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D Roopa, President Medal awardee IPS officer who has been transferred over 40 times in 20 yrs

IPS officer D Roopa, who was serving as Karnataka home secretary until Wednesday, was transferred after she publicly accused a senior officer of wrongdoing.

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New Delhi: If there is one thing D. Roopa has learnt in her 20 years of being an officer of the Indian Police Service (IPS) it is to always keep her bags packed and be ready for a transfer.

Her learning from two decades of service came handy Thursday when she was transferred to the Handicrafts Emporium as its managing director, days after she accused a senior IPS officer, Hemant Nimbalkar, of wrongdoing in the tendering process of the multi-crore Bengaluru Safe City Project last week. Roopa was serving as the home secretary, the first woman to hold the position in the state.

“Transfers are part of government job,” she tweeted hours after she was transferred Thursday. “I’ve been transferred more than double the times than the number of years of my career.”

Speaking to ThePrint, Roopa said while whistleblowing can be demoralising sometimes when others don’t speak up, it has become a part of her personality now.

“I think it is just a part of my personality to not put up with wrongdoing… It is just my nature,” she said in a telephonic conversation. “Many officers just want peace of mind so they avoid addressing an issue which might invite the wrath of the mighty and powerful … As for me, I am not averse to chaos and conflict, so long as I am on the right side of things.”

She added: “I also believe that bureaucrats who are in a position to act have to act. You cannot expect an outsider to change the system.”

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‘My actions not motivated by politics, publicity’

Three years ago, Roopa made national headlines when she alleged that late Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa’s aide V.K. Sasikala, who was jailed after a disproportionate assets conviction, had struck a deal with officials at a Karnataka prison for preferential treatment. Roopa was slapped with a Rs 20-crore defamation suit over this.

In 2011, she took on a former chief minister of Karnataka when she removed a number of police vehicles being used in his cavalcade without permit. On several occasions, she was summoned to depose before the Karnataka council speaker after an MLC from Gadag moved a privilege motion against her. She had arrested him in 2006 on the grounds that prima facie he had incited riots.

“My actions have never been personally motivated. Some keep conjecturing that I’ll join politics someday, but no,” she said. “This is a chosen and prized service for me, and I’ll continue to remain an officer in the same Indian Police Service in the same uncompromising manner.”

On talk that her actions are motivated by wanting to stay in the limelight, she said, “To my critics who believe I want I do this for publicity, there are several gimmicks you can pull off to stay in the media glare… One need not take on the mighty and powerful for that, which is a path fraught with risks.”

The 2000-batch IPS officer has been awarded the President’s Police Medal twice, in 2016 and 2017.

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‘Bureaucracy works in fear of transfers’

Delivering a Ted Talk in 2018, Roopa had said the bureaucracy gets chained up in phobias of transfers and politicians. “The day bureaucrats are able to come out of the phobia of transfers, the phobia of politicians, we will have the best bureaucracy in the world.”

She said officers are often transferred by politicians to teach the whole bureaucracy a lesson, but one must remember that officers of the All India Service get their powers to act in public interest from the same Constitution from which MPs and MLAs get their powers.

“For me posts are neither important, nor do I get too comfortable in any post. My bags are always packed.”

Roopa also said she has no plans to leaving the service. She had secured the 43rd rank in the UPSC exam in 2000. She is also trained in Bharatnatyam, and well-versed in Hindustani classical music — she even did playback singing for a Kannada film in 2019.

“My motivation and idealism are intact, I never lose hope,” she said.

“Officers keeping quiet to avoid transfers and staying in their comfort zone is unfair to the system,” said Roopa, who has spoken against the VVIP culture in India on several occasions.

“I will stay here, and neither compromise nor change … The fact that I can act in a manner that several people can’t is a gift of god. I won’t squander it by leaving.”

She added: “The way a common man identifies himself with me and makes my fight his fight is proof enough that I’m on the right track … That’s where the motivation to keep going comes from.”

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  1. Wonderful Roopa Beti. You are the Proud of the Country. Go ahead with the same tempo. God bless you for future activities.
    From Professor Dr Khaja Moinuddin (Retired).

  2. Big salute to you Roopaji. Go ahead with your duty, the preyar and support from the general public is always with you.
    Warm regards.

  3. I feel proud of U, Roopa. What I can only say is that God bless U. I believe God will always be ur side.

  4. Madam it’s very paining that God trouble such a efficient and honest people. But you are supreme in God’s court. And definitely you will succeed in your deeds one day. God bless you.

