for work some people are living really difficult life hand to mouth. How can we think of giving exam in a crowded situation, As we are maintaining social distance and wearing mask in
    our best in all way but then also we are facing worst day by day , I think life is more value then a degree certificate. There might be another good plan instead of giving offline mode exam because there are many students coming from different states and countries. I hope UGC will have a good plan to decide better 2 in 1 value idea instead of giving offline mode exam by the students.

  20. How could you promote the other semester students without examinations? Are the other semesters not important but only the final semester? It’s a request please take a decision we cannot waste one year waiting for your decision. We have some plans for our future kindly consider.

  21. Before 2 weeks of July 6th ugc suggested the government to cancel final semester exams when corona cases were lower than current situation now when corona cases are increasing day by day now ugc says final semester exams are must feel the betrayal of central government and ugc well done…
    Really india is a country which protects all of their citizen by corruption….

  22. UGC gone mad. They will stick to their word. what if any of the student or more got infected directly or indirectly. If they wory how could university grant degree without examination then how could others get promotion, is this they don’t have to receive degree. We have also passed out previous university exams only this time we want promotion due to covid, we are more curious about our career than you. Our parents don’t need our degree they need us too. I have much to say but deaf ears and unsound mind always remain as such.

  23. We dont want to give exams for our life risk virus covid… How could they force us?
    We are very worried about our future.. Plzz Result nikalo

  24. Yes exams are important but not more than the mental and physical health of students. There are students who might be suffering from this virus, so how do you expect them to study and give their exams, while they’re in the hospital on ventilators? Or at a time when their family members are seriously ill? Or when they’re mentally traumatised? And even if they are healthy, many have returned to their hometowns and some don’t have the privilege of a stable network, or even phones or laptops. There may be situations where a family can afford only one phone but there are two or more kids in that family who both have their exams on the same day and time. What do you suggest they do? Or is this a situation of whoever is lucky gets to complete their exams and be promoted?

  25. We are ready to give our exam but UGC have to take full responsibility if corona virus infected us during exam process…Degree is just a piece of paper, if our life is not there!!!what Will be the value of so called degree??? UGC please do justice to all final year students, we are also human…

    • Try to take decision so as possible by the government everyone life situation so critical
      Plz do justice for students by government
      Final yrs are well developed so government can promote them by seeing there previous results

  26. We have attended sixth months course and we have learned due knowledge. We have prepared for exams hoping to happily graduated by the coming month.the lock down started but we keep on preparing for exams. We already studied more than what we can, if the exam was not postponed. Therefore, granting degree is absolutely fair and justice. Do you know what?now lockdown has affected us to the core that we students staying at rented house has evacuated our home in towns n cities. Now, to appear exam who will give rent accommodate. Everyone is panicking and they won’t welcome us to their apartment.
    Lock down has it to the edge where even my books and uniforms are eaten by rats. Sir, do I hustle to survive of to attain the degree? Why are you wealthy government servants living in AC equipped apartments cannot afford to have a conscience of what suffering and poverty is inside this lockdown? With fear and poverty stricken conditions, how do I prepare for my exams too? Sir why? Exam is a preparation which we don’t retained so long after exam but those six months course tuition at college is sufficient to impact the rest of our lives. But why exam is mandatory when lives are in dangers? Flooded assam plains also caused panic and poverty ridden amongst huge population now. Do you want to commit genocide to our generation?

  27. actually it’s all abt the turning situation. That we were it’s better to take a right decision. By have a look on both the situations ..including the pandemic well as of the carrier aspect of student…

  28. UGC-How can Universities grant Degree without exams?
    Topper-The same way,As you(Govt.)give seats in MBBS &Engg who don’t deserve!

  29. do you know why the UGC cancelled the 2nd and 4th semester exams?
    *they canceled it because of safety measures.
    So does the safety matters for the final year students?
    *I guess not
    Despite the increasing covid-19 cases in India with no sign of improvement,as far as I’m concerned from where i live(and currently my state is under total lockdown).It is us the students who will sit and appear the exam’s but we have parents at home and we might infect whom it may concern if you have a final year son/daughter at home you would know how hectic the situation is.It is not that,us students are scared of exams,we’re going to get through anyway and for those who matters about their marks let them conduct separate exams at their own risks and you would realize that you made the right decision by keeping the majority in safe zone.

