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Arundhati Roy apologises for 2011 video on Pakistan Army, says may have been thoughtless

Arundhati Roy issued a statement for her claim that Pakistan had not deployed its army against its people the way India has in regions such as Kashmir and the northeast.

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New Delhi: Award-winning author Arundhati Roy apologised Wednesday for her nearly decade-old remarks comparing the Indian and Pakistani armies, saying what she said then in no way represents what she believes now, or has written over the years.

A 2011 video clip of Roy speaking at a panel surfaced on social media, in which she says the Indian state has deployed its Army against people in regions including Kashmir, the northeast, Telangana, and Goa. “…Pakistan has not deployed its army against its people the way India has…”, she goes on to add.

In a statement shared with ThePrint, Roy clarified that at some point in their lives, people inadvertently “say something thoughtless or stupid”.

“Still, it is a matter of enormous consequence and I apologise for any momentary confusion the clip may have caused.”

She added that she has been clear about her views on Pakistan’s actions through her writings.

Roy had come under a wave of criticism for her “double standards”, with Twitter users in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh making the hashtag #ArundhatiRoy trend. Many Pakistanis, who claimed to be admirers of Roy, said her remarks had disappointed them.

The Dhaka Tribune also criticised her remarks as unfortunate. “…Pakistan has refused to acknowledge the atrocities committed against our people in 1971… Roy has long been considered a champion of the downtrodden and the oppressed, and for a writer of her level of erudition and sensitivity to completely dismiss the history of the Pakistan army’s atrocities towards the people of what was then East Pakistan and is now Bangladesh, is not just unfortunate, but potentially damaging,” the publication said in its editorial.

Read Arundhati Roy’s full statement here:

As tensions rise to dangerous levels between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, a nine year old video clip has surfaced on the social media, in which while speaking of the endless wars the Indian government has waged against its own people, I seem to be saying that Pakistan has never deployed its army against its “own” people the way India has. We all, at some point in our lives, might inadvertently say something thoughtless or stupid. This tiny clip of video in no way represents what I believe, or indeed what I have written over the years. I am a writer, and what I commit to words is far more important than what I might say extempore in the course of a freewheeling talk. Still, It is a matter of enormous consequence and I apologize for any momentary confusion the clip may have caused.

My views on what the Government of Pakistan is doing in Balochistan and the genocide that the Pakistan Army committed in Bangladesh have never been ambiguous and have always been a part of my writing. Here, in order to keep it short, are two small examples.

In my novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, published in 2017, one of the main characters, an Indian Intelligence officer, Biplab Dasgupta aka Garson Hobart, who has served in Kashmir, says:

“It’s true we did—we do— some terrible things in Kashmir, but… I mean what the Pakistan Army did in East Pakistan—now that was a clear case of genocide. Open and shut. When the Indian Army liberated Bangladesh, the good old Kashmiris called it—still call it—the ‘Fall of Dhaka.’ They aren’t very good at other peoples’ pain. But then, who is? The Baloch, who are being buggered by Pakistan, don’t care about Kashmiris. The Bangladeshis who we liberated are hunting down Hindus. The good old communists call Stalin’s Gulag a ‘necessary part of revolution’. The Americans are currently lecturing the Vietnamese about human rights. What we have on our hands is a species problem. None of us is exempt.”

In an essay called Walking with the Comrades published in 2010 and republished in June 2019, I wrote:

When Charu Mazumdar famously said, “China’s Chairman is our Chairman and China’s Path is Our Path,” he was prepared to extend it to the point where the Naxalites remained silent while General Yahya Khan committed genocide in East Pakistan (Bangladesh), because at the time, China was an ally of Pakistan. There was silence too, over the Khmer Rouge and its killing fields in Cambodia. There was silence over the egregious excesses of the Chinese and Russian revolutions. Silence over Tibet.

Given my views on what is happening in Kashmir now, it is not surprising that Hindu Nationalists are rushing to generate outrage over this exciting new/old canard they have dug up about my supposed denial of the genocide in Bangladesh and the deeds of the Pakistan Army in Pakistan. Anybody who has even a passing acquaintance with my writing, will not entertain this idea for even one second. I do not believe that the States of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh are in any way morally superior to one another. In India right now, the architecture of pure fascism is being put into place. Anybody who resists it risks being smeared, trolled, jailed, or beaten down. But it will be resisted.

