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Former virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan from China | YouTube

Covid virus developed in Wuhan lab, highly mutant — Hong Kong virologist says she has evidence

In an interview to a UK channel, Dr Li-Meng Yan claimed she was assigned to a team that was undertaking a 'secret investigation' about the outbreak in Wuhan in December 2019.
A platform attendant stands on duty at a metro station in Wuhan | Bloomberg

WHO investigators fail to reach Wuhan, Davos 2021 postponed to summer and other Covid news

As the Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of letting up, ThePrint highlights the most important stories on the crisis from across the globe.
YouTube screengrab of a Wuhan pool party

Pandemic drives Scotland’s independence demand, Wuhan hosts pool parties & other Covid news

As the Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of letting up, ThePrint highlights the most important stories on the crisis from across the globe.

WHO wraps up China visit as part of probe into origin of Covid outbreak

WHO is preparing to deploy a larger group of experts to Wuhan, where epidemiological studies will begin to identify the potential source of infection.
Wuhan Institute of Virology

China’s ‘bat woman’ rebukes Trump, denies Covid virus link to Wuhan lab

Shi Zhengli, deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said their lab hadn’t seen or studied the novel coronavirus before reports of the disease first emerged in the city.
File photo of US President Donald Trump | Twitter

China could have stopped coronavirus easily but chose not to, says Donald Trump

Trump accused China of not being 'transparent at all' and expressed concern over the big flare-up in Covid cases in several countries.
(Representational Image) walk with umbrellas past stores in Wuhan on 30 April | Photo: Qilai Shen | Bloomberg

Wuhan showed us how Covid could spread, now it offers clues to how economies may recover

Beijing: Three months after it reopened its economy, Wuhan’s uneven recovery offers a glimpse of the hard road back to normality for cities after containing the coronavirus. As of May, factory output, retail sales and exports in the city were nowhere near the same level as last year. That’s even though some factories worked throughout the lockdown and normal activity had resumed by April. Private consumption continued to lag factory production, mirroring the divergence seen across China. The end of Wuhan’s quarantine on April 8 was a triumphant moment for China and an important show of confidence that it had successfully contained the deadly virus in the place where it first broke out. While factories and offices quickly got back to business, consumers were slower to return, with residents cautious and habits such as cooking at home and shopping online persisting after the 76-day lockdown. Then, just as people were beginning to...
A security guard takes the temperature of a man wearing a protective mask at an entrance to a fresh produce market in Shanghai, China, on 15 February 2020 | Photo: Qilai Shen | Bloomberg

Covid-like virus was sent to Wuhan in 2013, Sunday Times report says

Frozen samples were sent to a Wuhan lab in 2013 after six men clearing out bat feces in a former copper mine in southwest China contracted severe pneumonia.
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Director Rakesh Mishra at a lab in the Hyderabad institute. | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht/ThePrint

Hyderabad’s CCMB develops Covid test that can ‘handle up to 50,000 times more samples’

In an interview, CCMB chief Rakesh Mishra talks about the Hyderabad institute’s new test kit as well as their work on a vaccine that could be ready within a year.

China’s Wuhan tests 10 million people for coronavirus, finds 300 asymptomatic cases

Officials said the mass testing carried out at a cost 900 million yuan ($126 million), revealed no new confirmed Covid-19 case.

On Camera

Posting pictures of food on social media | PxHere

Are Indian men posting more food pictures online? A new trend is emerging during pandemic

Yes, urban Indians are cooking much more during the coronavirus pandemic. But only that doesn’t explain why we are posting more pictures too.
File photo | RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani | Sanjit Das/Bloomberg

Reliance Retail gets $1 billion from Silver Lake for 1.75% stake

Reliance announced on 9 Sept that the California-based private equity firm with stakes in technology-related companies will pay the amount as part of the deal.


Representational image | ANI

India, China working on Ladakh peace formula — alternate week patrolling, after disengagement

Patrolling in alternate weeks has been the established practice in the Northeast, and has worked well, barring the occasional face-off.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

If Modi is a true reformer, he’ll bury Vodafone ghost and campaign on reforms in Bihar

No politician sees economic reform as a vote-catcher; it’s the old, povertarian economy that gets votes. Can Modi bring farm and labour reforms centre-stage?