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Why upper castes polish shoes or sweep roads when protesting quota for Dalits and OBCs

Angry upper caste youth, from days of Mandal to now in Chhattisgarh, have always protested against reservation by performing certain tasks.

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When the Chhattisgarh government announced to increase the OBC quota from 14 per cent to 27 per cent last month, some upper caste youth came out on the streets of Raipur this week to protest against the decision. As part of the protest, they cleaned the roads with brooms. Newspapers splashed these photographs the next day prominently and unquestioningly.

This was not an unusual sight. Anyone who keenly observes Indian media and the sociological developments in the country would know that such forms of protest are quite common. But what the keen observer may not notice though is the inherent irony. In trying to question the need for caste-based reservations for the marginalised communities, the upper caste youth end up acknowledging the existence of caste system in the 21st century by choosing these modes of protest tropes.

They expose the upper castes’ derision toward some occupations.

Protests, in specific ways

Except when meant for the upper castes, like the Narendra Modi government’s 10 per cent EWS quota, all reservation moves have seen people turn up on the streets. In 1990, then-V.P. Singh government’s decision to implement the Mandal Commission’s recommendations led to protests that turned violent. Youth opposing the 27 per cent quota for Other Backward Classes in central government jobs shut down offices, blocked roads, set buses and public properties on fire. There were incidents of self-immolations. Some also tried to manhandle Sharad Yadav on JNU campus and burn down the house of Union welfare minister Ram Vilas Paswan.

Along with such violent protests, there were media reports about students in Lucknow protesting by polishing shoes, cleaning cars and plying rickshaws.

When then-HRD minister Arjun Singh had implemented the OBC reservation in higher education in 2006, protesting doctors just stopped treating patients. The site of the protest was AIIMS hospital, which went against the high court order prohibiting protests on the campus. Medical students, once again, took to sweeping the roads and polishing shoes. At that time, doctors belonging to Scheduled Castes and OBC communities had condemned these forms of protest and demanded swift punishment against people indulging in such acts.

So, what explains the upper castes choosing these specific occupations to register their protest only when the matter pertains to reservation? What are they trying to say?

I am not discussing here the legal, constitutional and moral part of the quota debate. But I am trying to map the mindset of the anti-quota protesters who indulge in such acts, which constitute derogatory connotation for other groups.

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Division of labourers, not just labour

Societies in South Asia have a unique social system that ascribes specific jobs to each social group. Like the castes, there is hierarchy in the jobs assigned to specific groups. In Hindus’ religious text Bhagavad Gita, the Supreme God assigns Karma (jobs) to each Varna (class) according to their respective Guna (qualities). A Hindu is not supposed to violate or disrupt the Varna Dharma.

Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar cites five major lacunas in this regard.

1. Among the many arguments propagated in defence of the caste system is that it’s a division of labour. But the caste system is also a division of labourers – an unnatural division that puts labourers into watertight compartments. A hierarchy has been established where the labourers are graded – one is above the other.

2. This division of labour is not spontaneous, or based on natural aptitudes. This system of division appoints tasks to individuals in advance — selected not on the basis of trained original capacities, but on that of the social status of the parents and birth. This has made the caste system an inescapable burden for people for centuries.

3. The caste system will not allow Hindus to take up occupations that are vacant, if they do not belong to these job categories hereditarily. So, in a way, caste becomes a direct cause of much of the unemployment we see in the country.

4. The division of labour brought about by the caste system is not a division based on choice. Individual sentiment and preference have no place in it. It is based on the dogma of predestination.

5. There are many occupations in India that are considered degrading by the Hindus, and provoke aversion toward those who are engaged in them. There is a constant desire to escape from such occupations among some people because of the stigma and slight.

A person subscribing to the idea of caste hierarchy will consider it disrespectful to indulge in certain occupations and jobs. This is why we see protesters performing symbolic acts like polishing shoes or cleaning the streets. They are trying to highlight the spectre when they will be forced to do such ‘menial, lowly’ jobs that, according to them, are reserved for members of the lower castes. And all this because of reservations.

Prof N. Sukumar, who teaches Political Science in Delhi University, argues that “such prejudiced expressions in the public domain reflect the sense of entitlement embedded amongst the upper caste meritocracy.”

