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A demonstrator shows a British National (Overseas) passport as another waves a colonial-era Hong Kong flag during a lunchtime protest at the International Finance Center (IFC) shopping mall in Hong Kong, China | Bloomberg

China threatens to stop recognising UK-issued Hong Kong passports

China’s Foreign Ministry says Britain has violated its own promises and insisted on interfering with Hong Kong affairs and China’s domestic issues.

Delhi teen, Chaitanya Venkateswaran, spends day as British High Commissioner

In an annual event organised by the British High Commission, 18-year-old woman from Delhi had the unique opportunity to become UK's senior-most diplomat for a day.

China looked at India under British rule as a teacher — of what not to be

India was regarded by the Chinese as a warning — as a failed and fallen country, which had been enslaved by colonial rulers virtually without resistance.
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan | Wikimedia Commons

What Bacha Khan’s daughter told me about his treatment by Pakistani authorities

In Talib's Tale, John Butt writes about his journey to Pakistan in search of an education he couldn't get in England and how he adapted to the Pashtoon way of life.
Hardik Malik, the first Indian pilot in the Royal Flying Corps | Indian Air Force| Facebook

The British were so impressed by Indian WWI aviators that they gave India its own Air Force  

More than a million Indians served in WWI. Among them, dapper in RFC uniforms, was a tiny number of Indians who served in the flying corps.

East India Company sent a diplomat to Jahangir & all the Mughal Emperor cared about was beer

Jahangir had four million armed men under him and a vast empire, talking about trade with an English diplomat bored him greatly.
Nehru, Gandhi, and Sardar Patel sitting together

Why Mandela failed & Gandhi-Nehru succeeded in bringing about revolutionary constitutionalism

South Africa’s apartheid regime was brutal on liberation movement. But while the British in India used force, they also had to give Congress a role in government.
An example of the receipt given to participants in the 2011 caste census in India | Kate Geraghty/The Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Did the British invent caste in India? Yes, at least how we see it now

British Indian government found multiple justifications for not intervening in the biased caste system.
File image of Jyotirao Phule | Wiki

Jyotirao Phule, the radical-reformist who fought caste & gender discrimination

On his 192nd birth anniversary, ThePrint remembers Jyotirao Phule and how he fought for the rights of Dalits and emancipation of women.
Bullet marks seen at Jallianwala Bagh | Flickr

Jallianwala Bagh centenary — Britain won’t apologise but will ‘express regret’ for massacre

The UK was expected to apologise for the 13 April 1919 attack, but it seems there will just be another expression of regret for the actions of General Dyer.

On Camera

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat speaks at the book release of 'Gandhi Ko Samajhney Ka Yahi Samay' in New Delhi on 17 February 2020 | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Listen to Mohan Bhagwat’s Dussehra speech. You won’t say RSS lacks intellectual bandwidth

Mainstream Indian media used to denigrate and ridicule RSS. But it is now publishing its chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statements as front-page news.

Iraq PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi bets big on economic reforms

Kadhimi's govt is pushing a soup-to-nuts overhaul in the next three to five years. The path of least resistance would have been to wait until the general election next summer.


Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh meets his US counterpart Mark Esper at his office in South Block Monday | Twitter | @rajnathsingh

India & US agree on deeper cooperation in Indo-Pacific as Rajnath meets Mark Esper

The hour-long meeting between Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and his US counterpart Mark Esper came a day before the bilateral 2+2 ministerial dialogue in Delhi.
Illustration: Soham Sen/ThePrint

Trump or Biden? Doesn’t matter to India-US ties as they’re in a full, strategic embrace

Pompeo & Esper’s visit to India for the 2+2 talks is proof that old hypocrisies are history, and supreme national interest has again driven a strategic choice.