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Nirbhaya rapists are on death row in Tihar Jail

Night before hanging, 16 December rapists ‘crying bitterly’, counsellors read Gita to them

Tihar jail official says the 4 gang-rape convicts have not come to terms with their hanging and were hopeful their lawyer would get it deferred.
Hangman's noose

4 convicts to be hanged tomorrow but India doesn’t know how many sent to gallows until now

No accurate records are available and very little data is available in public domain on the number of convicts who have been hanged in independent India.
The four men convicted for the 16 December 2012 Delhi gangrape | Image: Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

Final wish, last meal – Why remaining hours of Dec 2012 convicts will ride an emotional wave

All four convicts in December 2012 gang rape case will be hanged Friday morning. For Asha Devi, who has spent 7 years waiting for this moment, will it bring closure?
Delhi High Court

HC rejects December 16 gangrape convict Mukesh’s plea of not being in Delhi at the time of crime

Justice Brijesh Sethi said the various grounds given in the plea were 'devoid of any substance' and only intended to delay the execution.
16 December gangrape

2 convicts in 16 December gang rape case seek stay on hanging, court asks Tihar to respond

Delhi court issues notice to Tihar jail authorities on pleas moved by Akshay Singh & Pawan Kumar Gupta, asking officials to file their response by March 2.
Nirbhaya rapists are on death row in Tihar Jail

India needs to abolish death penalty, and not hang 2012 Delhi gangrape convicts

Capital punishment is a politicised, unjust, barbaric form of revenge. It is anything but justice.
16 December gangrape convicts | Illustration Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

Delhi court postpones hanging of December 2012 gangrape convicts till further orders

The four December 2012 gangrape convicts were scheduled to be hanged on 1 February at 6 am.
Jawaharlal Nehru, M.K. Gandhi, and Sardar Patel in 1946 | Commons

Don’t hang Godse, said Gandhi’s sons. This is how Nehru, Patel and Rajaji replied

Many prominent Gandhians requested clemency for the Mahatma’s assassins. They pointed out that Gandhi wanted to abolish death penalty.
Mukesh Singh, one of the four convicts in the December 2012 murder and gangrape. | Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

December 2012 gang-rape convict tells SC he was sexually abused in prison

Lawyer for Mukesh Singh also claims not all documents were put before President who rejected the gang-rape convict's mercy plea on 17 January.
Latest news on death penalty in India | ThePrint.in

Pratiksha Baxi on ‘public fixation’ on death penalty, K Sreenivasan defends Bolsonaro invite

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