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People at a PM Narendra Modi rally (Representational photo

Forget about Dalit voters. Tell us why upper caste Hindus voted for BJP like never before

India’s upper caste analysts have held Dalits & backwards responsible for Modi’s return to power, keeping their own group away from scrutiny.
File photo of Smriti Irani | Facebook

Smriti Irani’s makeover: From being most disliked Modi minister to dynasty slayer in Amethi

After causing the biggest upset in 2019 elections, Smriti Irani has ensured she can no longer be ignored by PM Modi and Amit Shah.
Modi waving at the audience

This is what changed for voters from 2014 to 2019 Lok Sabha elections: Nothing

Issues on voters’ minds, and belief in Modi's abilities, have not changed significantly between 2014 and 2019 elections.

2019 results bring Mamata’s fear to life: how to save Bengal assembly from BJP in 2021

BJP has won nearly half of 42 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal, days after Modi and Amit Shah had warned Mamata’s power centre was under threat.
Face masks of Mamata Banerjee and PM Modi

Modi is no longer a ‘chowkidar’, Mamata says ‘not all losers are losers’

The most politically correct and incorrect tweets of the day from across the political spectrum.
Narendra Modi at the Red Fort

For 5 years, Modi put national security reforms on hold. Now, he must act fast

India is way behind China and no longer enjoys a decisive edge over Pakistan.
Priyanka Vadra, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Robert Vadra

Not Gandhi dynasty, but a Narasimha Rao-like figure can save the Congress now

The Congress needs someone who can re-build its image and appeal as a credible opposition without totally sidelining the Gandhi family.

Modi and Rahul Gandhi were friends in 2019 Lok Sabha polls – whenever the enemy was media

Indian media is confronted with a big crisis today: its credibility is dwindling among people, the section from which it derives its power and independence.
Voters stand in a queue to cast their vote at a polling station in Mumbai

Why Axis MyIndia does exit polls but not a pre-poll seat forecast

Amongst other reasons, Axis MyIndia's head Pradeep Gupta says his surveyors get beaten up and taken to police stations by party workers.

On Camera

A file photo of migrant labourers gathered at a bus stand in Jaipur | PTI

My lord, migrant labourers need more than just food, just like we all do

The act of feeding is a conscience cleaner, a hand wash that also kills hopes of the poor wanting anything more than food. These are old models of charity.

Is talk of lifting lockdown premature or is it necessary to allow some economic activity?

As the Narendra Modi government considers the option of extending the Covid-19 lockdown beyond 14 April, concerns around its impact on the economy are growing.


USS Theodore Roosevelt. Photo | Bloomberg

Indian Navy veterans slam ‘childish’ US response to Roosevelt ship incident

Former Navy Chief Admiral Arun Prakash says captain of USS Theodore Roosevelt should’ve resigned if he felt system let him down, rather than leaking mail to media.

Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less

Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy.