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A year and a half in this pandemic era have made us all realize it is not always important to have Zoom meetings unless they cannot be addressed over an email. But I have been wondering what our Prime minister Modi does in his 18 hrs of work, how many meetings he attends, and what does he conveys to his Cabinet, to Chief Ministers, to District Commissioners in the meetings.

CMs have been caught using phones, talking to others while PM is addressing and even Kejriwal was disciplined when caught live streaming the video conference. But do these meetings add any value to the effort of curtailing Covid spread? We don’t see any improvement in the way Vaccination is handled, Covid Isolation, tracking, Surveys, feeding the markets that are shut none there has been no change on the ground, there is no one to listen to the feedback and improve on the failed system or to be precise failed BJP Governance. 

I am a frustrated, anguished citizen who voted to this BJP government and was so hopeful, except when Yogi was selected (not elected) to be the CM of UP, but today I am afraid of misgovernance, inability to administer, and sufferings that will be caused by the next bad decision of this semi autocratic government of Mr. Narendra Modi. 

Few suggestions if anyone from the governing machinery reads and gives a thought on this. 

  1. To begin, why lockdown vegetable markets or limit them to morning, why don’t you set up makeshift markets in big stadiums or parks of a locality and send messages to people allotting an hour of the day to do their shopping. So that we will have small queues, police monitoring, and easy shopping. 
  2. Please stop vaccination in hospital campuses, they are the hotbed of COVID spread, on top hospitals even best private hospitals are mismanaging the queues and have the same point of entry for both covid patients and vaccination candidates, move these to empty schools, school grounds are spacious enough to handle the crowd, set hour based appointments for those in the locality. I have a young friend of age lesser than 30 infected because he accompanied his mother to get her dose of vaccination. 
  3. We have a Vaccine shortage, fine, at least make it a priority for those who need these the most so the society is safe, and they don’t infect others, these individuals are Bank employees, Journalist, Cab-Auto drivers, Maids, Security guards, teachers, and even all politicians and bureaucrats, these are the individuals who can easily carry the virus and spread it to others. At least they can be free of the fear of infection and do their best in service to the needy and the society. 
  4. All hail failed digital media, Narendra Modi hasn’t left a single opportunity to claim that he is giving vaccines free of cost, but it does cost a large digital infrastructure to book a slot. English knowledge, a phone number, Aadhar card, Internet, and ample time and luck to get a slot, but even after that no assurance on if you will get inoculated as per the appointment, also please remember to carry a copy of your appointment and Aadhar card, and if required be ready to register again at the hospital, and yes all these for 45 years elders. 

Since there is no statistics department in the government now, seems Modi is not aware of how much Tech-savvy our elder generation is, and the tech-savvy younger generation, unfortunately, has no slots available yet. Even countries like the US have made this all offline, walk in and out, with the card, how simple, Modi needs to immediately do this a simple effort, handsfree, and technology-free service. 

  1. When India was devastated with Smallpox infection, the public health governance then opted for the method of Ring vaccination, vaccinate those who are in immediate contact with the infected,

unfortunately, this time around Indian government is not even tracking the Covid infection, nor do they care for the dead, all are Ram Bharose. 

In this second wave disaster, the BJP government has not shown any positive intent, at least banging plates gave some hope, this time around we feel Modi himself is doubting the ability of the country to curtail Covid. 

The positivity campaign of the RSS won’t serve the effort of curtailing covid, it’s time RSS disciplines Modi and his PMO and let someone like Nitin Gadkari, take over and lead the covid task force. I still believe BJP and RSS can distance themselves from the failed autocratic governance of Modi-Shah and Yogi.

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