  5. There ought to be law against premature transfer.
    If a Government Servant is unfit, incompetent or dishonest, proper enquiry must be conducted and that person dismissed/removed from service. Transfer, as such, is no remedy.
    This present dispensation must show courage and pass such a law.
    Otherwise, the saying, हमाम में सब नंगे हैं, will be true for Modi Sarkar too

  6. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
    Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare 🙏🙏🙏

    u r survent of suprime personality of godhead
    so don,t worry mam

  7. Madam, I have read a lot about your good works for our nation. But, our Politician are uneducated, CRIMINALS, RAPIST etc, etc.. U should trust in God, as he’s watching and keeping U under his shadow so that no harm is done to U. He’s going to STAND BESIDES U and Help U sail through the Storms. Be CONFIDENT don’t panic and loose your Focus, U R born to tackle big problems, I, know it hurts, but that’s for a little while u will get over it. Never bow down your love for the COUNTRY and it’s CITIZENS as only a few Good people like you, last on this on this earth. One of them is a IPS Officer Sanjeev Bhatt who is in jail in GUJRAT (for not handling the Godhra scandal to the likes of BILLA/RANGA ie: CHAIWALLA MODI and Amit Shah) I too support this person. Once again I say to you TRUST IN GOD for U are near and dear to him. Jai Hind.

  8. Please dont loose hope. We understand every bit of this issue. Most are going through similar shade of life in this country who fight evil.

  9. MD, Handicraft Emporium not a bad Job she can do Executive PGP/PGPX from reputed Institute. Later it will be useful for her. She can join Organizations which sells Defense Products. Because of Corruption there is no guarantee how long she will be able to survive.
    This is common in all kinds of Govt. Jobs. People feel irritated and disturbed while doing these Govt. Jobs. There is only one Human Life, . We must make best use of it.

  10. Karnatakas politics has gone to dogs . After learning her transfer I was very disappointed and still. The fact that she tweets about her fight against corruption is evident she needs public support but we are such low class democracy that fights over who should eat what but least bothered about corruption. I’m feeling so ashamed having to see this happen.

  11. Right going ma’am every honest person prouds on you , my best wishes from the core of my heart is with you . I want my daughter to be like you only
    Jai Hind
    Vande Mataram.

  12. I can’t tell you that you are good, but some questions always there why?? Transfer 40 times?? Are you the victim of some stupid mastermind??? Or are you the real culprit??? Leave it to to god …. Life is short… Do good, unless your god will repent you… Because you are not an thiest…. You have your religion vs corruption..,.. … Some day youngster will came and take the position… Let’s not teach them to inherit corruption. Because humans are not mortal.

  13. I can’t tell you that you are good, but some questions always there why?? Transfer 40 times?? Are you the victim of some stupid mastermind??? Or are you the real culprit??? Leave it to to god …. Live is short… Do good, unless your god will repent you… Because you are not an thiest…. You have your religion vs corruption..,.. … Some day youngster will came and take the position… Let’s not teach them to inherit corruption. Because humans are not mortal

  14. We salute you. You are what you stand up for. Satyame Jayathe. God bless you with the strength to fight the corrupt .
    Hope all your colleagues draw inspiration from you and join hands in teaching the high and mighty that the Law is Supreme. Jai Hind

  15. Namaste madam , do good work and best possible what do you think which is good for people and for government ok thanks for your good work from people ok Karnataka.

  16. You doing a great job, I salute you from the bottom of my heart, you should be a role model for other officers, were are other officers hiding ? Time for them to stand up and fight

  17. Keep it up madam, plz continue as you are doing.
    You will be roll model for actual beurocracy.
    U have to ready for transfer but don’t compromise .

  18. Hats of to u ma’am. U remind me of Arun Bhatia another upright n fearless IAS officer who had to face the same treatment as u, but did not bow down. May God always bless you n give you the courage to do what is just n right always. Jai Hind.

  19. Madam,
    I am ex-Army officer and later served in CRPF.
    I faced transfer epoisde number of times when protested wrong doings of my seniors..But was always ready to accept transfer to see various places mainly border areas.
    Finally took voluntary retirement after 25 years service to serve organization for the welfare of the peoples in and around asian countries.
    Unfortunate India is known as one of the worst corrupt countries. What govt. can do?
    Individuals should morally wake up.

    • You all studied so much to get to a position and then when you get such treatment, how do you manage things around you ?

  20. The Indian bureaucracy has been the bane of India’s democracy. The only way to survive in this horrible system is to walk the grey areas successfully, where one needs to learn to say neither yes or no and still give the impression of having given a decision. In short, the Indian bureaucracy sucks.

  21. I pray God to give strength to Dr Roopa IPS Officer to face such clumsy threats by seniors and politicians.

  22. We need atleast 100 senior officers like you. Kudos. You r self motivated,talented & more knowledgeable. All the best. You have succeeded and will succeed in bringing justice.

  23. Those who are fearless and not corrupted have to bear the cost in this system of hypocrisy and bureaucracy in this country…..

    Well done Madam…..

  24. If we have 5000 upright officers in the country, then, there can be improvement in the system. These days, even gram panchayat members have a field day!

  25. IPS officer should not accept te transfer. They must ask the reason for transfer. If it is not legibal you should complain to regional high court chief judge. You have right to know tge reason as per constituional righes. Not to give in.

    • It’s easyto say. If it was that easy and convenient to oppose rather than to accept and survive this fearless and capable officer would have done it before. She knows right logic to take actions and decisions to cooperate or oppose. I hope you are not someone just showing off the partial knowledge.