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  1. What a pompous nitwit. She should be left to the lecture circuit to spout her gibberish at gullible idiots.

  2. Good try. One would expect a Jewish journalist having close ties with Modi to speak anything good about Bangladesh ( and remotely criticize anything about Modi’s India), right? You’ll find these low-level journalists in every side of a conflict – they have to make a living. He quoted some anecdotes (which are true), but vastly exaggerated facts. For example, more Hindus lost their lives ion 1971 because they were the prime targets of Pak army, but the number is nowhere close to 2.4 million. There are no state sponsored terror against minorities unlike in India. On the contrary, most financially able Bangladeshi Hindus maintain a second home in India and migrate when opportunity arrives. The number of Hindus decreased, but same cannot be said about Buddhists and Christians. You have to go to reputable sources like Human Rights Watch, International Religious Freedom etc. to see some impartial assessment of minority conditions in a country – not some lectures bu a paid agent.
    Yes, there are Muslim celebrities, Muslim superstars in India. Muslims in Kerala and West Bengal enjoy better conditions than most other parts of India. But, that’s not the whole picture. Majority of Bengalis rejected nationalism of any sort – unfortunately majority of Indians are embracing a violent racist ideology. India is turning into a pre-WWII Germany.
    Here is one:

    • Good Try Indeed!! The Whole World Knows The Islamist’s & Their Maulvi Clerics Line Of Defense: When There Is An Islamic Terrorist Attack, The Attacker Is NOT A Muslim, Muslim Proposing Reforms In Islam Isn’t A Muslim, ANYONE Blaming An Islamic Nation For Genocide Of Minorities Is A Jew!! Right??

      You Admitted Yourself: More Hindus lost their lives ion 1971 because they were the prime targets of Pak army. And Who Are Pakistanis?? Muslims Following Islam!! RIGHT!! Blasphemy Laws In Almost All
      Islamic States Are There To Protect The Weak Allah Or Weak Islam?? Is This NOT State Sponsored Racism & Terrorism Against Minorities/Non Muslims!!


      Buddhists and Christians Are Negligible In Bangladesh, We Are Talking About Sizable Minorities!! And If Bangladeshi Islamist’s DARE To Attack Christians, You Know You Will Lose European & American
      Textile Markets!! Whom Are Islamist’s Like You Trying To Fool??

      In Islam : There Is No God But Allah!! Isn’t It Built In Hatred There?? Christians Do The Same!! However Christians Do It Diplomatically But Islamist’s Do It Violently!!

      What reputable sources like Human Rights Watch, International Religious Freedom etc. ?? Most Of Them Are Financed By The West Which Are Christian Even If They May Call Themselves Secular!! TRY WEARING A BURKA IN FRANCE, Europe & You Will Know What I Mean!! And.. The BIGGEST Paid Agents Are Within Christianity & Islam!!

      My God, Only God EVIL Phenomenon In Islam Is Always In Action!!
      The Concept Of Halal In Islam Which Is Not Just Racist & Discriminatory But Also Finances International Terrorism!!

      IF India Or Hindus Were Intolerant As You Claim, HOW & WHY Would India Have Muslim Super Stars, President’s Or Vice President’s??

      WHY Would Hindus Give Refuge To Islam’s Prophet Mohammad’s Family When They Were Being Butchered By Your

      Own “Peaceful & Tolerant” Muslim Brothers??!! WHY Would Hindus
      Give Land To Build One Of The First Mosques In India??

      Were These Hindus Who Demanded A Separate Islamic Land Pakistan From Where You Were Born?? And Then.. MAGIC!!
      Was It Islam Which Separated You From Pakistan??

      Majority of Indians are NOT embracing a violent racist ideology!!! They Are Reclaiming Their Civilization!! And This Is In Large Part As A Reaction To Islamic & Christian Bigotry, Malpractices, Frauds Of Conversions & Discriminatory Thought Process!!

      The Hitler Of Pre-WWII Germany Was Inspired By ISLAM &
      It’s Racist & VIOLENT Ideology!! Did You Even Know That??!!

      As For Paul Marshall, Hudson’s Article, He Too Is A Christian & Probably An Evangelist With Non Christian Hatred Built In Because “My God, ONLY GOD” EVIL Phenomenon!!

