Monday, 18 February, 2019
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Design for Amaravati, capital of Andhra Pradesh

India is building a high-tech sustainable city from scratch

In Andhra Pradesh, the local government has enlisted Norman Foster to help redesign the capital city, Amaravati.
Chandrababu Naidu

Not to be left behind, Chandrababu Naidu makes it easy to acquire land in Andhra too

The Andhra Pradesh amendment simplifies the land acquisition process into a singular agreement with the district collector.

The only difference between Amaravati & a sci-fi film is one of them will soon be real

The first phase of the dream capital city of Andhra Pradesh will be complete by the end of 2018, it is hoped. But delays, doubts & fears hang like a cloud.

Amaravati is Naidu’s Neverland. It is yet to come out of glitzy PowerPoint presentations

True to his hi-tech image, Chandrababu Naidu asked people to donate e-bricks to the construction of Amaravati, each brick costing Rs. 10. The challenge now is to convert the virtual reality into reality, brick by brick.


Actor Vyjayanthimala

Every Bollywood reincarnation story must tip its hat to Bimal Roy’s Madhumati

Of the many things that Bimal Roy’s Madhumati got right, Pran’s antagonistic turn was one.
space laws

When it comes to space activities in India, are no laws better than bad laws?

The government had put the draft Space Activities Bill in the public domain, inviting suggestions. The bill was never introduced in this Lok Sabha. 


Convoys to Kashmir can’t be stopped even if aircraft are available, top CRPF officers say

CRPF officer says nearly 4,000 personnel needed to be moved from Jammu to Srinagar due to a backlog caused by weather. Not all could’ve gone by aircraft.
National Interest

Suicidal Pakistan should know Modi may not be scared of its nuclear button

Pakistan has taken too much of a chance with Pulwama — with the wrong government in India, and at the wrong time.