    Education is very important.You may be the world’s richest man but it doesn’t count when you’re dead.
    you may be the poorest being alive but as long as you have a smile on you face and you’re happy inside you have the world

  30. UGC:How can Universities grant Degree without exams?
    Topper:The same way,As you(Govt.)give seats in MBBS &Engg who don’t deserve!

  31. Plzz take a final decision we are worried about carrier as how we start next couresss ,,, Jldi ton jldi ek faisla kr k next study start kre jawe

  32. Exams are held to test the knowledge of students; differentiate poor, good or the best. It may be written or oral. It may be an online open book types also. Universities have to decide.

  33. This is bull shit, in spite of covid the ugc is ununderstandable , central gov Or prime minister Modiji should interfere in this matter, it is question of life and death of student.. In this pandemic how the UGC is trying to impose pressure on state government for conducting exams
    all parents should come forward for this nonsense things andshould protest against UGC for not not taking the exams.. If anything happens to students is UGC ready to take the responsibility..

  34. UGC shows totally different way for the selection of ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in colleges and universities. As there is no competitive exam for the post among the competitors. Ph.d holders are exempted for the need of Net/set passing compulsory. Even Ph.d holders are provided high marks than NET/Set passing candidates. So, as same as viva-voce conducting through online for ph.d, it is the same way the students are hold viva -voce through online by the Professors on their subject and may give evolution for their testing by this way. Because if the highest degree is analysed through online, the why not apply the same in the lower grade degree exams. Always UGC ‘s path is confusing and embarrassing the common man. The time correcting the UGc is need of the hour

  35. You can also evaluate through our Internal examination right. How can a student write examination in this pandemic situation

    If you cannot change ur decision atleast declare… The next step of ur action… We are the future of the country our life is right now in a situation where we don’t even know what is our value

  36. Due to lockdown most colleges are in lockdown since last week of march, and that’s just 2 months into the last semester, which mostly include project work and just 2-3 subjects. Seriously if us students can pass these UGC examination without even proper classes then what is even the use of this system.
    If only the last sem exam is important, what was use of our hardwork for all the past semester. I hope UGC could take everything into consideration and resolve this accordingly..

  37. Praying to kolgaonwala baba blessing and grace always Team India mission for peace and love 125 crs plus wish This How? Really get the roots of our system that under any I say again ANY will do anything but legally impossible but un legally ok. The stress and strain every one knows but till the last minute? Declare and start every organization and Institute, you have the register, name and do the needful but who’s father’s what goes we don’t care what government says and we don’t follow what any one says show how much we care for each other and the system. All is in the system like NOTIFICATION or ORDINANCE for our welfare and? Others go to. It’s now or never hope we understand the crisis and make sure that we make Education real not false to monopoly of system that after education you? Okay thank youyou Again duplicate person in comments and post make reply third class like you all want people to be and you have made
    To hell

  38. hahahah, i think all of this is going to be fun for them.
    it doesn’t matter if you take online exam or cancel the exams, but just let us know what your decision is. We have already waited too long for it, some companies need degree certification to give jobs for fresh graduates.

  39. I would rather suggest that UGC should conduct exams…..
    But atleast wait for this pandemic to get over.
    Then everyone will come willingly, rather than focusing on conducting exams now everyone should contribute on vaccine process…..
    Hence, once the vaccine is out, all the tension/griviances would go.

  40. I actually don’t understand what are these people up’s almost the end of July also now when are we going to start with our masters then…is it a joke? At a point you guys decide to take exams and at the very next moment you cancel the exams.Whats wrong!!..kindly make a decision ASAP..