  26. We are always with good dedicated to the constitutional officers serving to our country…we remember the name always ….we are communists…we work for our nation together… those who are loving our country will face the problem from worst politicians.. be patience to the country..

  27. I am a 73 year old woman and I feel so proud to read about Roopa… no words! I pray to God that she should be successful in all her attempts to set right the system. Satyameva Jayate. Every drop of such attempts by each and every beurocrat will surely bring about a sea change in our countrys political arena. Once again I congratulate the bold daughter of the nation and pray for her victory in every attempt. Hail Roopa! Jai Hind!

  28. Good that All India Service people can be transferred in case of their being not in line with Seniors. In PSUs, careers of such person, being unable to be transferred, are marred. There ought to be a common cadre of senior officers of PSUs.

  29. You are guide,philosopher, Preacher of Indian democracy.your inspiration to common men may lead Indian towards the brightest future.India needs just 100 IPS like you.

  30. Madam, we common public have full faith in you. Wish god give you strength to fight this might and shameless useless fellows. All the best in your new assignment

  31. SATYAMEVA JAYATE… Good great going .
    I salute you madam. God is seeing all this ..
    Believe in almighty..ok

  32. You are indeed a role model. We still have hopes in a bright future for India because of people of character like you.

  33. We need more than one lakh Roopaji to change this system. We, people should revolt when such honest officers are transferred. Then only they will be motivated.

  34. It is story of an upright police officer which gives some satisfaction that at least some honest police officers are still left in our country . God bless them and give them courage to keep up their spirit.

  35. Ma’am, even after being in the post of HS, you couldn’t escape from the powerful PPL. Then, you can imagine the fate of the lower rank officers & staffs, who want to work in healthy atmosphere. Best wishes & blessings from the core of my heart. Hats off to you, Ma’am. Keep it up!

  36. Ma’am, even after being in the post of HS, you couldn’t escape from the powerful PPL. Then, you can imagine the fate of the lower rank officers & staffs, who want to work in healthy atmosphere. Best wishes & blessings from the core of my heart. Hats off to you, Ma’am. Keep it up!

  37. Ms. Roopa.
    You are a a symbol of truth, Valor & patriotism who has been steadfast in your commitment to the constitution. It’s a slap on the face of all corrupt politicians & buearocrats who failed the citizens. You shall certainly be rewarded by the God for your truthfulness. BRAVO

  38. In India, the crooks are always in power, be it high officers, or the politicians. And the honest people gets punished.

  39. Yes the supreme who plans for the welfare of all,will definitely protect you madam from all evils. Rgds Dr k k Bhattacharya a scientist of india

  40. This is the same D Roopa who misused her power to ban true indology from twitter. We don’t need these type of officers who don’t care about people and only do things that suits their ideology. These type of irresponsible officers should be permanently suspended.

    PS: I bet print will not publish this comment as it doesn’t suit their propaganda. 😉

  41. You are so efficient Mam. That’s why , govt have believe on you. And trying to moderate the govt machine in a good manner with your hand in limited time.

  42. This The Greatest DRAWBACK IN OUR COUNTRY.
    Even in Private Companies These Habits are in Vogue , I am the Victim fr that.
    During December 2019 I Caught An Official Red-handed in Some Other Context But The Higher Ups in Favour of the Worng doer HUSHED UP THE MATTER by Providing him The Alert Message.

    Just a few days ago my Comment was Live in Media about Self Reliance in our MOTHER LAND.

    Unless we BELL THESE INNER CATS , it will be Very Difficult For HONEST CITIZENS TO ACHIEVE Cleanliness IN OUR LIVING JOURNEY.
    BUT ??? THE HONEST CITIZENS WILL CONTINUE TO BE HONEST , inspite Of Worldly Inconvenience in their personal life.
    With Best Wishes For Betterment Always ,

  43. It’s pathetic that the politicians and powerful can get the honest officials transferred frequently and get away with it. Both High Courts and the Supreme Court takes up many public interest cases automatically. I believe that it’s high time they take up this issue and stop\restrict this blatant atrocity of repeated transfers!

  44. This is how corrupt politicians scared of Honest beurocrats. Politicians always wants to show their superior power over honest beurocrats. Untill strong law enacted and protect honest officers, corruption cannot be curbed.

  45. Hat’s off to the courage of this IPS officer who being a female never stopped fighting for TRUTH. God bless this OFFICER 👮.

  46. The country needs honest officers like Roopa with the courage to call a spade a spade. We stand by such officers.

  47. Corrupt 90% honest 10%…hope govt should think of majority minority reservations here also…or else honesty will die soon…

  48. I salute this police officer. She performs her duties sincerely and she is a living example to others as well. Hopefully in 2021 we see changes for the good and betterment for society.

