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Yogi Adityanath’s anti-Mughal stand has reasons. Akbar identified himself as a ghazi

Yogi Adityanath’s decision to name a proposed Mughal museum after Shivaji is a step to ensure that the tale of hunt is also written by those who were hunted.

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I came across an interesting article by Zainab Sikander in these columns wherein she argued that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s anti-Mughal stand is merely an expression to reinforce anti-Muslim sentiments, and has nothing to do with history. However, my experience suggests that most of the Muslim intellectuals try to vilify the truth of history. This act embeds the belief among the masses that discussing issues like the ‘tyranny of Mughals’ is an attack on the minority community. It must be understood that history owes to none, but truth and time.

In Zainab Sikander’s opinion, renaming cities such as Prayagraj is an attempt to wipe out the Mughal identity that she considers to be an imperative part of India’s civilisation. I agree that the Mughals are part of our civilisational discourse, but not like the way she thinks they are — her argument is shallow because Prayagraj existed with its name since several millennia before its name was changed and primogenital evidence of this comes from the Rig Veda. The Mughals ruled only for three centuries, but the history and identity of ‘Prayagraj’ is older than 24,000 years ago. The antiquity of Prayagraj and its importance to the Indian civilisation is immense. However, we must investigate the events and circumstances around the period when the most powerful Mughal ruler in India, Akbar — who in 1578 ensured that he was addressed as Ghazi — chose to construct the fort Illahabas that later came to be called Allahabad.

Emperor of Islam, Emir of the Faithful, Shadow of God on earth, Abul Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar Badshah Ghazi, is a most just, most wise, and a most God-fearing ruler.” — Abd al-Qadir Badauni, Muntakhab al-Tavarikh-II, 279–80.

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From Prayagraj to Illahabas to Allahabad

In 1574, Akbar decided to build a fort and name the place ‘Illahabas’. According to most accounts, the fort was complete by 1584. Portuguese Jesuit, Father Monserrate, Italian Jesuit missionary and priest Rodolfo Aquaviva and Francisco Henriques arrived at Akbar’s court in early 1580s. Monserrate writes in his travelogue: “religious zeal of the Musalmans has destroyed all the idol temples.” According to him, “in place of the Hindu temples, countless tombs and little shrines of Musalmans (had) been erected.” Just two years after deciding to build Illahabas, Akbar had rewarded Badauni, the Mughal historian, with gold coins for his gesture of declaration to soak his beard with infidel Hindu blood.

Those who live with the belief that Illahabas was founded by Akbar for some secular cause and Illah does not come from illahi of kalima, perhaps, are not aware of Akbar’s acts, which strongly identify him as a Jihadi. A Ghazi, in his own words, is not a secular soul. It is tough to deny that a king who was so excited about someone soaking his beard in Hindu blood won’t have changed the name from Prayagraj to Illahabas as an attack on Hindu faith.

Zainab Sikander, in her article, says renaming cities are also about removing “Muslim sounding names”. But Yogi Adityanath has just brought back the name that existed for millennia till it was changed in the Mughal period. Name changing is not at all about Hindu or Muslim, nor is it about politics. It is all about the truth of the land. Irrespective of where the Kaaba sits, the sun rays would always enter from the east.

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Older identities are important too

Zainab Sikander also objects to the scrapping of an under-construction Mughal museum and the UP government’s plan to turn it into a museum dedicated to Chhatrapati Shivaji. She considers the great escape that Shivaji made from the captivity of mighty Aurangzeb in 1666 from Agra as a non-significant occurrence. Even Aurangzeb considered it to be one of the biggest failures of his life. Agra being the Mughal capital for 90 years is a very short time period when you consider that the state houses one of the oldest Republics of the world — Kashi —  standing tall, holding the flag of an oldest living civilization of the world.

No one is trying to blame the Muslims. But keeping 90 years of Agra as the Mughal capital above the millennium-old identity of the place and the heroics of Shivaji, suggests having a myopic vision of India’s history. The truth of Mughal tyranny is horrendous and potent enough to scare any democratic and civilised person of the day. Akbar, considered the most secular of all Mughals, had shown the religious bigotry — the emperor allowed the slaying of ten scores of cows and showered their blood onto the walls of temples (Sir Henry Miers Elliot, The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians: The Muhammadan Period, Volume 5, page 464).

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Mughals: ‘Symbol of slavery mentality’

Adityanath’s assertion that Mughals were “the symbol of slavery mentality” is not wrong either. Even if I pick the most liberal Mughal rulers, only distress would come to the Mughal Fan Club. Akbar killed innocent Hindus and cows, organised Meena Bazar to get concubines for his Harem, and used to send abundant money to Mecca on various occasions. According to James Todd, Akbar had measured the “killed ones” by weighing their janeu. Even if I just count the atrocities at the hands of Akbar, it will be a challenge to keep an account of them all. Those interested in knowing the ugly facts on Akbar the great, must read primary sources such as Akbarnama.

Zainab Sikander goes on to compare the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politicians with the Mughals, stating that while the former breaks mosque today, the latter broke temples in the past. This is one of the weakest assertions in her article. More than 40,000 temples were destroyed during the Islamic rule in India (Hindu Temples – What Happened to Them). Before making such claims, the author must present statistics to show how many mosques have been broken by the BJP politicians. Such unsubstantiated claims only lead to polarisation.

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The Jizya truth

The article also tries to justify Jizya by citing the differentiation on its application to different strata, based on Aurangzeb’s Fatawa ‘Alamgiri. But what one must also enquire is the percentage of wealth Aurangzeb was making out of this tax. According to Jagjivan Das (quoted by Irfan Habib in The Agrarian System of Mughal India, 1556-1707), Jizya formed 15 per cent of the Mughal Empire’s total revenue between 1708 and 1709. This seems to suggest a huge economic problem because GDP per capita growth was negative during this period, according to economic historian Angus Maddison (Contours of the World Economy 1-2030 AD).

Thomas Rolt, the president of English factory at Surat, said in 1679 that Jizya was charged by enforcing heavy suppression and was also a tool to convert poor Hindus to Islam (The English Factories in India, New Series, Volume 3). Italian traveller Niccolao Manucci, too, had a similar opinion which he expressed a quarter century after (1679) Rolt. Borrowing references from Fatawa ‘Alamgiri to project Mughal history should be the last thing anyone should do, for the book had nothing more than contempt for the “kafirs”. The book supported slavery and addressed it under following points:

  • If two or more Muslims, or persons subject to Muslims, who enter a non-Muslim controlled territory for the purpose of pillage without the permission of the Imam, and thus seize some property of the inhabitants there, and bring it back into the Muslim territory, that property would be legally theirs.
  • The right of Muslims to purchase and own slaves
  • A Muslim man’s right to have sex with a captive slave girl he owns
  • No inheritance rights for slaves
  • The testimony of all slaves was inadmissible in a court of law
  • Slaves require permission of the master before they can marry
  • An unmarried Muslim may marry a slave girl owned by another but a Muslim married to a Muslim woman may not marry a slave girl
  • Conditions under which the slaves may be emancipated partially or fully

Aurangzeb had sent presents worth around Rs 6,66,000 to Mecca and Rs 70,00,000 to foreign Muslim countries and its rulers. All this was happening when India’s GDP per capita growth rate was negative. It clearly speaks of the character Aurangzeb was.

