Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Israel develops key Covid antibody that ‘attacks and neutralises’ the virus in patient’s body

Israel Institute for Biological Research has isolated a monoclonal antibody that can neutralise Covid-19, but it is unclear if the vaccine has been tested on humans.

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New Delhi: Israel has isolated a key coronavirus antibody at its primary biological research centre, Defence Minister Naftali Bennett said Monday. He called it a “significant breakthrough” towards a possible treatment for Covid-19.

In an official statement, Bennet claimed that the “monoclonal neutralising antibody” developed by the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) “attacks the virus and neutralizes it” inside the virus carrier’s body.

Monoclonal antibodies, as the name suggests, are cloned from a single recovered cell. Thus, they are much easier to create and use, as opposed to polyclonal antibodies which will have to be derived from multiple cells.

In typical antibody vaccines, neutralisation occurs when the laboratory-developed antibodies mimic the body’s natural immune response and attack the virus when exposed to it.

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IIBR completes development phase

According to the Jerusalem Post, IIBR has completed the development phase of the antibody formula and is now looking to manufacture it.

The statement quotes IIBR Director Shmuel Shapira as saying the antibody formula was being patented, after which an international manufacturer would be sought to mass-produce it.

The IIBR, a secretive research unit working directly under the office of Israel’s Prime Minister, has not released any further information about the vaccine itself. If effective, the development of an antibody is very promising, and this vaccine would join several other candidates that are already being touted as potential vaccines for Covid-19.

However, most potential vaccines are currently in human trials. Though Shapira said mass production is about to begin, it is unclear whether the vaccine has been tested for safety or efficacy on humans.

IIBR is a unit that works to counter biological threats against Israel and has been taking the lead in order to develop a treatment and vaccine for the coronavirus, including plasma collection that includes the testing of blood from those who recovered from Covid-19.

Israel was one of the first countries to close its borders and impose increasingly stringent restrictions on movement to arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus. It has reported 16,246 cases and 235 deaths due to Covid-19.

With inputs from Sandhya Ramesh

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  1. Anbolutley wrong article. IS NOT A VACCINE IS AN ANTIBODY. Vacines is a formulation that once injected in the patient, the person generate his own immunity that then last for a period of time. A monoclonal antibody medicine is just like a drug. You give it to people to ‘cure’, in this case by neutralizing the virus, but there is no generation of immunity. So this is not to be give to healthy people for prevention like vacines. The difference is obvious. On top of this….the explanation of monoclonal/polyclonal is also not totally correct but let just leave it there. So plase inform yourself before writing an article.

  2. I do agree with Mr Carlos this done not seems to be avaccine but a drug for curing people suffering from Convid 19. However this is a remarkable invention. Congrats. Now it depends how and at what price this drug will be available to a common man.

  3. Now we have to think about other people who are suffering from covid no matter who has discover vaccine it’s only for mankind.

  4. One crore Jews produced two hundred Nobel laureates.
    One hundred and ten crore Hindus produced less than ten Nobel laureates.
    Education is the key.

  5. to use covid19 vaccine in india of 135 crore population is time factor so medicine of covid19 is more essential now.

  6. It is Israel who has invented the vaccine. Congratulation to Israel and their scientist. When I was about 10 years old I read a story in my school about the patriotism. I am sorry to say in india people are fighting over hindu and muslims. What a shameful act is it.
    Jai hind

  7. Please test my body and blood may solution covide 19 virus much better vaccine get World

  8. Israel is the best country in my view, if covid 19 vaccine is prepared to save the world from covid…I love israel.

  9. It is really path breaking research and discovery.If its efficacy is proved on humans,it can really save millions of people around the globe.Humans are standing at the threshold of death and at this moment what we need a definite medicine and a vaccine to cure the C 19 virus.Congratulations.Hope we can see a ray of hope and light with this.

  10. The Israel is the only one country in the world. Who had been invented the technology of purifying the sea/ocean water in a normal drinking water. We need the vaccine in this serious time by our human scientists or the doctors around the world. We will expect to hear a good news for the human corona vaccine soon by the grace of God and human

    • Sorry to disappoint you but is not a vaccine like the article claim. A monoclonal antibody is like a drug to be give only to sick people. It not a vacines for healthy people to generate immunity. Still good scientific advancement that can save lifes but just don’t get exited in the vacines field yet.

  11. Israel is the country which invented gun powder. Since Jesus was born there, they say that they are God’s own people. So it is not surprising that they have found the remedy for corona virus. A great but small country which has not lost a single war inspite of being surrounded by Muslim countries.

  12. Israel’s are courageous people not only courageous also trust worthy The way the manner in which they demonstrate their gratitude to their friends is highly commendable. Israelis are not only our friends but our brothers and sisters

  13. Israel and Russia are the two best friends of india. Israelis are the brainiest people in the world and there is no surprise if they are successful in making the covid 19 vaccine. Good for the world and also for India.

