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The Modi government’s plans to go to town with the anniversary of the ‘surgical strikes’ is awful political opportunism. Governments need to talk up their “achievements” in this election season, but this risks making military tactics hostage to political perception management. It’s juvenile and dangerous.



  1. Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist,Barnala (Punjab)

    Sheer reflection of immaturity and childish instincts to create a sort of hype that too in the run upto the ensuing assembly polls in four states and then Marathon-2019 Lok Sabha Polls ! Is it the NATIONALlSM and national spirit ?

    Running short of ideas and issues the duo of NaMo-Amit Shah found it handy !

    NaMo and Shah are leaving no stone turned to prove themselves as “master craftsmen” in art of turning non-issues to issues, lies to truth ! They can instantly turn fair into foul and foul in to fair only to win elections !

    By the way, why not first anniversary celebrations of the Surgical Strikes and why now second one ?

    Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
    Pom Anm Nest,Barnala(Punjab)

  2. This is the latest among the many bad precedents that this Govt. has been creating. The so-called surgical strikes had definitely met it’s tactical objective, but the Govt. hasn’t followed it up with similar follow-up strikes. Such strikes could have made Pakistan re-think about it’s policy of using Terrorism as an instrument for achieving strategic parity with India. The lack of repeat strikes proves that there was no strategic objective that was being eyed through the strikes. Also, the way the DGMO came in front of the camera and told that “we won’t repeat this in future”, suggests that the Govt. didn’t want to risk an escalation with Pakistan and they wanted this strike just to gain some political mileage in time for the U.P Elections in 2017. With the strikes, the people of U.P were fooled into thinking that the PM is keeping his 2014 election promise of answering Pakistan in the language that it’s familiar with. If it was the array of scams and Manmohan Singh’s image which contributed to BJP’s victory in 2014, it was the surgical strikes that played a major role in their 2017 U.P campaign.

    Also, nobody including the media had questioned the Govt. about the strategic objective behind the strikes and all that everyone was debating was whether the strikes actually happened or not. This shows how dumb the people of this country are when it comes to issues of National Security.

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