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Taj Mahal

Now, to the Taj Mahal. The ‘monument of love’ was built at a cost of 4.18 Silver Rupees at a time when millions starved in great Deccan Famine. The Taj came into existence upon the blood of those who starved to death in the famine, Indian artisans’ efforts and a Hindu ruler Jai Singh’s land. The Cambridge Economic History of India — a book edited by Tapan Raychaudhuri and Irfan Habib — documents the extortionist traits of the Mughals. While India’s GDP share percentage in world economy did not diminish (though it was highest before Islamic Invasions), the GDP per capita growth remained negative throughout the Mughal period (Angus Maddison, Contours of the World Economy 1-2030 AD).

It is tough to understand why the Mughals must be given credit for creating a structure when nothing except the order to commission was run by them. India was always home to fabulous architecture like the Kailasha temple. What must be asked is why the Mughals could never build anything so marvellous, like the Taj, back in their homeland?

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History by the ‘hunted’

Yogi Adityanath’s decision to name the museum after Shivaji is a step towards ensuring that the tale of hunt is also written by those who were hunted. No king or warrior had ever given as bloody a blow to the Mughals as Shivaji and the Maratha Empire had. Shivaji was the first leader to speak about “Swaraj” and he must be celebrated in the land where he made a tyrant Aurangzeb to eat a humble pie.

Being “anti-Mughal” is not being “anti-Islam”. It is simply saying the truth out loud. The more one sides with tyrant Mughals holding the edge of faith, the more damage they bring for the Islam.

Aabhas Maldahiyar @aabhas24 is a practicing urban designer, columnist, author and an amateur History Researcher. Views are personal.

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  1. Indian Muslims identify themselves with mughals (who were outsiders) at the cost of their own people (all indians including hindus). There might be a miniscule gene pool in them derived from Central Asian invaders but are overwhelmingly South Asian. When they ignore their tyranny and idolise those invaders just because of religion, conflicts are bound to happen. At the same time, majority should be prudent to be forward looking and understanding that division is only going to hurt this country.

    • Mr Alok: It is utterly preposterous to insinuate that Indian Muslims identify themselves with Mughals and are therefore at odds with other Indians. Equally ludicrous is your claim that Indian Muslims:

      “.. idolise those invaders just because of religion, conflicts are bound to happen ..”

      An extension of your specious argument to Christians, Jews, Sikhs would be:

      “.. Indian Christians idolise the British & Portuguese invaders and just because of religion, conflicts are bound to happen .. “

      “.. Jews idolise Israel and just because of religion, conflicts are bound to happen .. “

      “.. Sikhs idolise Khalistan and just because of religion, conflicts are bound to happen .. “
      In fact, one could make the claim that since most Indian Jews opt to immigrate to Israel and break ties with India, they are aligned with Israel. Likewise, Sikhs have fought a bitter war over Khalistan where both Sikhs and Hindus have slaughtered each other and are therefore at loggerheads with India and Hindus. Christians, especially groups like Anglo-Indians have preferred to leave India for Western countries and so on. Indeed, the history of the interaction of the major religions of India has been one of uneasy truce with periodic episodes of violent strife. The Partition of 1947-48 being one of the worst examples of this mutual bloodletting.

      Coming back to Muslims. In today’s India, most Indian Muslims languish in poverty and face immense discrimination and indeed violence in India. In BJP run states such as UP, they face threats to life and limb for merely adhering to another religion, Islam. And that happens regardless of their patriotism. The patriotism of Sartaj, a corporal in the Indian Air Force did not prevent the lynching of his father Mohammad Akhlaq (RIP) in Dadri in 2015. Nor did it lead to any real prosecution of the lynchers since many of the guilty were BJP party leaders or were connected to BJP bigwigs. And the PM who could easily have reined in his lumpen followers and thugs like Adityanath has done precious little to stop the violence against Muslims.

      So rather than say that Muslims adhere to and identify themselves with Mughals, I would claim that it is Hindus who adhere to the violent, fascist philosophy of Hindutva modelled upon Hitler’s Nazism and Mussolini’s fascsim and the ones who will cause the splintering of India.

      • Splintering of India??? Is it not the real intent and rest is just justification. India was divided in 1947. Muslims had their country. Want to know which other group is yet to be settled??

  2. If ‘The Print’ continues to engage writers of this caliber or continues to publish articles having strong religious connotations favouring only one religion, probably will lose atleast one reader, “me”.
    Best Wishes.

  3. If Ramayan, Mahabharat all happened in northIndia. Can you show one old temple around delhi, ruled by most secular peaceful kings of the universe( as per many in India)

  4. Shekhar Gupta, have you noticed that India’s record in the pandemic, the death rate per million and the fall in economic output, is truly atrocious, the worst in the world by quite a degree? Do you see a link between the sort of mental case the author is and the record of this government? I do, and I consider your sponsorship of this piece a moral failutre.

    • Hey ,
      I am assuming you haven’t studied in a regular school or your brain hijacked by few.

      Which is better 11/100 or 2/10 ?

      • Liberandus like u shud stop talking about education
        After all u retards r nothing but slaves of commies and jihadis
        Using jargons and psuedo connotations doesn’t make u morons knowledgeable
        Shame on u and ur pathetic life
        I m proud to be a sanatani slave than being a jihadi lap dog like u

  5. Mughalo ka jhutan kha kha k taklu usi me ched raha hai.
    Ab tak kitna khaya Taj Mahal, Agra fort, fatehpur sikri vagaira vagaira ki khairat ki aamdani se?
    Naam badal badal k des ko lootne wale kutre,zara deshwasiyo ko yeh bhi bata na k Allahabad ka naam badalne me ₹800,000,00,00.00 ka choona des k khazane ko lagaya.
    Dosto jaante ho, har sarkari board,sikke,papers,traino k boards, internet pe information, aur anginat vastu, jaga,aadi addi sab kuch jaha Allahabad likha ho usko badalna parra hai…. …jab 800 crore se zyada kharcha ho jata hai,tab jaa k Ek bade shahar k naam se juda har kuch badalta hai. Ab Taklu ko apni jeb se to nikalna ni hai, peechwara to hum logo ka hi fatta hai. Aur is matter me kai crore jo yeh saap nighal jaate hai,uska to hisab alag .
    Khali logo ko bewaquf bana bana kar 5 saal bitayege,fir election k waqt, hidu muslim mandir masjid karege….

    • What nonsense ? Why trying to divert ?
      Yogiji ne sahi kiya . Agar isase bhi jyada lge , ham dene ko tyar hain,. Looteron aur hatyron ka naam hataane ko.

  6. Anyone who acts an apologist for the genocidal, misogynist patriarchal, rapist pedophile founder of the evilest intolerant supremacist cult of terror revered as ideal specimen of the mankind to be emulated is a terror operative himself/herself. They must be prosecuted and made to do gharWapsi. Time to make India constitutionally and legally HINDU RASTHTRA with malaysia like policies to induce Ghar wapsi or else no benefits to Cult of PEDO.

    • Mr Santani: Would the “ghar wapasi” you clamour for apply to Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis tribals and atheists?

      And then, in the Hindu Rashtra that you will generate by trashing the Constitution, what will you do to Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, tribals etc. who do not comply with your “ghar wapasi” policy ? Impose a Hindu version of “jizya” on them? Or, like the Nazis who inspired the RSS and the BJP and clearly also bigots like you, will there be concentration camps, forced labour and mass executions for the non-Hindus of your Hindu Rashtra? In any case, de facto concentration camps are already being built in Assam to get rid of human beings who presumably are “termites” – to cite Amit Shah. Of course, the euphemism “detention centre” is used to describe what is essentially a concentration camp.

