Monday, 5 December, 2022
TopicWholesale prices

Topic: Wholesale prices

Onion prices expected to ease as new crop arrives, traders want export ban lifted

The average wholesale rate of old onion at the benchmark Lasalgaon market decreased to Rs 18 per kg as on 9 December from Rs 54 per kg on 10 November.

Tomatoes cost Rs 70/kg from Rs 4/kg a month back due to early monsoon & supply shortage

Prices of tomatoes across Delhi could rise to Rs 80/kg as the crop arrival from Himachal Pradesh and Haryana has been hampered since last week.

Wholesale vegetable prices soar as demand rises, retail rates to spike too if supply gap stays

Wholesale traders cite a nearly 20% increase in demand for vegetables as restaurants, dhabas, canteens and other eateries have opened since 1 June.

Wholesale Price Index inflation falls by 3.21% in May, but food prices soar

Inflation in food articles during May stood at 1.13 per cent, as against 2.55 per cent in April, according to a statement released by the commerce and industry ministry.

Few goods, fewer customers — Asia’s largest wholesale market Azadpur Mandi is a ghost town

With 15 Covid cases in Azadpur Mandi, Asia's largest wholesale market sees fears in traders about sales. Authorities say there is no supply disruption.

Vegetable prices could double in Delhi as supply to Azadpur Mandi falls amid Covid cases

As Asia’s biggest vegetables and fruits market sees 15 Covid cases, supply falls from adjoining states. The market’s APMC chief, however, denies supply issues.

Banned fruit from coronavirus-hit China could force closure of wholesale markets in India

Traders in Kolkata, Patna, Delhi are in panic over the presence of dragon fruit and banned Fuji apples from China in markets even as they face fall in sales and exports.

November recorded the lowest WPI inflation of 4.64% in three months

Food articles witnessed softening of prices with deflation at 3.31 per cent in November, as per released government data.

Wholesale inflation eases to 5.09% in July as prices of fruits and vegetables drop

The retail inflation eases to a nine-month low of 4.17 per cent in July, from 4.9 per cent in June, data shows Monday.

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