Monday, June 5, 2023
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Coronavirus came from bats, can infect cats and ferrets too, WHO says

Recent studies showed that cats can transmit the virus to other cats and the WHO is aware of instances of pets of Covid-19 patients being infected.

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Johannesburg/London: A World Health Organization scientist said Covid-19 comes from bats and can spread among cats, amid an international debate about the virus’s origin.

The novel coronavirus comes from a group of viruses that originate or spread in bats, and it’s still unclear what animal may have transmitted the disease to humans, Peter Ben Embarek, a WHO expert in animal diseases that jump to humans, said Friday in a briefing with reporters. The virus probably arrived in humans through contact with animals raised to supply food, he said.

Recent studies showed that cats can transmit the virus to other cats and the WHO is aware of instances of pets of Covid-19 patients being infected, it said in a statement Friday. While precautions should be taken to avoid the infection of pets from close contact with Covid-19 human cases, further evidence is needed to understand if animals and pets can spread the disease. It’s important to find out which animals can get infected to avoid creating a “reservoir” in another species, Ben Embarek said.

Questions about the origin of Sars-CoV-2, the virus that has caused the pandemic, have intensified since U.S. President Donald Trump suggested it came from a laboratory in China. Germany most recently questioned the claim, made by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Der Spiegel reported. Intelligence services from five countries, including the U.S., were unable to confirm his statements, it said. Scientists who have studied the issue maintain that the virus originated in an animal, and probably entered the human population in November.

New Mission

WHO scientists are considering a new mission to China to get more information about the virus’s animal origin, Maria van Kerkhove, one of the agency’s top epidemiologists, said at a press briefing Wednesday. Questions remain about whether the virus traveled directly from bats to people, or if other species were involved.

Pangolins, armored mammals that live in Asia, have been found to harbor versions of Sars-CoV-2 that are similar to those in people. The WHO wanted to conduct more animal investigations on an earlier mission to China, but the lockdown of the outbreak’s epicenter in Wuhan made that impractical, Ben Embarek has said.

The first human cases were detected in and around Wuhan, and most of those people had contact with the animal market, though not all, Ben Embarek said.

Trump has doubled down on claims that the Chinese mistakenly released the virus from the laboratory as the outbreak in the U.S. has grown to become the world’s largest and deadliest. Chinese officials have said that the U.S. has no evidence to back up those claims and called the allegations a blame game.-Bloomberg

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  1. One more thing , we don’t follow or bother what WHO says any more. They all have to go to the hell.

  2. We don’t trust on WHO. WHO is biggest liar & cheater. WHO is responsible for all these deaths , which are going on & on all over the world with the help of liar & rascal friend China. WHO will be never ever forgiven by Anybody & By God Almighty too. We think WHO should be dissolved or finished. Otherwise, there will be more worse consequences the world has to face.

  3. WHO are you nuts ? The Print ? Are you losing hope thats why you support this kind of a nonsense article or you just want to gain a lot comments even they called you bullshit, brainless, fuck off etc cmon dont be a poo do something positive this what people need now. We dont need to know where the hell is virus came from. What we need to know now is the cure. So stop this shit article it will not help.

  4. If it did come from a lab which I find highly unlikely then they didnt do a very good job as the virus kills mostly the elderly and those with underlying health conditions which would have no benefit to the Chinese whatsoever. If the vunerable populations were shielded then the rest of the population would have been able to carry on as normal and the world economy would not be in crisis. The only thing to benefit from all this is the planet. So if you want to blame something blame mother nature for trying to save the Earth. Human nature can be very self destructive from some of the comments it seems as if certain people want World war III to happen. Get a grip we are all human beings trying to survive we should work together not against each other. People in power should take more responsibility for their actions, not cause their nations to hate another.

  5. This virus, in my opinion, was purposely released and I believe that it could lead to the end of humanity. I also believe that every person will get it, or be exposed to it. And that is exactly what a few head scientist, doctors ect. Want. They are going to wait until everyone gets it before a vaccine is released cause they want to profit tremendously from the vaccine. In my personal opinion, I believe that the Dr. Anthony Fauci is in on it together with WHO and President Trump has figured it out too and that’s why he wants Fauci fired and cut off funds to WHO. WE AIN’T STUPID! IT DOESN’T TAKE A GENIUS TO FIGURE IT OUT. I hope that the ones who are to blame get what’s coming to them. GOD WILL PUNISH THEM.

