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What Imran Khan is doing to Pakistani school textbooks even Zia-ul-Haq didn’t

The huge volume of religious material the proposed Single National Curriculum contains beats all previous version’s in Pakistan’s history.

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Be prepared, Pakistan! Imran Khan’s government is poised to inflict damage upon this country’s education system in a manner never seen before. Its so-called Single National Curriculum (SNC) hides systemic changes going far deeper than the ones conceived and executed by the extremist regime of Gen Zia-ul-Haq. Implementation is scheduled for 2021.

At first glance a uniform national curriculum is hugely attractive. Some see it striking a lethal blow at the abominable education apartheid that has wracked Pakistan from day one. By the year, a widening gap has separated beneficiaries of elite private education from those crippled by bad public schooling. So what could be better than the rich child and the poor child studying the same subjects from the same books and being judged by the same standards?

But this morally attractive idea has been hijacked, corrupted, mutilated and beaten out of shape by those near-sighted persons now holding Pakistan’s future in their hands, and who, like their boss, kowtow to the madressah establishment. Prime Minister Khan was widely criticised in 2016-17 for making huge grants to madressahs of the late Maulana Samiul Haq, self-professed father of the Taliban who was murdered by an associate in mysterious circumstances.

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As yet only SNC plans for Class I-V are public. But the huge volume of religious material they contain beats all curriculums in Pakistan’s history. A column-by-column comparison with two major madressah systems — Tanzeemul Madaris and Rabtaul Madaris — reveals a shocking fact. Ordinary schools will henceforth impose more rote learning than even these madressahs. Normal schoolteachers being under-equipped religiously, SNC calls for summoning an army of madressah-educated holy men — hafiz’s and qaris — as paid teachers inside schools. How this will affect the general ambiance and the safety of students is an open question.

The push for a uniform national curriculum idea derives from three flawed assumptions:

First: It is false that quality differences between Pakistan’s various education streams stem from pursuing different curricula. When teaching any secular subject such as geography, social studies or science, all streams have to cover the same topics. While details and emphases obviously differ, each must deal with exactly seven continents and water being H2O.

Instead, learning differentials arise because students experience very different teaching methods and are evaluated using entirely different criteria. So, for example, a local examination board will typically ask a mathematics student to name the inventor of logarithms whereas an ‘O’-level student must actually use logarithms to solve some problem. The modern world expects students to reason their way through a question, not parrot facts.

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Second: It is false that a hefty dose of piety will somehow equalise students of Aitchison College and your run-of-the-mill neighbourhood school. The legendary Mahmood and Ayyaz prayed in the same suff (prayer line) and established a commonality without ending their master-slave relationship. Similarly, rich and poor schools will remain worlds apart unless equalised through school infrastructure, well-trained teachers, high quality textbooks and internet access. How the needed resources will be generated is anybody’s guess. Under the PTI, defence is the only sector seeing increases instead of cuts.

Third: It is false that school systems belonging to the modern world can be brought onto the same page as madressahs. Modern education rests squarely upon critical thinking, and success/failure is determined in relation to problem solving and worldly knowledge. Madressah education goals are important but different. They seek a more religiously observant student and a better life after death. Understandably, critical thinking is unwelcome.

While some madressahs now teach secular subjects like English, science and computers, this comes after much arm-twisting. Soon after 9/11, madressahs were spotlighted as terrorist breeding grounds. Musharraf’s government, beholden as it was to America, ordered them to teach secular subjects. Most rejected this outright but others were successfully pressurised. However, madressahs teach secular and religious subjects identically; reasoning is sparse and authoritarianism dominates.

While the new Class I-V SNC document also discusses secular subjects, much of this is pointless tinkering with the minutiae of teaching English, general knowledge, general science, mathematics and social studies. They are not accompanied by plausible plans for how the necessary intellectual or physical resources will be garnered and the plans implemented.

Still bigger changes are around the corner. The Punjab government has made teaching of the Holy Quran compulsory at the college and university level. Without passing the required examination no student will be able to get a BA, BSc, BE, ME, MA, MSc, MPhil, PhD or medical degree. Even the Zia regime did not have such blanket requirements. To get a university teaching job in the 1980s, you had to name all the wives of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and recite some difficult religious passages such as Dua-i-Qunoot. Still, students could get degrees without that. That option is now closed.

Starkly inferior to their counterparts in Iran, India and Bangladesh, Pakistani students perform poorly in all international science and mathematics competitions. Better achievers are invariably from the elite ‘O’-/‘A’-level stream. More worrying is that most students are unable to express themselves coherently and grammatically in any language, whether Urdu or English. They have stopped reading books.

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Significantly, as yet the PTI’s new education regime is mum on how it will advance its goal of closing a huge skill deficit. So poor is the present quality of technical and vocational institutes that private employers must totally retrain the graduates. That’s why private-sector industrial growth is small and entire state enterprises, such as PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills, have collapsed. Pakistan’s space programme flopped but Iran has just put a military satellite into orbit and India is well on the way to Mars.

Empowered by the 18th Amendment, Pakistan’s provinces should vigorously resist the regressive plan being thrust upon the nation by ideologues that have usurped power in Islamabad. Else Pakistan will end up as the laughing stock of South Asia, left behind even by Arab countries. Pakistan’s greatest need — and its single greatest failure — is its tragic failure to impart essential life skills to its citizens. To move ahead, the priority should be to educate rather than score political points.

Pervez Hoodbhoy teaches physics in Lahore and Islamabad. Views are personal.

The article was first published in Dawn.

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    • Pervez Hoodbhoy is AghaKhani..They PRAY, in front of Prince Karim Agha Khan’s Picture. Their HAJ is, Whenever THEY can Physically TOUCH FEET of Prince. THEY Believe, that Prince is Walking-Talking Holy QURAN. Ofcourse, AghaKhanis Non-Muslims. Rgrds, UMMAA Broadcasting, Missouri LLC, USA

  1. What a pathetic and narrow view. Having a qari in school can be threat or a misfit, sir you need to straight out your mind set. And if you think religion has no space for critical thinking you need to widen your knowledge about the phelosophy of our religion. I just lost my interest in first quarter of your article. A very close minded and biased and totally giving wrong perception of religion and education given by you.

    • Me too. Going through the initial areticle just suggests that the writer is very much biased. Madrassas are better than most of the schools in world but are a threat to private education systems whose only job is to extract as much money from the parents ad possible alongwith providing the worse kind of education. The print should avioid po sting such opinions Also, the so called madrassas are responsible or the freedom of India and Pakistan.

      • What nonsense of the biggest kind are you stating by saying your stupid islamofascism,bigotry,hatred spreading madrssas are responsible for independence movement??Ever heard of any Nobel laureate,high quality scientist/engineers coming out of the hell hole you called madrssa,NO. But lot of Islamofascit jihadist UN/World recognized terrorist do have come out of it to spread terrorism, bigotry,hatred.

    • Its funny how the article has changed from when it was first published in the Pakistani Dawn newspaper. Then on top of that this website is based in India and rather than taking an article that had some sort of positivity to it, they are making out that Pakistan is going to turn into a militant state. Let’s see an article about the RSS do the same. I cannot understand why India and Indian media are so intent on covering as many stories about Pakistan as possible. If it were to provide a fair sample of what Pakistani life is like that would be different, but alas its all doom and gloom about Pakistan. Try something different for a change and look at the bright side of life and the benefits that the two countries could achieve by coming together.

  2. پرویز ہودبھائے پرلے درجے کا جاہل انسان ہے۔ اسے ہر چیز سے الرجی ہے جس کا تعلق مزہب سے ہے۔۔۔۔

  3. I am happy to hear you. This article shows only the western thought which are now part of soul of most of the elite class. I appreciate the efforts of IK government for one single curriculum but on the other side it is much demanded that curriculum should meet the international standards to compete in the world

  4. western democracy believes in “majority’s authority ”
    …..and i m really glad that majority is considering ur article a rubbish biased baseless and factless writing.
    poor played enemy very poor

    • Western democracies are republics first, not majority’s authority.
      First they value enlightenment values and then they vote.
      What Imran Khan or Modi are, are demagogues. That is what Western democracies normally try to avoid (obviously failed with Trump).

  5. I for one can vouch for the fact that proper religious curriculum – the one taught to those who aim at becoming scholars through standard boards – is not rote learning. Not in the least. If one even studies the science of hadith/narrations, one will be baffled at the extent to which a scholar goes in determining the authenticity; analyzing various chains etc.

    • Mr Saad Ashraf: Nonsense !

      I live in europe and have seen the damage that Muslim religious education does to Pakistani children growing up in secular European countries. The bulk of the education imparted to children consisted of memorising the Qur’an, a religious book written in classical Arabic. The education is done after regular school hours when the child is usually already tired or has to skip other fun activities like sports. The tutors are usually Punjabi speaking, barely literate village bumpkins who have used their connections to get a plum assignment in a Western European country.

      Problems that educational authorities observed with this religious education:
      – The children are made to memorise a text in classical Arabic that they did not understand
      – The tutor himself does not understand classical Arabic although he would be able to recite it. Indeed, several tutors spoke only Punjabi and almost all spoke very little Urdu
      – The children usually were spanked by the tutors for transgressions, violating local laws that prohibit corporal punishment.
      – The opportunities for Pakistani children to play, interact and integrate with their local peers were vastly diminished

      Yes, my analysis stems from religious educatoin for minority Muslim children from Pakistan in Northern European countries and I do not wish to generalise it. But in the European context, this pointles exercise does not bode well for their futures.

  6. We need to recognize the black sheeps in our home land. This guy is making his Indian and other masters happy, and making his creator ver unhappy. Speaking of Quran, Mr. Writer read “Surah e Tuaba”, and “Surah e Ahzaab” , with translation and understanding. Those warnings and sentences from Allah SWT are for you and people like
    you. Tik Tok, Tick Tok ….. time is running out for repentence and Tauba. You Islam hatters have no perception what you people are getting into, and whom you are messing with (An ultimate power),. Donot hate and condemn muslims, since we are just doing our job. When you will see the truth with your own eyes at your natural death time , only one thing will be your friend, and that is an utter disappoitment, and not only just a punishment from Allah but, it will be a torment. So get your stupid head straight, anf fear Allah SWT. It is a Brotherly advise to you, Mr. Hood bhoy. So that may and people like you may save yourself from a painful torment, coming fast towards the humanity (who are disbeliever). Remember this!

    • Mr Syed Shah: While you are fully entitled to believe in “An ultimate power”, please allow the rest of us to believe in other things. And allow us disbelievers and kafirs to have the same scorn for your “An ultimate power” as you have for our stone idols.

      Muslims like you increase Islamophobia everywhere in the world.

  7. Hi guys and ladies. The history of this So called writer or whatever he is just a Pakistani just for a mistake as he has always stood against everything done in Pakistan specially Imran khan as he is an honest man and peaceful as nobody else .
    The change is needed as we have to become a nation and stronger then before just for our own future without causing any changes to others , so I don’t understand the worry of all the persons thinking that Islam is an extream religion while we see a lot of controversy in India . So called secular country but without freedom . The true story is that Pakistan needs a change and still there are people and outsiders , Interested in Pakistan where the past political elite was in their hands… Is now everyone is feeling insecure without any reason . If someone is worried , it’s just a fear that is called the guilty heart… Bless you all…

    • Pervez Hoodbhoy is the most educated Pakistani who writes in Press.
      He has always been right at everything and he points to the real situation and explains what will happen if a policy is continued.
      Fundamentalists hate him.

      The same lessons also apply to India. Whether you force Quran or Vedas on students, it will ruin the country’s competitiveness.
      Religion should be a choice, not a mandate.

  8. Well a writer seems to be a psycho patient or he just lost the sight of islam if or she is supposed to be a muslim. Islam is the religion which shows light upon every aspect and its good and bad side, islam shows the science to the modern world scientist which keep on learning through Quran, how stupid is this that a critical thinking cannot be done through researching islam are you mad ?? Does doremon teaching good science to your children ?? Can’t you afford that the time your children serve on doremon will better serve on learning islam. Please be positive and broad your mind i am not an scholar but i know the once who follow Allah S.W.T will never break into apart. Jazak Allah.

    • It is you who is the psycho, not him.
      Dr. Hoodbhoy is among the smartest that Pakistan produced, while you are a religious bigot.
      And you know what? Watching Doreimon is much better than reading Quran. Its morals are better. It is not from the dark ages. Ask a kid how he want to spend his time. You will get your vote.

      Leave religion for adults. Don’t shove it down the throats of kids.

  9. Thirdly, who said you cannot bring modern schools and madressahs on the same page? Islam is a religion for all the people to come till the day of judgement. If what you’re saying was true we wouldnt be talking about people like Ibn Sina, Jabir Bin Hayaan, Ibn Al Haytham and the list goes on. Allah says in Quran: “Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding.” So stop being an extremist and try to impose your own extremist view on people. You honestly have no idea what you are talking about and how wrong you are about it.

  10. Firstly the writer should go and ask students from Pakistan about the quality of education they recieve while they are studying in government and private schools. You’ll realize that its true there is huge gap between the quality of education delivered in private schools compared to government schools. Its a known fact known to every common citizen of Pakistan.
    Secondly its not just about a hefty dose of piety. Its our religion, our history, norms and ideals we are talking about here. Trying to bring the younger generation closer towards Islam will make the secular minded people angry and try to create new problems. Its a positive and great step by Imran Khan. You cannot stop what he’s trying to change with an extremist mindset without the real facts and figures.

  11. Whatever pathethic mindset made the writer this whole article is just simply out of my mind. Being an extremist and calling others extremists and realizing it is common. The is one of the best decision PTI’s government has taken by making the syllabus same for every student along with additional Islamic topics related to the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), the companions of the prophet and other great leaders and warriors of Islam. Its not what we want but truly what we need.

  12. Not surprised by the bleating of Credulous naive sheep’s who follow a equally delusional brainless ewes. What is alarming is that this kind of stupid unquestioned loyalty is coming from so-called educated lot.
    This article is unique in its writing. Author has touched upon a nerve which should have jolted a reaction from extremists; but out of blind obedience for the ewes the sheep started bleating against a sane voice.