  49. Your trailblazing sincerity, unwavering resolve to take the unscrupulous bulls by their horns much less the indomitable courage are the living examples of a brave soul undaunted by the rampant socio political rot and the scourge of bestial character and haughty behaviour being exhibited by those sitting in the corridors of power in privi with their beurocratic cronies abjectly surrendering to the whimsical dictates of political bosses being unmindful of the wishes and expectations people interalia.
    Hope this goes to their hearts and sanguinely moves their conscience to accept the ultimate truth that everyone is accountable for his/her mundane acts of omissions and commissions before the eternal system of Divine justice evolved by the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Supreme Soul (Parmatman) being the sole chief Arbiter of this Universe.Brave Soul, keep it up, so that others may also be exhorted to take a cue therefrom.
    Let’s make a clarion call for going back to the primeval system of Vaidik learnings and transform the planet earth into a pleasurable habitat for the posterity i.e.KrinwantoVishvamaryam by cherishing the Ideals of international brotherhood (Vishwabandhutva)& Cosmopolitanism (Vasudhaivakutumbakam).
    AUM(OM);Indram vardhanto Apturah krinvanto Vishwamaaryam, apaghananta Aravana.. apaghananta Aravana.OmShaantih,Shaantih, Shaantih.
    May peace prevail, peace prevail, peace prevail.
    Swasti Om sham.Namaste ji.

  50. If all IPS officers join you and execute their rights as the constitution has empowered them, then all Politicians will bow shamelessly to the IPS officers.

  51. Brave madam. These corrupt polticians from ruling and opposition have their vested interest s and wants honest officers to be also in same networks.
    U r brave and bold. People salutes u.

  52. Congratulation mam for president medal because transferred are your personal honesty medal . All The Best For Future MEDAL

  53. Speaking truth always crime in this current corrupted government
    However we are proud that we have brave officer like you D, Roopa

  54. I appreciate your vision and pray God to help in achieving your goals and serve people with honesty.I believe in God so I assure you God is seeing you and your work….God Bless You

  55. Sinerity ,honesty and commitment to the assigned responsibilities are not the virtues needed in the present day administration. How to hoodwink people ,how to take them for a ride smartly , and how to make quick money and earn the goodwill of bosses without doing the assigned works consciously are the qualities required to survive and enjoy all perks and favours . Remove the conscience and support blindly all wrongdoings should be the approach these days.

  56. Smt.Roopa is a principled person. One may or may not agree with what all she says or do. But respect & appreciate her guts to dare many political leaders elected by a large majority of brainless / spineless public.

  57. Favouritism is essential ingredient of politics, religion, caste and class. If it is removed from all these then system will get corrected.

  58. Am really blessed and proud to have such Honest and Brave Officer in Karnataka. Really inspired. Great.

  59. May the alimighty shower the best of best blessings on thie BharatMaata. Pranaams with folded hands to you Madam.

  60. Whatever little inputs I got from the news, I think Mrs D. Roopa is wrong. How can she interfere in others work like in this case that of Mr Hemant Nimbalkar. Even the Chief Secretary has given her a set of questions to substantiate her interference.
    Also 40 Transfer in 20 years is something to be thought of. Karnataka Govt did not Transfer her for the sake of Transfer. It appears instead of working in bonhomie with her colleagues , she is seeking publicity.
    She has now been made MD of Handicrafts Emporium. But does she have any experience ? Just becoz she is IPS, does it mean they are God’s Special Child ? If there was no vacancy, then she should have been told to go on Leave.

  61. Damn politicians and crocked beauraucrats. The will never improve. Bunch of egoistic louses that they are

  62. Mam, you have stood like a unperturbed officer and nevertheless such officers are a very few yet they leave behind remarkable models for bravery services. Who knows such officers may inspire bravery youths for services to helpless,mute spectators, and inaction societies we are living in.Kudos to your Lionheart bravery.

  63. Damn politicians and cricked beauraucrats. The will never improve. Bunch of egoistic louses that they are

  64. Thesevthings are a common sight with the present bjp govt,, when in danger of being caught or expected they play their cards well,, shame on this so called uncorrupt govt and shame on the HM , Feku and other clowns

  65. Salute to our brave, courageous officer. How shameful it is for so called leaders of different political parties for their act. India need officers like D. Rupa.

  66. She must be honest IPS officer who is not ready to fit in the shoes of corrupt leaders and senior police officers and follow the corruption roots.
    Obviously transfer is the only alternative for this daring lady officer otherwise all the loop holes will be exposed to the public

  67. Madam you please follow rules.. Don’t get carried away by corrupted politicians, when you discharge your duties in full faith god will help you… Stay blessed, you are proud indian citizen who lives by rule of law not by law by rule..

  68. Stand for Justice,Truth and Corruption free is the real ADMINISRATION.But opposition will do all the worst to those are upright.Can we see corruption free Governance or Good Governance on the Earth?Because Corruption is habit to all people.
    Madam Rubs one day you will be rewarded for your insult.I wish you all the best.Thank you

  69. Roopa as a courageous and upright police officer who is undaunted about repurcussions of her action,having the courage and conviction before her,personifies an ideal and illustrious officer who live by their own true conviction of having done no wrong,which the public want to breathe fresh air into the corrupt and turbid system.Such officers with courage of conviction should bring about changes to the systemic apathy.It’s only to be hoped that many such people add to the illustrious crowd at least in the near future.Kudos to the great lady.

