Friday, 27 May, 2022

Topic: Biodiversity

Conserving biodiversity, building infrastructure can pay off. Learn from Costa Rica

If other countries want to develop ecotourism industries modeled on Costa Rica’s, they should increase access to nature-based tourism opportunities by building roads and hotels.

Wildlife Protection Amendment Bill 2021 misses the target despite good intentions

Instead of taking an ecological approach and define an ‘alien species’ in the context of its natural location, the WPA Bill understands the term ‘alien’ in a geopolitical context.

What do sponges feed on in nutrient-poor Arctic? European study answers long-held mystery

The sponges, spanning 15 sq kms, were found on top of extinct underwater mountains. They were feeding on fossilised remains of a tube worm ecosystem from thousands of years ago.

Jairam Ramesh writes to Speaker as govt ‘bypasses’ standing committee on Biodiversity Act tweak

‘Motivations obvious’, says Jairam Ramesh, calls move a ‘deliberate insult’ to Standing Committee on Science and Technology, Environment, Forests & Climate Change, which he chairs.

Here’s how to build sustainable, healthier, more equitable food systems: WEF founder

Nearly one-third of the global population cannot afford a healthy diet. There is even a risk of growing food insecurity in many 'advanced' countries.

UN’s 2022 Global Biodiversity Framework could become the new ‘Paris Agreement for nature’

Set to be finalized in early 2022, the draft sets targets for protecting marine and land habitats and reducing pesticides and plastic waste.

About 63 per cent of Asia Pacific’s GDP is at risk from nature loss. Here’s how to fix it

The food, land and ocean use system contributes 40 per cent to regional GDP and 60 per cent to employment, significantly more than the global average.

How otters’ love for eating purple sea urchins is protecting fragile ecosystems

Otters have helped protect patches of kelp forests, an example of how important ecosystems are in the natural world.

Human-made materials now weigh as much as all living biomass, say scientists

Earth’s biosphere now weighs a little less than 1.2 trillion tonnes, trees on land making up most of it. It was something like double that before humans started clearing forests.

A rope bridge is helping conserve China’s rarest primate species

A critically-endangered gibbon species in China has been thrown a lifeline – literally.

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Gautam Adani’s food venture Adani Wilmar is best-performing IPO in Asia

The food company has almost tripled since its debut and outperformed 121 Asian initial public offerings worth over $100 million this year.


Representative image of Indian Army personnel | Commons

Army accuses Pakistan of ‘deceit under garb of LoC ceasefire’ as infiltration bid is foiled

Three terrorists were killed Thursday while they were attempting an infiltration into J&K's Keran sector from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.