  13. I have listen the writer in a conference speaking over the topic “creation of the universe” in a public sector university. All the logics presented were only accepted by the Pervez Hoodbhoy himself. In recent days Pervez Hoodbhoy’s services has been terminated from FC university and the reasons were its confusing and disputed personality.
    He is quite worthless personality due to its anti Islamic mindset.

  14. Word fascism is used by many people in the context of Nazis but in present circumstances, this word is more related to any extremist ideology supporting intolerance i.e. religious fundamentalist, caste discrimination, supporters of apartheid, social discrimination against the weaker section of society, communism etc.

  15. Wow this Article is totally not a Sore loser Reply to the Extremist propaganda of so called secular government.No!🤣🤣🤣

  16. What do you expect from a country in which the worshipping of a 7th century pedophile is mandatory. Beside Islamic terrorists and opium what else does Pakistan export?
    The greatest strength of Islam is ignorance and has always been ignorance.
    Ignorance of the life of their so called prophet
    Ignorance of the Quran
    Ignorance of the Hadiths.
    No sane Muslim can read the Quran and the Hadiths and remain a Muslim.
    That is why the government and the imams must keep their oblivious population ignorant.

    • Its anti-islamist, not anti-islam.
      Isn’t the point of your religion to have a choice?
      How is making things compulsory for kids giving them a choice?
      Don’t brainwash them as kids. Let them grow up as adults, get educated. If they want to believe upon becoming adults, they should make that choice.

  17. That’s Islam which always pinches you. We are she will study whatever is required as per Quran and Hadeeth of Last Prophet SAW. You are short tempered people who can’t face reality and always afraid of Islam while Islam is most peaceful religion and a complete code of conduct for successful life in this world and the world after this.
    Why would anyone date to keep us of what’s related to us being our basic right.

  18. I fully support imran khan for this radical step. We r an islamic state and we need to educate well our children and Quran knowledge shud b compulsory for all the graduates . IA it will happen.

  19. I think the writer either is biased or completely ignorant. Look like no research done. These kind of writers misleading trust between nations. These kinda authors are responsible of our hated world. We all should discourge these kind of authors, those writing without real facts and always show negativety.

    • Why we should discourage an author/writer or any other person for the record who doesnt agree with your religon/culture) philosophy in first place??There is something called freedom of speech,& you cant force down what is wrong/correct morality on someone else,its you who are spreading hatred/Intolerance by shoving down your religon/culture on those who dont want to be any part of it. No one can tolerate islamofascism.

  20. Only A Munafiq can right such Anti Islam stuff. May Allah guide this Mr. Pervez Hoodbhow.


  21. Yes, Only A Munafiq can right such Anti Islam stuff. May Allah guide this Mr. Pervez Hoodbhow.


  22. This is biased article, away from the reality. Single national curriculum is the need of time.

  23. What’s wrong in imparting religious knowledge in addition to other subjects and who says that only traditional mullah is the best choice. There can be Muslim scholars well versed in their subject. As far as modern subjects are concerned they can contribute in growing externally, where as Quran and sunnah knowledge can work internally and can help in soul transformation thus resulting in producing better human beings. The modern verdicts and theories remain in transformational state and keep on changing with time, where as divine knowledge is final and absolute. In historical tradition worldly and religious knowledge went side by side. I don’t understand why people have repulsive attitude when it comes to religion, probably because it is liable for major transformation in society. The change is unacceptable because it can intrude in the comfort zone of many.

  24. The Dawn newspaper should stick to just reporting news and imparting it’s biased nonsense as mainstream. It’s utterly biased and probably on the payroll of Nawaz Sharif’s family. Ceril Almeida was in the PMLNs inner circle and was fed a lot nonsense from inner sanctum of a political party that was pandering to Modi.

    Hoodbhoy is detached from the real world. An elitist who is anti Islam and his BS doesn’t resonate with the masses who need real change.

  25. As a well wisher of Pakistan from the time
    of creation , and and an admirer of Imran
    Khan I wish him well with his new plan
    for change in education system. May Allah
    reward him and also make his scheme a
    success. Insha Allah khair !!!

  26. The writer of the column is a jerk, whose voice is not even heard by his family. Keep away from Pakistan. And yes, you guys will burn in your own fire and will fall in the ditch that you dig for us.

  27. Came to leave a comment, but bhai iski to pehley hee sab ney bohut kr d….. hun aram ey??? 🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣

  28. Fully support IK. The writer has increased our respect for PM, n he does not know what he has done.

  29. The writer is truly biased n have anti islamic agenda as jews wants.. that by religion people should have islam but not practicing.. if educated system has more islamic content then whats wrong in it?.. atleast our generation should know truly about what is religion n what is deen.. difference between two.. niether our children know their histories… niether properly Namaz, namazr janaza, wuzu n jumma ..

  30. I don’t know why you are so worried of this is actually happening, this is really good to be true I can’t see it happening in Pakistan

  31. When i was a kid and my teacher used to take a surprise test, i used to write the same kind of shit making no sence at last

  32. Is the author not a Muslim that he is so vehmetly against the wider introduction of Islamic education in the whole education system?

  33. I have never seen an article and authur hated by the readers this much. Buddy you have outdone yourself this time by doing something even the whole of west hasnt dared as of yet. One thing they dont fiddle with directly is religion, specially islam but you have the guts to say all that. Haha bravo!
    I think your main purpose was to agitate the whole of pakistan and in return you can get asylum in the west. Well kudos, the first part was a success, now lets see how the rest of it goes?

  34. Totally useless and biased. The writer should improve his/her knowledge about education system of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, not only criticising the IK administration.

  35. Teaching of Islam will cause damage to Pakistan
    I can easily call you now
    Pervaiz YAHOOD Bhai

  36. Surely you know that The Print is an Indian newspaper. And why an Indian newspaper published an article by a Pakistani analyst (a garbage analyst).
    Surely now you have understood the danger to India from this curriculum they feel. And that is why The Print is writing such articles from traitors of Islam and Pakistan like Be-HoodBhoy.

  37. I am absolutely astonished that he is a physics teacher in 2 separate localities.
    Being a physics teacher (if he was any good at that), he should have known a very simplified basic physics concept of ” equal and opposite force”
    When he writes without knowledge, he will get equally enthralled comments revealing his lack of knowledge., understanding and comprehension and to top it off he doesn’t stop to proof-read what he wrote. If he had done that, he might be able to see the nonsensical incoherent article he has attempted to approach.

    The fact that this article was printed in the Dawn initially and picked up by goes to show the despiration of this publication for any kind of work to fill its pages. Hence possibly not a very valuable publication or in the least not at all a reliable one.

  38. Writer is an islamophobe, must be depressed these days after hage sofia transformation back to mosque. Or trying to please islamophobes for some lifafey…..

  39. Hi we leave in africa and in south africa education is equally for every body u going in high paying school or u going government school all equal bcz of department of basic education and Higher eduction all equal 1 syllabus and 1 motive here is no different between so what’s is the wrong for bringing same equal rights for every child

  40. So, what IK is doing is extremism, yet Muslims being manslaughtered in Syria, Palestine and Kashmir is somehow protecting one’s sovereignty. Torturing random Muslims in India and China is to be ignored whilst IK’s attempt in mutually standardizing educational institutes considered extremism.
    This is a typically biased analysis based on defaming IK’s vision.
    I really think much worst goes on in many western countries, with their educational institutes not knowingly setting the foundations of their youth on the White Supremacist ideology.
    The ones western’s cant fight become their very own enemies e.g Zia Ul Haq, in who’s reign Pakistan’s progressing rate was ALHAMDULILLAH exceptionally high as well as their GDP, and apart from that ‘if’ Zia was to be an extremist, then why did America came crawling to invest in Pakistani military so that the USSR invasion of Afghanistan could be defeated.