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The pure and the impure

The Hindu way of life is preoccupied with the concept of purity and impurity. Some jobs are considered pure while some jobs are impure to the point that a Hindu just cannot imagine doing it. According to Celestin Bougle, a French philosopher who has written a treatise on caste system, says, “this opposition (to ‘impure’ jobs) underlies hierarchy, which is the superiority of the pure to the impure, (and also) underlies separation because the pure and the impure must be kept separate.” According to him, hereditary specialisation, hierarchy and mutual repulsion are the basic characteristics of this system.

In reality, it is a religious notion and such impurities are permanent in nature. Even things like Gandhian reform or declaring untouchability illegal or stringent SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act have failed to eradicate such practices. In their paper titled ‘The Continuing Practice of Untouchability in India: Patterns and Mitigating Influences’, Amit Thorat and Omkar Joshi argue on the basis of empirical data that “the notions of ‘purity and pollution’ are ideas which, despite the spread of education and the advent of modern lifestyles, tend to stick and prey on our religious and social insecurities.”

This explains why upper caste quota protesters, who are otherwise urbane and educated, resort to polishing shoes and sweeping roads to display their anger. It would seem that modernity, urbanisation, higher education, and seven decades of democracy have failed to dispel the caste notions of purity and impurity from the minds of the Indian youth.

Is there a solution?

French anthropologist Louis Dumont, whose work Homo Hierarchicus is considered to be the last systematic attempt by any Western scholar to understand and deconstruct caste, suggests: “The impurity of the untouchable is conceptually inseparable from the purity of the Brahaman. They must have been established together or in any case must have reinforced each other. We must get used to see them together. In particular, untouchability will not truly disappear until the purity of the Brahaman is itself radically devalued.”

Does it look like it will ever happen?

The author is a senior journalist. Views are personal.

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  1. Informed, unbiased and ground work mindsets will appreciate the idea of this article. Stay strong.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Tomorrow he will publish an article on you. Bhimtes will also attack you in the comment box.

  2. Dear Author,
    Because of such Venomous people like you in our country, India is becoming a big hole full of crap. I’ve seen every post of yours where 90% of your posts are full of hatred, abhorrence, disgust and it seems you loath any caste which might be coming upper to you. It’s not about equality to you any more, it just seems that you’re trying to impose your thoughts like poison to other lower caste people. Being such an established reporter, it’s quite a shame that you’re spreading a message among other citizens of our country which will only disperse more violence and feeling of hatred among others.
    I was quite furious by reading your post. You’re working in a sector which is the fourth pillar of our constitution, on which many people trusts. Forget any caste or any word which discriminates us,as you’re in a position where you cand mend the thoughts of many people, instead of spreading this kind of pessimistic message, why not use in optimistic point of view which might help others, instead of agitating them. So it’s my humble request, clear your conscience and try to understand others point of view as well because when you’re in this position, you should allow your anger to take the best of you.

    • This is the reality of hinduism.the problem is you are not ready to accept bcoz you are guys pulled back human civilization to Stone age . actually more than that bcoz during that time untouchability & caste system doesn’t are the cancer to human civilization.

    • okay and do u have any points as to why this sounds like hate speech to you? As a dalit, totally relate to the article.

    • That truly will be the day the brahmins would understand the status of the untouchables . The Modi government is simply a tool pushing the agenda of the upper castes RSS .

    • Not all dalits are scavengers. Jatavs treat valmikis as untouchables, even within the dalits, there is a caste hierarchy. First address that, then talk about upper castes. When a Yadav, Vanniyar, Kurmi or Jat beats the sh*t of dalits, why do you blame brahmins? Go protest against that. Stupid man.

  3. People like Mr Sudhir who belong to general category and not talented n not satisfied in life they can say this kind of rubbish.tujhe kuch pata hi nhi h to chup Raha kar.itne salose so called upper caste logoko achha Kam Paisa even food jamin bahut Sara pehlese hi pada h.job nhi karenge tabhi aramse reh jayenge.backward caste walon ko pehlese hi itna chus k rakha hua h.reservation se kuch log age badh aye to sirf wahi dikh rh h sabko.aur Baki Jo itne sare phir b garib h woh nhi dikh rh.general caste se maximum log to rich fine chune bahut Kam logok pass those Kam paise h Khali wahi puri duniya walon ko dikh rh aur reservation hatane k liye bol rh.itne hazar sal Tak upper caste walone Jo is Kadar barbad Kiya h lower caste ko uski bharpai k liye to reservation ko minimum aur 100 sal rakhna chahiye.thanks to ambedkar sir.reservation wale kaunsa general category k seats le rh h.itne talented ho to apne general category me kitne seats h usme lado tum log.

    • Dear Aparna, every General Catagory person is not not a rich persons as stated by you. You SC,s, BC’s ST’s etc have already availed the reservation facility for more than 70 years as provided to you people by dr. Ambedkar. If in these 70 years, you have not uplifted yourself, then you are really backward, nobody can help you and you should not feel bad if any body call a Dalit, SC, BC etc to such persons. If you have courage, you should compete your intelligence within open merit without any reservations in the admissions,, jobs, promotions etc, then there will be no hatred among General, BC, SC, ST etc then , albeit you may get 100% seats, then nobody will have any objection / hatred.. So, please leave/ reject the stigma of SC, BC, ST. yourself for the sake of your own self-respect and then you will feel honour of entering in the mainstream of the society. So, please try to do this instead of begging for reservation in the jobs, admissions, promotions etc.. Moreover, no country in the world have such reservations in jobs, admissions, promotions etc, they have only merit and merit system based on intelligence only…

    • Dear Aparna jee, Ambedkar ne keval 10 years ke liye hee reservation likha tha, fir aage kyun bada diya gya hai, yeh keval votes ki rajniti hai…. jo log reservation ka fayda le kar aage aa chuke hai e.g. politicians, IAS, INSPECTORS, professors, IPS, PCS, etc, why they are taking the benefits of reservations again and again in promotions admissions, jobs etc…… Have they not been uplifted yet, OR, they still consider themselves as SC, BC, ST, OBC, etc and as Backward as compared to General category… ????…… they are marring the chances of poor Sc’s, BC’s etc… and hindering their upliftment by not giving them these chances..

  4. Dear Writer, chasma jis color ka pehnoge,duniya bhi waisi hi nazar aaegi.

    Aapke hisab se reservation k against protest krne wale laptop le kr sadak me baithe ?? Ya fir sadak me IPS/IAS officer ka role play kren ?? Ya fir koi Airline k uniform pehnkar sadak me aae ??agr aap thoda bhi unbiased ho kr soch pane ki halat me hote to shayad aapko yeh smjh aa chuka hota ki “shoes polish” ya “jhadu lgakar” log yeh btane ki koshish krte hain “ki kya hum itna padh likh kr bhi jhadu lgae”.iska Jo jatiwaadi meaning aapne nikali hai wo galat hai.protest krne wale yeh bhi kehte Hain “ki Kya ab hum chaprasi ban jae”.
    Agle article me is line pe bhi jativaaadi thappa thonk dena.log protest isliye kr rhe hain kyuki wo padh likh kr aisa kaam nhi krna chahte Jo koi vyakti keval majboori me,koi doosra vikalp na hone pr krta ho.

    2. Aap jaise buddhijivi Bharat me rehkar to desh ko smjh nhi pae.aur French philosopher aur anthropologist bahut bde scientist ho gae jinhone apne halke fulke research se aapko sara mamla hi smjha diya.Aaj ki generation purity impurity ki na hi sochti hai,na baat krti hai.

    3.Ambedkar jii ne aur hmare desh k banki educated logo ne tab Keval ST aur SC ko hi reservation kyu Diya????Ye mat boliyega ki unhe desh k pichhdepan k bare me nhi pta tha.Aur 40 saal bad VP Singh jaise Ati buddhishaali logo ko hi desh k pichhdepan ka asal gyan tha, jisne ,27% reservation Keval ek din ki bahes me sansad se pass kra liya.Ye 27% ki baat agr Ambedkar jii ne nhi ki to koi to karan hoga na uska ??

    4.Aap biased vyakti hain kyuki aapne yeh nhi btaya ki chhattisgarh me protest ka Karan “reservation” ki Limit ko 82% Kiya Jana hai.yeh protest “reservation” k against nahi hai,balki “reservation ki limit” k unlimited hone ko le kr hai.

    Thodi samjh bdhaiye sir,bhagwan aaapko sadbuddhi de taki aap kabhi kisi din न्याय ki baat bhi kr pae.

