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Post-Kairana, BJP needs to fear regional parties, not Congress

In states where the Congress has zero presence, the BJP is struggling to gain foothold.
Narednra Modi holding a phone

Here’s what Hindutva WhatsApp groups say Narendra Modi should learn from Kairana

That a Muslim won the seat hurts them more than the BJP’s defeat.
File photo of Gopamau legislator Shyam Prakash | Facebook

Post-Kairana, BJP MLA gets poetic about party’s problems in Uttar Pradesh

Gopamau legislator Shyam Prakash says CM Yogi Adityanath is helpless, blames Amit Shah aide Sunil Bansal for state of administration.
PM Narendra Modi with the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta | PIB

Modi shores up support in southeast Asia but loses key political battle in India

If the BJP had given a few token seats to Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, both during the Lok Sabha and assembly elections, the slogan of “Ganna Vs Jinnah” in western Uttar Pradesh would never have become a weapon against the party. “What if Modi has lost Kairana etc,” tweeted former BJP leader Yashwant Sinha Thursday evening, as results showed that the BJP had lost most of the 11 assembly by-elections and four parliamentary seats it contested, adding, “He is winning in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore”. The irony is that just as the Prime Minister, with his inexhaustible energy, may have succeeded in convincing the world that India is willing to shoulder its responsibility as a regional power, his reputation at home as a man of steel may be coming apart. Over the last four days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been wooed by the president of Indonesia (Joko Widodo told him he has a...

On Camera

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Modi govt is embracing some discarded Congress policies. But they won’t work even now

Policies like deficit monetisation, loan restructuring, higher tariffs and import licencing have been brought back to combat the economic fallout of Covid-19.
In Gujarat, BJP hopes to retain power in the name of ‘chief minister’ Narendra Modi

The Modi magnifier

PM Narendra Modi | ANI

If Modi wins on Sunday

According to the forecast, rupee will reach 67.5 per dollar by end of September and 67 by end of 2018 I Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Offer cashback, relax KYC norms to check decline in remittances, suggests WEF paper

Remittances, or the money overseas citizens send back to their home country, are expected to contract 20% in 2020 on account of Covid-19, according to a World Bank report.


Women recruits at the Corps of Military Police Centre and School in Bengaluru

Army begins process to recruit second batch of 100 women soldiers for military police

Army intends to induct 1,700 women recruits in the military police by 2036, increasing the percentage of women in the cadre to 20 over 17 years.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi redefined secularism with Ram Mandir as Hindu voters were fed up of Sonia-Left version

Assumptions that Indian secularism died with Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan are bunk. It is enshrined in the Constitution, and is worth preserving.