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Topic: Blood pressure

Old-fashioned BP cuffs as effective as Bluetooth devices to monitor hypertension, shows US trial

Report, published in JAMA Internal Medicine Monday, says researchers 'found no difference' in BP reduction between group using traditional BP instruments & the one with smart devices.

Only 7% women, 6% men who have hypertension take medicine, govt’s family health survey shows

The National Family Health Survey 5 data revealed that India's cancer screening coverage also remains poor, with only 0.6% undergoing breast examination and 0.7% taking oral cavity test.

‘White foods’ are invading India’s breakfast menu. So are chronic illnesses

India's bakery market is expected to grow 8.5% to reach more than $12 billion by 2026. But evidence is also building up against refined foods as producing more harm than good.

How much salt should you eat? WHO now says you must cut it down by half

The new set of benchmarks have been based on local food environments and target processed and packaged foods in an effort to lower risks of blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Tackling stubble burning could reduce high BP risk, save $2 billion over 5 years — study

Researchers from IIT Delhi, Brookings Institution and Ashoka University find reducing disease burden associated with hypertension can help save $1.73 to 2.24 billion over 5 years.

India’s hypertension initiative substantially improved BP control in 4 states, study finds

Study by ICMR and WHO scientists finds that a good number of patients registered with India Hypertension Control Initiative were successful in controlling their blood pressure.

Rajinikanth admitted to hospital in Hyderabad after suffering blood pressure fluctuations

Rajinikanth was shooting for a movie in Hyderabad for the past 10 days, when a few people on the sets tested Covid positive, and he had isolated himself.

Blood pressure medications decrease death in Covid patients

These medications may actually have a protective role – particularly in patients with high blood pressure.

Covid patients with high blood pressure face ‘double risk’ of death, says Chinese study 

Indian doctors agreed with the findings, published in European Heart Journal, saying they reflect the realities experienced while treating Covid-19 patients.

This is why some young Indians are at higher risk of Covid complications

Metabolic disorders are increasingly common among younger Indians, so the age at which Covid-19 becomes a higher risk could be much lower than 65-plus.

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78% of Indian abortions are outside clinics, even with a good law

Women have, and always will, need abortions. Our job as policymakers and programme implementers is to empower them to do so.
The logo of the Adani Group is seen on the facade of one of its buildings on the outskirts of Ahmedabad | Reuters file photo

From ports to energy transition — Adani Group to invest over $100 billion in next decade

Speaking at Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore, Adani said the group intends to do more as a solar player & has earmarked 70% of the investment for the energy transition space.


Parts of Iranian made 'suicide' drone Shahed-136 after being shot down by the Ukrainian military | Reuters

All about Shahed-136, Iran’s ‘kamikaze’ drone that Russia is using to strike Ukraine

Over the past few days, Russia has hit multiple targets using these Iranian-supplied drones—including civilian structures and amenities—leading to the death of several Ukrainians.
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AAP’s filling a big vacuum in Indian politics. Question is how long it can sustain without ideology

If you find admiration for AAP qualified, if not muted among many of the Modi-BJP’s critics, it is because they question it for its lack of ideological clarity. Especially on secularism.