      But Hey!! Paul Marshall Wrote A Book Named “Silenced”: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom Worldwide (2011, with Nina Shea)!!

      And Who Follows Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes: It’s NOT
      Hinduim, BUT ISLAM!!

      So Check Out Within Islam & Muslims, How Your VIOLENT, IMPERIALISTIC & RACIST Ideology Has An Effect On India
      & The World!! Once You Do That, You May At The Least Avoid Getting NAKED By Security At International Airports!!

      And By The Way, ALL Islamic Nations Including Pakistan, Bangladesh & Islamic Clerics Are In Effect Sponsoring China On The Ughur Muslim Genocide With Millions In Xinjiang Concentration Camps!! Has India Done That??

      WHEN WAS The Last Time, Pakistan, Bangladeshi’s Or Islamists Took Out Protests Against China??

      IS ISLAM DEAD, ARE MUSLIMS DEAD OR JUST BEING SELECTIVE & HYPOCRITICAL?? Just LOOK WITHIN Before Pointing Fingers At An Inherently Tolerant India & Hindus!! For Sure, Indians Won’t Accept The SICK Of Indian Secularism Of The Past 70 Years!! That Era Is Gone!! Everyone Is Equal & No More Politics Of Appeasement!!

    • ALSO, NEVER FORGET, Tasleema Nasrin, A Bangladeshi Muslim Is Living In India, EXILED BY YOUR ISLAMIST’S & The State Of Bangladesh!! Unfortunately, She Has Problems Getting Indian Citizenship Because Of Pak/Bangladesh & Many Indian Muslims Who HATE SANE VOICES!!

  3. Ms. Roy has lost all credibility with the masses. The only ones who listen to her pontifications are the Indian Left and the radical Islamic militants in Pakistan. Because she routinely indulges in what they like the most – Hindu bashing, more specifically upper caste Hindu bashing.
    No one else other than the Indian Left and the radical Pakistani Islamists are interested in such an egregious agenda. Ms. Roy continues to entertain them and provide fodder for their consumption.

  4. Most of the people believe that extempore brings out your true believes, whereas, writings are thought of. Your writing if what you say is researched, but, your thinking expressed in extempore is anti India.

    Today also you saying that Indian state is no different than Pakistan or Bangladesh. Please confirm these views from Tasleema Nasrin who unfortunately had to leave her country for her writing, which are true. And you despite spewing hatred and false naratives is still enjoying the benefits of the state.

  5. Changes ali RSS is a patriotic and character building organisation. It does not spill venom or poison . It believes in well-being of all the.people of india.whenever or wherever there is natural calamity rss swayamsevaks run for all kind of help irrespective of class and creed. Do not believe in hearsay .Once u know about the facts of this organization u will love them.

    • Lol!! Raza, You Are Surely, An Islamist Or Leftist Hypocrite!! When Was The Last Time You, Islamist’s/Clerics Or Any Leftists/Liberals Like Roy Criticize China On Xinjiang, China’s Uighur Muslims Concentration Camps??!! NEVER!! That’s RIGHT!! We Get Your Anti-India Agenda!! What Will People Like You Do When You Become Refugees & Will Have No Land To Call Your Own??!!

  6. That seems to be her latest attention seeking -as usual cheap-stunt.Whatever she says now,everyone recognised her to be one with Tukde Tukde mentality and a great supporter of enemies of this nation.A true fifth columnist.

  7. Army is not against it’s own people but against terrorists. Handful of miscreants need iron fist not the whole people.
    You librandus are impossible, never mend

    • The problem with Ms. Roy is that she thinks if she says anything egregious, as long as it is polished and buffed till it gets a Pulitzer- winning shine, nobody’s going to bother. She has been going on against the BJP and Modi with dah-li- dah prose, slipping in errors, inaccuracies, twisting facts to suit her purpose and her camp followers.

      Now, when caught, and especially when there are Muslims, Baluch and Bangladedhis protesting, it is easy to churn out another novella and defend herself with, “we all act stupid at one point or the other”.

      Does not look good on someone with pretensions of winning the Nobel for Literature, some years from now, does it?

  8. She had the habit of coming into limelight by making unsubstantiated comments. I recall watching a program from France 24 just before election results were out. The way she spoke about PM Modi, I was literally shocked! She should refrain from making such comments just based on her personal feelings!

