Friday, 30 September, 2022

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Modi govt asks Tesla about its sourcing plans, India roadmap before considering tax breaks

The Ministry of Heavy Industries also asked Tesla for its thoughts on importing fully built cars versus partially built vehicles, which attract a lower import levy.

Elon Musk can tell you why India won’t see Teslas anytime soon

India's protectionist instincts have kept out international auto companies for decades. It now needs its own holistic model that touches on auto parts & consumer incentives for EVs.

No tax cut means buying a Tesla in India will be an expensive affair

Tesla is seeking to make inroads into India, where EVs account for less than 1% of annual car sales. It had last month requested Modi govt to cut import duty on electric cars.

If Elon Musk wrote this, the headline would be a meme & Dogecoin fortunes would’ve changed

Only one man is impulsive enough and has the power to move markets with his tweets, and that’s Elon Musk.

You thought Tesla was the king of EVs? Obviously you haven’t heard of the Hongguang Mini

The Hongguang Mini is the brainchild of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., a joint venture between two Chinese state-backed automakers, and American automotive giant General Motors Co.

Want to work for Tesla? Well, they’ve begun hiring in India

CEO Elon Musk had all but confirmed Tesla would enter India in January after months of speculation. Now, the electric vehicles maker is recruiting for its sales, marketing & HR depts.

India’s first EV battery plant is coming up in Karnataka, hopes to end dependence on China

Vikram Handa set up India’s first manufacturer of lithium-ion battery parts  Epsilon Advanced Materials Pvt in August, sourcing raw material from the country's largest steel mill.

Why buying a Tesla in India or China may not cut your carbon emissions

An essential element of the climate potential of electric vehicles is that they’re eventually able to switch to lower-carbon fuels — a slow process in India and China.

Tesla comes to India, picks EV hub Bengaluru for its first plant

Tesla is said to be focused on Bangalore because it’s shaping up to be a hub for electric vehicles and aerospace manufacturing talent.

Why Tesla’s big Bitcoin splash isn’t exciting news for Indians investing in cryptocurrencies

A bill to ban private cryptocurrency will soon be sent for cabinet approval. However, it will also enable the issuance of a digital currency by the RBI.

On Camera


(L-R) Niharika NM, Danish Sait, Kusha Kapila and Tanmay Bhat on Koffee with Karan | YouTube screenshot

Koffee With Karan finale saves a boring season. Power has moved from Bollywood to influencers

The Koffee with Karan finale was finally entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, after the most boring season in a boycott-Bollywood world.
A file image of an Indian rupee note | Illustration: Thomas White/Reuters

Modi govt cuts planned borrowing to Rs 14.21 lakh crore for second half of FY23

Centre plans to borrow Rs 5.92 lakh crore in October-March period, compared with Rs 8.29 lakh crore of borrowing in the first half of the fiscal year that will end on September.


Pinaka is a multiple rocket launcher produced in India and developed by the DRDO for the Army | Twitter/@DRDO_India

As tensions rise with Azerbaijan, Armenia buys Pinaka rockets & ammunition from India

The government-to-government contract, valued at about Rs 2,000 cr, is learnt to have been signed earlier this month. Supplies to be fast-tracked according to Armenia's requirement.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

AAP’s filling a big vacuum in Indian politics. Question is how long it can sustain without ideology

If you find admiration for AAP qualified, if not muted among many of the Modi-BJP’s critics, it is because they question it for its lack of ideological clarity. Especially on secularism.