Tuesday, 9 August, 2022
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Topic: Islamic State

Held for chats on ‘threats to Islam’, jailed under UAPA, how Maharashtra man got bail after 6 yrs

Saying there was no 'incriminating' evidence, Bombay HC last week granted bail to Mohammad Raisuddin, a schoolteacher from Parbhani district arrested on terror charges in 2016.

Why enigmatic Kashmir jihad commander Ejaz Ahanger could hold clues to Kabul gurdwara attack

Hours after bombing at Kabul’s Gurdwara Kart-e Parwan, Indian intelligence agencies look for Ahanger, a Srinagar-born jihadist who ordered an attack at another gurdwara in 2020.

Engineer from Ranchi built drones for IS, revolutionised terror tech. Now he’s in Turkish jail

Mystery surrounds Arshiyan Haider, an AMU-educated engineer, who helped upgrade IS drones and missiles. ThePrint follows his trail from India to Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

‘Hijab row BJP bid to humiliate women’ — IS threatens violence to protect ‘honour of our sisters’

In its propaganda magazine 'Voice of Hind', Islamic State says BJP using hijab issue to 'disempower young Muslim women & segregate students on lines of religion'.

How he escaped, died — IS magazine details story of Kerala student Najeeb, missing since 2017

Najeeb, a resident of Malappuram, went missing from his home on 15 August 2017. He later messaged his mother saying he had reached his 'destination’.

Peshawar attack shows Islamic State has come home — in arms of jihadists Imran Khan embraces

Throughout his years as PM, Imran Khan coddled the religious far-Right. Now it’s dragging Pakistan into abyss of sectarian warfare.

At least 40 Indians who joined ISIS now in Middle-East prison camps, find there’s no way home

Indians who joined IS are mostly from diaspora, and are thought to be held in camps run by Kurdish forces, and jails in Turkey & Libya. Indian govt gives no diplomatic assistance.

Al-Qaeda still present in Afghanistan, Indians among its recruits, says UNSC report

The report also says that ex-ISKP leader Aslam Farooqi, who had been reported by Indian & Pakistani media as having been killed, had ‘escaped from prison’ and ‘rejoined the group’.

SC must step in and end the 15-yr-long farce of cases against Gere-Shilpa Shetty public kiss

ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.

Aafia Siddiqui, Pakistani-American jihadi ‘living martyr’ for whom 57 people have been killed

The gunman who demanded Siddiqui’s release in exchange for hostages at a Texas synagogue this weekend was latest in long line of jihadi attempts to free al-Qaeda-linked neuroscientist.

On Camera


Representational image | Indian Navy/Facebook

Tale of two ships – How Delhi is asserting Indianness of the Indian Ocean to China

A US Navy ship docked in an Indian port for the first time. And a Chinese ship couldn’t in Sri Lanka. New Delhi is finally pulling strings.
Representational image | Rupixen/Unsplash

‘We are cracking down’— how Modi govt plans to make it tougher for states to fund freebies

The Narendra Modi government is looking at ways to check states’ spending on handouts like free electricity and rations. The first step is to tighten the noose on state borrowings.


Representational image | Indian Army soldiers during the Army Day Parade at Cariappa Parade Ground in New Delhi | ANI Photo

Army looks to reduce troops by 2 lakh, deployment in Kashmir could be rejigged

The Army, which faces a shortage of about 1.35 lakh personnel, is aiming to reduce its strength from 12.8 lakh to around 10.8 lakh.

In Kashmir 3 years on, 3 positive changes, 3 things that should’ve happened & 3 that got worse

Kashmir as a crisis has fallen off our headlines and from the top of our collective minds. Which is precisely the most important change for the better.