  70. As along as you doing good things You actions are the strength it keeps you going in right direction always.Keep it up..

  71. Brave and honest officials should be encouraged to take heavily on corruption to clean system. But in our country it’s not so easy, not all but politicians are hand in glove with corruption, still, not all.

  72. A politician cannot become a loyal police officer but a loyal police officer is always supported with will of Allah SWT. If nobody supports loyal police officer but the support of Allah SWT always remain protects and always will be courageous and hopeful.
    This is for D. Roopa the loyalty reward will always remains forever.

  73. This country will be doomed by these corrupt politicians. Transfer of senior civil servants should be vested in the hand of president and chief justice. Otherwise no honest person will compete for the civil services as no honest man contest election. God save this country. D C Chaudhary

  74. Bravo Roopaji! Keep it up! We need more upright officers like you to bring change in rotting system! God bless you sister!👌🤝🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  75. The Hon’ble P.M. must ask her to look into the financial irregularities of Kollywood/ Mollywood/ Tollywood/Bollywood actors, their criminality and prosecute them. Many shocking, unsophisticated & nasty truths will tumble out of their cupboards. Such bold, sincere & honest police officers are assets to our nation. Hats off to you Ms. Roopa IPS. Way to go.

  76. Three cheers for the is
    Ir on lady who has shown the corrupt criminal netas and baubus their popularity with chel

    ating stealing will not work .If only her subordinates imibe her values the common man will get relief and police Will get the respect .

  77. I have only admiration for ms.Roopa who has withstood vindictive barbs from the corrupt and still carries on her crusade. More power to you madam. Balu

  78. Follow right track as usual,,, you are brave. God always shower blessings on you fighting injustices. Carry on what you believe constitutionally
    and morally right.

  79. Dear Roopa
    As Sr.Citizen of this great country Bharat at 85, I congratulate you of your academic excellence and your honesty, sincerity and dedication to your profession. Your tweet clarifying that you keep your bag ready and you have been transferred more than double times of your total service should be an eye opener to the so called politicians who show off forgetting they are in thst place because of support from aam admi like you and me to franchise our valuable votes, but their position is temporary!! Keep it up your bold spirits. Best of good wishes in your new position and in the New Year 2021

  80. The transfers r because, police never went with common man, they never won the hearts of the people, thus citizens finds it easy to contact a politician than a police cop.

    Above that is the high handed behaviour of police, corruption is so rampant, u pay and get yr things done, Jail the common man and bail to the rich.
    Very unfortunate situation in india.

  81. Yes!
    Our beurocracy will be the number one in the world when it comes out of the clutches of tainted politicians.
    Getting the transfers of beurocrats has become the primary duty of politicians.
    Administrative reforms have been not revised or studied up in our governments.

  82. Glad to note that an important pillar of Constitution of India still survive i.e. Executive . Hats off to You,Madam. You are Great and glad to see that you haven’t forget the OATH which taken after completion of your training and before joining.
    This attitude & passion will be helpful to protect the objectives of our Constitution . A person’s determination,attitude,passion etc. can change the country & his countrymen and build/ modify a Nation & Nationality.
    Presently our country & countrymen need more D Roopa as of your nature, behaviour,determination,devotion towards service.
    My good wishes with you.

  83. People say Satyameva Jayate with every breath. But don’t want their side of Satyam to come out into the open. If this not hypocrisy what is ?

  84. Please don’t fall for such PR stunts. This corrupt power hungry officer has been involved in shutting down twitter accounts of people who disagree with her. She is a typical one liner spouting wannabe internet celebrity and has never done a decent job in her life. She probably reads whatever the American left spouts and uses those buzzwords in order to appear woke.

  85. Wanted to be like you Madam. I salute your ethics.

    Aditi Manchanda
    Class 6th Student Of Hindan Air force School.

  86. Don’t worry my dear. There still are the 0.5% of us who will identify with what you do. This 0.5% may not be able to bring about change , but they won’t ever give in to greed, power,fame for personal glory, at the cost of truth and what is right.

  87. Madam, in this country like u honest, sincere and dedicated to work officers won’t have place, if u r honest and sincere politicians won’t tolerate because their illegal works will not complete, like u other officer Mr khemka IAS also so many transfers because of his honest and sincere to work, that’s why nowadays so many officers bend to politicians for example in AP so many example at present chief secretary of AP

  88. Hatsoff to your bravery, if not the media and government the general public should support such honest officers. Stringent rules should be made for transfers, as it is totally unfair to keep transfering an officer.

  89. Hatsoff to your bravery, if not the media and government the general public should support such honest officers. Stringent rules should be made for transfers, as it is totally unfair to keep transfering an officer.

