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Karnataka CM B.S. Yediyurappa’s threat to quit after being publicly pressured by a Lingayat seer over inducting ministers is an ugly political spectacle. The BJP high command, which isn’t approving ministry expansion, is to blame for this breakdown. Egos and biases of Delhi leaders is creating fresh instability in Karnataka.

India needs a law that lists options for death row convicts to make process unambiguous

The last-minute twists and turns in taking forward the death sentences in the December 2012 Jyoti Singh gang rape-murder case have exposed the serious holes in the capital punishment process. India needs a law that clearly lists legal options of death row convicts to end confusion and save judicial time.

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  1. Allowing a convict to appeal all the way up to the apex court serves the ends of justice. Once it delivers its final verdict, that should be the end of the road. Rashtrapatiji expressed the anguish of many Indians when he said there should be no mercy petitions for POCSO cases.

  2. The present government in Karnataka has been created by unsavoury means. It would be good if the people of the state are given an early opportunity to choose afresh.


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