Sunday, 16 December, 2018

Topic: Cambridge analytica

The Twitter Inc. logo displayed outside the company's headquarters in San Francisco | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Twitter is making it difficult for academics to access data after Cambridge Analytica

Twitter’s policies make it increasingly challenging and costly for researchers to access historical tweets.
Google logo

No Google, we did not agree to share this information

More than a decade into era of prevalent social networks & smartphones, people still can’t make informed choices about how to safely conduct their lives online.

Facebook security breach exposes a crisis of faith

It will be difficult for Facebook to regain the trust of its customers after it reported a security flaw that affected almost 50 million accounts. 
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram founders quitting makes a terrible picture for Facebook

Instagram founders leaving is terrible optics for Facebook just when it was trying to present a picture of confidence after 2 years in crises. 
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CBI seeks details of alleged data theft from Facebook & Cambridge Analytica

The investigative agency initiated a preliminary enquiry last month against Cambridge Analytica and Global Science Research after Centre's request.
OP Rawat

Current laws inadequate to check abuse of money in polls, says Chief Election Commissioner

OP Rawat noted that "machinations" of data theft, data harvesting and fake news pose a potent threat to the electoral process in the country.
Facebook App | Johannes Berg/Bloomberg

Facebook has suspended 400 dodgy apps

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is enhancing privacy standards, especially with regard to developer relationships.

LinkedIn, like Facebook, is allowing researchers to use its data, but with one big caveat

Restrictions on data mining will stop researchers from using data beyond the requirements of their projects.
Twitter trolling, making the quality of online debate questionable| Alex Flynn/Bloomberg

There are weird things happening with Twitter and Facebook stocks

Since Twitter went public, its stock price relative to earnings generally has been lower than Facebook's. Now it's not.
cybersecurity in India

India needs a robust policy on data protection, not empty promises

An Indian armed with a cellphone leaves an enormous digital print. Concerns regarding data privacy and mining of personal information are legitimate.
Mahatma Gandhi

Why Ghanaians are removing Gandhi statues in the middle of the night

Best way to commemorate Gandhi in his 150th-year would be to critically examine him — not just garland and worship him.
rafale deal

SC on Rafale PILs: Setback for Rahul’s campaign or lesson not to politicise defence deals?

The Supreme Court Friday dismissed all petitions seeking a court-monitored probe into the Rafale fighter jet deal. The court’s order comes at a time when the Op...