Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

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Understanding human footprint on climate: Research for which 3 scientists got Physics Nobel

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 was awarded jointly to three scientists — the duo of Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann, and Giorgio Parisi — for their work on the physics of complex systems including climate modelling

The woman who predicted global warming in the 1800s

Foote’s brief scientific paper was the first to describe the extraordinary power of carbon dioxide gas to absorb heat – the driving force of global warming.

Why US Fermilab’s findings on ‘muons’ could change the laws of physics as we know them

Fermilab finds that tiny subatomic particle seems to disobey ‘Standard Model’ of physics, but another paper says findings are within theoretical calculations based on this model.

Studying engineering without physics and maths is like a building without foundation

AICTE making maths, physics optional for engineering sounds ‘flexible’ only on paper. Its bridge courses won’t fix the problem.

MIP* = RE — this is not a typo, it’s a breakthrough shaking up world of physics and maths

A new 165-page paper is a major quantum computational discovery that’s making physicists and mathematicians flock to it.

Developing anti-cancer drugs to making sugar sweeter — 5 women trailblazers in science

The contributions by these lesser-known Indian women in the field of STEM have set examples for the next generation to follow.

How mega science projects could help India become a $5 trillion economy

Industries based on physics & mega science projects reportedly generate over 16% of the total turnover in Europe, topping contributions from financial services.

CERN scientist Archana Sharma says Indian girls need more female role models in STEM

CERN scientist Archana Sharma, who was part of the team that discovered Higgs Boson in 2012, tells ThePrint what brings her back to India every 6 weeks.

The 3 Physics Nobel Prize winners who transformed our understanding of the universe

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded with one half to James Peebles and the other half jointly to Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz.

Want to know what makes chocolate taste so great? It’s physics

Not very long ago, chocolate was far from the creamy, rich delicacy it is today. Back in the 19th century, it was brittle, hard, and not quite a favoured sweet.

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Pakistan Prime Minister-elect Shehbaz Sharif on 7 April | Photographer: Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images via Bloomberg

The four-point plan to revive Pakistan’s economy—from land reform to real estate

Pakistan must reduce non-productive expenditures like defence. The country's political economy has been overdetermined by the imperative of 'national security'.

Bad timing could hamper LIC IPO

Most early public enterprise IPOs have been trading 75% below their original price, small investors concerned.


Representational image of army personnel in Ladakh | ANI

India ‘doesn’t foresee’ border fighting with China, but ‘won’t back down’ if tensions reignite

Aim is to ensure not just disengagement of troops, but overall de-escalation. Govt in favour of solving tensions through talks as it wants peace with all neighbours including China.

How Congress is like the Ambassador & why Indian politics needs a brand new set of wheels

Like the car, nothing the party has done to reinvent itself has worked. Only way forward is to offer something looking towards the future, not in image of glorious past.