  41. India is on the way to mars! Well these are just the dreams. China killed you 20 soliders with bare hands and you guys blocked some of their apps. You can only talk practically the world knows your capability. Let me tell you in your language. Tum sirf bhonkna jante ho.

    • Bhokte tum ho jo paiso ke liye apna religion chor ke muslim ban gaya.
      20 Indian soldiers died and minimum 17 chinese soldiers dead bodies were captured by Indian soldiers.
      Many other chinese soldiers dead bodies fell down the mountains and were not captured by Inidan soldiers. This is news.

  42. Typical of the author. Singular opinionated write up which lacks the understanding of public and national interest of the country. He has been extremist in his approach towards government efforts for education reformation and implementation of uniform text book keeping in view the inspiration of the society.

  43. Currently so called (lafafa journalism)media is not more than just a puppet . Holding extreme opinions and grudges. lack of credibility and work for the money. Junk journalism won’t work longer but influence the chunk of people who actually belongs to anti state and anti Islamic sentiments with only one agenda to exploit the innocent people. 👏👏👏

  44. I see just personalised arbitrary thoughts…. poor research work… I’ve seen children diaries with more logic and meaning….
    Writer needs more emotional maturity.

  45. Right from the start, seemed biased. And naming subjects as secular or islamic, only this modern writer can do such

  46. Wriitter is not fit for any society his brain isn’t work in right direction
    If he left Pakistan for ever he got no any right to give any opinions he should spend more time worshipping KALI MATA

  47. Hoodbhoy is good for nothing. Pseudo intellectuals like him are a liability on Pakistan.

  48. 100% agreed. This writer represents hindutva mindset.
    What a brainwashed article.
    What is happening on the ground is that Qadianis are quirely getting into power and working to change islamic text of peace and stability to twisted concepts of Ahmedi religion.

  49. Respect is, that is near the Allah but not near the people.Zia ul haq rahmatullahi was the momin and is momin.this will u will know in mahsher,not in world.

  50. Kinda ashamed to see this. The guy wants to make the kids of a system which has put suicide on another level better and let them know about their religion in a secular world, but no, you don’t want it do ya, unless you’re an agent.

  51. This opinion is definitely NOT written by a true Pakistani who loves Allah and Muhammad SAW more than his own life. Rather its been written by a liberal puppet.. pitty on you .. Allah apko ye duniya achey se de de. As you definitely dont believe in the world hereafter.

  52. Hoodbhoy, being anti Pakistan, always writes against Pakistan. So, we should always know that if he’s giving a negative review to something that is happening in Pakistan, it has to be so, so good that he had to take the time to write against it.
    I’m sure he also gets financial benefits out of writing against Pakistan.

  53. What a cheap and cheap and cheap article…… What is your problem with Pakistan education system reform ? Shame on you.

  54. U got to be kidding u seems like western education admirer, dont worry school system has to be corrected,u stay out of this..

  55. Yes but Pakistan itself was created based on religious grounds, whats happening in India specially UP, Gujarat and some other North Indian states is much worse. Because India was GG founded based on secular values

  56. India is fascist and terrorist nation killing innocents Kashmirs for the land and resources by teaming up with other similar facist leadery. India so horribly failed democracy

  57. India is fascist and terrorist nation killing innocents Kashmirs fir the land and resources by teaming up with Nathan ya. India so horribly failed democracy

  58. Rubbish article. Next time when you think of your secular ideas write it on a peice of paper fold it in half, fold it again infact keep folding it till you can shove it up your brown eye.

  59. What an idiot writer and living still in 70′-80’s. He shouldve posted this on newspaper instead of internet. Since he doesn’t like anything in Millennium, he should start living in 70’s and post these stupid articles in newspapers where some people would actually praise. Not here. No, kid not here. You’re getting paid for this negative and ill thought publish.

  60. 99 percent of Pakistan Support imran khan on this act, and then rest 1 percent writes article against it. Personal views could be wrong, sometimes you need to let it go

  61. People need the chance to teach themselves. To learn. May what god you pray too bless you.

  62. Very well written article. Actually, there are many instances of education where Pakistan resembles Sudan or Somalia. The money flow from USA kept the madrasah going fast. Even in India, where we have hundreds of thousands of mosques, teaching for Muslim children is still a question of quarnic ethos. This issue is universal among Muslims. India must act fast , unlike Pakistan , we are Democracy that believe in modern education. Hope humanity learns to keep belief system a personal experience.

  63. How and why is it that you guys have sooo much time to criticize your neighboring country when you have 10 million problems to solve yourselves? What Pakistanis do with their education system should be none of your business to begin with.. Whether they are making it worse or better has absolutely nothing to do with India. The nature and ambiguity of this article proves why Indian media is criticized for its views, information, and representation of facts. Grow up, there are millions of problems the world is facing as it is right now. Here is a hint – Covid-19 pandemic.

  64. I would say he’s absolutely correct that this educational system is a relic from colonial past & army as an institution shouldn’t meddle in matters of educational policies. Due to such pathetic system, with exception of few, slave minded individuals are born, who don’t have leadership qualities & are hesitant to take initiative. This, our government institutions have a laid back attitude & the country doesn’t progress

  65. How can you talk about Pakistan when India is under the most extremest government of all time. You are talking about books in Pakistan why muslims are being lynched everyday in India. Where Muslim majority Kashmir is still Under curfew. WhAt clawed
    Argument are you making.

  66. Agreed .
    The writer has no credentials, what so ever
    He has been the extremist in his own views towards Hindu extremist .

  67. It’s now trend that writers have very less research and then they just start writing what ever comes in their minds like this one in here,
    Absolute one sided metrial in this article, without and research and evidence, and I would called it an effort to make Hindustan happy and spread of false information.

  68. Pervez Hoodbhoy is a pakistani scientist and he is striving to get his country improve educational standards. With these steps,Expect a standardized Jihadi from Pakistani schools. Neighbouring countries and world at large has to worry about indoctrination and hate against other religions.

  69. He seems to be a dinosaur of British colonial legacy and a representative of the elite society of Pakistan. In this article it appears he’s trying to appease his western masters and critics of Imran Khan. Without criticizing the move, which is to remove discrimination in the education system, he could have suggested better ways to improve the proposal. Can this guy give am example where in western developed countries or China, Russia etc there are different education systems for different category of people. India, Bangladesh etc should follow this example and unify their education systems to SSC, HSC levels to give every child an equal opportunity irrespective of social background. Though this will not establish a perfect system but has to go through a long process of trial and error to get rid of colonial legacy of almost 200 years. I appreciate the move and hope improvement will follow with wise thinkings and opening eyes to the achievements of those countries who excels in this area. The idea of the colonial conservatives and elites should be ignored who has no inputs to improve the conditions of the poor, rather to carry on with the mantle of their colonial masters to rule over these people, either in the name of so called democracy, hereditary family rule, and let the general people linger in stupidity and darkness. Thanks.