  9. Arundhati Roy’s apology is as fake as the lies she peddles. Pak army committed genocide in East Pakistan in 1970. Yet in 2011 Ms Roy claimed Pak army was never used against her own people. Ms Roy also has faint memory, she does not bother to remember inconvenient truths, of killing of Baloch people, killing of Pashtuns and systematic use of terrorists to bleed India. Ms Roy has not given her apology to Indian army and Indian people. She has actually apologized to people in Bangladesh who had protested her clean chit of innocence to Pak army. A hypocrite to the core, Ms Roy does not shy away from taking help of people and Societies she criticizes and abhors.

    • Leftists/Communists Like Roy Should Be Isolated & Their Foreign Funding’s Put Under The Scanner!! These People Can’t Be Indian If They Work For Enemies Of The Nation!!

  10. Arundhati Roy’s apology is as fake as the lies she peddles. Pak army committed genocide in East Pakistan in 1970. Yet in 2011 Ms Roy claimed Pak army was never used against her own people. Ms Roy also has faint memory, she does not bother to remember inconvenient truths, of killing of Baloch people, killing of Pashtuns and systematic use of terrorists to bleed India. Ms Roy has given her apology to Indian army and Indian people. She has actually apologized to people in Bangladesh who had protested her clean chit of innocence to Pak army. A hypocrite to the core, Ms Roy does not shy away from taking help of people and Societies she criticizes and abhors.

  11. She may have apologised for reasons best known to her alone, BUT, what she then said can by no means be passed off as ‘inadvertent’. Like Rahul forced to retract on his words “People are dying in Kashmir” remarks, she too appears compelled to do this. But her prolific writings and utterances over the years leave one in no doubt of her ideas on India and, more particularly, her contempt for the present dispensation.

  12. Arundhati Roy is not one of the most balanced commentators. She spoils her case by overstating it. Her apology is less than sincere. Otherwise she would not have said ‘I seem to be saying that….’

  13. Dogs bark. That is what they do. No point in telling them to be ashamed of it. She is a dog. That is all she is.

  14. Well..better late than never,ms Roy showed some responsibility by tendering an apology,but then her statement made in 2011 shows her basic attitude,ie anti establishment and anti hindu to be specific,killing in the name of beef or ram is highly condemnable and the culprits punished,but wen some one from a minority commits an Roy is not as voiceferous and as critical,she speaks abt intolerance and is a part of the award wapsi gang,if she is claiming to be a champion of the down trodden ,her heart shud bleed for the kashmiri pundits and victims of mass migration from khairana,its here that her double standards stand exposed and her ideology and hate is pretty clear

  15. Forget the famous lady and what she said but fact remains even GOI is not very happy deploying Army and security forces in civilian areas in Kashmir.The reason to a large extent was Art 370 which has outlived its utility as it was only serving terrorism and neparatism in the valley which in fact had made the earlier Cong. govt. to dilute it to the extent of making it ineffective.So why complaint now once it is formally struck off ?Only thing is now how do we normalise things ? I think center must take ppl of valley into confidence that now it is sincere in phased withdrawal of Army and security forces from civilian areas as conditions improve in the valley with gradual reduction of insurgency in the region with Pak influence getting nullified further to revocation of the Art which was like a cross around the neck of India.Civillians in any state do not like presence of Army amidst them in any state of India.It has to be so in the valley too.

  16. India has not deployed IA against its people. That’s a lie. India has deployed IA in barracks in Kashmir and outside populous areas, what’s deployed in populated areas and even in border villages are CRPF,BSF these are home ministry CAPF forces central armed police forces they are not Army. India has not waged war on muslims , India has not muzzled decent. The fact that someone like Arundhati is free to say what ever she wants where ever she wants against Indian state means that India does not supress free speech. You will never find someone like Arundhati from China or North Korea or Pakistan and that’s for a reason, they wont exist there.

  17. there is saying in hindi chor chor mosere bhai…. its reflected perfectly in this article…..readers are cleaver.
    Any ways if some one is heart I am sorry as comrade said “thoughts may have been thoughtless”
    Hope FOE is applicable to all the readers on this board…praiser,crtics …..and my comment will get published.

