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Pakistan has taken some foreign journalists and diplomats on a guided tour of Balakot to back its claim that the IAF’s 26 February bombing raid totally missed its targets, and nothing was damaged in the Jaish-e-Mohammed madrasa. Six weeks after the air strike, this controlled visit has zero meaning.

Electoral bonds should be transparent and SC should uphold that

The Supreme Court will take a crucial decision tomorrow when it rules whether the identities of donors and recipients in electoral bonds should remain secret. The court must back transparency. This is also the Election Commission’s view. Masking political contributions in a democracy is an abomination.

Brouhaha over Pakistani pilots’ Rafale training is ill-informed

The controversy over the possibility of Pakistani pilots training in Rafale fighters is ill-informed, especially in an era of increasing joint military exercises. It is routine for militaries to access each other’s aircraft and equipment, which may also be in an adversary’s inventory. This is no reason for great alarm.

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