Monday, 25 January, 2021
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Artificial intelligence

Seven ways AI can help govts transform public services

Governments are starting to explore the potential of AI and can work with policy-makers, public servants and data scientists to fully realise its benefits.

How AR, VR and AI technology is making education more accessible post-Covid

Educational technology, or edtech, entered public consciousness as Covid-19 moved learners out of the classroom and into the virtual world of remote education.

Disease, debt and extreme weather — here are some of the world’s biggest threats in 2021

The global economy will have to face the knock-on effects of the Covid crisis, while geopolitical stability will be critically fragile over the next 5-10 years.

From China, US to Norway — 2020 was a good year for electric vehicle sales

After years of efforts, 2020 may well have been the year we reached a tipping point in the adoption of electric vehicles, according to new research.

Seaweed farming to telemedicine — 14 crowdsourced projects trying to make a difference

The importance of sustainable solutions came to the fore in 2020, as communities across the world faced the threats of climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.
Woman working on a laptop (Representational image) | Needpix

Running a family business? Here are 4 ways you can help the economy recover from Covid

Covid revealed the need for a better model of capitalism. With its long-term & values-driven vision, the family business model can be part of the solution.

This is how much physical activity we need to do to stay healthy, according to WHO

Estimates indicate that over a quarter of adults and around 81 per cent of adolescents don’t meet the 2010 WHO recommendations.
An empty cinema hall | Representational image | Commons

Warner Bros to release all films on HBO as they hit theatres — can cinema halls survive this?

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing filmmakers and creative industries to find innovative ways of reaching and engaging with their audiences.

Live sports has resumed, but data shows TV audiences have not fully returned post-Covid

A crowded sporting calendar and a multitude of networks providing content suggests TV packages may no longer be delivering value to viewers.
Vehicles on Delhi roads | Commons

Second-hand car dealers in India now have billion-dollar valuations, thanks to Covid

Used-car retailers in India, Mexico and the UK have achieved $1 billion ‘unicorn’ valuations.

On Camera

How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could transform American childhood

Although the impact of the Trump presidency will not be easily overcome, a Biden-Harris administration offers hope for the nation’s children.

Fastest Covid vaccination rollouts in Israel, UAE are propelling market gains

Traders are rushing to price the global vaccine rollout & betting that nations at the forefront will be the fastest to recover from the crisis, lifting their stocks, currencies and bond yields.


Bangladesh armed forces contingent during the full dress rehearsal for the upcoming Republic Day Parade, in New Delhi on Saturday | ANI

How Army and Navy are keeping Republic Day parade participants safe amid Covid

In November, when Army contingent and bands started arriving in the capital, a total of 260 tested positive for Covid, out of about 3,000 who had landed.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

7 reasons why Modi govt is in retreat on farm reform laws

Farm reform could’ve been high point of Modi’s second term. But lack of patience, understanding and contempt for history have turned it into a disaster.