  18. The third world as the name suggests is still struggling with communalism , religious prejudice , caste discrimination etc . ,all in the guise of a vibrant democracy . Hindu Muslim enmity was & is there , moreso now with the rampant encouraged Lynching of muslims , Christians , dalits on various pretexts with the BJP government looking the other way . Now it’s just cunning & deceit over reality . Government needs to do much more to make unity in diversity a reality.

    • Muslims Are The Biggest Bigots On Earth As Preached By Islam!!
      Have You Not seen Muslims Destroying Hindu Temples Chanting Allah U.. whatever & Lynchings/Genocide In Kashmir & Elsewhere?? Have You Forgotten How Many Sikhs/Dalits/Hindus & Even Muslims Were Killed By Muslims In Pakistan,, Bangladesh & Other Islamic Nations?? Have You Forgotten The CRIMES Of Islam Through Out It’s History??

      Black slavery by EVIL Islam & Arab Muslims has been massive and even more violent than that of EVIL Christian Europeans!! 17 million Black Africans were castrated: removal of the penis and testicles. Amoong These, 13 Million Died Because Of The Castration!! No trace of these EVIL Islamic misdeeds in history textbooks!!

  19. The writers (identified as ThePrint Staff) have done a good job at putting a positive spin on a very negative statement from a known brand. Whether they were motivated by their own thinking or directed by Policy or higher-ups is of not much consequence.

  20. Indian Army has maximum cases of ill discipline. The soldiers kill their officers. They are being trained to use torture and rape as weapon of war. Their soldiers are treated as slaves by their officers . Since last 40 years they feel brave by killing unarmed men and women .

    • Impressed with your deep understanding of the happenings in the Indian Army.
      You have managed to uncover things that millions of Armymen over the decades have not byet found out.

    • What A Bigot & LIAR You Are!! Pakistani military & terrorists have nexus!! They are on same page & have become enemies Of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) & Pakistan Itself!!_ We lived better life before annexation by #Pakistan & had more rights during Dogra rule, says member assembly #GilgitBaltistan, Nawaz Naji. He condemned PAKISTAN for encroaching on local lands!

      Pakistan is famous for Baloch & Bangladesh Hindu Genocide (3 to 5 million Bengali Hindus died)

      This is how #PakistanArmy treat normal #Balochistan people. In broad day light infront of hundreds of people

      and some police man a pakistani army personal beating a #Baloch person & nobody have courage to stop him.

      And I Haven’t Started On China, USA Or UK!!

  21. Ms Roy, this clip was posted by Shama Mohamed (@drshamamohd) who is affiliated to the Congress party. Good luck with you Right wing conspiracy theory. As Shama says you are apologizing years after only when this video surfaced!
    Most Indians see through your hypocrisy. Why don’t you disclose the source of funds you receive for these events?

  22. All her comments and writing (barring the first one) should be evaluated based on who is sponsoring her. Pakistan has a paid lobby group who fund these events in US, and Roy says such things to get paid. Anything that sells, even if it is her own country!

  23. Good to read of Arundhati’s apology…and yet the feeling remains that such an enormous political gaffe has occurred since in her rush to indict the Indian Army she chose unlikely and unholy allies, e.g. the Pakistan army, reaching out for half thought alternative examples. While the writings she quotes do indeed show that she mentioned the Bangladesh genocide, they appear more to be literary examples, almost a statistic. Her writings do not contain (as far as I know) a sustained depiction and indictment of the brutalities that were carried out by the Pakistan Armed forces during 1971.

    Carry on Arundhati, fight the good fight, we are with you….just be careful not use Bangladeshi’s (or others) as foot-soldiers in your war.

    • Roy is an Indian, so naturally she will concentrate on the problems facing us Indians not the Pakistanis. Do not be such a Sarkari Muslim Saiful Islam.
      Although we are all patriotic Muslims we do understand and condemn the atrocities of the Indian army in Kashmir.
      We are Muslims and like any Hindu would be deeply disturbed with the disappearances, the mass graves and torture conducted by the Indian army in Kashmir. So far according to the Indian governments own figures 50,000 people have died in the conflict in Kashmir.
      I admire Roy because she’s always very bravely stood up for the weak and oppressed. She has fought for tribal people and she has spoken out against the lynchings of Muslims in India.
      She is one of the most outstanding Hindu ladies I have ever met, what gives me hope, the fact is that there are many more Hindus who are secular left in democratic in my beloved country.
      Together we shall all fight fascism and make India a truly great country without the poison of the RSS.

