Saturday, 28 May, 2022
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Topic: The Conversation

Doomscrolling—why you continue to surf ‘depressing’ news and what you can do about it

For many it’s a habit born of Covid – and one that is likely to stay. Rather than quitting doomscrolling, what if we simply got better at managing it?

You can speak after death with deadbots. But it affects right to privacy

If we agree that it is unethical to use people’s data without their consent while they are alive, why should it be ethical to do so after their death?

Googling controversial people? Language matters more than you think

Research shows how Google’s search engine can normalise conspiracy theorists, hate figures and other controversial people. We must be careful.

Reading to improve language skills? Focus on fiction, not non-fiction

The fact that narrative fiction, not expository non-fiction, helps us develop strong language skills has important implications for education policy.

What machine learning can tell us about Bhagavad Gita

Here's what the analysis of the quality of Bhagavad Gita's English translations by Eknath Easwaran, M.K. Gandhi and Purohit Swami tells us.

Conserving biodiversity, building infrastructure can pay off. Learn from Costa Rica

If other countries want to develop ecotourism industries modeled on Costa Rica’s, they should increase access to nature-based tourism opportunities by building roads and hotels.

Ukraine-Russia war set to bring global hunger to its worst state in over 2 decades

Russia and Ukraine account for almost 30% of total global exports of wheat. Humanitarian suffering is occurring in many countries far from the spotlight.

If anyone can turn Twitter into free speech ‘heaven’ then it’s Elon Musk, right? Nope

Arguments about regulation are always about degree, and never all or nothing. Even Musk’s billions will not shield him against US, EU regulatory laws.

What’s the use of book reviewing? A review of a review of the reviewers

Newspaper critics in an age of Yelp and Goodreads fill gaps in a world where everyone is reviewing everything all the time.

Not all kinds of alcohol make you fat. Beer might be causing it but you can still drink wine

There are factors that lead to weight gain. Alcohol consumption may be one, but many studies haven't found clear links between the two.

On Camera


Representational image of cryptocurrencies | Pizabay

What are UST & Luna and why the fall of 2 ‘stablecoins’ led to a crypto crash in India

Along with crash in value of UST and Luna coins, Indian market for crypto assets also reeling under strict control imposed by government, with the imposition of TDS on all crypto transactions.


NSA Ajit Doval with NSAs from the other countries at the meeting at Dushanbe, Tajikistan | Photo: Courtesy the NSA's office

NSA Ajit Doval pushes for ‘terror free’ Afghanistan, says India stands with Afghan people

Doval's comments came at 4th Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan attended by national security advisors from Tajikistan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan & China.

Why it’s obscene to tell Ukraine to give in & how war-upended global balance of power brings openings for India

Global order is in flux, and India is being wooed by all. It opens up economic, strategic & military possibilities unimaginable till recently. It is for India to take this opportunity.