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Photo from Rajnath Ladakh trip reveals two ‘secret’ special forces buys

Photo from Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Ladakh Friday reveals recent acquisitions made by the Army’s Para Special Forces for battle edge. 

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New Delhi: The special forces of the three services — Para SF of the Army, Garud of the IAF, and Marcos of the Navy — are the most well-equipped units of the Indian armed forces. Some of the systems they use are in public knowledge, while others remain a secret.

A photograph from Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Ladakh Friday revealed two of the latest acquisitions made by the Para SF — Finnish sniper rifles and American ballistic helmets — that were not widely known.

The photograph shows the .338 SAKO sniper rifle. Made in Finland, it is considered to be one of the best snipers in the world. Sources told ThePrint that around 40-50 of the long-range sniper rifles were procured last year.

It is a manually-operated, bolt-action weapon. This sniper rifle is available in two versions — chambered for .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62×67 mm) and for .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6×70 mm) cartridges — and has a kill range of 1,500 metres.

This acquisition was in tandem with the purchase of two other sniper rifles by the Army last year — the Italian-made Beretta .338 Lapua Magnum Scorpio TGT and the American .50 Calibre M95 manufactured by Barrett.

While the Italian and American rifles are also used by regular soldiers posted in critical locations like the Line of Control (LoC), the Finnish sniper is meant exclusively for the Para SF, sources said.

Another item that sticks out in the picture is the helmet worn by an Army officer.

The helmet is the American-made Exfil High Cut Ballistic Helmet, which features a hybrid composite shell for increased strength with a unique geometry for optimal fit.

Sources said these helmets were also acquired in limited numbers for specialised units. The Army last month also began the process to acquire one lakh ‘AK-47 protected’ helmets — one of the largest procurements of these specialised ballistic helmets in the world. 

According to the specifications laid down by the Army, the helmet should offer protection against the AK-47 7.62×39 mm Mild Steel Core and Hard Steel Core bullets from 10 metres.

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A show for defence minister

During his visit, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also witnessed a show of operational capability in Ladakh with integrated operations by the Para commandos, Apache attack choppers, C-130 J Super Hercules special operations aircraft, and armoured elements like the T-90 tanks.

The display also involved a ‘Pathfinder Combat Free Fall’ from a C-130J aircraft at 17,000 feet. A pathfinder drop is a freefall from an aircraft by a limited number of soldiers who recce the drop site and find a spot for others to land.

Soldiers also slithered down from Mi-17 V-5 choppers with combat air patrol provided by the Apache attack helicopter. This was part of a simulated raid, and involved linking up of the commandos with mechanised columns. 

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  1. Indians are good copy masters they can do reverse engineering .. but LOOTYens baboodom are good protectors of suppliers interests and would not permit .. difference between China and India…

    • The difference between China and India is the China is scientific, India is run by gobar filled minds from the shakha.

      • Pork filled minds are better than anything.
        Thats why they can do better at anything like killing minorities destroying temples churches
        Gurudwaras and rape minorities and non sunnis and then talk about secularism 😁
        Get some 72 hoors first 😁and then talk about shakha🤣

  2. The ‘third gender’s’ trip revels many more things which Godi media never dare to take note. First being the waste of public exchequer as our beloved 56″ has already clearified that there was no Chinese aggression and no part of mother land is accupied by them. Second point revealed by TG is that he was unathorisedly handling a weapon and trying to shoot. Anything was happened as our COD and General was arround! The third revelation of TG is the fact that he misused his position and visited Amarnath, whencit was banned for ordinary citizenry! So, jumla party, which assured 135 crore mitron, a government with difference, so 56″ has kept up his promise – jo kahenge woh karenge! Desh lootenge, Pakistan ke name se ho ya China ki! Bharat Mata ki Jai!

    • Get well soon….you seem to have caught Rahul Gandhi’s brain loss disease. It can be quite distressing to see adults wetting their pants like this in the public with no idea of the acute embarrassment it causes others.

