Survive Or Sink: Naina Lal Kidwai uses facts & figures to alert our sinking planet

8 July, 2018 11:17 am IST
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Banker and environmentalist Naina Kidwai’s book offers solutions to revive our planet from sinking into oblivion

Survive or Sink is a path-breaking book where the author, Naina Lal Kidwai, warns the reader that we are only a step away from sinking into oblivion because of our ignorance and indifference towards the planet.

The way humanity is progressing with little care or regard towards the environment, forests, water and animals, among others, poses a big threat to our planet, and it is entirely up to each one of us as to whether we choose for it to survive or sink.

A prolific writer and a devout environmentalist along with being a top banker, Naina has put together a very valuable compilation of how we can be more prudent about utilising our natural resources. Her insights are definitely going to stimulate new thinking on critical issues for sustainable development in India and around the world.

The book, backed by examples, has thrown the spotlight on the most important social issues that we as a country are currently challenged with, such as water, sanitation, environment, pollution, etc.

As we progress through the topics, we are bombarded with facts and figures that puts us to shame as knowingly or unknowingly, we are all part of this global catastrophe. The book, however, does not just serve as a catalogue of the problems we as a nation face, but most importantly, talks about how to deal with these issues such as creation of green jobs, increased involvement of women, sustainable planning and green finance among others.

‘SOS’ or Survive or Sink, serves as a wakeup call in tackling the issues that threaten India and the entire planet at large. Naina presents a holistic approach to the many challenges and opportunities in sustainable development in India. From her extraordinarily broad experience advocating at both global and local community levels, she makes us hopeful that we can definitely achieve sustainable social progress with a little bit of planning, good will and determination.

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