    • Bullshit what? The study of what species can become infected and which can spread it to member of their own species, was carried out in a lab months ago and is in peer review. It is readily available on line. Cats and ferrets both became infected and spread it to their own species. It was not tested if they spread to humans because that’s not allowed.


  7. That the virus is man made or at least modified is the most likely, same as Sars, same as HIV, same as The black Death (pest). Why? Let’s see in history: how many times this things happen? They come out of the blue, media spreading lies, that’s how the game is played. But to the issue who was the one who deployed the virus, small brains think China, the country who hurt them self? It’s surely all planed out by the biggest idiot in history Donald trump, some may say ouch he did hurt his own country but that’s the thing with him, he doesn’t think and act in a rush and karma kissed his butt. But in the end just another theory, I guess we should be lucky as it also could have been WW3, it’s time and the planet is more than overpopulated. So you want blame someone then blame worldwide all governments as they are all in on it.

  8. This is the biggest bunch of crap Iv3ever heard. So, now I guess people are be killing all the cats oh and all the rest of the animals dogs too because ALL animals have CORONAVIRUS. Im really PISSED OFF that this article even got printed.

    • Yes this article is bullshit they push other people to abandon their pets and the WHO is supporting this kind of brainless article

    • Exactly. Humans have to stop eating bats, cats, pangolins and other species. Humans are to blame.

    • Allow your mind flexibility, the source of the virus is suggesting its bats and it can transfer between animals. Therefore, it’s possible if Chinese people eat small animals as they do, the virus can then jump to humans. When checking things all sources need investigating, which allows to arrive at a correct solution.

  9. Criminal China, Criminal scientists, Strange virus, strong enough to infect the whole world is reinforced in a lab, it’s obvious no animal can transmit such a virus and still be alive out there, this virus is modified and varied somehow to work on human body, it can not directly be transmitted by bats to humans, Damn on Scientists who make it and do nothing now just observing the pain of people and poor families, Shame on WHO

  10. This is the biggest bunch of crap Iv3ever heard. So, now I guess people are be killing all the cats oh and all the rest of the animals dogs too because ALL animals have CORONAVIRUS. Im really PISSED OFF that this article even got printed. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS GARBAGE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHO PEOPLE.

    • I totally agree! People are already surrendering their pets because they don’t have money to feed them….bogwash articles like this is created chaos for animals already suffering. Please withdraw this dumbass article or publish a scientific, cited article with evidence…….which I’m sure you don’t have. I have never seen people push out research in such a short time ever. Is there a Corona Nobel up for grabs?

    • No one said all animals have Coronavirus and no one said anything about killing animals. You’re pissed about this article? Well I’m pissed about your stupidity🤦‍♀️

  11. Seriously people, the earth does not spin for you. We are talking about a form of life that existed billions of years. You seriously underestimate such a creature’s will to live. To say we live in the domain of the microscopic world is pretty much right on the mark. Considering the only defense we have made was cellular colonization and enlisted protist white blood cells. ( Like humans with dogs).
    This form of life just needs the conditions. Rust, rotting oranges..happen everywhere.
    So wether it starts with cats, dogs , chinese labs is unimportant. We have to figure out it’s predator. If non exist naturally, then we have to invent it.
    Everyone here is acting like a spoiled kid. The fact that even cells have no real fight against viruses, save making fake protien in metabolism or the horseshoe crab, a survivor of a mass extinction revolving around a global pandemic that wiped out 95 percent of life on earth. Only has a method of suffocating the virus, should be in your minds. This is the real nature we are dealing with.
    If you wanna whine and blame make cromagnon gestures then go ahead.
    Personally i would like to see if for whatever reason we actually solve this. If we can actually solve the common cold. What an achievement that would be for the human race.

  12. This all come from China and trump and Boris has known about from the start I have three ferrets and they’re all completely healthy and fine so to say that it’s spread from animals is total bullshit the who and world governments can all go to hell and die a horrible death

  13. Classic misinformation here folks. The title says coronavirus comes from bats. Coronavirus is a generic term for numerous viruses stemming from bats. This article to trying to influence belief of covid-19 having been transmitted by animals. Another CCP mouthpiece trying to deflect blame. Also, the WHO has lost its credibility so citing its opinion instantly loses credit for any article.
    At this point most people believe that it came from the Wuhan lab. Why? Because in the absence of hard proof that’s where common sense points to.