  3. As a citizen, I am happy to know that if not every soldier, at some elite soldiers have the weapons in the world. All are of course imported. It is a sorry commentary on the capability of DRDO and defence department that we can’t even produce mechanical devices like reliable rifles, forget electronic devices. Rifles have been manufactured at least from the mid 19th century. But, India cannot produce one world class weapon.

  4. Please ask donation from the Khangress. They will give it from their 70-year looting of India. So that The Print can continue to be antiIndian and antiModi in the name of fair journalism.

  5. India has many public sector defence eqpt.manufacturing units. Still we have to import most of the defence hardware . Govt. is spending lot of tax payers money on public sector units and these units should be made accountable for their performance. Inefficiency cannot be tolerated in these difficult times.


    • Correct. And public money for the Rafale planes was routed by the govt. to Anil Ambani to create a new business for a failed businessman with debts.

  6. Your such a waste in the name of journalism. Photos say less but elaboration which you did shows vested intention to undermine.

    Will never support your filthy journ

  7. Your donation appeal is really heart touching. But sorry, whatever way you request, I’m not going to support your anti national ideology at the core

  8. Hit the Chinese Hard, this opportunity will mot come again, take back all occupied lands grom China and Pakistan, Free Tibet and Balochistan.

    • Hindus like you are vain dreamers. There is no chance India can get back the lands. The issue now is whether India can stop losing more land. With this incompetent govt. and army, I fear India will not be able to stop encroachment.

        • Nope. Pakistani jehadi distributing sweets after the chinese upended his rear and made him understand to the depth of his core, which “mental disease” he is following at Xinjiang.
          Now this is Xi’s toyboy singing praises of Comrade Emperor Ding Ding.

          • Where were all your Sanghi shakha boys ? Training for riots instead of defending Bharat Mata. Their cowardice shines. You see how Shah has gone quiet after saying he will capture Aksai Chin.

    • Indian demise is inevitable because India masses cannot rely on their army; One Kashmiri freedom fighter takes-down 5 Indian commandos in hand combat; The conscript of 1.3 million army is mostly based on the progeny of coward fathers, Galwan valley flash-pointe hand to hand combat is a piece of evidence, plus every combat against freedom fighters in Kashmir amplifies that Indian soldiers are coward on the battlefield just like their ancestors who turned a blind eye every day when their women were turned-over on royal pedestals by foreign rulers every night for 1000 years. Even the Mahatma Gandhi said Hindus are cowards. by DNA. The Sattelite pictures deny Indian false narrative, The hourly online Sattelite images which show Modi capitulated after suffering 20 mutilated dead soldiers & 400 Indian soldiers injured for life in Ladakh hospital, Modi secretly negotiated a deal on Chinese term that India will start pulling back first, he pleading this deal since 22nd of June 2020 & started pulling back from the Galwan valley on 2nd of July, China waited till 5th of July to confirm if India has withdrawn 1.5 kilometers away from the flashpoint, only then China started pulling Back on Sunday the 5th of July 2020; Modi’s defraud means that he knew in advance that disengagement process has begun, He milked the political credit to save his face in front of gullible BJP voters, Rajnath was scheduled to visit Ladakh, but Modi pushed- Rajnath back & went himself to claim the credit & deceived the world in the heat of the moment. Modi failed to pushback China militarily & surrendered 90,000 sq miles of disputed territory which China claimed since 1959 in exchange for voluntary disengagement from Galwan & other flashpoints, in-order to save his political future. Indian PM Narendra Modi made an unannounced visit Friday on the back of a deal his government made on Thursday night with China that India will consider recognizing Chinese 1959 claim on the Galwan valley. India claims 38,000sq km (15,000sq miles) of land currently under Chinese control while Beijing stakes claim to a 90,000sq km (34,700sq miles) area within Indian territory., which Modi has secretly agreed on a pullback rather than fight. Satellite Images show much small Indian camp started pulling back last Wednesday/Thursday on the opposite side of the river, kilometer downstream from the Chinese camp, which means Modi negotiated a deal with China on Wednesday 2nd June 2020 before he visited Ladakh,​ It is so absurd that it indicates the most mainstream [Indian] media regard Indians as completely stupid. Modi illegally annexed J&K on 5th August 2019, The Chinese & Pakistanis are bound to contest it, It is extraordinary that the media and the proprietor of Indian TV News are so devoid of integrity that they make up out of thin air exaggerated India’s military strength narrative for the sole purpose of convincing Indians that their Rulership & the IA can confront China, the truth is that India has failed to push back or even avenge their mutilated soldiers on the battlefield. What good does Modi Ladaklh frontline visit achieved other-than expose cowardice of the leadership, Hallow speeches of Two front war or Military jets & hardware means nothing if the soldiers & the leadership don’t’ have the balls to confront the enemy on the battlefield or even call-out the enemy’s name? so far none-of the BJP leadership had guts to call Chine by name on the national TV broadcasts. The rampant delusion of the Indian elite pretend big & strong India is a waste of resources, Modi’s Ladakh hospital tour was, in fact, a fraud, these are over 400 poor soldiers who were beaten by the Chinese troops at Galwan valley.​ India can’t depend on the US & EU “It is an odd global affair, there is no global appetite to take concerted action for mere terrain of rocks, the USA is in middle of domestic civil war with black-life protesters “India will have to de-annex A370 or’ells struggle with China and Pakistan on its own.