  5. It’s repeatedly said that the OBCs, SC,STs should enter onto intercaste marriage so that the casteism can be brought down. Strange that the sociologist want intercaste marriage means that OBCsandSc,STs entry alliance with upper caste the much maligned lot. They donot advocate these OBCs,SC, STs to get onto alliance with Christian’s, Muslims,Buddhists and other minorities.None has got The Right to interfere in the personal life of any individual.The print and it’s ilks can go on writing pages after pages of rubbish not seeing what is written on the wall. No pretension s please.

    • Poorly researched. Articles like these are toraltaaly despicable. Sensible people surprisingly get brainwashed by these articles. I myself am working in a government medical college. Frankly speaking, why most open people are against reservation is because of the fact that uplifted people from reserved sections, those who have already benifited from these reservations are getting these seats at the cost the ones who i really need it,the latter dont even get good education and coaching facilities. Reservations in technical institutes should be benifited once in a family if being used.

    • Arpit, Sir, Are you belonging to SC, BC, ST , OBC Category as is reflected from you views given by you above,..??……. Sir, please confirm.. Thanks…

  6. Reservation should be on financial condition , not on caste , even a lower caste family is rich than the upper caste family as they are getting good colleges and jobs because of reservation, this has completely become a political issue to favour reservations, At least it should be removed where talent matters such as exams and jobs

  7. I cant believe how pessimistic someone can be. This fellow is so full of hatred and prejudice. To me, and to any rational Indian, picking up of brooms and polishing shoes, clearly, indicates the message of equality; the message that, today, each and everyone is equal; nobody is destined to do a particular job/work/occupation by his/her birth itself. ThePrint has, time and again, exploited the freedom of speech and the liberty of expression to only spread hate and promote division.

  8. Every so called lower caste author has only venom to spit and hatred to spread . They are being taught to hate. No sane thinking is possible..The reservation was meant for 10 years only and has been cornered by a few castes only. Let them make way for the other dalit castes like valmikis .The crutches have to be forsaken later or sooner.

  9. Rather than fighting for or against reservation it will be far better that all of us should fight for making humanity great. I will request to those who are taking benefit of reservation that they should give it up as not only it is perpetrating caste based divisions in the society but also it is making you weak and complacent as your capability of competing is gradually going down. To those who are opposing reservation I will request that they should try to see beyond reservation as your unemployment is not just because of reservation but due to faulty government policies . Thirdly I Will request you to see through the game of reservation as it has been instituted for dividing and ruling the common people.

  10. Both, those who are opposing and those who are supporting the caste based reservation blame each other but forget a fundamental issue involved – the caste. The dirtiest social system ever invented and practiced by humans.

    The best way to solve this and many other issues prevailing in India, including the major issue of conversion from Hinduism to Islam and Christianity, is annihilate caste.

    I often wonder how a learned man like a Brahmin could practice this inhuman system for so many millennia and still do not feel any guilt.

    It is a shame for any progressive learned human to continue the practice of caste system and still try to cling on to it. Our young generation should be bold enough to repent for the mistake and learn to respect labour and ask credit for merits standing on an equal footing in the society.

    Similarly, the oppressed and marginalized should refuse to accept the alms given in the name of reservation and migrate to cities and urban areas and try to give up their traditional labour and refuse to identify by caste and give up all their surnames which essentially is introduced to identify them as a tag.

    Brahmins, if you are all that noble and holistic as the scriptures teach and you advocate everyday, should show the sincerity and courage and apologise for the wrongs committed by your forefathers.

    Common, let us unite as a single single entity as Hindus, just as Hindus for the sake of our great religion and Hindustan in general.

    • I m gonna end this reservation in future. Yeah now go and increase your delusional fear and increase intercaste conflict you people will be the reason for collapse of this India I can guarantee you that 😂😂.

  11. Reservation is nothing but adequate representation in all sectors. Previously, by grace of Manusmriti, these classes of human being were deprived from all types of Basic necessities viz, Education, Food, Shelter, Clothing etc. & were treated more than the Slaves.
    After Independence, Manusmriti has been replaced by our Constitution, giving protection to these labourers, who have eventually proved themselves at par with the so called Upper Caste. Now, it’s time for the Change, as it is inevitable in all spheres. But still one finds under representation of these so called Labourers in Supreme Court, CBI, EC….which are occupied by Upper Caste. In order to abolish castism, Government must delete the word CASTE from the Birth Certificate or Caste Certificate. We as Indians must not get identified as Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishas or Sudhras, then & then only Reservation will cease to exists.