  14. Your conspiracy theories don’t matter. They’re nothing more than hallucinations caused by underlying pain. Seek a therapist before you take a dump on scientists, you’re not enough to be one anyways.

  15. Theories, theories and more theories! Please dont put false information like this out there. There is alot of anecdotal evidence that many people are abandoning their animals after seeing articles such as this.

  16. That is bull.shit…..! This virus was similar to a coronavirus in bats but did not match the last four markers were different. I must also add that certain special forces went and retreived multiple samples this virus is not found in any.animal on this planet. The virus is a bat coronavirus that had the last for genetic markers changed to attach to human ace 2. So yes fuck the W.H.O . And China we will bring all factorys home we will make our own shit and you can figure out how to feed and employee your people. We ought to nuke your fucking asses and could before you even had a chance to arm you tired of humanity

    • None of what you said makes any sense. Suggesting nuking a country along with your nonsense statement, makes me think you’re actually Donald Trump🤣🤣

    • Dude, it is hard to understand your writing. Please, learn about basic punctuation and consider it in your posts!

  17. I love all the armchair epidemiologists pontificating here in the comments as though they have hundreds of millions of dollars in budgets at their control to perform testing and publish peer reviewed research findings. Seriously, folks (Laura) just STFU – your feelpinions are just going to look stupid in a months time.

  18. Anyone who still believes it isj a credible source is sorely mistaken they are totally bought and paid for by the Chinese . and they must share the blame for the lies and disinformation. They appear to have assisted in the in plantation of the virus in EUrope!

  19. Why even headline anything about cats catching the virus since they can only spread it to other cats and not humans please make that clear. Otherwise people immediately want to dump there pets and that is so cruel and unfair to pets leaving them homeless or dead

    • I completely agree & thought the exact same thing. Being the manager of the cattery at an animal shelter and can tell you people are dumping their cats &dogs since they started saying cats and dogs can get covid19, however they arent printing the basic fact that cats & dogs CAN NOT GIVE YOU COVID19! THEY CATCH IT FROM YOU BUT YOU CANT CATCH IT FROM THEM! People please dont overreact and stop dumping your pets, if cats and dogs transmitted covid19 then you wouldve been reading about all the people in animal rescue catching covid19 which isnt happening. Dont believe everything you read. Do your research & use common sense.

  20. A recent comment came from a Japanese scientist which clearly says that any viruses for that matter will live in a particular temperature only which suits to its body. Now the question is that there is a big variations in temperature in different countries in the world. Then how can Covid-19 virus can exist the whole world where different climatic conditions exists. Hence ,the scientist says that the origin of Covid-19 is from the Wuhan China.

    • No. In fact they have said for around a month now that it can exist in any climate by is less functional in colder climates. No one has ever said it relies on a particular climate.

  21. What a bunch of lies .the dog eating Chinese have been eating these animals forever .they made it threw animal transfer then to human . Communists why do you all trust them

  22. Evidence is the key word , it’s all very well to point the blame but it’s about time all opinions should be muted unless they can prove their statements . Judy Gleeson .

  23. Lies lies lies. This was a bio weapon all the way in hopes it would finally be the nail in the coffin to oust Our great President Trump. Guess what? It’s not going to work. Us deplorables are backing our president all the way no matter what happens or what the fake news reports. Were just a little smarter then you might think you fucking maggots! Mr president fire the corrupt and treasonous Dr Fauci NOW!! Hes a dirtbag prick

  24. Yeah right! We are not stupid it came from the lab and Corona virus in cats has nothing to do with COVID 19. The Chinese did this on purpose to damaged the economy.

  25. THIS DID NOT COME FROM A BAT. I have a very close family member who works for, WHO and people please listen, This did not come from a bat. It was made in a lab as a test for chemical warfare.

    • You are absolutely correct and there is plenty of evidence to prove it! Y’all need to check out an independent journalism paper called the Epoch Times. They have an article that documents the studies of the head scientist at Wuhan lab. The virus that “accidentally” escaped was biologically engineered by her and was tested on rats whose lungs were destroyed. She was preparing to test it on primates next!! Biological warfare intended!! What idiot would believe anything that the WHO or Chinese communists say?? They are one in the same.

