Wednesday, 23 June, 2021
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The novel coronavirus | Pixabay

Gadgets could soon be able to ‘sniff out’ people infected with Covid-19 in crowded spaces

Studies at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine & Durham University show that Covid infection has a distinct smell, generating an odour 'fingerprint' that sensors can detect.
Supreme Court | Commons

SC asks lawyer if he will eat client’s ‘food’, rejects bail plea in adulteration case

While refusing pre-arrest bail of two MP-based businessmen accused of food adulteration, the Supreme Court further said that 'only in India we are liberal with health concerns.'
A patient lies on a stretcher as she waits for a bed at Bhilwara's MG hospital | Rohit Jain Paras | ThePrint

SubscriberWrites: If Modi wants to leave behind a legacy, he must turnaround India’s healthcare infrastructure

The onus lies with the citizens as well who should let go of the quest for freebies from governments, so they can use the tax funds to create long-term assets, argues Abhinav Pathak.
A man wearing a face shield while working out at a gym in New Delhi | ANI Photo

SubscriberWrites: Gym in office, regular sports —  pandemic has shown India needs to get fit, and fast

Twenty years ago, during a visit to the US, a co-worker asked me what sports I played. Like most Indians, I had no answer, says Amit Arora.

Centre taking best efforts to build up vaccine stock, says MEA spokesperson

Govt is engaged with US vaccine manufacturers and the Biden administration to ensure all materials for domestic production in India, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said.

How this all-herbal and natural dietary supplement can lead to healthy life

Prorganiq is a certified herbal nutrition product that has proven to provide results from burning fat to improving testosterone levels.
File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March 2021 | Twitter @BJP4India

For Modi govt, health is not the focus, headlines are

Criticism, feedback and questions are a vital aspect of any thriving democracy, more so during an unprecedented crisis.
Representational image for diabetes | Pixabay

Type 2 diabetes? Sitting can cause problems with blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes causes the level of sugar in the blood to become too high. And sitting all day can worsen it.
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Delhi govt’s Covid handling a letdown. Now, Centre can’t just have power without responsibility

ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.

Not tea — What to drink with your meal to increase iron absorption

If you’re looking to increase your iron levels, it’s worth thinking not just about what you’re eating, but what you’re drinking too.

On Camera


Indira Gandhi

How Emergency made it to school textbooks during Congress raj

The preface in the NCERT book on political science said it was a “tribute to the maturity of Indian democracy”. I wince as I read that now.
Moody's logo displayed outside its headquarters in New York | Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Moody’s cuts India’s growth forecast from previous estimate of 13.9% to 9.6% for 2021

Moody's said the second wave Covid infection hit India's economy in April, May and faster vaccination progress will be paramount in restricting economic losses to June quarter.


India, US kick off two-day multi-domain wargame in Indian Ocean Region with eye on China

The US deployed its naval carrier strike group, led by the USS Ronald Reagan, and a fleet of F-18 fighter jets and E-2C Hawkeye all-weather aircraft for the exercise, officials said.

China’s Wuhan story unravels as world’s finest, including from India, nail Covid lab-leak proof

The global hunt for where the virus behind pandemic came from shows science, democracy and a sense of inquiry can overcome politics, ideology and omerta codes.