  70. Some good points but most objections are void and do not make sense. Pervez’s opinions are not held by the majority.

  71. writer he is totaly fake story he isbtaking personla revange with imran nothing going to happen with relgious but he is doing well job lyk poor and rich ppl study in same schkl same like eurpn country this man wring false stroy i donot agree even 1 words with this man

  72. Very depressing statement educated to uneducated statement are you willing to stand in court that you not destroying by supporting courruption corrupted education system in Pakistan over 70 years, lie dowword low education cheating in courses all teacher have to go for examination to pass and have teaching license including molvi need degree to teach Islamic school. It is only to make public better education strong knowledge.

  73. The writer of this article… Is in question in himself.. As an athiest he cannot comprehend the values of studies under Islamic umbrella…

    He should go back in history to know and understand contributions of Islamic scholars, doctors and scientists to this education system.. Intead of propagating his negative thoughts as traitor

  74. Stop the media campaign against Pakistan. People are not stupid to understand your discriminatory and full of hate analysis against muslims and particularly are a Hindu extremist and Zionist people and have only one agenda to spread hatred among people.You are the enemy of peace on this planet.So stop your nonsense analysis and stupid news.

  75. This article is absolutely true, and fascinating. I am purely shocked to see so much truth on a news article as now a days most of the reporters are scared of writing the truth as the one who write the truth are either kidnapped or are either killed by “accident”. Whoever is the author of this article i give you a salute for having the guts to write the truth and not being biased 🙌

  76. Honestly, if the writer is happy writing this. Let him be. I am amazed to read all the illogical opinions presented by the writer. Let me give a little brief of how Pakistani education system is.. the graduates don’t suffer at all. They are delivering their services to all the nations on the similar level as India is. You can easily see engineers, IT professionals, doctors in every corner of the world and no country trains them except Pakistan. They get hired with the qualification they hold from Pakistan. Pakistan is the 4th largest country in terms of providing freelancing services in the world. Better check facts before writing.
    I think the writer is confused with corruption and education system. Yes, corruption is there and its not just Pakistan its everywhere… How about we talk about AirIndia if you are considering PIA . Corruption lead to the demise of national institutions but this doesn’t mean the people are not skillfull.

  77. Its our education system and we are proud to learn more religouse subjects…. Make your daddy happy is easy!

  78. India beat Madressah War drums on daily basis against Pakistan. And now when Imran Khan finally moving ahead to fix it going against these Mullah Mafias, you are out selling yourself.

  79. Pakistan is Islamic country and Imran will do according to constitution of Pakistan. You are burning in hostility of Pakistan and happiness and prosperity of Pakistan doesn’t feel good to you. Curse upon you and your third class piece of writing

  80. Paid writer, have no idea why Imran is bringing one unified system, which is to kill diffeent class system in the society and to give same chance to poor for getting selected for higher education, job etc.
    These paid writers not only give biased information but also damage their country’s reputation.

  81. This whole article is not more than shit. The source fountain of modern technologies and science is subjected to the ancient Muslim researchers wather it is spece, medical , physics, mathematics. All modern welfare states are based on Islamic theme and theory. Again Muslims can rule the world only and only by following what Islam says in a true leder n spirit, Muslims declined only and only because of betrayal from the diven theory of Beautiful ISLAM.

  82. It seems a job is there for the journalist because this journalist doesn’t wants to work more.Those Muslims who fear Islam and doesn’t have of fear ALLAH are known as non-Muslims pupits.

  83. Well in my opinion, people can do with more religion in their lives. I don’t think that we should consider being wealthy or more skilled in worldly activities as a measure of success. Sure make your lives easier but do not abandon your faith and principles to do so

  84. Absolute rubbish. Echoing Hindutva sentiments the article is written by a confused and an extremist writer to please his lordships across the border.

  85. I don’t understand what’s wrong with him. He is so biased and against islamic culture and our children should know about our prophet and his kindness what’s wrong with it. If you teach physics then you should know how many inventions muslims scholar made through studying Quran.

  86. Can you even read a post by pervez hoodbhoy?
    “HOODBHOYISM” extreme liberal an atheist by belief system..Kindly apply research before circulating and spreading this propaganda warfare.

    Yeh 2 NATION THEORY ko reject kerty hain or quaid e.azam.ko.Secular sabit kerny.mein Mary ja rahy hain or saath Allama Iqbal ko qoami shair bhi nahi manaty.

  87. This writer seems to have some kind of mental disorder.He never talks positive about pakistan and islam.Who cares about the nonsense he is talking about, we have to care for those millions of pakistanis who want this change.We are no more a colony where we had classes (rich class,middle class,lower class and poor class)but an independent islamic country where everyone has to be equal and accountable.

  88. They don’t call Imran Khan the good looking Mullah for nothing . Many including myself had high hopes when he came into power bow ever these hopes were dashed when he fired one the best economists in the world (Atif Mian) due to pressure from right wing religious extremists – even his ex-wife Jemima blaster him for this! . Imran Khan has done many U turns and will continue to do so as he is frightened to stand up to extremists – my opinion of him is that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

  89. “How this will affect the general ambiance and the safety of students is an open question.”
    Never read a more classist and supremest statement. Reeks of looking down on your own country men and having a superiority complex. Shame.

  90. Critical thinking is not discouraged in the madarssah system.

    It is not all rote learning. Bias and discriminating of science vs arts has always been there, but as the world is evolving let’s learn to live with mutual respect. Co exist while acknowledging differences in opinion.

    In the Quran multiple ayah implore one to ponder upon the signs in the universe, observe creation and travel the land to seek ibrat from past civilizations.

  91. Excellent comment karan. This guy is void of any information of the current realities going on in the world. This month’s most ill-informed and ill-researched I’ve read thus far. Pathetic.

  92. Your cries and pain indicate that whatever Imran Khan is doing, is best for Pakistan. Before objecting the educational reforms by Khan, suggest Indian Govt to build toilets for half of your population who even don’t have the place to s…t.

  93. “recite some difficult religious passages such as Dua-i-Qunoot”. All Muslims know this passage because it has to be recited in the fifth prayer of the day each day and you are calling it difficulr? Come on now.

  94. I read few lines and I my guess is that he did not like Imran Khans actions. Imran khan is PM he can do what he needs to do for his country opinion writer should not interface or over think on Imran’s actions.

  95. Stupidy of the writter. Who even dont know that one educational system with european and islamic teaching together is must for pakistan. Otherwise there are almost 40% children’s are studing in islamic madrasas only and they are unable to compete with others & can be a extremist. So main stream them with one educational system is only option, there no way arround yet.

