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Beijing’s air is the cleanest it has ever been in a decade, and this is how it happened

China is hoping to reduce the amount of energy it derives from coal by substituting it with natural gas and nuclear reactors.
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Indian ports are clogging up with coal as railway capacity struggles to keep up

India’s infrastructure lacks the capacity needed for an expanding economy and increasing consumption.
Freight wagons laden with coal sit at the Tori station in Jharkhand | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

Indian power plants not operating to full capacity as coal imports drop by 32 per cent

Modi government discouraging of thermal coal imports has been effective. But rising domestic supplies are failing to keep pace with demand.
NTPC coal based thermal power plant in badarpur, Delhi

Badarpur power plant has no plans to shut down despite order from court-appointed body

The Badarpur plant has been identified as India’s most polluting power plant.
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Coal is being squeezed out of power by cheap renewables

With evolving markets, electricity from renewables will become cheaper than coal by 2040. Coal will be increasingly squeezed out of the power generation market over the next three decades as the cost of renewables plunges and technology improves the flexibility of grids globally. That’s the conclusion of a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which estimated some $11.5 trillion of investment will go into electricity generation between now and 2050. Of that, 85 percent, or $9.8 trillion, will go into wind, solar and other zero-emissions technologies such as hydro and nuclear, the London-based researcher said. Better batteries, which allow grid managers to store power for times when it’s neither breezy nor sunny, will allow utilities to take advantage of plunging costs for solar panels and wind turbines. The ability of natural gas plants to work at a few minutes notice means the fuel will become the choice for most utilities wanting guaranteed...
NTPC Badarpur power plant

This village ‘lives with cancer, TB & death’ just so Delhi can have a fraction of its power

Molarband residents blame Badarpur power plant for dozens of cancer & TB cases. NTPC rejects the complaints, says emission levels are within safe limits.

Off The Cuff with Piyush Goyal

The fifth edition of 'Off The Cuff' saw Hon. Minister of Railway and Coal for India, Piyush Goyal in conversation with ThePrint Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta. He spoke on a range of issues from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s style of governance to the LED bulbs campaign and bank NPAs to the functioning of media. The event was held in Mumbai on 17 May 2016. Off The Cuff with Piyush Goyal Shekhar Gupta and Piyush Goyal in a gripping discussion Off The Cuff with Piyush Goyal A captivated audience, including Vijay Kalantri, Chairman and Managing Director of Balaji Infra Projects Limited (second from left), listens to an engaging conversation between Shekhar Gupta and Piyush Goyal Off The Cuff with Piyush Goyal Andrew Holland, CEO, Ambit Investment Advisors with AdMan Piyush Pandey Off The Cuff with Piyush Goyal Nimesh Kampani with Piyush Goyal Off The Cuff with Piyush Goyal Piyush Goyal with Hemendra Kothari

Top defence finance official & husband accused of bending rules to get govt contract

Ex-MP complains to defence ministry and PMO about ‘corruption at the highest level’, alleges official used her influence to get the contract for husband.

On Camera

Vir Das incident proves rogue sneezing and coughing are the new guns during Covid-19

Comedian Vir Das’s Twitter post showing a neighbour threatening to sneeze on him points to a growing global trend of people using sneezes & coughs as threats.

Yogi vs Uddhav vs Piyush Goyal: Will politics over migrant workers hurt economic revival?

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray’s accusation that the Railways is not running enough trains to ferry migrant workers sparked a Twitter war with Railway minister Piyush Goyal.


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India wants LAC status quo maintained, China demands India should stop construction activity

Local-level talks going on between Indian & Chinese sides have been described as 'ping-pong game' as there has been a lot of back and forth without any tangible outcome.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

PM, CM, DM: India’s 3 big power centres have been exposed by one disaster

The prime minister, chief minister and district magistrate are the three engines of India’s governance, but their handling of the coronavirus pandemic is going awry.