Friday, 12 August, 2022
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Topic: Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris makes solo debut with ‘Help is Here’ tour, selling $1.9 tn relief law

The trip is part of a cross-country blitz planned by US President and top administration officials to promote the relief package and ensure Democrats get credit for it from voters.

Kamala Harris’ niece Meena gives Twitter lessons on India’s democracy and ‘anti-blackness’

Meena Harris has been aggressively tweeting not only about the farmer protests but also how democracy is 'under threat' in India.

‘America is back, Diplomacy is back’ – Biden reverses Trump’s foreign policy moves

Biden said he’s ordering a review of the US military posture worldwide. That includes freezing Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Germany & ending US support for Yemen war.

Why Kamala Harris is under fire for Dolce & Gabbana clothes after winning inaugural fashion

Critics called it 'sloppy' and 'awful' after Kamala Harris was seen wearing a polo-necked wool jumper by Dolce & Gabbana for a lunch with US President Joe Biden at the White House.

Why Kamala Harris is good for the economics profession

In 1986, when Harris graduated with a degree in economics, women represented only 34% of the recipients of such degrees. Her success will inspire more women to take economics courses.

How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could transform American childhood

Although the impact of the Trump presidency will not be easily overcome, a Biden-Harris administration offers hope for the nation’s children.

Kamala Harris as vice president further cements India-US relationship, says White House

President Biden respects and values the long bipartisan and successful relationship between the two nations and looks forward to continuing that, the White House said.

Biden now in White House, vaccine partnership should be India-US priority

The Biden-Harris team understands that the US is still only one of the few countries with the capacity and resources to lead a global vaccination effort. India is another.

New Vogue cover of Kamala Harris set for digital release after original sparks controversy

Following the backlash, Vogue announced it will release a 'limited-edition run of its much-preferred digital cover'.

Security, Covid, Trump’s snub — how Biden inauguration will be different from all in past

This is the first time since 1869 that a departing US president won’t attend a successor’s ceremony. But that is not the only shift from tradition.

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The new Hyundai Tucson. | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Hyundai’s new Tucson comes loaded to the gills. Its style and power match the price

First-generation Tucson was not only quite an ugly vehicle but also drove pretty badly. But the new edition shows how Hyundai has turned the corner.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

How EPFO made Rs 68,000 crore off your retirement money by investing in exchange traded funds

Retirement fund body has seen rise in earnings from capital gains from equity. Its earnings are distributed among its subscribers, with EPFO retaining a small surplus.


Yuan Wang 5 vessel | ANI

Chinese research vessel Yuan Wang 5 has ‘slowed down’ but still en route Sri Lankan port

Yuan Wang 5 is currently 599 nautical miles away from Hambantota, having been at sea for 35 hours since departing the Chinese port of Taicang, according to latest data.

In Kashmir 3 years on, 3 positive changes, 3 things that should’ve happened & 3 that got worse

Kashmir as a crisis has fallen off our headlines and from the top of our collective minds. Which is precisely the most important change for the better.