  96. Alhamdulillah Imran Khan Govt doing very well. You should discuss “How to save yourself from CHINA” rather than discussing on Pakistan’s school system.
    Save yourself from China for Pakistan …
    Because if China left behind anything, MUST REMEMBER PAKISTAN WILL PUT YOU ONLY IN SCHOOL SYLLABUSES “There was an Endia, who tried to bark on Pakistan but nothing on the earth left as Pakistan responds”

  97. The thing is, what Imran Khan has done is what Pakistan needs. Equality. And in case everyone has forgotten a simple historic fact That Pakistan got its independence because Muslims who were struggling as a minority in the subcontinent wanted a free country to practice Islam with all their heart. Our ancestors didn’t go through all that trouble so that we could forget the blood and sacrifice of the martyrs and turn our country into a secular, “westernized” country. Why is it so hard to believe that as Muslims living in an Independent Islamic Country why we just Can’t have Religious freedom in education. Our religion is peaceful, respectful and factual. It teaches all that which scientific studies can’t. It builds up our character. It teaches us from right to wrong, something which science absolutely can’t. The world is already going downhill but we can atleast try to be more peaceful and understanding and not uncultured like what this blog is insinuating.

  98. I can feel your pain Hoodbhoy. The hate of islam inside you is in each word of your article. But you keep doing what you doing and Allah has his own plans. And only things happened by Allah will.
    It is very important to get religious education for our kids. I totally support that.

  99. Unified schooling and curricular system prevails all over the developed countries. All residdual colonial administrations favour 3 tire curriculum so that richer class can go for western level education and finally settle elsewhere with pumped thefts. While the poorer through midrasha system can finally merge with or contributing to taliban philosophy, the larger part can remain weakly literate. It is important to start from somewhere.
    If I. Khan’s intension can be judged, nation should remain watchful so that design weaknesses does not make all wrong.But vehemently protesting against unified schooling at the beginning without enough proof is tantamount to grief of vested corner on abolishment of of century long curses.

  100. Pakistan’s present regime if it is making earnest efforts to educate the children will succeed. If not, any progress will go down the drain. Pakistan should avoid bloated defense budgets and spend more on health and education.

  101. This article is full of crap and false Indian propaganda.
    Imran Khan is doing great for the country for the first time in history.

  102. He is just a crap and nonsense only to please India which is a terrorist country run my fascist Modi

  103. I had tremendous respect for Pervaiz Hoodboy before reading this article. This is so full of shit and faulty assumption. Each line has an extreme bias written all over it. Even the logics given do not hold true.

    • Yes you are absolutely right he is anti army and anti Pakistan person. This article can only be appreciated in India, Israel and anti Islam elements

  104. Whole article makes no sense and the writer is too dumb to make his own point. Being drunk in the sense of ignorance, he is just jotting down his memories with no facts at all. Such a shame!!

  105. As mentioned by Karan a very anti Pakistani article . The fact is India is changing it own history and making India victories when the opposite happen ..the syllabus has also changed to reflect this …

  106. I think the writer needs to research his/her content properly. Posting his opinions and blaming it on the government. Check the past history of Pakistan education system and compare it to now. Huge difference. And Imran Khan is taking the country to right direction bit a lot of hurdles.

  107. Poor analysis…. biased!
    IK approach reflects majority’s demand.. What else is good for an Islamic state than an educational curricula.

  108. Pessimistic writer or we also can say a hopeless secular columnist he is. Or may an atheist or Anti-Islamic mind wrote this.

  109. Dear Writer,
    You are an extremist and raci*st. You termed students “madnessah educated Holy men” and indicated they pose a threat to security. Absolutely shameful and pathetic of this paper to publish you. I am going to report you again

  110. You should be ashamed to call yourself writer as nothing has been attracted in your rubbish than the RSS defaming agenda and am sure you are one of their own.
    We are all aware of the standards you have been relating and talking about.AH

  111. I had huge respect for the author….but after reading this, I have my doubts.
    “madressah-educated holy men — hafiz’s and qaris — as paid teachers inside schools…….will affect the general ambiance and the safety of students…….”
    Can anyone put some sense in the so-called highly educated minds of this sort?

  112. Whats your problem with more religious teachings has been made mandatory in it??
    Quran like all other religions teaches equality, peace, honesty, its stops people from injustice, encourages to live modest life and help poor in society etc if children’s learn these values early on it will help them become good human beings. I think every nation should teach more of their religion to thier childrens early on in thier lives And also they should be taught about modern day subjects this will make them better humans. I see nothing negative in this decision of Pakistan government your whole article is biased and makes no sense!!

  113. I am so much disappointed to see your biased article. I don’t understand how you can anyone master hate skills .. get some education bro.

  114. The writer mentioning “(In Islam) critical thinking is unwelcome”, is completely untrue. Clearly the writer hasn’t deemed it necessary to learn about Islam before imparting with this incompetent piece sans critical thinking.
    Your priority should be to study the topic before mindlessly filling the pages
    Sounds like someone’s parroting.

  115. Put yourself in his shoes, and only then you probably would get an idea of his vision. He’s a man of his words!

    • First of all How India is involved in this is beyond my understanding..secondly news papers like the wire and the print etc r left leaning.. they r known to publish anti Modi and anti Hindu news all the time.what author of this article wants to achieve by writing this piece into an Indian news paper website is also not very clear..most of the indians have hardly any interest in domestic affairs of the neighbouring country..if it was about education policy of developed countries like USA uk we would have liked to scrutinize bringing India into equation is not a good idea overall

  116. a joke..a sellout..go rot in your jealousy..u r a loser in this world n the next…lousy self professed intellectual..

  117. I dont think there’s anything wrong with ‘heavy dosage of religious content’. Hoodhboy has always tried to impose his sense of “modernism” and “open mindedness” on others. Present day scientific curricula and religious studies can go hand in hand, in absolute harmony. Presently, there are several education systems being followed in Pakistan, and the result is that the nation stands more divided than ever. No matter how hard you try to hide this fact, there is a visible hatred among people of various ethnicities and provinces for each other,that benefits none other than the filthy politicians. They feed off this hatred to maintain their relevance and keep their gutter politics alive. PPP has been doing this for years in Sindh.

  118. The whole article doesn’t make sense to me except trying to be provocative and using all the possible adjectives which could certify the liberal credentials of the author

  119. Question is, why is this new education curriculum not being discussed & debated in the Parliament. Any curriculum just can’t be thrusted on the entire nation just because this selected government & PM wants to. One should follow a balanced path that has been given in Islam.

  120. Dr pervez sb, you must study the quran first by yourself, quran always welcomes critical thinking that is why the ayas ” why dont you think/ponder upon?” Is mentioned in several places in different chapters. What impact the education system has made so far that we have right now? Let him change it. support the change.

  121. What a poor story crafted with no reality. The writer seems very extermist and used very harsh words to prove his point.

  122. Author’s hate for Imran Khan is real.
    I doubt if any professional content writer should be allowed to write and publish such a hate-teeming content.
    Despicable content.

  123. What utter nonsense. The above read was a waste of life. One sided opinion with a blatant bias towards his own agenda. How does Islam undermine critical thinking? Please elaborate, we had some of the greatest critical thinkers to have walked the Earth.

  124. It shows the deep burning inside the Hindu mentality at any positive step in their neighbors, mere their anger is indicator something good is happening to their neighbors which causes wretching in Hindu stomachs. Well done Imran. Abhinandan will never be forgotten by Hindus.