    • Sachin Kambale, Sir, from your views explained as above by you, it seems that you also belong to the SC, BC, OBC, ST ‘OR’ other reserved category, this is why you are supporting reservation system in admissions, jobs, promotions etc instead of supporting pure-merit-systems in all these things. This is why the tags of Dalits, backwardness, un-touchability, cheapness etc is not eloping from the society… and thus, the hatred among SC/BC and General Catagories / upper-castes etc is not being eradicated. You people should yourself oppose the present reservation system which is based on castes, sothat nobody can say you as SC, BC, OBC, ST etc….. instead you should support pure-merit-system and support the reservation for only poor/EWS among all categories i.e. General-category, SC, BC , OBC, ST.. etc whatever it may be… why you people like to say yourself as SC, BC,, ST, OBC etc… this double-attitude can not eradicate the casteism, hatred, etc i.e. on one hand you people want reservation and on the hand you people do not like to be addressed as SC, BC, OBC, ST etc.. this is not fair, Sir… ” yaa phir fakhar se kaho ki ham SC / BC hain ” and also let the people to say you so…and do not object to saying you so…. and you should then pre-fix / suffix as SC,BC etc while writing you names anywhere…..

  12. Any data/ study to back this claim:

    The caste system will not allow Hindus to take up occupations that are vacant, if they do not belong to these job categories hereditarily. So, in a way, caste becomes a direct cause of much of the unemployment we see in the country.

    Please enlighten.

  13. Best way is to have a mandatory law whereby for the next 21 generations marriage is allowed only when one of the pair is SC ST. This will help the “:discourses” and ” narratives” to focus on quaity of life and attainment of ” good life'” — issues and write-ups and the radical devaluation of brahaman and merit the wise author and his inspirers flaunt

  14. The upper caste never opposed reservation to Dalits . Even Ambedkar asked for reservation to Dalits only for 10 years. But we oppose reservation only to OBC who r only attacking Dalits & who think they are superior to the upper caste socially , economically, academically. The author must c the status of upper caste in Tamilinadu . Here no dravidian party will give ticket to Brahmins to contest election,no appointment in state government jobs. we r treated as pariahs in Tamilinadu. The author should be impartial in his observations because I hope Ur Editor Shekar Gupta in high esteem inspite of my differences with his analysis

  15. I read the print first time.
    Its good that at least the disclaimer is written that the views are personal.
    I dont know what these heck writers want. Already more than 60% reservation is present, unemployment is at heights for all classes. And they want quality to be deprived in name of social equality. The world has turned capitalist. We too have turned the same, but selectively. How gross! Condemn the views of the author.
    *views are personal*

  16. Those who were put to inhuman humiliation by Brahmins based on Manu Smriti and Geeta for thousands of years, should now be made to suffer that way for as many years so that they know what it means. Even today the brahmins believe in the same evil system of Varna. Unfortunately bahujan are insane in so much as they vote for the Brahman Party BJPRSS and ruin their own interests. High casts are only 15 per cent and BJPRSS got fifty per cent this time of the total eligible voters. Shame on bahujan.

    • It’s wrong to blame particular caste all the time. Brahmins by numbers are only minority and have no significant voting influence. However, the trick is to portray through scriptures, films, stories, media and other forms of communication that only upper caste people appear important. This psychological trick is continuously used till today. The minds of lower caste is conditioned all the time and those who aspire to surge ahead are demoralized regularly. Even reservation is a message that subtly makes the downtrodden to feel that they are unworthy. Best way for reserved class to protest is to voluntarily discard these benefits.

    • Mr. /Ms. Ananymous, your anger is blinding you . The answer to the atrocities of the past is not new atrocities. We must learn from the past and say we do not want to repeat it . Also the way out of all this was shown by the very Brahmins that you so vehemently dislike. Use the reservations to get yourself educated (no wealth is as permanent as education) that was what it was meant for. Use it properly and prosper and let others prosper also. Spend your time with advancing your loved once not spewing hatred and revenge. In the end, revenge/hatred does not bring peace.

    • You blame brahmins for your own inferiority complex.You behave like incels when you demand that government should promote intercaste marriage .All your fantasy revolve around marrying uppercaste woman .Are women from your community not ready to marry you or even they reject marrying you .I can understand your frustration no doubt you keep spewing venom .Nothing will change until you introspect and improve yourself no reservation will fix this.You make all this bahujan groups because you dont have a strong sense of self and individuality.Individually you are cowards and get exploited by rich dalits,obc who misuse your misery for their ambition.I wish you success once you get that you will see through this bahujan politics .life is short dont waste it in pursuing someone else goal build your own self .

