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Attendees at World Economic Forum meet in Davos | Jason Alden/Bloomberg

World Economic Forum report’s top 5 global risks for 2020 are all to do with climate

Reports says extreme weather conditions, climate action failure, natural disasters, biodiversity loss and human-made natural disasters are the top 5 global risks for 2020.
Global warming has many consequences | Pixabay

These are the 5 reasons why scientists think we are in a climate emergency

Earthlings are in a race against time to save the planet from some of the worst consequences of the ongoing climate emergency.
Climate Change

Over 11,000 scientists from 153 countries declare global climate emergency

The declaration is based on an analysis of data on energy use, surface temperature, population growth, land clearing, deforestation, carbon emissions etc.

On Camera

Yogi Adityanath said ‘gunda raj’ over and people bought it. But UP crime still the worst

The Yogi Adityanath govt’s brazen touting of encounter killings has gained popular support, but has failed to curb crime on the ground in Uttar Pradesh.
Workers at a metro construction site in Mumbai (representational image) | Photo: ANI

India added 7 crore jobs in June — mostly daily wagers, farmers and small businesses

About 12 crore jobs were lost due to the lockdown in April, but things are gradually improving. However, only 39 lakh new salaried jobs have been created.


Pangong lake area and its eight fingers marked out, near LAC | Abhijit Iyer-Mitra | Twitter

Indian and Chinese troops begin disengagement in Ladakh, Army to remain very cautious

The Indian Army will carry out a verification process in a 72-hour window to ensure China's PLA soldiers have adhered to the agreement arrived at the Corps Commander-level meetings.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

It’s time for China, Pakistan, even India to rethink the fantasy Modi called expansionism

India, China and Pakistan all want territory from another. But it’s a pursuit doomed to fail as they can’t get it without annihilating the other.