  9. I think the Indian government should stop news paper broadcasters to publishing secret or anything relating army. Once you published the whole world knows that’s including the enemy.

    • The Indian govt. used the media to tell us Balakot was a successful surgical strike. The BJP’s IT cell sent Whats App photos claiming hundred of casualties. Based on that, Hindus re-elected Modi. The Indian govt. needs army and media to win elections. Hindus are uncritical thinkers, they will believe the govt. is saving Bharat Mata when it is only saving itself.

      Foreign non-enemy media told us India hit nothing in Balakot. Also, we read an Indian plane was shot down and India could not deny it because Pak produced him on TV. We saw the pilot was returned. The Indian media reported the capture and return as a heroic achievement of the armed forces.

  10. Waiting for andhbhakts to criticize the writer because he is releasing secret information of the army to the public, due to which China will know the capabilities of our soldiers and plan accordingly

  11. China should b taught lesson. I am ready to do any sort of sacrifice for the country. If battle starts, I will help our jawans on the border, if permitted. Jai Bharat mata! Vandemataram. Atalji jai! Modiji Jai ho!

    • The jawans on the border cannot cope with China, so how will your help make a difference ?

      Mohan Bhagwat said he could mobilise the RSS cadre in three days. Afterwards, he has gone very quiet.

      You sound like a super patriotic Hindutva Hindu living in the US.

      Countries secure themselves with a combination of diplomacy , and military and economic strength. The BJP government has made enemies with all neighbouring states, including Nepal. Modi shattered India’s economy, so the growth image of MMS’s era is over and cannot return. India’s economy cannot withstand a war. Modi has also undermined the army by politicising it and using them as a tool to win elections.

  12. Thank you The Print for revealing “Secrets”. Well done

    Are you planning to mislead the Nation? Does every acquisition of the Defence Forces including say, Nuclear warheads etc.., be put out in the media. It may at times be as detrimental as discussing tactics and strategies in the media.

    You language in regard to all these matters is found wanting. The Print has been a disappointment in this regard.

    • This type of article is in fact trying to boost Indian morale and impress the enemy by claiming India is spending heavily and buying the latest equipment, and so is well prepared. I would dismiss it for that. The reality is India is not in a position to re-take Aksai Chin and PoK. By making vain threats, China was provoked to send India a message. India does not have the economic or military strength to fight China, no matter what it buys, or its media says. Even alliance with US, Israel etc. is not going to change this reality. It is a foolish policy to make enemies with all neighbours and hope alliance with distant countries will compensate. An incompetent government which has polticised the armed forces has weakened India. Demanding censorship will not change that.

    • I dont know why our forward locations are being reported. I don’t see any media or internet source revealing chinese deployments except satellite images.

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