  17. The writer of this article appears to spread caste hatredness amongst different castes therefore Penal action should be taken against him as well as against The Print and Google.

  18. Chattishgarh govt increases reservation for obc according to obc population. All state govt should follow reservation on population basis.

  19. The Print is literally worst online media which I had read… buffoon sweeping on roads imply that if doing so allows them to get admission in colleges and jobs then even if they are meritorious they are ready to do it because upper caste poor people are in great peril because of these reckless ever increasing quota…..and if u r talking abt EWS then u should know this step was taken by central govt to ensure possibility of representation of atleast few people from Upper caste who are meritorious and competent but lagged behind from other people in society due to their poor economic condition…..EWS is not restricted only to upper caste but to everyone who are economically backward and don’t come under list of SC ST OBC etc……

  20. ThE PRint author please tell us how we can protest against the begging beggars since 1950 on the basis of caste based reservation. Caste based reservation will never unite our Nation, the Disatisfication level is increasing day by day. Civil war will happen in future, by giving them special caste based reservation, we all tagging them with a tag of backwardness. But when symbolically someone says them sc/st or obc then beggars start barking. When taxes are paid by everyone,then why special treatment to anyone. Reservation must be on economic conditions. Now come EWS there is nothing in it. No age relaxation, no fee relaxation nothing.useless. so don’t bray like donkey and play self proclaimed agenda to divide our Nation. What about poors belonging to upper caste, according to u they are not citizens or they don’t have any constitutional rights. Caste -based Reservation is curse on our Nation. Their protest was on HYPOCRISY. Which u twisted it in to self proclaimed agenda.

  21. Nobody in most of india barring some rural areas follows hinduism as readily today as this author wishes to believe
    but if you get a beneficiary of reservation to talk about reservation of course he tried to justify it all
    upper caste sweeping and cleaning is bad according to him
    but pro-reservation protest which destroy a lot of public property are okay !
    look at how this guy concludes it
    “untouchability will not vanish until purity of brahman is devalued ”
    how are you going to devalue brahmans
    shame brahmans in public?
    might as well tie us with rope to a pole in public and burn us with petrol
    for your “devaluation”
    today the most casteist castes are those that get reservation because of their inherent interest
    they have the degrees as it is easier for them to get degrees and so they easily get big jobs
    where they cant get the job even after having free or cheap degrees they are shoved in through reservation and then they write books and publish articles on how bad this caste system is to further strengthen their casteist narrative against upper castes.
    I have yet to find a lower caste author that would write on reservatio without considering his/her caste prejudice !
    Lower castes are extremely prejudiced and they misuse their demographics to push for casteist oppressive policies against upper castes .

    • Kindly re-read. It’s not “this guy”. The statement “untouchability will not truly disappear until the purity of the Brahaman is itself radically devalued” is of French anthropologist Louis Dumont. It’s not talking about “devaluing brahmans”, it says devaluing the purity of the Brahman.

  22. Reservations must be for all as per their population so that no will cry against reservation, upper caste will agree?

    • How convenient, when it comes to reservation you bastard become backward and as soon as yadav party rjd and sp come into power you become yaduwanshi kshatriya

  23. Every one knows the casete based reservation weakening India day by day but vested political interest resisting the Government to stop the reservation system. Until and unless strong, united movement from UR people, the constitutionally biased and useless system will prevail. So be united and raise your voice. Our voting issue should be only the reservation system.

  24. The print always biased Kuch naya nhi h…. Reservation ke vjh se he hindu dharm k andr algav or bada h obc general wale st sc walo se alg mhsoos krte h jisse dono k andr gussa h.. Ye sab political game h. Reservation should be on economical basIs… The print mc h😂😂😂 #pkmkb

  25. It is typical propaganda of leftists and anti Hindu brigade. Facts are many upper caste people are working as sweepers or toilet cleaners in Municipalities and govt to earn livelihood whereas many Dalits and OBC s r occupying senior positions which they don’t deserve. People no more care for castes only when it comes to reservation seats people use their caste . Remove reservation and you will demolish caste system.