      One more serious question Mr Santani. Sikhs have been agitating for Khalistan, a separate homeland for adherents of the Sikh religion. That violent conflict has been quelled although it still simmers in pockets here and there, Any thoughts on how your “ghar wapasi” schemes would impact Sikhs ? Will it not revive the Khalistan struggles ?

      Care to elaborate Mr Santani ?

      • Ghar wapsi does not apply to sikhs and jains . They were not converted through brute force or lollipops . Moreover , sikh,buddha and jain religions are almost derived from hinduism

        • Ms Purnima Srivasthav: Thanks for the response.

          Alas, you are missing the woods for the trees. The 2 substantive points being raised in my posts are:

          1: The RSS strategy to transform India into a Hindu Rashtra by trashing Art. 25 of the Constitution pertaining to religious freedoms
          2: The RSS tactic of “ghar wapasi” applying it to religions it today – I re-iterate today – considers alien to India viz. Islam and Christianity.

          You might claim that the RSS tactic of “ghar wapasi” is only aimed at Christians and Muslims. But whether that will assuage these other groups is highly uncertain. As events in the past have shown.

          In 2015, when Jains in Maharashtra wanted meat bans to be extended during the “Prayushan Parva”, an eight-day Jain festival, the Shiv Sena taunted them in its mouthpiece Saamana saying:

          “Muslims have Pakistan. Where will Jains go?”
          “A large number of the city’s builders are Jains and have no qualms accepting black money from flat buyers. Accepting black money is a sin and also a form of violence. Do they stop accepting black money during Paryushan?”
          (ref: & ref: )

          Indeed, Shiv Sena compared Jain monk Naypadmasagari Maharaj to controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

          My larger point Ms Srivasthav is that policies and ideologies that pit one numerically dominant identity or religion against other numerically weaker identities or religions will quickly lead to combat. Gestures of tokenism such as Sikhs & Jains being regarded as members of the fold today will not last. As the Sikh fights with Hindus over Khalistan or the Jain conflict with Maharashtrians amply prove. People quickly see through these marriages of convenience for what they actually are: sham friendships.

          • Mr. Kili : There is a special characteristic of your response. You create an imaginary situation and then ask the unsuspecting opponents to reply. You answer my question. You have raised the possibility of another partition of India? Since the country was divided in 1947 , and muslims got Pakistan, who are going to seek another partition. Are you talking about Gajba Hind?

  7. Hindus have to stop being apologetic about correcting historical wrongs. Present day Muslims too should realise that their forefathers were Hindus.This is the only country in the world that Hindus can claim as their own.Better they start asserting this fact.

    • You are so right Jitendra. Hindus have been suppressed for so long. Muslims must apologise for the wrong they did to the Hindu community, their heritage and their sentiments. ‘Ek Hindustan not to rebbe do’ I would say. charm mani chahiye. ke welcome kayak, to destruction kardiya hamari country ko. Amman se rehang sheikh’, I would tell them.

      • Ms Damyanti: You bray:

        “.. Muslims must apologise for the wrong they did to the Hindu community ..”

        Going by that argument, would upper caste Hindus apologise to Dalits for the atrocities perpetrated upon the latter?

        • Khalistanis have no takers among Indian Sikh. Only those Sikh outside India are fascinated by Khalistan and supported by PAKISTAN. Hindu Rastra means people belonging to induc religion which includes Sikh, Jain, Buddhists, and protection for minorities like Parsis,Jews. This will curtail Islamic bigotry on this land. Secularism is not a one way street. Hindu’s secularism saw them getting extinct in Pak/BD/Afgan. India is secular only because Hindu are in majority. We all how Islamic state works

        • Mr. Khalistani, you barked:
          “Going by that argument, would upper caste Hindus apologise to Dalits for the atrocities perpetrated upon the latter?”

          Don’t poke your nose in matters unrelated to your community.. we have a strong affirmative action for our Hindu Dalit brothers and sisters. By the way, would you like to elucidate why Jutt Sikhs hate Majhabi and Ravisassiya Sikhs so much that they have to construct their separate Gurudwaras?
          And, in the parting, I would love to burn your already burning derriere by leaving a fact for you to ruminate upon:
          In almost every riots against Hindus, your Islamist brothers have primarily targeted Dalit Hindus.. and it has mostly been Dalit Hindus who have retaliated ferociously every time, be it Gujarat riots or more recently in Delhi.
          And, to add more salt to your burn, Dalit brothers have been the leading force behind the Ram-Janambhoomi agitation as well.

          • Gaurakshak Samji: You do not decide what I write about – that is my bloody choice. Just as I do not prevent you from inhaling and getting high on the hot air emanating from Arnab Goswami & Adityanath.

            You talk of affirmative action for dalits in India. Wonder if that affirmative action for Dalits that you brag about was in evidence in Hathras, UP where the Dalit woman was gang raped and died a day ago.

            But let us get back to the issue of caste in Indian religions.

            Fact is, ALL, I repeat ALL Indian religions have endorsed and embraced caste based discrimination, regardless of what the scriptures in their respective religions might claim. In fact, even outside of India, Islam and Christianity practise discrimination on the basis of colour, ethnicity, denomination, class etc. In the US, there are black churches and white churches and congregations are separated on the basis of race. Likewise, Turkish Muslims consider themselves European and above Arab Muslims who in turn look down upon Indian & Pakistani Muslims who in turn look down upon African Muslims and so on, ad infinitum.

            Bottomline: Religions, regardless of what they profess in their holy books and what their adherents say publicly, have not been able to stop discrimination and strife anywhere in the world. On the contrary, they often promote strife.

            Regarding your claim that Dalits are involved in agitations for the temple business in Ayodhya and the RSS instigated violence in Godhra, well you need to look beyond just the caste label of these lumpen agitators. No middle class Indian, politician or affluent Indian will risk life and limb and participate in these riots. The lower rungs of society and its lumpen elements – and they are often Dalits or lower castes – are the ones who are conned into doing the dirty work of the upper castes. Proving merely that the caste system is at work in that upper castes don’t get their hands dirty when it comes to the gorier and riskier aspects of violence. Like your fellow traveller Dr Mayaben Kodnani who in 2002 went about goading her Hindutva supporters to kill and rape Muslims in Naroda Patiya whilst doing her damndest to not getting caught doing so.

            In any case, I will let you go on with the chores you have volunteered to perform on the derrières of Arnab Goswami & Adityanath.

  8. Now Zainab Sikander will consult with her khala Rana Safvi and her apaa Arfa Khanum Sherwani.
    Together will say ABBA, DABBA, JABBA

      • And you have nothing factual to add except rant. Burning is now being caused to muslim apologists like you who in this age of social media are finding it hard to defend the fake historical narratives built by frauds like irfan habib over the years to whitewash the mass genocide done by islamic fundamentalists.

        • Thank you Abbas ji. We all must know these facts. Good you highlighted. Most of us are ignorant and there’s never any light shed.

    • Well, he is likely to be the next PM of India. And people like the author of this article will surely back this saffron thug.

      • Mr Mayank Mishra: You seem to ignore the fact that most UPites seem to run away from this Hindutva ideologue and saffron rabble-rouser and seek their fortunes in the South of India where Hindutva is kept at bay. Renaming museums and cities, lynching innocent Muslims, destroying mosques and building temples do not bring prosperity to UP. Nor do Adityanath’s infamous Romeo squads.

        Additionally, you also conflate Hinduism, an ancient religion, with Hindutva, a much recent political ideology. Hindutva is the fascist ideology created by the likes of B.S.Moonje, Savarkar and Golwalkar, all of whom were admirers of Hitler and Musolini. Indeed, Moonje visited Mussolini and the RSS he helped found was based on the very same militaristic foundations of the Italian fascists.

        Hence, when people like you go about endorsing the naked violence endorsed and encouraged by a in the name of religion by a bigoted, saffron satan and call him a Hindu, you are insulting Hinduism.

        SHAME ON YOU !

        • Shame on you Khalistani.. UPites have to migrate to other states just as you migrate to Canada, UK (sometimes illegally to the extent of marrying your own NRI sisters).. Moreover, there is a history behind the plight of UP, Bihar migrations, which didn’t start after Yogi became CM.
          Since Independence and right uptill late 1950s, Kanpur-Calcutta belt was the most industrialized zone of India, and a job-magnate for rest of the India as well.. Then came the atrocious Freight-Equalization policy of Congress.. That coupled with rise of Socialism across Bihar, Bengal and UP put paid to this Industrial belt. So, before you spit on Hindi regions (actually your aim is at Hindus in general, as evident by your other comments), just introspect how you treat non-Jat Sikhs in Punjab

          • Gaurakshak Samji:

            If your Hindutva buddies want to make India into a Hindu Rashtra where Hindus come ahead of all other religions and others are de jure and de facto second class citizens, should you be surprised if Sikhs want a separate state for themselves? And yes, the RSS might claim that Sikhs and Jains are of Indic religions and hence “kosher”. But should Sikhs trust the RSS, an organisation that did not particpiate in the freedom struggle, killed the Father of the nation and is behind almost every attack on the Muslim minority? Who is to say that what happens to Muslims & Dalits won’t happen to Sikhs or Jains?

            Indeed, in 2015, the Shiv Sena was in conflict with Jains in Maharashtra and tauntingly asked the Jain community:

            “.. Muslims have Pakistan. Where will Jains go? ..”

            My point here is that India is an artificial nation, a hodge podge of some 600 odd kingdoms that the British ruled as one administrative entity. When they left, that single entity called undivided India became 2 entities – India and Pakistan. In 1971, it became 3 entities India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

            Restricting myself to India for now, you ought to realise that it is a fragile, fissiparous collection of regions, religions, languages, cultures, tribes and ethnicities that almost always are at loggerheads with each other. A federal structure, a modern Constitution, secularism and democracy have, against great odds, kept the country united and prevented it from going the way of countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia, the former USSR and so on. For all its faults, the Congress succeeded in nation-building, despite many stumbles in places like Kashmir, Nagaland, Punjab and so on. Indeed, during the early phases of the anti-Hindi movements in Tamilnadu, many southern states even threatened to leave the Union.

            Bottomline: India is a collection of regions that have not necessarily willingly come together to form a country; it is actually a collection of regions that in many places are held together – often by force. Toying with this fragile coalition by promoting the Hindu identity above others as you and your Hindutva buddies are doing will mire the country in violence and unleash uncontrollable fissiparous forces.

            And don’t forget that large swathes of the country are already not in the control of the Government of India. And no, I am not referring to areas of the country that the Chinese seized from India. I am talking of Naxalites.

  9. “Aabhas Maldahiyar @aabhas24 is a practicing urban designer, columnist, author and an amateur History Researcher”

    That he is an amateur historian is beyond any doubt ! That he is a “researcher” is a gross exaggeration – to say the least !

  10. I did not expect from the print like this factual column ..the print must have like this approach..may some may say godi media..but 90 % people are not fool

  11. It has become a fashion for many Hindu leftists, writers and film makers to abuse Hindu sentiments knowing very well the Hindus will never protest. latest to this list is Mr. Anurag Basu, a Bengali film maker who has made a film ‘Kabuliwallah’ in Netflix. He has diverted from the original story by Tagore to show the little girl ‘Mini’ doing Namaaz for the Kabuliwallah. Will he have the courage to depict a little Muslim girl praying in the temple? No way as that would be his last day in this world.

    • ‘abuse Hindu sentiments’

      You mean to say everyone should endorse any fabrication Hindus make ? You feel entitled, do you ?

      • Rasgolla: You are the uncivilised Adityanath clone who goes about proclaiming your hatred of Hindusim and Hindus in these columns – just as your mentor Adityanath goes about spewing his hatred for Muslims.

        It is a pity that the moderators don’t stop Nazis like you who spew hatred for Hindus just as they don’t stop the Hindutva Nazis from spewing hatred for Islam and Christianity.

        You are both two sides of the same base coin.

  12. Moguls were cruel and barbaric .their contributions is to kill Hindus and rapists of Hindu women. Finally they build graves in huge lands except grave use the lands for public purpose

    • The Mughals made a country out of you. Your dress, food ,language, architecture, cities, all bear their imprimatur.

      I suggest you overcome your inferiority complex – by building even better things. Are you capable of that ? Looking at Modi type of Hindus, I would say not.

      • Long before your mughals started their Jehad and built minarets of sculls of Hindus, we had built magnificent architectural marvels like Ajanta-Ellora, Ramanathaswamy Temple, Ranakpur Temple, Meenakshi Temple, Konark temple, city of Hampi, etc.

    • There was no single reference listed, its a shame that someone can say whatever they want, even its not true, as long as their are some idiots who’ll blindly listen and follow

  13. We have been taught the distorted history since independence and it is time to completely change the syllabus reflecting the glorified history of past before arrival of the invaders

  14. Brilliant article. If The Print has to redeem itself from the charge of being Hinduphobic, then for every article by Smt Zainab Sikandar and Smt Bismee Taksim et al, it should invite Shri Aabhas Maldahiyar, Shri Amish Tripathi, Shri Ashwin Sanghvi etc to write for it.

  15. Vasudeva Kudumbagam(world is one family) is atleast 5000 year old saying in Sanskrit language!
    All places are my native and all people are our relatives(Meaning of Tamil Saying as “Yaadhum Oore! Yaavarum Kelir!) is atleast 2200 year old tamil saying!
    These sayings are prior tonation, states and all other faiths and isms like secularism, communism, socialism, capitalism etc..!!
    The world may realise and be sane after few hundreds of turmoil and disasters!
    Why not all faiths and believers realise God is one; Ways are many! Let us live and let live!
    Our Heart must have compassion for all living creatures and respect all type of views!
    If not what we are, as educated, modernists or progressives?

  16. In India, ignoring the massacres, rape of the Hindu populations by the Turks, Arabs, Persians, Mughals and their descendents, glossing over the pillage and destruction of Hindu temples and violation of their traditions by these so-called “enlightened” Islamic rulers has been rampant thanks to apparently “secular” governments the at ruled this country, who propped up Leftist historians to distort history. The media and these intellectuals chose to ignore this and present Hindus trying to reclaim their places of worship and traditions as intolerant, despite the truth stareing at us in the face- the examples of the Gyanvaapi Mosque, the so-called Qutub Minar comples and the Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir are just a few examples of this blatant hypocrisy that has beeen peddled as secularism and liberalism.

      • Rasgolla. Yet another sweeping comment where your usual inability to identify cause and effect are bared for all. Of course fuelled by your congenital hatred of Hindus and Hinduism.

        Fact is, India has done much better than most countries that became free after decolonisation in the 1940s, 50s & 60s. And certainly much better than the Pakistans, Afghanistans, Irans, Egypts, Saudi Arabias, Bangladeshes and other Islamic paradises which you presumably prefer.

        Could India have done better ? Yes absolutely.

        But the evidence so far from the Chinas, Malaysias, Singapores, Indonesias etc. has been that economic growth in these places has come at massive costs and curbs to democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, environmental degradation and other human rights violations. You have China’s forced 1 child policy; Malaysia’s “bhumiputra policy” and Islamisation of society; Singapore’s massive surveillance state, de facto one party rule and trampling of liberties; Indonesia’s coups, kleptocrats and Islamisation – to name a few.

        India is no paradise and under the forces of Hindutva, it is departing from the ideals of democracy, secularism and separation of powers that it was founded upon. But hope lies in the fact that only 37% of Indians voted for BJP and that too because the opposition was fragmented and feckless. And in any case, freedom of speech in India has assured you your right to use these columns to spew hate on Hindus hasn’t it ?

        As regards your claim that Brahmins have enslaved India and have crippled the country, well, that in itself is a figment of your fetid imagination rather than facts on the ground. India still goes to the polls and people have chosen their political representatives. And those political representatives, Brahmin or otherwise have not taken away your right to free speech, obnoxious though it may be right ?

  17. My heartfelt compliments to The Print who are probably the only news platform so willing to be what every news portal should be: an unbiased platform for dissemination on legit information and opinions, keyword being unbiased. Thank you.

    Very informative, and we’ll written article. Thank you Aabhas.

  18. I don’t know what has happened to “The Print” these days, but whatever it is, it’s for good. It started from majorily left leaning platform and has come at almost centre, covering opinions and facts in an unbiased manner. Good to see this, will start reading its articles now. Gupta Ji, please give same suggestions to your old school as well.

    • Me too.

      Shekhar Gupta jee…please continue to allow scholarly written articles from both sides🙏

      Was in two minds, but I shall become a paid subscriber now.

  19. In your title of the article you have taken direct name of chatrapati shivaji maharaj.. its not right try not to make such mistake nxt time ..

  20. What is this brouhaha? Of course, Moguls were invaders, tyrants and oppressors of worst kind. Having said this, they had some positive points too but these positive points fades in comparison to their atrocities. Indian history, written by Romila Thapar and Irfan Habib, is BS. That history was written on the direction of the then government of India, for political purposes as all the Delhi roads were named after those invaders.

  21. This is pure nonsense
    He says why mughals didnt build Taj mahal in Arab countries ????? Seriously have he completely lost it Mughals after Babur were Indians we can have a argument who was good emperor who is not.
    40000 temples were destroyed????? Were is the evidence right wigher authors claim does not becomes facts.
    And off course you will not talk about the temples which were made during Mughal rule eg:- vishwanath temple which was made by raja maan singh during akbar regin and yes it was destroyed by Aurangzeb.
    The famous gold/silver coin in which ramji and sitaji were inscribed which was issued by akbar.
    The heavy donations to temples , priests.
    Relaxation from jaziya for poors, women , children, preits (includes hindu).
    If Mughals use to hate hindus why didnt they demolished all historic Temples.
    Just tell me one thing does the writer of this article knows the meaning of mythology and history???
    And what about the hindu administration in Mughal courts who were holding senior posts
    Yes some muslim rulers torned down few dozen temples but most of them were politically motivated not because of Hindu hate.
    From a hindu
    Ritul raj

    • The author has given ample references for his arguments. Why don’t you write an article BY GIVING REFS. We r not interested only in seeing the actions of mutual with contempt. And we r not going to become far right either by provocations from far left either. But will counter false narratives with data, logic ,evidences… If you come up counter arguments backed by evidences , then it becomes a discussio. After all we are ARGUMENTATIVE INDIANS.

    • This mental retard Razgolla seems to be suffering from some severe inferiority complex. If he actually goes back into his lineage he might discover how his forefathers were tortured …and ancestors raped and converted like millions other in India, for him to so beautifully justify hate and crime committed by outside invaders against India. Am not even sure he is Indian ..must a mlechha from across the border come here to forment trouble. Hope the lieks of him are thrown into the dustbins of history.

      • ‘If he actually goes back into his lineage he might discover how his forefathers were tortured …and ancestors raped and converted like millions other in India,’

        If this true, the converts must be rushing back to embrace Hinduism. Let the converts say what you say. The fact is no convert wants to return to the system of graded inequality. In fact, Hindus want to leave and convert, and you are threatening them.

        • Again, one of your unsubstantiated canards:

          “.. Hindus want to leave and convert, and you are threatening them. ..”

          Got any data to back up your claims ?

    • Excellent comment Mr Ritul Raj !

      The author mixes dubious mythology with classic Golwalkarian Hindutva and passes that off as history. And bhakths fall for this claptrap hook, line and sinker. The seeds of destruction of India are being sown all over the country by the many Aabhas Maldahiyars that come out of the Hindutva woodwork.

    • Vishwanath temple existed before hand and was destroyed before. Also one must look at overall contribution Mughals made to India. Remember that India was already far more developed and civilized, that is why it attracted these barbarians over. Praising mughals would be akin to praising Hitler, whose reign also saw the economic progress of Germany. But we don’t do that, do we? It is because of the monumental crimes that were orchestrated in his regime. And does it matter if it were 40,000 or 50,000 or even 5,000 temples? The fact is that there is documented evidence of an astounding number of universities, temples and Vihars being destroyed over the entire Indian subcontinent during the Mughal rule.

      • And so, in 2020, when the country was headed towards economic ruin even before the COVID crisis, when China is grabbing Indian territory, the COVID crisis is taking its toll on the health of citizens, the topic that Indians focus on is Mughal history.

        Let us hope that the Chinese don’t write Indian history.

  22. Excellent article. The left historians have been peddling lies for long and the main stream media provided them the platform. They have destroyed the real history.

  23. So because you don’t like my views, you won’t print them. Is this the modern form of journalism, you stifle the voices of those that don’t agree with you.. You made an argument, I countered. Let the readers decide whom among us is right.

    • Sorry, I made the earlier statement about censorship in error. You printed my response and you deserve credit for this. Thank you.

  24. Thank you for telling the truth, we need to honestly understand what the moguls did to us without making it an anti Muslim issue, it’s not easy as but needs to be done. People like Zainab need to be confronted with the truth.

  25. What a piece of utter tripe. I can’t believe it found space in The Print. To the editors of The Print, do you have an editorial board that reviews articles for authenticity or you allow all kind of hateful, uninformed pieces in the name in the name of “Opinion” ?

  26. Judging history for m the lens of modern times is easy, the slavery , the extortion by rulers existed across cultures and continents in those times. The Indian republic is secular and the tyranny of Mughals is the same as the extortionist taxes like chauth imposed by the Marathas. What matters is that we accept historical events in a secular spirit and spread religious tolerance. A museum about Mughals should be named Mughal museum in the same way as a museum about Marathas is called Shivaji/Maratha museum. Perceived historical wrongs by today’s standards can’t be corrected by doing opposite acts , otherwise what’s the difference between the rulers of ancient times and the elected leaders of today . Move forward don’t be myopic and brood in what has happened and how wrong/right it was. The need of the hour is to raise skill levels amongst our youth and compete with modern economies like china, us ,EU.
    Jai hind

    • What you mean is Indians should be pro Muslim, kind to the illegal Muslims from Bangladesh and other countries, and so on. Muslim countries , Pakistan and Bangladesh, can carry on torturing their Hindus as much as they like and Indian Muslims never say a word against them. After all, all are part of the same Ummah.

    • ‘The need of the hour is to raise skill levels amongst our youth and compete with modern economies like china, us ,EU.’

      Correct, but they are unable to achieve that. So they prefer wallowing in historical revanchism.

      ‘Judging history for m the lens of modern times is easy, the slavery , the extortion by rulers existed across cultures and continents in those times. ‘

      Around 1000 AD, that is the time of Mahmud of Ghazni, England was attacked by William the Conqueror from France, who enslaved them and burnt and pillaged. But England recovered, became educated and learned, and went on to become a world famous country with impact. They have been forward looking, so the evolved. Other people are backward looking, and generally they lead to failed countries. India is heading that way.

  27. Great reply! It needs to be understood clearly by all parties that Hindus holding contempt for the Mughals is no form of bigotry or a special case of unsecular intolerance. It is a reaction far more pacified than what you would get if people went around celebrating Andrew Jackson in America justifying his actions against the native Americams, and I am making a stupid analogy of atrocities of two incidents completely incomparable in scales! That Islamic was the flag under which the invaders ruled and killed is but an unfortunate episode but everyone should be allowed to study the subject with a degree of objectivity. It is perhaps true, that Mughals despite their utter hatred for the Kaffirs were also doing what they did for ‘political’ purposes. That can never be an excuse used to defend them though, since the motive was ‘political’ Islamically. The current day Muslims hardly have anything to do with these invaders, most of them are Pasmundas in the first place, Hindus that converted to Islam over time. The only thing that differntiates an Indian Muslim from an Indian Hindu is faith, and any debate holding one another accountable shouldbbe done in context if modern faith alone. I feel you could’ve clarified how jaziya as percentage of wealth and its range was far more damaging on Hindus than the Muslims despite the few concessions the Mughals spared to the poor. It was still a befitting reply. It also feels good to have an emerging media house which actually tries to be truly liberal. I don’t have any problem if the so called secular media houses give platforms to appeasement politics or even people like Audrey or those who directly mock Hindus. My only demand is that there are scholars which should be given equal opportunity to reply to such scholars too. Or you are simply pseudo secular liberal, tainting name of those who actually are secular liberals.

  28. Akbar’s Fatehnama-e-Citore and murder of ३०००० unarmed peasants at Chitore after capture of Chitore goes to prove, Akbar was as blood bthirsty as his ancestor Timur Lang and exceeded even Alauddin Khilji in cruelty. His problem were Uzbeks, and Turks like Bairam Khan, Tardi Beg, and Adham Khan. He was not sure of Turanian nobles loyalty. As a politician he built bridges with Rajputs by inducting them as his sword arm. Waiving off Jaziya bought off loyalty of Hindus in Dilli and Agra. Fact remains Rajputs always guarded Mughal emperor palaces right upto times of Farrukhsiyar. They defended Moghuls against both internal and external enemies. But he remained avowed enemy of independent Hindu kingdom of Mewad, Central India, and Orissa.

  29. The writer has used his bigoted views to cloud his interpretation of history. Let me challenge each of the arguments he makes against Akbar-
    1 Monserrate wrote that Muslims have destroyed numerous temples but nowhere does he wrote that this was done by Akbar. The destroyed temples were the result of centuries of Muslim rule. Once destroyed and mosques were built on it, it became impossible to reclaim them back as temples even for Akbar or anybody else.

    Even with 50 years of hindu rule, it took a court decision to reclaim Ayodhya temple.

    2 A ghazi may have negative connotations for us, Hindus and Sikhs, but for Muslims it is a word of respect. It means a warrior for Islam. In those ancient every Muslim king was called ghazi by their Muslim followers, whether they believed that concept or not.

    However, actions speak louder than words. If the Muslims considered Akbar a ghazi, then why such a huge outcry when din-I-ilahi was announced in 1582. Why do so many mullah s revolt and called him a heretic.

    3 You said Badauni was given two gold coins by Akbar for his words against Hindus.. If that was true why did Badauni complain so much in his writings that Akbar showed favoritism to Hindus and that his Hindu wives exerted too much influence on Akbar.

    In fact Badauni was a religious bigot and the worst critic of Akbar. His writings are filled with instances of Akbar discriminating against Muslims and showing too much regard for Hindus.

    4 Please give source of cows killling,. Did Akbar order the killing.?

    Again if the killing of cows was regular practice then why did Akbar ban the killing of cows. The banning of cow slaughter by Akbar is a verifiable historical fact.

    • 1.) You have very convinently here cast your imagination of Akbar as a benevolent king keen on restoring Hindu temples once lost in the oppressive Islamic rule of his predecessors. I would press you to read just a some dozen pages of the primary source Akbarnama which I did read, to reconsider whether Akbar indeed was such a great man as you think of him to be. You have also painted the last 70 years of Indian rukw, a constitutionally democratic and secular era governed moatly by a secular party which often engaged in appeasement politics as “Hindu” rule. Akbar’s rule was a dictatorially Islamic rule, cannot be compared to the ‘Hindu’ rule of yours Your point about him claiming that those temples were destroyed by Akbar is indeed unfounded, as many of them could have been brought down by his Islamic predecessors.

      2.) A Muslim is, imo, much more prone to celebrating a warrior king who killed infidel kaffirs and humiliated them in scores in his Islamic rule as Ghazi, a military champion of Islam, than worship him as a literally new founder of a shining faith, the act which is considered clearly haram by Islam. I would argue many Mullahs around the world and, some even in India argued Osama-bin-Laden was a Shaheed, but even they would discard him as a haram man if he declared the start of a new faith.

      3.) Lets consider some examples of mullahs from Pakistan, a nation which has produced the largest number of radical rectums imo. Many if them protested and alleged their Islamic Government of favoritism to Hindus and organised a huge outcry when the government annulled a law that almost legalised forced conversion in Pakistan, 4 years ago. Are the laws in Pakistan anywhere near secular in nature even today for us to consider Pakistan a safe haven for non-muslims? No! What Badauni alleged favouritism in his writings were simply Akbar making political concessions to stabilise and incentivise Rajput submission and him giving him to lust. His hatred for kafirs, again, can be confirmed in a more scholarly primary source, the Akbarnama.

      • 1. No king was saint and benevolent not akbar and nor any other hindu,sikh, Buddhist ruler. Every one was politically ambitious and wanted to expand his kingdom.
        2. Akbarnama is primary source which is flattering akbar. You should read what Jesuits had written against him. How he razed down mosques and banned quaran in Agra to fight against orthodox islam in 1585.
        3. Not only badauni but many prominent ullemas like srihindi openly celebrated akbar’s death and salim’s accession on throne even in akbar’s lifetime they supported salim to revolt against his father just for sake of islam. His letters are still available you can check his language against akbar.
        4. Pakistan has never respected akbar the way they respect even looter like gazni. Akbar is conveniently ignored from history books of Pakistan just because his tolerance whereas Aurangzeb, babur are considered hero.

  30. Amateur historians should leave history to professional historians. Cherry picking history to buttress your point of view is ridiculous.

    • You just wrote a page criticising the Amateur Historian, as someone with no verifiable authority ir background. Why did you write it if you believe in the gatekeeping of such fields? K.K Muhammad was an established historian, he was almost excommunicated from this gatekeeping fold just because he seemed to speak what others of his kind did not like. Everyone has the right to raise a point, people can always decide whether to follow or agree, or not. If this platform doesn’t allow then some other platform will.

  31. Not sure about Prayagraj being 24000 years old unless it is a typography error and should be 2400 years. Rest of the article is spot on. The truth is that Akbar did start of as a Ghazi and was no less a religious fanatic then his descendants and ancestors. But to give credit to him he did have an epiphany at some point in life which finally made him see the light. Even Gandhi made mistakes early on in life. As for Mughals they were as Indian as the rest, considering they were all born in this geography and were greatly influenced by the local culture. Some may even have been born to non-Muslim mothers. It is pointless judging them completely by today’s standards. As Indians roads,monuments and institutions can be named after them. But they were definitely not epitomes of enlightenment. While the West was building it’s Oxfords, Cambridges and Harvard’s the Mughals were splashing money on tombs like the Taj Mahal. But I guess Indians have always been more interested in building temples and mosques rather then schools, colleges, universities and hospitals.

  32. Those days are gone when a closed group of intellectuals used to create and control the narrative history. As more and more common people started reading in detail, we realize how we have been fooled by a smoke screen. After independence we had a chance to build the foundation on the basis of truth but our so called intellectuals tried to deceive the poor and uneducated people with fake narratives. The start based on truth would have been a bit ugly but eventually the scars would have healed and vanished with time.

    • ‘Those days are gone when a closed group of intellectuals used to create and control the narrative history.’

      Now, we have scope for fabricators of history to write mythologies and get them accepted. There is also scope to have a forged degree, and get elected as PM. Hindus have advanced India over the Mughals and the British, and have become the vishwa guru.

      • @rasgolla. There are already enough Hindus the world admire. Vivekananda to MK Gandhi to Tagore to CV Raman to V Ramakrishna to name a few

        • ‘Vivekananda to MK Gandhi to Tagore to CV Raman to V Ramakrishna to name a few’.

          Unfortunately, none of them are real Hindutva Hindus ! You murdered one of them, so you cannot use his name to boost Hindus.

  33. I like how open ThePrint is. Speech is certainly freer in this platform.
    Coming to the point, I’d like Zainab to respond to this and I am genuinely interested to see how much I have been lied to by our great history textbooks.

  34. pretty hard to believe the mentioned history, for sure its not 100% accurate. A point to be noted here is if mughal emperors were to destroy hindu places of worship, then for sure they would’ve destroyed and killed hindus as well and today the hindu population would’ve been in minority rather than majority… No religion in the world teaches killing unnecessary!!. We forget that more number of people, including muslims and hindus, were killed since the british occupation/rule. why is that forgotten? Till today we have the kashmir issue unresolved and how they’ve looted India’s valuable assets only to be transferred to their country..

        • I see you are linking in Christians and Jews to cover your own hollowness. Gomutra drinkers are only from one community. Can you explain that ?

          Two years back, there was an interfaith conference in Canada. I read an article written by a Hindutva Hindu who went to represent Hindus. He complained that Hindus were not given equal weighting – his grievance was Christians, Jews and Muslims were given equal weighting ! And he suggested how Hindus need to go better prepared next time. The inferiority complex is unbelievable.

  35. An eye opener article indeed.We had enough of these sickulars who have been peddling lies in our text books. These Mughals are a blot on our history. It is really shameful to learn about these bigot bastards. in fact, all the relics including monuments built by this bastard dynasty should be destroyed.

  36. Right from the Imperial Historians, ably, ideologically and zealously assisted by our very own Eminent but discredited Historians, to the present-day Apologists and Distortionists spawned by the Liberal Media, the wanton genocide of facts and the massacre of Truth only reflects, imitates and carries forward the well-documented Iconoclasm of their forbears.
    When an Open and Liberal society grants them the Civilised tools of Democratic expression, should it surprise us if they, reverting to type, once more distort and demean that revolutionary war-cry of all liberated people’s worldwide, namely that the Pen is Mightier than the Sword and heap humiliations yet again using the tyranny of words dipped in the blood of millions ?

  37. Why there are Indians like Zainab who want to forget our heritage, history and culture. Muslims and Mughals are not same. Mughals are who oppressed Indians.

    • Mughals are the ones who built India, and who ruled a larger terrritorial mass than present day India. They built many of its cities, in fact more cities than modern India has built. It is the Brahmins who oppressed the majority of Indians, and they continue. My main criticism of the Mughals is why they employed the Brahmins. Maybe they would have done a service for India if they had eliminated Brahmins.

  38. Excellent piece of writing with all the sources of information embedded
    On the contrary the article written by Zainab were collated from her whims and fancies without any citation of a source , and she calls herself a journalist.
    Abhas should write more articles like this . A big thumbs up

    • Where did the claim of 24,000 years come from ?

      The British discovered the Hindu past, with excavation of Mohenjodaro and Harappa – but that is in Pakistan today ! The Hindus had no idea of history.

      Hindus are an inexplicable collection of castes. Even the name ‘Hindu’ was given by outsiders. You have got an inferiority complex, that is why you want to fabricate history. It actually gives the impression that you have no history, you have low self esteem, and you are incapable of managing the present and being a success today.

      • Your women still needs permission to be in garbage bin bag. At least pardha is just a sari draped around the head. Burkha is wore above the cloth. Lol. Hinduo see itni Jalan hai to Babar aur Gazni kya yaha G Marne aye the kya


        If you perpetually anaesthetised blokes wake up sometime, censor this fellow Rasgolla for hate speech.

  39. Surprise,SURPRISE, “THE PRINT”giving space this article and print it too. SO CAN WE CALL IT” MODI HAI TO MUMKIN HAI”

  40. The evils which are now being associated eith Hindus has its origin with muslim invasions. The status of woman which was quite high went spiral downward trebd when invaders/ barbarians invasion started 1000 yrs back. Woman became a commodity and purdah system developed. You can see status of woman is better in states which are far away from frontiers. Abusive language with disgrace to woman is also prevalant more in states which are near to frontiers. The tradition in western barbaric states from where invaders came give very low status to woman nd converting females of opposing armies to slave girls started the trend of purdah and female forticide.
    Zainab needs to read translation of some holy books to understand what India withstand during last millennium.

  41. “What must be asked is why the Mughals could never build anything so marvellous, like the Taj, back in their homeland?”

    Well done, I use to ask the same question to my friends. Well articulated article.

    • The question also needs to be asked why the Hindus have an inferiority complex over the Taj ? Is it because you could only build some monstrous statues with 12 arms ? Why is it in 70 years you could not develop India ? Why is India known as a nation of slumdogs today but it was known as a golden sparrow in Mughal times ?