  14. Please watch the latest movie THE SPY on Netflix. You will love it.

    Another movie which will bring tears in your eyes is THE PIANIST.

    Both movies are Israel related.

  15. Israeli universities are much better than Indian universities in research and innovation.

  16. Congrats to Israel scientists for finest achievement against Corona.Also praying for their hundred percent success.Also best wishes for Italian and Germa
    n Scientists.

  17. Congrats Israel three cheers for you!!!
    Firstly the most smartest action was done by isreal and secondly the Covid-19 vaccine key. And now I don’t really understand how people drag the topic somewhere else and talks about always bullshit and why people everytime connects everything with particular religion… People should understand the situation how different countries deal with this pandemic Covid-19 and if you cannot praise and appreciate their efforts for what the are doing and fighting in this situation people should keep their mouth shut.

  18. As far as my knowledge, it’s really gud thatMonoclonal Antibody developed against corona virus . But is tis antibody, specific against the virulence gene of corona virus.. Can tis monoclonal antibody target the virulent factors n destroy it. That is where the success lies.

  19. Though it’s good news such therapies are cost involved affordability is the concern in country like India.

  20. One day hole world Will realize that everything is created (Corona viruse) by Israel the things that going on in hole world is only planned by America, England and mainly Israel.

    • Say whatever you want. They (Israel) are God’s own people. In spite of being surrounded by Muslim countries. Israel, being a small nation could not be defeated in any war so far by these Muslim countries.

    • There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas, five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa. For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?
      Answer: Education

  21. Whatever the outcome of vaccines and drugs under trial for corona virus/covid 19, for sure it will be a new world order after humanity conquers corona. There will be a sea change in people’s behaviour, relationship between countries and communities and international travel. It will take years before a vaccine can be brought to use by all countries. The rich and developed countries will be the first beneficiary of the vaccines and medicine as they can afford it as the initial prices for the vaccines and medicines will be exorbitant. The poor even in rich countries will have to wait for the demand supply situation to improve. The most suffered nations would be third wod countries during and after the corona pandemic, African nations in particular. I beleive that the scientific institutions and scientists from Israel, Germany, France and USA will be the front runners in developing the vaccines and drugs for corona. Whoever do it let’s hope that they do it fast in the interest of the humanity.

  22. Mr. Akshay you know nothing about jews history first study then give your’s opinion
    For your kind information not in Arab only hole world hate them ,in America, German in hole Europe etc why it’s so, study about it and one thing more from the day of Israel formed in hole gulf and in other parts of world war is going on just because of Israel.

    • Apart from hatred , is there anything else you people can do? No wonder you are the last man in the queue.

  23. Congratulations guys on great break through on this covid-19 achievements, May GOD bless isreal and entire world

    • In spite of being a Muslim, you appreciated Israel and blessed them. This is the right spirit. God bless you.

  24. The success seams too early. Israelites are quality people. May god make the vaccine successful on human beings.

  25. Matter of happiness for the people of the world owing to pathfinder initiatives taken by the IIBR to have nCov vaccine. Thx.

  26. In stark contrast to labs in other countries our Ijraeli palaldins have an enormous advantage ; human guinea pigs viz their helots in Palestine and the Gaza Strip , whom they can put to ‘good’ use ,and of course get away with complete impunity …

  27. No matter world world says I am as an Indian pround of one the thing their achievement of Israel society their achievements in the field of science and technology excellent work whole world except few fools stands and congratulates you and your right to be there

    • अब साइंस ओर टेक्नॉलाजी की याद आयी ह आप लोगो ने तो देश में अन्धविश्वास ढोंग पाखंड फैलाने में कोई कसर ही नहीं छोड़ रखी ह ।

  28. Israelites are synonym of intelligence. Though they have faced cruelty and Bigotry done by Arabs throughout the history , they have transformed themselves into answer to the word impossible.

    • Mind your words Akshay. It’s not Arabs who have done cruelity on Jews it’s Hitler who has done that. Seems you are very poor in History.

      • All Muslim countries went to war with Israel many times but failed. They still want Israel to be erased from the world map.


  30. Aknowladged highly new research&new tech.
    IIBR hs’established 1st “scientific God” on ‘Disshearted-Earth’ from secretCORONA
    GO nCOV -2 by secret lab./israel zindabad

  31. Monoclonal antibodies are a treatment like plasma therapy, a more refined version. They are not the same as candidate vaccines, which are used in unexposed people to build herd immunity.

    • Precisely what I wanted to mention. Vaccines confer a long-term immunity whereas the proposed monoclonal antibody treatment would confer a short-term passive immunity. This would be used as a means to treat already infected and critical patients. It is not cost feasible to produce monoclonal antibodies for vaccinations. Also, foreign proteins like antibodies when infused into the body have a very short half-life.

      Key activity involved in vaccine development is to make sure that the vaccine is cheap and can produce an immunity in the host for future protection from the disease.

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