  26. This channel is extremely pro reservation without knowing the actual ground situation. The general castes are getting two to 2.5% of the total vacancies as the OBC are already educated and developed castes and ST quota had been usurped by the Meenas of Rajasthan who are not adivadis for whom the reservation was allocated. These castes are getting more marks than the general, hence they are adjusted against general category and in their place the donkeys with kower marks are adjusted against the reserved vacancies. Thus basically the reservation is hundred percent. Reservation in promotions also hence all head of deptts shall be the reserved

  27. I think that Dr. BR Ambedkar was also belonging to a SC/ BC/ OBC category as he had made such provisions for the benefits of these classes for their upliftment. But the benefits are going to only rich SC’s and BC’s etc again and again e.g. IAS, ministers, inspectors, professors, doctors etc only, but poor sc’s , bc’s among these classes are always deprived of these benefits . So, if a sc, bc etc is once uplifted by giving reservation in study, admission in colleeges, or jobs etc,, thereafter he or his family members should be barred for such reservations in jobs, promotions, admissions etc due to his upliftment and in view of his entering in the mainstream of the society sothat the remaining sc’s bc’s etc can also be uplifted . By this way, one day will come that the curse of reservation will be removed automatically and all the sc’s and bc’s will be converted in general category. Cast system will also be removed and no un-touchability will be there in the society and no one will say that he is a dalit…No enmity, no hate
    will be there among sc/ bc/ and general category… only merit, intelligence, genuine competitions will prevail in the society….. this is the best way to remove castism, hatred , un-touchability etc

  28. C a s t e is Conspiracy Against Social Transformation and emancipation this world should not be used.
    We are different occupational groups
    and some are poor and others not.
    Education and technical training must be compulsory for all poor people with financial support to start trade or be entrepreneurs and those who excell in studies higher education.
    There is no lower or higher , all humans are simillar physiologically , biologically and be equalised socially.

  29. Good job done by sweeping roads, do it regularly please, it is the duty of every Indian to keep India clean (Swachh Bharat). Don’t do it as a protest but do it being an Indian. If people do it all over India, the day is not far off, India will become cleanest country in the world. This is what Prime Minister of India dreams.

    • The SC/BC/ST/OBC , all categories have become habitual of getting such reservation benefits in admissions, jobs, promotions etc like beggars…….. some beggars have a lot of money, but they do not want to leave the habit of begging, they feel good to say as dalits themselves, but if some one else say them as dalits, they raise huge and cry against them….. this shows that their mental level as biased…..

  30. Upper castes should get adapted to such jobs! Why should only SC/ST/OBC do these jobs. Upper castes should also have REPRESENTATION in such jobs.

  31. An extraordinary thing is waiting to happen. Megamerger of all Shudras into one caste i.e Lower Caste like Brahmin, Kshriya and Vaishya termed Upper Castes. Once that happens (and very soon it will happen withput any so called UC leading it ) there will be New India ruled by LC the majority among Hindus and in Muslims and in Christians etc in India. LCs must tag themselves henceforth as LC Mulaya, Maya, Stalin, Nitish, Gehlot, Soren , Sharad, Nitish and all. Garb se bolo main LC hoon.

    • if the rule of lower caste over upper caste just because they have the demographic power is justified
      if generations of lower castes ruling over and above upper castes is justified
      then what was wrong with old casteism ?
      where generations of some castes (upper castes) ruled over other castes (lower castes) !
      btw with the prevalent ambitions of lower castes to rule over upper castes through their demographic power one might end up seeing one entire section of Indian populace turning hostile towards it
      and here are some of the many possibilities that lay ahead that path
      1 civil war
      2 country breaks apart
      3 support to anti-national elements
      4 increase in everyday violence
      5 unemployed uneducated UC youth increasing law and order problems like jammu and kashmir
      we are already seeing unemployed youth situation and increased everyday violence

  32. In Every political party a trained develop
    ing by increasing the % of reservation vote bank may increase. at present Chhattisgarh govt.announced 82% reservation which is more than supreme court decision and all state. this means nothing meaning of supreme court order .this phenomena may be highly explosive in future so everyone trying to it’s result for country neither 5%people who taking continuous advantages of this reservation

  33. Always I had seen that the article goes in the favor of reservation system. I found the print as a extremely biased .

    • Perhaps he might be there due reservation..He doesn’t understand that what they want to show is that, they too are in the same position as reserved candidates.

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