Wednesday, 23 November, 2022
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PFI ban is no quick fix for jihadi threat. See how SIMI ban birthed Indian Mujahideen

The toxic influence of Islamism represented by PFI shows a complex matrix of deeply embedded political and social problems. The fight needs political action, not just police.

For decades, Leicester built communal walls. Waves of immigrants made it more toxic

East Ham and Waltham Forest are Pakistani Punjabi, Luton is Kashmiri Muslim, Southall is Punjabi Sikh, and Tower Hamlet is Bangladeshi. Each walled off their neighbourhoods to other immigrants.

The many shades of grey in Iran’s hijab war show it’s not just personal freedom vs theocracy

The hijab is a metaphor for a bitter struggle that involves identity, the State, and social class. For Iran's women, Westernisation was unequal—and often traumatic.

PM Modi wants India to shed its colonial past. He should begin by reforming the police

Indian musical instruments in Army bands, new naval ensign, Raj Path renamed Kartavya Path. But one colonial legacy Modi hasn’t shown interest in eradicating is Police Act of 1861.

Forgotten story of great Hindu merchants in Central Asia shows enterprise can defeat China

The fortunes Indian merchants built in Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent were based on a single, simple thing: Selling all that Central Asian consumers needed.

Hiding Nazi connect to helping KGB spy, Queen Elizabeth II put family first

Queen Elizabeth II and her mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon allegedly protected a KGB spy for fear he might reveal the dark family secrets of Edward VIII.

‘Diamonds are cheap’, Imran’s aiming to crack Pakistan’s toughest institution

The curse of the five-carat diamond hasn’t just fallen on Imran and Bushra, though. It is also burning through the authority of the all-powerful Generals.

Sheikh Hasina’s Teesta water calls turn desperate. But Modi is weighing national interest

Modi govt needs to engage with the costs a Teesta deal will have on West Bengal farmers. But it also can't ignore the cost of a hostile govt and civil society in Bangladesh.

China’s campaign to obliterate Uyghurs is sowing seeds for generations of hate & conflict

In a secret meeting, Xi Jinping had asked his officials to act without mercy. Years later, the crushing of Uyghurs has a heavy cost.

3 fears emerged when Kabul fell. A year later, none of them have come true

Like the US and Soviet Union before it, China is discovering the grand plans of Great Powers don’t survive contact with the realities in Afghanistan.

On Camera


File photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping | Reuters

Xi’s promotion of technocrats has two goals—compete with US, reduce challenge to his power

Xi is looking towards the promoted technocrats to achieve his home-spurred scientific innovation goal and ensure they can’t challenge him at the next Party Congress.
Inside IOCL's 2G ethanol plant in Panipat | Pooja Kher | ThePrint

When farmers give you stubble, make ethanol — how IOCL Panipat plant can cut farm fires, emissions

Ethanol plant in Panipat will process 2.1 lakh metric tonnes of dry rice straw each year to make 3 crore litres of ethanol which will be blended with petrol and sold.


File photo of the Supreme Court | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Superseded & forced to work under male juniors, senior women Army officers move SC

MoD yet to form Selection Board for promotions despite SC’s two rulings on permanent commission, say women officers. This caused loss of financial benefits, study leave among others.

G-20(24): How ‘Vishwaguru’ can get new strategic space & Modi another stage in pre-election year

Modi has been balancing India’s interests, playing US & Russia and keeping China off his back. You can trust him to exploit this year-long opening to India’s benefit. And to his own.