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Loved Oscar-winner Parasite? But that may not be the best Korean movie you would have seen

A good film can come from India, Mexico, Korea, but it is subtitles that connect the makers with audiences by allowing the accessibility of a variety of cinema.
People in masks outside the Shanghai railway station

R0: There is maths to how scientists judge the intensity of outbreaks like coronavirus

Pronounced “R naught", R0 represents an important concept in epidemiology and is a crucial part of public health planning during an outbreak.
Artificial intelligence

Apollo 11 to pyramids: Can AI match human creativity? This research offers an answer

Some experts assess that there is a 50% chance that machines can reach human-level intelligence within the next 50 years.
Scan of cancer cells (Representative image) | pixabay.com

New insights into genes that drive cancer: A study of 2,700 samples

The results of the international project has enormous implications for diversifying the current suite of drugs available for gene-targeted cancer treatment.
Airplane (Representational Image)| flickr.com

Nobody wants to stop flying even as shaming over carbon footprint grows

Flying has become normalised in society, aided by ticket prices which are on average 61% cheaper in real terms than in 1998.
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Love can reduce chronic pain, anxiety. But governments still want to break us up

Governments need to reflect on how policies may undermine people’s capacity to love and be loved and the long-term costs on public health and human happiness.
Trump's new strategy on Afganistan

‘Dark triad’: The personality profile that is linked to war crimes

If we are more careful about whom we employ in our militaries, and who leads them, there is a good chance we could eliminate some important risk factors.
Two interconnected hands and grid-lines. Representational image.

Not broken health systems but digital technology can help reduce mental illness stigma

By putting knowledge about mental illness stigma in the hands of patients and caregivers, technology democratises expertise.
Pedestrians walk in front of the office buildings in the central business district in Singapore. | Photo: Sanjit Das | Bloomberg

Wonder how people make it big in business? New research reveals luck plays a critical role

No rule exists for achieving exceptional success because it usually requires doing something different or novel and there can be no recipe for such innovation.
A tobacco cigarette

New research shows what happens to your lung cells as soon as you quit smoking

A new study has uncovered that in people who no longer smoke, the body replenishes the airways with normal cells that help protect the lungs better.

On Camera

Amit Shah

Coronavirus-hit China must look at helpful India, not pick on Amit Shah’s Arunachal visit

The India-China border dispute is a complicated issue and it is futile to expect it to be resolved in the ‘early harvest’ manner suggested by China.

Do Shaheen Bagh protesters run risk of waning interest or should stay put for CAA endgame?

The Shaheen Bagh protest against CAA has entered its third month. SC-appointed mediators met protesters this week and may meet them again at a different location.


Representational image of Kandla Port, Gujarat | Photo: Commons

Chinese ship carrying suspected cargo to Pakistan allowed to leave, equipment held back

The ship was detained at Gujarat's Kandla Port for allegedly mis-declaring an autoclave, which can be used to launch ballistic missiles, as an industrial ‘dryer’.

Amit Shah’s performance as minister will now determine the success of Modi-Shah power pair

Modi-Shah share a unique power equation unlike Nehru-Patel and Vajpayee-Advani. After Delhi defeat, Shah enters a new, unfamiliar phase of his political career.