Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

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In 200 years, women might be able to earn the same as men

These figures are tiny improvements over last year’s results.
Bangladeshi women undergoing an adult education programme by Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (representational image) | Commons

Bangladesh beats India by 60 slots in WEF Gender Gap rankings

Bangladesh has been ranked 48 in the WEF Gender Gap report, while India stands at 108. New Delhi: India has been ranked 60 slots below Bangladesh i...
Protests against slaughterhouses in Toulouse, France | Photo by Alain Pitton/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Militant vegans in France are using extreme tactics to stop meat-eating

With violence and intimidation as their tools, and animal rights as their justification, vegans are attacking French gastronomy.
A 3D printed humanoid robot at Mumbai techfest 2015

India’s young could give it an edge in the fourth industrial revolution, says WEF chief

The world is witnessing the fourth industrial revolution and Børge Brende says India needs to bolster its investment in infrastructure to take advantage of it.

India’s going to beat the EU at renewable energy production by 2022

Renewable energy production surged in 2016, with around two-thirds – or 165 gigawatts – of net new capacity coming from clean sources.
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10 future shocks our world is completely unprepared for

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2018, shocks such as the 2008 financial crisis may become more likely.
Deve Gowda

Last PM to go to Davos says Modi shouldn’t take all credit for India’s progress

Deve Gowda says India has always made an impact on the global stage and Modi should not claim to be the only man behind the country’s rise.
Indian patients in a hospital

India’s gender gap slide has been years in the making, and there’s no quick fix

India has slipped to its worst ranking of 108, and experts say improvements are needed across the board – from political representation to healthcare.
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Talk Point: Is the Indian economic progress of the past decade failing its women?

The World Economic Forum report says India dropped 21 places since 2016, and 10 positions since 2006 in the Global Gender Gap score. Is India's economic progress failing its women?
Gender gap widening: India slips 21 spots to 108th on World Economic Forum’s index

Gender gap widening: India slips 21 spots to 108th on World Economic Forum’s index

India is at its lowest level since WEF started measuring gender gap in 2006, ranks poorly on economic opportunities and healthcare for women.
Foreign investment has transformed China

A little humility from the Communist Party will serve China well

By taking all the credit for the country’s stunning economic rise, the Communist Party is threatening its continued prosperity.
madhya pradesh

MP push for 70% industry jobs to locals: Valid regionalism or is Congress the new Shiv Sena?

Kamal Nath, on his first day as Madhya Pradesh chief minister, announced incentives for industries that hire 70 per cent local workers. When questioned about th...