Thursday, 7 July, 2022
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Topic: serological survey

4th sero survey finds 2 of 3 Indians with Covid antibodies, but still avoid crowds, ICMR warns

According to fourth national sero survey, by June this year, India was detecting just 1 in every 30 Covid cases, highest sero positivity found in 45-60 years age group (77.6 per cent).

Children unlikely to be ‘disproportionately’ affected by any future 3rd wave: AIIMS sero survey

At 55.7% and 63.5%, respectively, a mid-term analysis of the AIIMS survey found seroprevalence in children already high and comparable to the adult population.

ICMR to start national sero surveys to assess spread of Covid

The Health Ministry said that states/UTs should also be encouraged to conduct such surveys so that information from all geographies can be collected.

Half of India’s population could have antibodies against Covid, Credit Suisse estimates

According to Neelkanth Mishra, a top official at Credit Suisse, many districts could have herd immunity. However he noted this was just a hypothesis and an actual sero survey should follow.

India reported over 1.5 crore Covid cases since January, yet no sero surveys announced so far

The last sero survey from December 2020 estimated that India was missing infections by a factor of 27. Without a sero survey no such assessment is possible now.

This CSIR sero survey could partly explain why India is in the grip of Covid wave again

CSIR conducted 2 follow-up sero surveys on people found to be seropositive in a nationwide survey last year. The one conducted after 6 months revealed an interesting finding.

Delhi begins sixth round of sero survey, participants’ vaccination history to be taken

Sources said around 28,000 samples will be collected during the exercise. The outcome of the fifth round of sero survey had found Covid antibodies in over 50% of the population.

Kerala sero survey finds 10.76% people with Covid antibodies, police personnel top the list

The survey shows Kerala missed an estimated 27 lakh infections — it managed to detect one in four Covid-19 cases.

India beat Covid ‘doomsday’ prophecies, made ‘monumental strides’ in handling pandemic: ICMR 

ICMR, in its newsletter, lists achievements — from starting a multi-centre trial on plasma therapy to conducting national sero surveys — but says we must remain 'Covid conscious'.

Very young children may have low Covid infection rate, French study in Lancet shows

The study published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health is the first to estimate seroprevalence in pre-school settings.

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