      • Oh!! And Who Is Inspiring Kashmiris To Be Rebels Doing Hindu Genocide!! Tell Me, It’s Neither Islam, Nor Pakistan!!

      • Sarkari Muslim? No idea what that is. A few other pointers to an overtly Muslim religious posting….1) Though campaigning for Indian human rights and democracy, Arundhati has written widely about global issues, therefore I would not automatically say, ‘she is an Indian and will naturally write about Indian problems’. Many of current India’s problems are global and vice versa. 2) I cannot agree to ‘we are all patriotic Muslims’…generalisations do not work for me 3) ‘Arundhati is Hindu lady’…I doubt Arundhati’s strongly secular bias will agree to that too.

  24. Intellectual fundamentalist indeed. Words like “supposed denial” and “seems to have said” are unbecoming of her. Plainly she should just apologise and take responsibility for whatever she has written or spoken. That would be graceful instead of indulging in word jugglery.

  25. When Pakistani army went into FATA, it went in guns blazing – with artillery and aerial bombardment of its own people. Arundhati had nothing to say about it. What do you think what she would say if Indian army did that? By way of comparison, there is a leading article in a national paper today complaining about the use of pellet guns. Her disingenuous explanation about her 2010 article must be understood in the context that she is anti-CPM and pro-Naxalite. She has never written about training bombings or the use of IEDs by Naxalites. In fact, she has been a frequent speaker in Pakistan but not once has she brought up the genocide or the millions killed in Bangladesh by the Pakistan army. For decades, her rhetoric and her passion has been very selective.

    • Can a whore tell the truth in her business. Likewise a writer cannot tell the truth otherwise who will purchase her book

  26. Many people comment about Arundati Roy very badly, sometimes more nasty. I never comment on her and I never read her novels, rather boycott her. Today just commenting her boldness, at last to come out of her ego, which need to be admired. At least someday, there is some remorse.

    • Arundhati Roy Is Probably Eating From Chinese/Pakistani/CIA Hands Or Is Taking Hard Communist Drugs!! IF She Doesn’t See A Difference Between India & Pakistan/Bangladesh Who Have Actively Perpetrated Hindu Genocide, Then She Needs A Mental Hospital For A Decade Or Two!! Surely, She Doesn’t Know Nationalism & The Fate Of Refugees Who Don’t Have A Land They Can Cherish & Call As Their Own!!

      • Hindu genocide in Bangladesh? That’s probably what RSS is feeding you. That’s what drive BJP’s popularity and votes. Remember, India is being governed by a Hindu nationalist, semi-fascist party (and they are getting more popular selling hatred against Muslims) – Bangladesh isn’t. Hindus in Bangladesh are in important positions in government, academia, arts in much greater % than their numbers – Muslims in India aren’t. True – there have been incidents of violence against minorities – but not remotely comparable to the constant harassment and violence Muslims in India have to endure. There was genocide in 1971 against Bengalis and Hindus suffered the brunt of it, but Bangladesh has progressed where India regressed.

        • Whenever in doubt, please look at the right statistics. The minority population of Bangladesh in 1947 was 22%. Today it is around 9%. Where have the minorities, mainly Hindus and Buddhists, gone, if not ethnically cleansed? As a Bengali Hindu, I have many relatives who were forced to leave erstwhile East Pakistan. They did not leave by choice.

        • Lol! Update Yur Bigoted Views On India!! Muslims Have Held Important Positions In Society!! Surely Shah Rukh Khan & Other Khan’s In Bollywood For You Are From RSS & BJP & True Hindu Nationalists!!

          Muslim Population In India Has Multiplied Like Pig Puppies!! And What Is The Situation Of Hindus In Pakistan & Bangladesh?? The FACT Is That Hindu population decreased in Bangladesh from 22 percent to 7-10 percent since

          India’s partition in 1947 happened due to Muslims. West Pakistan and East pakistan now were formed. That Was Also RSS & BJP Conspiracy!!

          See This & Update Your Secular Credentials Of Islamic Bangladesh & The Slow Genocide Of Hindus!!

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