  90. It is unfortunate that strict officer has been transferred to elsewhere.
    Stil, i support you mada, don’t give up your goals and strict actions against culprits, whoever they may be.

  91. The fact, that she has been transferred so many times for bring out the stink in the system, in itself is very shameful. Is there anybody answerable to this.

  92. Corruption, mismanagement, maladministration is the order of the day in the country, the question is how long will it last?

  93. I like you enjoyed no. of transfers during my service as I had neither backing and nor any political and departmental approach. Once I had requested top management to transfer me to my home town on my own expenses, I received a reply from the top management to resign immediately. The reply of top management had no merit from the point of view of DOPT rule.
    Inspite I enjoyed the transfers by learning our country with different culture and receiving timely promotion.

  94. What way BJP is different in dealing with honest and upright officers in bureaucracy? How the system will be cleaned if the Government acts like this? This clearly shows there are vested interests in top government posts in Bengaluru Safe City Project. Hypocrisy of BJP government in Karnataka.

  95. If this kind of posting given,then what is the use of her qualification, training undergone and experience.? Court should intervene and advise the government to frame a policy.One day they may be posted as chairman and MD of a dist central cooperative Bank or as a Dean of a govt medical college.!!!Even God can’t save us.

  96. Respected Roopa ji
    Officers like you are appreciated and respected by thousands. Efforts like this will hopefully make more people aware of their role in making a change.
    Our best wishes and regards

  97. Where there is god thereis demon also just two faces of coin.this is there since ages .demons are transferring & donot forget good time will come one day.i prey for that.

  98. It so happens in any profession. System revamp is very much needed. One interesting thing is after being monitored online, bribery has increased to four fold and everybody is involved from top to bottom. How can a common man digest this, there is no solution except as British regime kicking with boots.

  99. Good job madam. Working in accordance with your conscience is Great. May the Lord strengthen you and may more young people be inspired by your life. Corrupt are many. Honest few. But the corrupt can’t boast about what they have done. But the honest can. Their future generations will reap the word done by their ancestors. God bless. Happy New Year.

  100. I’m proud of you Madam, may you continue to serve faithfully without compromising the corrupt politicals. May God bless you!

  101. One thing is certain that politician of any hue and colour does not like to rule by law specially of banana republic of India their natural instict is feudal .so they think their word is a law and officers should obey.,if not trasfer is only arm in their hand.but some honest officers are not afraid of frequent transfers .

  102. Happy that there are still Good Bureaucrats in India to serve the Nation irrespective of personal interest. Feel very Proud to have such persons in India… God will surely fulfill all your dreams

  103. Now it’s pretty clear as to how much corrupt the Politicians irrespective of their party affiliation. An honest Officer is hounded with repeated transfers instead of honouring . Shame on these corrupt politicians.
    Madam all the right thinking people are with you. We are proud of you.

  104. The Party with difference is really party with a difference. It only encourages all the social and economic evils under the guise of nationalism -discouraging honest officers in Karnataka, Vandalizing muslim homes in MP to raise funds for Ram Mandir, arresting Muslim youth for so-called lovejihad,killing innocent youth in Kashmir as terrorists and forcing farmers to protest on roads during winter for the sake of Corporates!

  105. With all due respect to her – being an IPS Officer she did not learn what diplomacy is. You slipper someone, you wrap the slipper in a shawl. IPS OFFICERS are not walking TV channels to start accusing senior officers of wrong doings, publicly.
    Working discreetly, patiently building a strong case, collecting evidence are all crucial qualities which senior police officers are trained in and should cultivate and practice.
    20yrs is a long time but 40 transfers show cases her impatience (hallmark of an inefficient police officer). She seems to have been in a hurry to show her supremacy or mettle everywhere she goes.

  106. We elect politicians.They got power to select their favourite officers to corrupt the people’s money.

  107. Respected Madam D.Roopa I.P.S., you being an honest police officer,working under the honest brain inhertied from your parent. The police work is the most involved ,dedicated and devoted one to oridinary people. Unfortunately, the law of our land are maintained by “Law is potent against impotent, and impotent againts potent” Any way be bold on your own way in doing work, someone day the prople who harrased by power, will suurender before you, in the cycle of human life. May God give strength to you.

  108. Congratulations on your new role but why Cauvery as an organization need country’s most courageous, powerful and honest IPS officer to lead their downfall business as their MD? This is a puppet power show by the nasty politicians of our country to defame the common honest people

  109. பதவிகள் வரலாம் போகலாம் ஆனால்
    நேர்மைக்கு மக்கள் மனதில் தரும் இடம் என்றும் போகாது ரூபா ஐபிஎஸ்
    உங்களுக்கு அந்த இடம் நிச்சயம்

  110. Such honesty and courage should be honored.
    Someone can file a PIL seeking necessary justification for 40 transfer in a span of 20 years. Govt should explain the reason. Otherwise it would be treated as arbitrary and a part of power play. Our Constitution gives us such right and remedies.
    If no legal action is not taken this will give more power in the hands of those people.