  26. Stop laying the blame on animals when its people’s fault these viruses mutate with unhealthy culinary and farming practices.
    China is to blame for much of this. They are so ignorant to what they are doing. No words for these people…

  27. These comments though… Do any of you stop to think about how absolutely ridiculous that you sound? Honestly, does it even matter where originated at this point? People are dying, horribly. How about we focus on a cure and a solution instead of these asinine conspiracy theories? We need to be discussing positive reinforcements to make sure that we can prevent the extreme spreading of the next pandemic that will, undoubtedly, happen- eventually.

    • Origin matters. Obviously, nobody can reverse-engineer a vaccine let alone a cure. So, knowing where it came from will certainly help. But as we know Ch dont and will never allow anyone to investigate in their territory for obvious reasons. Come on, do we really have to say it out loud?

  28. Scaremongering! Who the hell do we listen to? BELIEVE??? until the scientist’s find the hosts cause, be it wild animal /bat pangolin!! cerval wet market Or chinese laboratory mishap!! We will not know for sure! Or god forbid we will never know…
    And now they are saying it may have started as, early as, November!!! If thats right we could have had a head start on this!!! Boris should have locked us, down sooner!!

  29. What are you all doing wasting time your talking rubbish that doesn’t fit the bill how on earth in gods name can you stop this desease YES its not a virus but a DESEASE I Am talking sense I have had Multiple Sclerosis desease for 23yrs has affected every which way it can am still trying to get £3 000 to go for stem cell treatment cannot get it on NHS I know there is a win/lose chance I have + will never stop battling this cannot let it beat me I am paying £126 every month for a mobility scooter if not I am wheelchair bound but not for me just can’t see a way out at all in the war schools were open also shops church was open all we have to do is bang a pan every Thurs at 8pm godbless to all of us see you at the pearly gates love you xx

    • Of cause it has come from a lab cannot be stopped the 3 scientists who made it caught the desease all are dead now means cannot be stopped only calmed down like my own body put it politely its Fukd the whole world no running away

  30. …to deflect the blame, this has to be issued now. Wait for other experts to tell us WHO, WHY and HOW and and not WHAT animal caused this pandemic. We know WHERE it came from!

  31. “A scientist from the WHO says Covid-19 came from bats” Must be true then. No further research needed. Just take it as fact. Don’t question anything. Nothing to be suspicious about. Just believe whatever a WHO scientist says and be on your way. Nevermind all the ‘gain-of -function’ research that was taking place at the Wuhan lab on coronavirus’s. Nothing to see there.

  32. This news source must hate cats and ferrets.

    Please get over your hate for Trump and stop sucking on China’s soon to be removed balls. (The Government, not the people)

    19 was made in a lab. Please stop telling lies.

  33. Coronavirus came because humans eat what they’re not supposed to eat. Things will not improve because Chinese will never change their eating habits. The frequency of pandemics will increase now.

  34. Corona virus came because dumb humans eat bats unnecessarily.

    Things will not improve because Chinese won’t improve. Frequency of pandemics will now increase.

  35. WHO, till now not confirm yet how it spread, where virus originated. As I belief with Donald trump, that virus covid 19 is a China Corona Virus, man made vitus, biological weapon made in Wuhan. The Chinese govt already buy over WHO to support the Chinese govt report that virus came from bats, as the Chinese were telling earlier. Wuhan market. grand pa stories, why becos US stop giving funds to WHO. WHO turn to China. for fund,
    I belief US president. My Reguest make sure the culprit must bought to international court. Charge them servely

  36. And WHO helped China with the cover-up and delayed announcements about the severity of the Chinese flu.

  37. These media outlets need to start facing lawsuits for reporting and spreading lies. This story is BS through and through. The WHO………are there any reporters out there who know what the WHO has been caught doing?

  38. And WHO helped China with the cover-up and delayed announcements about the severity of the Chinese flu.

  39. Covid-19 was mentioned in a Chinese/Japanese teen drama show that was filmed 1n 2018, my kid showed me and there in the subtitles at the scene of a scientist chatting to someone COVID-19 pops across the bottom of the screen, I kid you not. You tube folks and you will find the show. It’s also on Netflix

  40. It originated in CHINA. Trump. Is correct ex 1. Resources are receding ex 2. Economy control ex. 3 population reduction 1 yr ago china china china trade unfairness can u guess it?

  41. Terrible to release unverified and unsubstantiated info because people will be abandoning their pets of ignorance and fear. For Shame!!