      • India’s title as the “Golden Sparrow” comes from the Roman literature from the Ancient period, before 1000AD. Get your facts right! India’s plight is contributed to the exploitative nature of British and Mughal colonialism during which India steadily degraded from 24.5% of Global GDP in 1500AD (when Babur invades) to 2% in 1947. Both had a characteristic of poorly administering the common people and throwing them into famines and using India’s treasures to send lavish sums of golds to Mecca, Britain and other Islamic rulers

  42. I wanted to know the source of your assumptions of pry Agra’s having 24000 years of history . Can you please point me to that ?

    • You need to
      1st read the article properly – he talks of prayagraj’s antiquity not Agra’s.

      2nd regarding 24000 history, if u go with western dates for rigveda u might see this as wrong, but copious amt of astronomical and geographical info is in the vedas to push back dates by several millennia…

      Do read real history , not the one fed to us for so long.

      • Nonsense Mr Aakash !

        The Rig Veda itself can be dated back to only about 2000 BC. Talking of 24000 year history “evidence” of Prayagraj is simply preposterous. And conclusively proves the fact the author is not only a rank amateur when it comes to Historical research, but a pure fraudster and charlatan in the employ of the fascists of Hindutva. Indeed, this textbook fascism – a concocted mythical past where greatness prevailed until foreigners arrived and destroyed everything is a classic trope of Mussolini, Hitler and other thugs.

        Indeed, 24,000 years ago, the last traces of Neanderthal man would have vanished and Cro-Magnon type early humans were making their appearance. These were primitive hunter gatherers and not urbanised. Even Mohenjo-daro has been only dated back to about 2500 BC.

        Aabhas Maldahiyar’s hallucinations might pass as historical evidence for closet gaurakshaks like you who have been brought up on a healthy dose of Arnab Goswami’s and Adityanath’s hot air. Bbut it is certainly not the historical truth.

    • Tiwari ji .. it’s more older than your fake I’d history . Second all masjid are build on temple even your Qutubh Minar. Adina mosque , roopmati mosque and gyanvaypi and Many many more likes of jama masjod of Delhi . Your denial is making making more hardened and research Hindu . Thanks got I junked my Secularism ..

    • In the article, he has provided sources for a myriad issues more germane to the article and issue under scanner. This is the only thing you noticed? If it is not 24000 but only 5000 .. what does it change?

  43. Plz write chhatarapati Shivaji Maharaj or Shivaji Maharaj, yogi ji told the museum will be renamed as chhatarapati Shivaji Maharaj not only’shivaji’. Write it fully chhatarapati Shivaji Maharaj or Shivaji Maharaj. The only’shivaji’ is disrespect to chhatarapati Shivaji Maharaj, plz write it fully chhatarapati Shivaji Maharaj or Shivaji Maharaj

  44. Thank you sir, we need people like you who can show reality to bigots like Zainab who speak anything without substance but their agenda. And all this is not against Muslims, the problem is Muslims identifying with these tyrants there will be friction as long as they don’t see reality

    • The problem with you is you have an inferiority complex – you feel you do not have any worthy achievements of your own, in the past or present. You need to fabricate tall stories like antiquity of 24,000 years,

      ‘It is tough to understand why the Mughals must be given credit for creating a structure when nothing except the order to commission was run by them. India was always home to fabulous architecture like the Kailasha temple. What must be asked is why the Mughals could never build anything so marvellous, like the Taj, back in their homeland?’

      It reeks of an inferiority complex ! It is typical thought process of a cheap RSS Hindu. Let us give credit of all the monuments and cities built by the Mughals to the Hindus. And Hindus won all their battles against them. The RSS now claims Maharana Pratap won the battle of Haldighat against Akbar. The logical conclusion is the Mughals never ruled India as Hindus always defeated them ! Will that allow these RSS Hindus to overcome their sense of inferiority ? I do not think so.

      The correct conclusion is the Mughals and British were good adminstrators – and the Hindus can learn from them. Looking at the destructive mentality of the RSS and present day Hindus, I cannot see that in them ! The way to disprove that impression is to show good governance. But with the Hindus, the sub continent is divided into three countries now, the economy is collapsing, and bordering states want to break away. Can the Hindus keep the remaining India united ? Not with the present mentality. Historical fabrications do not secure the future. They will be dreaming of the past and Akhand Bharat in the future, but they cannot cope with the present. That is what this article shows.

      • You are doing a lot of whataboutery here which is completely unrelated to the present discourse. There is no sense of inferiority among Hindus against Muslims or Mughals, if anything I would say some of us might be overestimating ourselves by claiming Hinduism to be 100, 000 years old. Ibwould agree that there is some degree of hatred towards Mughals and Muslims thoigh, and that needs to be resolved not by painting oppressive rulers as secular and benevolent but by simply accelting that they are history and modern-day Muslims have nothing to do with them. His point with the Kailasha temple is that the civilisation had the ability to build enormous structures of equal or more quality with the vast diversity of forms of arts spread throught the subcontinent as far as 1000 years before Taj Mahal too, Hindu rulers simply never felt the urge to deprive their population and throw them to die of hunger to build monuments for personal concerns and interests. The art came out of the act of commission which is universally agreed to be an idiotic and oppressive move.
        Also last time I checked, even some Bangladeshis hated Mughals for throwing them into famines and destroying their culture. Then comes the Deccan famine after Taj Mahal, and then a few other famines during British, lets not even talk about their superb administrative skills of exporting riches to their honlmelands. The hatred for British is a mutual sentiment shared by Hindus and Muslims of India alike I would press, not sure about Pakistan.
        I would also question the part about the partition being a Hindu thing, but thats another topic in itself, an act that I support. India has never been more united and inclusive already being a special rare case in the world with its diversity and still maintaining unity through a DEMOCRATIC model, which the Mughals and British were not. I can see the Paxtani within you here with how you address and form your narrative about the “Hindus”, “70 yrs India” and fragmenting parts. Would suggest you to attempt peeking out of your state-controlled media first 🙂

        • Of the two evils , Muslims and British, British were the lesser evil. Both looted the country, but British did not kill its soul, Muslim invaders did.

        • ‘Hindu rulers simply never felt the urge to deprive their population and throw them to die of hunger to build monuments for personal concerns and interests. The art came out of the act of commission which is universally agreed to be an idiotic and oppressive move.’

          Hindu rulers simply had no issue in labeling the majority untouchable and extracting work out of them for nothing. As an upper caste, you will not see that. In fact, it is because of it, that 35% converted – and more will convert in future.

          It has been argued that Hindu rulers were building erotic temples in Khajurao and engaged in orgies, that is why they could not defend the country. Without the Muslims, the Hindus fought between themselves.

          ‘India has never been more united and inclusive already being a special rare case in the world with its diversity and still maintaining unity through a DEMOCRATIC model, which the Mughals and British were not. ‘

          India is disintegrating before you with CAA-NRC protests, but you are trying to cover up. Covid saved India, otherwise it was heading for civil war. India’s democratic traditions come from the British, not the Hindus. In fact, Lord Macaulay brought a uniform penal code saying that the penalty for a crime will be the same for a Brahmin and sudra. He said India had suffered too long under the Brahmin code (he did not write India had suffered under the Muslim code). Hence, we should thank the British. Hindus are today undermining democracy, and going back to their jungli ways.

    • Excellent article. I’m sure many people are not fully aware of Mughal history. Thanks for giving an idea about what Mughals were actually. So far, secularist (so called) have shown only one side of the history by conveniently picking and highlighting the things to suit their agenda.

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