  111. She is indulging in cheap publicity and her actions to seek confidential information even before something is finalised smacks of malafide intention. She is in fact , preparing for long haul in politics and she knows better that cheap publicity is the means to create optics.

  112. What is great about her. She is indulging in cheap publicity and her actions to seek confidential information even before something is finalised smacks of malafide intention. She is in fact , preparing for long haul in politics and she knows better that cheap publicity is the means to create optics.

  113. Officer’s like you can break the corupt politicians and bureaucrats May God Bless you and give you Courage

  114. The path to fight powerful lobby is not easy. It requires courage , which you have. I appreciate it. It always gives self satisfaction and ‘will ‘ to fight stronger . Keep it up.

  115. There is no place for honest and dedicated officers till the Lokpal bill is in place. Once the lokpal bill is passed many heads will roll out from this Govt

  116. You can count within the fingers officers like you. Best effort to change the system. One day get the result may be longer.

  117. It means madam has deducted more than 50 scams / corruptions, if she deduct something wrong she will be transfered. Govt is doing very good job , transfering her to deduct something.

  118. Honesty is good but in this world of opportunists and ill informed new generation citizens it is difficult to practice
    I appreciate every effort of honest officers to expose corruption

  119. I support d Roopa ips.I am not the authority to punish them though I want to. Madam you did right.Go ahead

  120. I am sorry to note that you have been transferred more than the double the number of years of your career. It is unfortunate that IAS and IPS officers who are well educated, well informed and capable of handling any situation should work under such politicians who do not know even the spelling of their names. This is the system in our country. That is why now a days youngsters won’t prefer to take up IAS IPS courses.

  121. Madam, its always nice reading about you. This happens in all places, even in the corporate world, it happens more at work place. Here, they dont transfer, they will plot and try to remove you….
    Stay by your beliefs and continue your good works 👍. It’s sad that we have only one honest and brave officer in the IPS…


  123. How can the nation forget revered Seshan. Your name will also stand by his side. People like you are required to our country. Salute you Madam.

  124. Mam please fight back, I see Nimbalkar got good position. And you are put into some wrong place.

  125. Till we get the role of politicians right it will not change. Politicians apply to serve people and the public votes are only an approval of their application. So they are not voted to power, just voted to serve!

  126. Madam, citizens of India feel proud to have a honest and sincere officer like you. The people in the system who are against you are coward. God will protect you.

  127. Hats off mam …your personal integrity is to be admired… the instinct to distinguish Right and wrong in this confused society…needs lots of mental strength…keep doing good mam for our country for its ppl…👍

  128. Continue discharging your legitimate official duty without fear & favour with due application of mind.
    Be blind & deaf to barking self-interested personnel.

  129. Every one must support and encourage an upright government person. It needs guts, facing onslaught and ready every moment for obstacles and obstructions to the righteous path. A duty is supreme, be it in any way. If you are not true to it you are not worthy. A salute and respect to this strong iron lady.

  130. I am waiting for the day when our self-esteem rises above the slavery gene (sic) created over centuries of hunger and domination. When we don’t sell our souls for a few coins but remember our brave soldiers who sacrifice everything for the ideal called Patriotism before any act of corruption, moral, financial or ethical.
    The day we learn to vote with the responsibility and conviction of a soldier ready to die for his country, the politics will change.
    While we can change the politician, morality is the only guide to the bureaucracy. I accuse bureaucracy for the crime against nation and blame myself for my politician.
    I took the softer route of taking Voluntary retirement and 11 years later my file is waiting in the office of a bureaucrat. Today I am happy to work for Manual Scavengers. We have received foreign support but could not get a single rupee from Indian Govt maybe because I insist on the fair route.
    Jai Hind

  131. May Almighty Allah shower His blessings upon you and keep you consistent in your duties. Best wishes and good luck

  132. This brave, upright officer is an asset in the Indian democratic system and she will pave the way other officers will be encouraged to follow. Please keep up Madam and always have your head high.

  133. Great….You work for a cause and very less people do that. Hope our country develops more and more people like you in future and in higher positions like yourself so that our country’s future will be in safe hands.

  134. Yet she got president medal and got the IG rank without any delay… What is the fuss all about… transfers!

  135. Yes Madam Gm India need many straight forward officers like you in all class One government Roles. I am from Tamilnadu still proud of you. Our support as Indian citizen will be with you. Gold bless you. All the best to you.

  136. I salute you Madam .I pray to God to give more courage to do your duty in the comming days .
    God bless you 🙏🙏

  137. Dear Roopa Madam,

    Ur heroic action is rare in our present society where everyone is saleable a politician or may be a bureaucrat or a public servant. Keep it up don’t forget u have a scating shoe with u which only roles. Bravo, a splendid job for the common people.

  138. This is the world we are live doesn’t accept your heart beats. If you do so there will be no joyful way for you. Suffering is must. Appreciations come only from those out side the powers. Stand firm in your in your right mind. Your are brighter to accept every goel.

