BJP president J.P. Nadda | Photo: ANI
BJP president J.P. Nadda | ANI
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New Delhi: Intensifying his attack on the Congress, BJP president J P Nadda on Saturday asked the opposition party 10 questions, including about alleged links between the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and China.

“Under the garb of China and COVID-19 crisis, one should not shy away from questions the nation wants to know,” Nadda told reporters while attacking Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Amid standoff with China, he asserted that India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is safe and secure, and that its brave armed forces are fully capable of protecting the country.

Nadda alleged that the RGF, which is headed by Sonia Gandhi, continuously received donations from the Chinese embassy between 2005-09, from the “tax haven” of Luxemburg between 2006-09 and NGOs with commercial interests.

National interest was “sacrificed” and donations into the family-run foundation were accepted, Nadda said.

The Congress had on Friday dismissed Nadda’s attack on the RGF over alleged donations to it from the Chinese embassy and the Prime Minister National Relief Fund as a “diabolical game of deception” by the ruling party to divert attention from the alleged Chinese occupation of Indian territory.

Nadda asked the Congress on Saturday to come clean on its “links” with China, and the details of its MoU with the Communist Party of China.

He said India’s trade deficit with China soared to USD 36.2 billion in 2013-14 from USD 1.1 billion in 2004 and asked if it was “quid pro quo” from the Congress. The Congress-led UPA was in power between 2004-14.

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  1. Mr. JP Nadda, the incident according to you has had happened in the between 2005 – 2009. And Modi came to power in 2014 onone of the promises that corruption would be dealt with and those involve will be put behind bar. But now that Congress is asking a question on Chinese incursion which he is denying and if Chinese has built up its base in the Indian side of Galwan, you are raising wild allegations. And take it for a miss why you are not making use of your CBI, ED and many other organisation that Modi Govt. is having. Stop raising wild allegations and ask Modi who is Prime Minister to declare what is the position and the India china border?

  2. I suspect that pseudo Gandhis have been recruited to work for China. In consideration of money paid to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Rahul Gandhi met the Chinese ambassador at the height of Doklam confrontation with China and perhaps took instructions from him as to how confront Narendra Modi Government.

  3. ORF of Dhruv and Vivekananda Foundation of Ajit Doval links to chinese. do not throw stones from a glass house. Naddaji.

  4. what about ORF of Jaishankar”s son and Vivekananda Foundation of the great NSA Ajit Doval receiving funds from China? so whether congress or your front organisations masquerading as research bodies have betrayed national interest , isn’t it. Nadda should be courageous enough to accept that . and the print , to prove its journalistic neutrality should throw ample light on these deals and donations received by organisations run by not less than the son of the foreign minister in the present govt as well as the third powerful man in the country , the NSA.

  5. If Chinese gave money to Rajiv Foundation they logic says they must have given money to BJP also. That is why BJP is not condemning China for taking our land.


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