  42. The average person knows more about covid-19 than virologists, doctors, and scientists. I know because I have seen the proof on social media.

  43. The average person knows more about covid-19 than virologists, doctors, and scientists. I know because I have seen the proof on social media.

  44. The WHO is a totally discredited information source. The fact that this is a novel virus in both cats and humans points to a single source release (lab accident, most likely), rather than a natural mutation from a reservoir of near-miss viruses in a population of, say, bats that only exist in Hubei province in laboratories, were not sold at the wet market, and are otherwise in hibernation in isolated mountain cabes 1000 miles away. There’s more evidence that this came from a lab than the desperate assertions of the scientists whose work consists of modifying the Spike protein of bat coronaviruses to make them infectious to human cells that it didn’t, it just couldn’t, it wouldn’t come from a lab licensed by the WHO to work on bioweapon level viruses.

  45. Two doctors, one prominent business man tried to say were it came from and worn people, some how they just disappeared, sorry just can’t believe anything China says.

  46. If people believed everything the government and who says they wouldn’t leave the house 🤔 oh wait, most are not.. stop scaremongering..

  47. Like anything they say can be believed, sounds like they are tryimg to continue the cover up for commie land. How much has beijing paid them off?

  48. The WHO has about as much credibility as the Chinese National Party when it comes to accurate and truthful information…none, zero, zip, nada.

  49. All I can say is that who ever wrote the 1st comment starting out with “BS” needs some spelling lessons before they try to convey their thoughts n opinions to other’s. Learn how to spell words correctly so people know what your trying to say? 🙄

  50. I agree we have enough homeless cats as is without humans, same type humans who would drink clorox, doing away with their pets in cruel and inhumane ways, based on uneducated and ill-informed assumptions. Please stop spreading unneeded misinformation about our furry friends!

  51. So the Novel Corona Virus came from a particular type of bat you all claim ….🤔. So please, pray tell us where in the Hell did the bat get it? If you can only speculate that the virus came from a bat, but you can not or refuse to identify how and or where a bat got this virus, then your theories are crap as far as the general public and people sickened or dead by this virus and their loved ones are concerned . Where did the bat get this crap? Is this some type of cover up? You can kill the so called carrier bats or whatever if you want but if you can not identify where this bat got this virus then we have not gotten any closer to identifying what started this and finding a complete cure for it than we were months ago.
    I would love to know where in the Hell the bat got it in the first place so we can eradicate that carrier. Whatever that was and whatever or whomever gave it to that bat. You can kill the bats etc., but whatever infected that bat (s) are still out there.

    I personally do not believe that this is some kind of governmental cover up crap to control us. I think it is a world that is demanding answers and a world of people that are scared because the government does not know what the hell is going on, the real origination of this virus or how to cure it just yet.

    • It is well established that bats carry
      these viruses. Also rats. Didn’t
      really “catch it”
      It can jump to a pangolin eaten at
      the wet market and then to people
      I tend not to believe the lab theory
      but maybe. As we keep interfering
      with wildlife habitats so we are in
      contact with animals we are at
      risk for these viruses
      Humans can’t handle these viruses
      I agree with the comments about
      cat transmission and ignorant
      people will toss their animals.
      I am not Republican but blame
      the media for inciting panic


  52. Very misguided and misleading information. It is irresponsible to put a seed in the minds of lay people who will more than likely overreact because they don’t know any better. You cannot get Co id-19 from cats or dogs.

  53. It seems to me that while the experts are studying this virus and learning as new information is coming to light, the rest of us should use the same integrity and sense of responsibility as the experts do. Emotive responses made public do nothing to add to the knowledge about covid-19. As with the study of other diseases about which we are now familiar, we should remember it may take months if not years to truly understand this virus.

  54. There is a reason why the Chinese used to charge the family for the round that killed the person that lied to the government/party.

  55. It may have come from bats but then the finger points to the Chinese wet markets and that then caused the pandemic due to their poor hygiene and archaic animal welfare standards . WHO is a puppet of China and that is where the blame lies and China needs to be held accountable for their actions . Either way it is their fault

  56. This is a time to keep your cats inside and make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations –which can be purchased at a reasonable cost over the counter at feed stores.

  57. Man will make more lies to cover up their lies. Really it’s sad and evil that people are in the middle of man’s wicked schemes. God have mercy on us all.