  139. Keep up your good work always on top priority. Being in public service and being straight forward is a blessing. Only a few have this in them. God bless you. Wish you a happy and bright future.

  140. God bless you Madam! Why can not you take the initiative to train IAS / IPS aspirants to join public service the way Dr. Sailendra Babu IPS ADGP Tamilnadu cadre is doing.

  141. Well done Roopa. It is rare to see such commited officers these days. Your only guide is your conscience. Then why fear? May God bless you and keep you safe against all odds.

  142. We are very much proud of you mam. Pl. come to west bengal and show how an officer do his/her duty by not oiling a politician.

  143. I salute this brave lady who has courage and has her voice against wrong doings.politicians and priests r now mafia of soul.

  144. Persons who are unbiased, objective, strong in integrity and act without fear or favour are exceptional among Indian bureaucrats.

  145. Corrupt politicians always transfer officers when they either oppose the illegal deal not not to become part of the deal. These officers blesses for people who love this country

  146. This article is a collation of the cases the officer has taken up and her statements on Twitter and the press. Can @sanya Dhingra write about how right or wrong she was? Was her allegations proved right? Looking forward to a more incisive article on the officer’s work.

  147. Salute you Madam..It isn’t easy to stand against odds but God is with the righteous. Head on…..

  148. From the circumstances we face in decades , I can under stand the grief of the people who go abroad for job.

  149. We support you Mam , for your firm stand.
    Let the corrupt officers “lick” whatever they choose.

  150. Be careful madam. Our country only respects women, for that matter human beings in books.
    We have become a violent country divided on many ground, esp religious.
    All the best. Good job.

  151. Honesty prevails.maa chamundeswari s blessings are on you sister. Show that India had so many jhansiranis in her garb.
    I as AED in Chhattisgarh in 36 years service transferred for 36 times.i even lodged for against sitting MP rs in theft of energy, disconnected ps to illegal medical college of home minister cg


  153. Salute too such courageous officers who r fighting everyday for the protection of law, justice, “satyamev jayate”. Jai Hind

  154. Yes.We,the people of India give those corrupt politicians the power,muscle power,to be exact,by voting them as our saviors.
    We have to unite to stop those corrupted politicians for our own safety. We are the power of the nation.We have to realize that.

  155. Roopa Mam you are GREAT ,Peoples like Hemant Nimbalkar must be punished hard on public & his assets must be investigated.ROOPA D keep doing your good job Allah Ishwar God is with truth

  156. Madam,
    Politicians tenure is not secure. Yours guaranteed till age 6o years. Keep up your.
    Well intentioned fighting spirit. Parents blessings take you to dizzy heights.

  157. IPS officers like Roopa are the remnants of the so call steel frame that bureaucrats were supposed to be… Wish others also showed spine so that the politicians become straighter and the nation benefited

  158. She has the guts to prove her mettle against the deviated norms of system. If it is true, definitely she deserves all kinds of appreciations. Keep it up. Your accountability lies to the public.

  159. जब गलत के विरूद्ध कोई छोटा आवाज उठाता है तो बङा या ताकतवर उसे दबाने की पूरी कौशिक करता है चाहे नौकरी हो या समाज। बङी मछली छोटी मच्छली को हमेशा से ही खाती आई है लेकिन जब बङी मच्छली को लगता है कि छोटी मच्छली जहरीली, खतरनाक या घातक है और उस पर जहरीला, ख़तरनाक या घातक होने का लेबल लग जाता है तब बङी मच्छली भी उससे दूर दूर ही रहती है।

  160. Madam being a President Medal awardee, when the fate of being transferred by the mighty and powerful is not in your control, just imagine the fate of the common man ! The very common man who have elected the mighty and powerful !!!!!!

    • Yes, Sir. Common man raising his voice against injustice is either termed anti national or anarchist. God save our country.

    • Common man should also give up his lure for comfortable life at the cost of corruption and unaccountability spreading everywhere. Good officiers are also common people who decided to act against wrong trends.


    • I fully agree with Mr Santos Benerjee.
      For those who stand for the Truth, they r bound to under go sufferings /problems/difficulties /hurdles caused by untruthful ppl specially by that category of Politicians.
      But my dear sister Roopa ! be reminded of that the truthful one i.e the God Almighty is on ur behalf. Don’t b afraid of the cowards.Pl b assured of my prayers. May God b with u guide u protect u n strengthen for the betterment of this great Nation. God bless you.

    • Corruption, mismanagement, maladministration is the order of the day in the country, the question is how long will it last?

    • Really , you are doing excellent job madam. You are going to be the role model for youngsters who are the back bone for developing our nation….. Gandhiji wanted to be a role model only eventhough he faced many problems.Then only he became Mahatma !!!

    • No Sir! If you really see through the haze, it is actually the pussilaminousness of the bureaocracy that is to blame, it is too easy to blame the politicians wholesale while being blind sided to the cowerdice of the bureaucracy!

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