  41. God! Exams..? Its just a matter of 2 days before exam.. we just sit, mug up and vomit it the next day. We guarantee we wont remember anything after… Not even while going for the celebratory trip just after exams😂😂😂 i am a topper (in terms of grades) but i have more intelligent and practical friends whom i look up to and have lots to learn from.. i was a straight A student. But lack the self confidence a “back bencher”.

    This decision come from the products of the system. We cant expect much.

    Also, we promise we would be like this too once we get to take decisions.
    (If we are not dead by then)

    Yours sincerely

    Veteran Student 🤣

  42. This is utter injustice to students who are holding offer to join their companies and UGC asking universities to conduct exams despite the Covid threat. Is final semester exam matter for a student who performed well so far. Thus will add more stress that’s all.
    Then how come IITs given certificate without conducting final semester exam?

  43. UGC please stop dictating, it’s matter of our lives. Why you don’t understand?
    We all are ready to give Examinations but now situation is very adverse and we are not mentally prepare for examination. You know that the internet facility is not equal in whole india, that is why we can’t go through online examinations.
    It’s already last week of july, even we have not decided what we will do for future study. So please try to understand our problems and promote all the students as soon as possible so that we can start our study for next courses.

  44. We the final year student our teachers known us for 4 years so if they promoted us by regarding our performance,they can cus they have seen us n known us. Wat about 1st semester student. They are the one you should conduct xam because you dont know how they will perform.

  45. Like ssrly wtf here sooo many people are dying daily cases are rising there is no cure no vaccine in this type of crises how could UCG be soo much worst whats the matter with this country. No one is gonna study to gain Education its just everyone wants to pass if they are promoting students whats the issue in that and how much students do ssrly remember their subjects after exams all are gonna forget what they have learnt we just learn to pass not to get educated.

  46. Mental stress is tooo much……. Iam a student….university is telling we can’t cancel exam for few students in states….. Ugc is not changing statement……..iam not understanding…….what wrong we done…..

  47. We r not suggesting for cancellation of exams…but you have to jst postpone the exams in the pandemic situation…we are not ready to write exams in this situation… because we are afraid about our health….plz postpone the exam

  48. Which one is important?
    1_degree with death body
    2_degree with live body
    Nobody will ask about one semester result on our degree, when gov is not decided to going out side for shopping and foods , then how dare are you to conducting the exams?
    All flights is canceled.
    All way is banded.
    All mall is closed.
    All people in the world is stoped for working.
    All college in china, japan, vietnam, allof the world is close, thecases is in creasing every day, 1385000casew and our population are 1340000000 , your are increasing the cases nothing elses, think about foreigner students, they leave the india cause of your department decision to promote the all final exams, then they should be back for exams, why?if the UGC decide to conduct the decision then they should be responsible for any corona cases death of students?
    Are you ready?
    We are ready?

    • Dear UGC so how can you grant degree to intermediate semester students if they skip one exam? Doesn’t that demote value of education in India? So please do explain your discrimination and how a nation of equality can treat its citizens of same matter in different ways?

      Plz do fast we are really woried about our carrier plz we understand your situation but we are facing very dificult time sir plz do something

  49. Que: How can degree be given without final exam?

    Ans : Evaluation is a continuous process…going on from first sem.

    UGC knows that. BJP doesn’t & UGC doesn’t have a spine.

  50. Dear UGC so how can you grant degree to intermediate semester students if they skip one exam? Doesn’t that demote value of education in India? So please do explain your discrimination and how a nation of equality can treat its citizens of same matter in different ways?

  51. Then how 1st 2 nd and 3rd year students can get degree without holding exams.They are having 6 subjects but final year having only 1 to 3 subjects..What was the logic🙄

  52. How can they promote students of all other years without examination?
    Promoting the students of all years except final year students is also not justified.

    • We all know the epidemic conditions…
      But you should also know that India is youth country and whole economy is depend on them if after exams they live no more then what would happened??
      You know the answer but trying to not understand…

  53. Plz do fast we are really woried about our carrier plz we understand your situation but we are facing very dificult time sir plz do something

    • You have 40 years to make your career. When you have a life, you can make your career. Degrees don’t make career; your work, effort and smartness in job makes a career.


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