Saturday, 3 December, 2022

Topic: Millennials

Why young Indians are moonlighting—they need two jobs in this economy

Campus Voice is an initiative by ThePrint where young Indians get an opportunity to express their opinions on a prevalent issue.

Gen Z freshers won’t slog 18 hours a day to show we love our work. CEOs need to get it

Bombay Shaving Company CEO Shantanu Deshpande's generation are perhaps bothered that Gen Z want a peaceful life at home. If this is 'rona-dhona', then so be it.

Why millennials are relating hard to Netflix India’s ‘Eternally Confused & Eager for Love’

Finally, an Indian OTT show that shows self-sabotage and self-doubt in all its messy details.

All workplaces and managers are faced with one problem today — what to do with millennials?

Workplaces want to know how to get millennials to work and not quit. At Indian School of Business, we surveyed thousands of managers to understand the problem.

‘Dear sir’, ‘let’s circle back’, ‘gentle reminder’ — It’s time for old email language to retire

Millennials and Gen Z are changing how emails are written and when they are sent. No one wants ‘inbox stress’ and less is more.

Google to McKinsey — The story of how ‘employee activism’ rose

In ‘Brand Activism’ Christian Sarkar and Philip Kotler write that if talent is rebelling, companies need to listen and establish a response protocol.

The real reason millennials & Gen-Z don’t want to become bankers

Banks should think about the types of candidates they’re trying to recruit. In post-pandemic era, keeping young employees will be about something more existential than money & perks.

Young India wants Covid vaccines, but CoWIN just won’t let us win

Booked slots on CoWIN are a problem of the ‘announce-now, plan-later’ method that India loves so much. Millennials desperately want some of that vaccine maitri.

Companies need to forget Gen Z, millennials and focus on growing market of ageing people

Older adults are a reigning economic segment, but attitudes and stereotypes about ageing still persist & market innovation to meet their needs is lagging behind.

Gen Z is calling millennials uncool in a new war. Boomers can relax now

If we wanted to largely divide the world into Boomers and non-Boomers; we've miserably failed. The monopoly of millennials over culture seems to be ending.

On Camera


51 cow universities, old pension scheme, jobs — what RSS affiliates want from 2023 Budget

Welfare schemes and ‘self-reliance’ figure high on Sangh organisations’ wishlists for finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman ahead of the Budget, which she will present on 1 February.


Indian, American soldier during Yudh Abhyas 2022 | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Hand-to-hand combat, memories of ‘Vietnam & dal tadka’ — US soldiers’ takeaways from Yudh Abhyas

Held in Uttarakhand’s Auli, aim of the annual India-US joint exercise, which ended Friday, was to increase interoperability between the 2 armies & allow them to exchange best practices.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Gujarat election is anything but dull. BJP’s political neurosis about AAP is the hidden headline

Gujarat is the only state where Modi is directly in contention. Even if he wins, the team that runs him closest has much to gain.