  125. Well, let’s accept for a minute that the exposure to religious beliefs can be somewhat volatile, considering the conservative landscape of Pakistans morality. But there is no denying that the religions, including Islam have brought about collective leaps of civility and served as moral compass to derive value. Now if the youth of Pakistan is offered a chance to study this phenomenon deeper, their understanding deepens. Rather than blindly believing in a literal perception of say any Mullah or Scholar, the ideas are broken down and presented in Schools, making sure that everyone indeed carries this pivotal information of societal leaps of morality and thus is liberated from the extreme imperatives that might be presented later in life. I believe the act of making knowledge of value extraction common, creates more free thinkers rather than extremists. Extremists originate from an environment, where motivation is fueled by fierce rhetoric backed by dogmatism, and not by civilised learning.

  126. It’s as simple as this statement itself goes “ it’s our country we will rule it the way we deem fit”.

  127. The writer mentioning “(In Islam) critical thinking is unwelcome”, is completely untrue. Clearly the writer hasn’t deemed it necessary to learn about Islam before imparting with this incompetent piece sans critical thinking.
    Your priority should be to study the topic before mindlessly filling the pages.
    Sounds like someone’s parroting.

    • Absolutely. Ijtihad which means independent thinking is compulsory. In Islamic legislation Ijtihad plays an important role and has central position in the whole process.

  128. The writer mentioning “(In Islam) critical thinking is unwelcome”, is completely untrue. Clearly the writer hasn’t deemed it necessary to learn about Islam before imparting with this incompetent piece sans critical thinking.
    Your priority should be to study the topic before mindlessly filling the pages.
    Sounds like someone’s parroting.

  129. Writer wrote that Pakistani students perform poorly internationally and Bette achievers are from elite O level schools. To improve his knowledge, I would like to inform him that more than 90% of the medical students are not from these “elite” institutions, and these medical students prove to be among the best in the world when they go abroad. He says that students had to know names of Prophet’s wives and to learn difficult passages like Dua e Qanoot. Just to inform him that Dua e Qanoot is a part of Isha prayers (Witar). Every Muslim should learn it by heart as he also should know the names of Umma Ha Tul Momineen. Is there anything wrong knowing their names? In fact not knowing their names is a matter of shame for Muslims.
    I totally disapprove writer’s opinion as on one hand he is ignorant of country’s educational situation (despite being a teacher himself) and deficient in Islamic knowledge on the other.

  130. Whoever has written this article in the news…
    A big big laugh for him/her.
    You are just a narrow minded person 🤣🤣🤣

  131. The writer values freedom of expression, but not for religious people. He is under the false pretense of a western utopia. He needs to accept the fact that not everyone considers physics to be the key to everything.

  132. It’s amazing this article which is WRONG INCORRECT INFORMATION is allowed to be published 🙂 idiots everywhere
    Look Mr ur issue is ur own likeness or dislike of imran khan success… Sorry but u r behaving like a sore loser

  133. Again western written garbage, when ever someone does positive about Islam, western media are out in force to critisize something positive,. Remember it was Islam brought algebra, numerals when Western world stuck in darkness and if it wasn’t for Islam there would be no algorithms and if there was no algorithms the ipads computer’s that you so called western world use, there would not be any of it, so keep going you bunch of patzi’s

  134. To learn religion seems to be a extremist thing to the writer. We are low in ever field of life because we are far from our religion. Writer should at least learn religion first.

  135. Will he who embraces the Western attitude accept Islam everywhere? He can only serve the West, he is dangerous for the country and the nation. Doesn’t he see in the Qur’an where Islam is called the perfect religion? Has he not heard the meaning from any Haqqani scholar?
    Rather, we should now unite the Muslim Ummah and equip the Muslim countries with a full religious environment and raise the banner of world Islam together and pay close attention to whether those who oppose it are hypocrites, apostates, atheists and not Muslims at all. And let them know that no matter how much they borrow their intellect and speak like the westerners, Islam will be victorious, whether today or tomorrow, or at some point. And that day is not far away. So we cooperate to implement Islam in every field of individual, society, state, world. I save the country as much as I think of saving myself from the conspiracies of Jews, Christians and pagans.

    کیا جو مغربی طرز عمل اختیار کرے گا وہ ہر جگہ اسلام قبول کرے گا؟ وہ صرف مغرب کی خدمت کرسکتا ہے ، وہ ملک و قوم کے لئے خطرناک ہے۔ کیا وہ قرآن میں نہیں دیکھتا جہاں اسلام کو کامل مذہب کہا جاتا ہے؟ کیا اس نے کسی حقانی عالم سے معنی نہیں سنا ہے؟ بلکہ اب ہمیں امت مسلمہ کو متحد ہونا چاہئے اور مسلم ممالک کو مکمل مذہبی ماحول سے آراستہ کرنا چاہئے اور ایک ساتھ مل کر عالمی اسلام کا بینر بلند کرنا چاہئے اور اس طرف پوری توجہ رکھنی چاہئے کہ کیا اس کی مخالفت کرنے والے منافق ، مرتد ، ملحد ہیں اور مسلمان بالکل نہیں۔ اور انھیں یہ بتادیں کہ چاہے وہ اپنی عقل سے کتنا قرض لیں اور مغرب والوں کی طرح بات کریں ، اسلام فاتح ہوگا ، خواہ آج ہو یا کل ، یا کسی موقع پر۔ اور وہ دن زیادہ دور نہیں ہے۔ لہذا ہم فرد ، معاشرے ، ریاست ، دنیا کے ہر شعبے میں اسلام کے نفاذ کے لئے تعاون کرتے ہیں۔ میں اس ملک کو اتنا بچا رہا ہوں جتنا میں یہودیوں ، عیسائیوں اور کافروں کی سازشوں سے اپنے آپ کو بچانے کے بارے میں سوچتا ہوں۔

  136. Poorly written article with no vision whatsoever. It’s completely logical to have religious studies inside schools. Imran Khan has been saying that since the very beginning. That’s the only way you can shut down the madrassahs and keep a check on all the religious teachings that are going on in the country. It’s a smart move.

    Secondly there is no rote learning being implemented in the final curricula. The curriculum itself is being established from the Cambridge education system and the system at Singapore. How can make such an absurd claim when the curriculum isn’t even competed yet? You’re just throwing random BS probably because you’re getting your pockets filled by Mohdi.

    “.. Recite some difficult religious passages such as Dua-i-Qunoot” Hahaha this is hilarious. That tells you that this writer is no where near a practicing Muslim. No wonder he’s afraid of religious texts being implemented in schools. It’s ok. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has failed to educate you in the past. You can enroll in the new Single national curriculum and we’ll make sure you don’t consider Dua-i-Qunoot a tough ayat.

    • The author is renowned athiest. He always been critical of any religious revival in Pakistan. In fact for decades I have considered an enemy of Pakistan because of his pro-Indian and pro-Westeren views. There is a feel of hidden agendas of almost everything he put out in the name of journalism. It also shows the fear of real Islam and Muslims if ever to materialised in our life time. Unfortunately Pakistan has many characters like him.

      • What is wrong with being an atheist Mr Khurshid Ahmed?

        Your ilk has problems not only with idol worshipping Hindus, but also Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Parsis, Sikhs, Baha’ai – you name it. Indeed, even within Islam, there is violent factionalism and theological turmoil with Sunni, Shia, Ahmadiya, Ismailis, Bohras and so on not seeing eye to eye.

        And to that list, we now have to add atheists.

        No wonder Islam is tearing Pakistan asunder.

  137. This writer is like a street thug who can sell his soul for pennies. No facts but fictions. I believe people don’t buy this blind and bias criticism anymore.

