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Americans are split ideologically, but united in thinking that the country is on its way to a disaster.

Why violence in US is different from violence in Sri Lanka, and doing away with angel tax

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Special Task Force (STF) police officers sit in a vehicle arriving at the Parliament of Sri Lanka in Colombo

Sri Lanka lifts curfew and arrests 60 people for anti-Muslim riots

Officials have reported no incidents of violence overnight and the situation in Sri Lanka is returning to normal.
Aftermath of Deadly Blasts Targeted Foreigners and Churchgoers

Sri Lanka terror mastermind was a ‘big follower’ of Tamil Nadu Jamaat founder

Spokesperson of Muslim trust in Sri Lanka says Zahran Hashim, alleged mastermind of the Easter bombings, played Tamil Nadu preacher's videos on projectors.
Sri Lankan soldiers inspect the damage inside St. Sebastian's Church where a bomb blast took place in Negombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ex-military intelligence head a ‘Chinese spy’ who was ‘blocking’ bombings probe

Kapila Hendawitharana, a close aide of former Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa's family, is allegedly trying to sabotage the Easter bombings probe.
Representational photo | Pixabay

From Sri Lanka to Kashmir, shutting down social media actually fuels more violence

India has become the world’s most prolific executor of deliberate internet blackouts over the last several years, but that has not curbed violence.
Sri Lanka blasts- intelligence failure

Sri Lanka Army chief claims bombers were in Kashmir, Kerala for ‘some sorts of training’

The Sri Lanka army chief said their intelligence reports show the bombers were in Kashmir, Bengaluru, and even travelled to Kerala, the BBC reported.
Ocean in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka to mull tax waivers to help tourism after blasts

The Sri Lankan tourism industry has requested tax waivers and importation of security gear in light of the attacks targetting foreigners.

Masood Azhar’s terrorist tag victory for India, but doesn’t mean end of Pakistan terror

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Modi’s Trinamool MLA claim belittles post of PM

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On Camera

Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra paying a price in Covid because Uddhav Thackeray and Rahul Gandhi stole mandate

Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP stole a mandate by swapping partners in 2019. That misadventure drove Maharashtra into the tragic mess it finds itself in today.

Does Trump help or harm India’s interests when he offers to mediate with China, Pakistan?

US President Donald Trump Wednesday offered to mediate between India and China over the "raging border dispute".


Indian and Chinese soldiers jointly celebrate the New Year 2019 at Bumla along the Indo-China border, Arunachal Pradesh

Chinese aggression in Ladakh also a message for domestic and external audience: Experts

International experts say the timing is troubling as it comes at ‘a critical phase in India's internal difficulties with the Covid-19 pandemic’.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

PM, CM, DM: India’s 3 big power centres have been exposed by one disaster

The prime minister, chief minister and district magistrate are the three engines of India’s governance, but their handling of the coronavirus pandemic is going awry.