  58. I wouldn’t believe anything anymore coming from. WHO. Their opinions have been bought by the Chinese government

  59. Yes more lies from the who I agree with Donald Trump,the outbreak started in the lab,now they blame animals and some people believe them and throwing there dogs and cats off bridges when they had nothing to do with it ,dont spread lies and animals suffering ,The Lord God Almighty knows

  60. Yes more lies from the who I agree with Donald Trump,the outbreak started in the lab,now they blame animals and some people believe them and throwing there dogs and cats off bridges when they had nothing to do with it ,dont spread lies and animals suffering for it,you know exactly where this started,same as aids ect to cut down the populations ,The Lord God Almighty knows

  61. WHO …are you kidding ??? you lot deserve to be injected with this lab manipulated virus stuck in confinement for six weeks and then we throw away the keys on you and all your croonies…the positive test on a pawpaw just shows how sick and twisted you are…

  62. Why would the Who lie about cats? People going conspiracy theory crazy…… Its actually a study done by real science people read something other than comics you might ac learn something.

  63. Whuhan just happened to be testing the covid virus at the time as the US deemed it too dangerous to tested on their soil. Pay a Chinese lab to do the same job for a bit more money. Covid 19 . Trump on this occasion knows more about the situation than we do.

  64. And apparently it also infects donkeys, goats, Paw Paw fruits, and even car diesel. Nowhere is safe.

    What a clever little bugger.

  65. I have copd asthma heart disease as well as numerous other illnesses, and have owned cats since the age of 16 i am now 58 my illnesses haven’t been caused by cats they’ve been caused by the world we live in and the people who keep the truth from us with all their experiments im glad not all of us have been brainwashed and can still see beyond the bull they want us to believe, I breathe as well as I do as I listen to my body and what its telling me not the man who doesn’t even know me, cats don’t make you ill or id be dead by now people releasing chemicals in the air and injecting people and animals are responsible for killing people

  66. The first know case has now been proven that it was in France.
    To me this a game changer and this article is utter bollocks

  67. We just don’t know who to listen to now. WHO used to be reliable, but they lost credibility by telling China to go ahead and reopen their wet markets again. This gives some credence to Trump’s assertion that the virus started in a lab. I prefer not to believe that, but… it’s definitely the loose end of the cannon 😊

  68. China are pure poison they shouldn’t be killing dogs etc Evil sods destroying our country

  69. Of course this virus was produced in a lab, and the 1 and only animal that should be blamed and held accountable for this is the human who made it. Cats, dogs, bats, birds and every other animal (except the human) had nothing to do with this. These innocent animals that people want to blame for this, have been around for thousands of years with human interaction and never transmitted diseases like this, not counting rats, otherwise, this would have happened a long time ago. Stop blaming animals, they have NOTHING to do with it, blame the p.o.s. human that created it. Treat your pets with love and care, it’s not their fault. Condemning wet markets might be a good place to start.

  70. It come out of the lab at Wuhan so don’t talk bollox and blame cats and other animals you muppet

  71. Can’t actually believe you’ve printed negative stuff, and the people are still alive, unlike the WMD chap who stabbed himself in the back 7 times to commit suicide.
    If anyone wants to know the truth check out Dr. Rashid Buttar on You-Tube, most of his videos have mysteriously disappeared, but have a search and you eyes will be opened. God help us all.

    • Mysteriously? He had written in the description that he was going to take the video down himself after 24-hours.

  72. It was clearly man/chinese made!!
    Which country has benefitted most since the outbreak began??
    Say no more!!

  73. It was clearly man/chinese made!!
    Which country has benefitted most since the outbreak began??
    Say no more!!

  74. Not in england mo bats were i live. And your country yes. U got it. China ows us british people money as they cased it started this vious stupid china. U us money u pay bill. And not in england catch vious from cats no proff and been told by health cheifs and vets.

  75. Stop your fake news!! This is disgusting what you are doing!! Cats can have their health problems , true , but COVID-19 is definetely not one of them!! At thus moment you may be contributing to more abondons!! Stop it immediately!!

  76. Can’t belive what you are saying stop giving fake information until you Who get it right you are scaring people an peoe are dumping there animals because of it.we all know where it came from if truth were known you are just trying to blame it on innocent animals like cats start telling the truth for once alot of peaple have died around the world.

