Thursday, 29 September, 2022
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Topic: newborn babies

Newborns to entreprenuers—Indian hospitals need a perinatal service package. It’s a win-win

Many Indian hospitals don't have in-house physiotherapists or dieticians & most new mothers pay little attention to themselves. But there's a solution.

Choose certified organic products for your babies with ‘goodnessme’

Goodnessme is a premium range of certified products made from organic ingredients and has zero toxins for sensitive baby skin.

Baby in US is born with Covid antibodies after mother gets vaccinated while pregnant

In pre-print article, 2 paediatricians reveal that there is potential of reducing Covid infections through 'maternal vaccinations'.

Covid isn’t all bad news — Lockdowns saw fewer premature births, more healthier babies

The trend doesn’t appear to be universal, but where it applies, the data are staggering. The phenomenon could help us understand what causes premature births in the first place.

Women with Covid can breastfeed babies after taking strict precautions, says Lancet study

Study says the risk of Covid-positive women passing the virus to their babies is very low, but larger studies are needed to better understand the risks of transmission.

Plasma therapy works only when donor has recently recovered from Covid-19, says study

Transmission from mothers to babies are uncommon and potent antibodies discovered against virus, ThePrint brings you the latest on Covid-19.

From ‘Karuna’ to ‘Lockdown Yadav’ — over 3 dozen babies born on-board Shramik trains

The East Coast Railway has recently decided to gift Rs 5,000 whenever a new child is born in the East zone, as a token of sharing their joy.

At 67,385, India had the most babies born on 1 January in the world, says UNICEF

An estimated 3,92,078 babies were born around the world on New Year's Day, according to UNICEF.

Why fewer babies are born on New Year’s, Christmas & other holidays

If you are born on New Year’s or April Fools’ Day, take some comfort in knowing the relative rarity of your birth makes you more special.

World’s largest study on newborns with brain injuries begins in India

The research, led by Imperial College London, will study 80,000 pregnant women and monitor their babies for 18 months.

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(L-R) Niharika NM, Danish Sait, Kusha Kapila and Tanmay Bhat on Koffee with Karan | YouTube screenshot

Koffee With Karan finale saves a boring season. Power has moved from Bollywood to influencers

The Koffee with Karan finale was finally entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, after the most boring season in a boycott-Bollywood world.
A file image of an Indian rupee note | Illustration: Thomas White/Reuters

Modi govt cuts planned borrowing to Rs 14.21 lakh crore for second half of FY23

Centre plans to borrow Rs 5.92 lakh crore in October-March period, compared with Rs 8.29 lakh crore of borrowing in the first half of the fiscal year that will end on September.


Pinaka is a multiple rocket launcher produced in India and developed by the DRDO for the Army | Twitter/@DRDO_India

As tensions rise with Azerbaijan, Armenia buys Pinaka rockets & ammunition from India

The government-to-government contract, valued at about Rs 2,000 cr, is learnt to have been signed earlier this month. Supplies to be fast-tracked according to Armenia's requirement.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

AAP’s filling a big vacuum in Indian politics. Question is how long it can sustain without ideology

If you find admiration for AAP qualified, if not muted among many of the Modi-BJP’s critics, it is because they question it for its lack of ideological clarity. Especially on secularism.