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Bad Taliban vs their own useful Lashkars

The Peshawar massacre triggered the expected blame-India noises from Pakistan. But, even if we parade our worst, we Indians can’t rival Hafeez Saeed and Pervez Musharraf.

The Nation wants to ban

It's our instinctive reaction: have problem, ban something.It solves nothing, and leaves Indians getting on with life at certainty of violating the law.

Saving Indian liberalism from its left-liberal elite

If Mahabharata is reality, so is the legend of Eklavya. In defining liberalism as an exclusive 'brahminical' value of the intellectual, economic upper crust, it has closed the doors to numerous rest..

Obama at Rajpath: Not just another selfie moment

Merely running your eye over the list of Republic Day chief guests over the decades gives you an unambiguous overview of Indian foreign policy’s total anti-Western toxification.

Ushering India back to a Vedic future

Modi’s rise has been India’s first chance in a millennium to leapfrog backwards and connect with the past. However, the challenge lies in balancing that with scientific rationalism.

Coalition dharma rewrite: Winner takes all

Modi's decisive victory in 2014 upended one of the main postulates of coalition politics — that each alliance has some 'essential' allies, while others gravitate to the winning side.

Iron Lady’s rethink: Martyr, patriot, reformer?

While Indira Gandhi has been deservedly given a place in history, could it be that we have not yet fully appreciated her intellect and prescience on economic and foreign policies.

‘Haider’ in the time of hashtag nationalism

Vishal Bhardwaj broke new ground with 'Haider' as it was maybe first time mainstream cinema creatively locked horns with Kashmir's internal conflict & explored the 'other' side.

Being Sharad Pawar

In politics, whether of power or cricket, Pawar takes no prisoners, but if he occasionally does, follows no Geneva Convention.

Making sense of Xi slap

Timed perfectly with Xi’s arrival in Ahmedabad was that of nearly a 1,000 PLA soldiers in Ladakh’s Chumar area. There is a pattern to China’s actions: it is testing India’s resolve.

On Camera


CDS Gen Anil Chauhan has a lot to do. But first, fast track what Gen Bipin Rawat started

The fact that the Narendra Modi government waited nine months to appoint Gen Anil Chauhan as the second CDS shows that it has complete faith and trust in him.
Representational image | Rupixen/Unsplash

Eye on indebted cooperatives, Maharashtra sets up asset reconstruction firm, 1st state to do so

Maha ARC Ltd, incorporated Monday with initial capital of Rs 111 crore, will restructure firms under financial distress that have direct links to state govt. RBI yet to issue licence.


Pinaka is a multiple rocket launcher produced in India and developed by the DRDO for the Army | Twitter/@DRDO_India

As tensions rise with Azerbaijan, Armenia buys Pinaka rockets & ammunition from India

The government-to-government contract, valued at about Rs 2,000 cr, is learnt to have been signed earlier this month. Supplies to be fast-tracked according to Armenia's requirement.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

AAP’s filling a big vacuum in Indian politics. Question is how long it can sustain without ideology

If you find admiration for AAP qualified, if not muted among many of the Modi-BJP’s critics, it is because they question it for its lack of ideological clarity. Especially on secularism.