  77. What id like to know is the risk to reptile owners In regards to infection. Millions of us own snakes, frogs, lizards and turtles etc.
    Snakes are my livelihood. My hobby and also part of my income. I need to know how high risk they are.
    We already know viruses mutate and become an issue to humans when cross species jumping happens (wrong pig met the wrong bat. Human eats pig human becomes infected as an example) but rarely is any looking taken in regards to reptile owners.

  78. CCP lied, WHO hides,people more bullshit from WHO(Wuhan health organization)

  79. Yah sure, and AIDs came from monkeys… Theses viruses are man made and designed in labs for obtimale results. The WHO are the ones in the 80’s that inaculted thousands of Africa’s ppl over polo consernes and started the AIDs epidemic; not a pandemic which we’re facing. The deference between the two are ones based upon a tangible disease/virus, the latter is based of how many sheep get scared and follow the leader.

    • They have to keep the ge people scared so they can sale their hypothetical anti-virus. Now that people are starting to wake up and learn the truth they have to put out more fake news to keep us scared

    • Maybe yur comments could be taken more seriously if they looked like reasoned and thoughtful analysis instead of gramatically incorrect and misspelled

    • In you are so right they blame everything in everybody but there selfs those people lie so damn much it is not funny but that’s dem-0-rats for you

    • In you are so right they blame everything in everybody but there selfs those people lie so damn much it is not funny but that’s dem-0-rats for you

    • your comment would be taken a lot more seriously if it did not seem as if you were illiterate! Seriously look over some of those mangled and misspelled words or else have somebody else do it for you?

    • The WHO is a very corrupt organization, they were very quick to praise China for their swift and prompt response to the outbreak. (you must be joking). The WHO board members are from less developed countries who receive huge financial aid from China… Therefore they will declare everything in the defence of China. Easier to say that pets are responsible than enforcing China to close those slaughterhouse animal markets!


  80. Sir when something is not clear and confirm then please don’t share it in public just because of your unclear and not confirm news many poor animal are getting abandon on road their owners are leaving them on road to die hungry

    • Thank u so much 4 saying that statement. You seem and must be a animal lover as I am as well. It breaks my heart and having difficult nights causing many nightmares. These poor defenseless beautiful creatures are suffering and they are so loyal and bring constant joy. Many people are using this virus for abandoning these animals and all they ask for is love and your trust. It is so cruel “How would they like to be forgotten and starve?”

  81. Human Covid-19 isn’t transmissible from cat to cat. Cats do have another form of Corona but it isn’t the human covid-19 and can’t be transmitted from cat to human, only cat to cat through feces which has been a virus among cats since a very long time now, long before the pandemic.
    Misleading information like this will certainly lead to people abandoning and discarding of their pets in horrible and inhumane ways.

    • Exactly. Ferrets are another thing, that’s because they are so closely related to us. They get flu, colds we can pass it to them. ( I am a owner) I am a bit sad they started testing on them.

    • Absolutely, misinformation that is given out, jeopardise the lives of many animals.
      Media should STOP producing non factual rubbish.

    • I agree they shouldn’t keep bringing cats into this pandemic. They gave it to cats by directly spraying it up their noses. The only cats that MIGHT get this virus will be from humans. Not cat to human. And yes, people have been discarding their cats over this BS. I rescue cats, feed colonies n do TNR. There has been a serious increase of cats showing up in my colonies. It’s heart breaking n completely uncalled for. And by the way, I’m not the least
      bit worried about getting the covid-19 virus from the cats. As long as sick people aren’t running around coughing up their noses There is no way they can get it (from humans) n they DON’T give it to people.

      • 100% absolutely correct. I manage a home sanctuary where I have more than 100 cats, most of which I hug and kiss everyday. So I never fear getting infected by any of my cats. To the damned and dumb idiots out there who are obviously cat haters, I pray YOU get infected by the virus and that you die immediately.

    • From Anton LaRue So very true its called bio warfare used for centuries. AIDS has been around for thousands of years as all STDS. .

    • The world as a whole only has the World Heath Organisation to work and co-ordinate our future. helping countries understand there positions. It may not be perfect what organisations is, but it is all we have please do not destroy things when we should all be working together to get through what is difficult for most and terribly for some.
      Part of living in a democracy is information is readily available, you may not like it but if it is there we should know.

    • This is the biggest bunch of crap Iv3ever heard. So, now I guess people are be killing all the cats oh and all the rest of the animals dogs too because ALL animals have CORONAVIRUS. Im really PISSED OFF that this article even got printed.

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