  138. This writer is like a street thug who can sell his soul for pennies. No facts but fictions. I believe people don’t buy this blind and bias criticism anymore.

  139. The writer himself is very biased. And fill with hatred towards imran khan and government he did not clarify what will be in the syllabus other than blaming imran.

    • You are right
      Science gives us much boons to this world not any religion.Even I am commenting this is a part of that platform.pakitani people got drowned in their stuffs. Oh God , such extremisms. Science gives us all things

    • What has Kashmir or India got to do with Pakistan’s education system ? Even with current system you have fake degrees and license mills. ex. fake pilots at PIA.
      I can see most comments (99%) are against a highly educated Pakistani. and unfortunately equate western education as anti Islam etc. etc.
      If Pakistanis want this new curriculum well so be it.

  140. The author is dump and has no idea what he is talking about . I will equate his frustrations with opposition parties camp. The author praised India (going Mars) clearly demonstrates his level of knowledge on current affairs. Imran Khan is a vision and the school system that Pakistani students graduated /trained were deliberately paralyzed so that feudal system always control the poor is now undergoing changes. By introducing Islamic Studies is as good as introducing Moral Science within the education systems so that (suma tatafakaroo) “keep thinking” on morality and ethically on Islamic Principles would be restored in order to fix the education systems within Muslim Countries . Pakistan is NOT India or Bangladesh and it must NOT be compared with also Saudi Arabia / Middle East because Pakistan is an idea and dreamed by Sir Iqbal not by those who studied physics doesn’t even know difference between Moon and Mars

    • Your current affairs needs to be refreshed not the writers. He is right when he says India has reached Mars. India is the only country to send a Mars orbiter successfully in first attempt and its also the cheapest in the world. Even nasa could not do it in first attempt

  141. What issues the writer has with learning Qur’an in school it is the only book that leads you towards critical thinking. And if he has any issues he shouldn’t learn it himself stop imposing your believes on us

  142. We do want our children to learn dua qunoot the writer may be is not even a Muslim and hasn’t prayed once. This silly hoodboy must know that dua qunoot is compulsory part of namaz and if he doesn’t want to follow religion he should shut his filthy ideas in his mind. Life after death is important you don’t believe it then don’t impose your filthy liberalism on our generations.

  143. This guy did one thing all life talking against Pakistan and Islam
    For the pleasure of his slave mentality

  144. Excellent writing! Such far-sightedness is direly needed at this point in our country.

    It is quite testing that a prior ability to be reasonable is required to understand the article itself. Let us retain confidence in our public that they may succeed in lending it a bit of ear, and contemplate on what has been said.

  145. The name of the writer is enough to understand his crap۔ This is an easy way of making money writing such things in an indian keep crying. Your audience has PM and MPs who call for drinking cow urine to fight covid 19. Lol.

  146. Stupidity conceived article. Clearly shows intent to create hinderance toward any good step taken by the government for betterment of Pakistani people

  147. Agreed.
    The opinion writer is an extremist himself. He has no idea about what he has written. Absolutely deplorable and poorly written opinion to make Hindutva fascists happy.

  148. Who wrote it ? Oh God 🙁 .. Writers should do complete research at least before publishing something for public. What a negative negative energy you are sending towards people.
    It okay to have different opinions but deliberately trying to show the negative side ‘Only’ while eliminating all the positive impacts is pathetic. Extremist

  149. Such a ghastly and nonsense writer, having no logic in his words, just waging his tail so for to please his Indian Masters.
    Pathetic use of words, his ideology speaks volumes of his stupidity.
    If you are so much disgusted by imran and his policies, then why not go to India or Israel. Have fun there, retard.

  150. What bullshit. Who the hell are you and what in the world do you know about Pakistani education system. Refrain from making an opinion as this… What is your source, your bias.. Stop damaging the image of our country.
    Are you paid by Hindu lobbyist. What nonsense is your journalism all about.

  151. The writter has a shitty mindset. He couldn’t even comprehend the decision of enriching the Curriculum with real knowledge, consequently speaks non sense about this great deceaion.
    Adding Islamic education in the Curriculum will cause No hurdle to the development and Technology but it will make Pakistanis more piety, humble and God fearing. Also reading the Quran will also show the new gateways and empower students to do research on new things as there are hundreds of Quranic verses about Modern science and Allah encourages the human kind to research and discover new things in this world so as to see the signs of Authority of the Greatest Creator and Sustainer, Almighty Allah.

  152. Moulana Sami Ul Haq played key role in KPK during elections in success of Imran Khan . Therefore Imran Khan is also called Talban Khan . They have misguided the nation by making false promises. He has not honoured even a single promise and is incapable and inefficient person.

  153. Absolutely, the writer is a secular minded stooge, who has no authority to have say what kind of curriculum should be taught in pakistani schools. IK govt should be lauded for a phenomenal step of unifying the educational curriculum in the nation.

  154. Hoodhoy is today’s Kortuglu, he is not truly Secular, he is abbigot and always shows his hatred towards Islam and Islamic education.

  155. The write has no idea what he is writing. However it exposed the thinking outside of Pakistan how scarred people are with the improvement in Pakistan

  156. Being a non Muslim we can feel his interest in Islamophobia. He should leave Pakistan a country created in the name of Muslim Religion.

  157. Pervaiz hoodbhoy desevrses a huge lanat for writing this article.. This writer is a shame for pakiatani nation..

  158. Pervaiz hoodbhoy desevrses a huge lanat for writing this article…. This writer is a shame for pakiatani nation..

  159. This writer seems to be a puppet of islamophobists.
    Only by promoting islam we can get rid of our miseries.And l think every step taken in this regard should be fully supported

  160. wow.. seriously Print? never expected this low level of extremist article. who’s running the print now? Yogi? 😂 I will never trust a single word from print. now.

  161. Pervez hoodbhoy,

    The nation knows IK and you as well. Dont ever try to instill poison in the minds of youth as they wont take it at all.

  162. Mr Hoodbhoy is also extremist of left wing he always oppose the Islamic National values. He is playing in the hand of enimies of Islam and Pakistan.
    If any Islamic or National move is adopted by any ruler he and other like him become anxious.
    For us as a Muslim we must follow Islam for which this country Pakistan was come into being whether this move started by Zia or Imran.

  163. Hoodbhoy is an atheist. He has been Pakistan bashing for too long. The fact is the world has too many academics. There are too many people holding degrees but can do nothing with it. The fact is we need better human beings with compassion and an eye on creating harmony and peace. That is not going to come from academics. We need to spread the field with skills. Unfortunately the Physicists and such like claim an elitism.,many of whom are atheists. We spend billions going into space but human beings are starving on earth. Education on a tertiary level is beyond the reach of most. There is a huge disparity in the wealth gap. All these afflictions of the human self needs to be addressed, therefore a balanced education that can bring to the fore good human beings together with decent education is much needed. Religion that teaches compassion and values are essential

  164. Pakistan has an identity and origin crisis.

    It was carved out of Bharat during partition but Pakistani are taught and almost all of them believe the foundation of it was laid by Mohammad bin qasim.

    He was an Arab rapist, plunderer and murderer who brought mayhem to sindh.

    The current inhabitant of Sindh who look like bharat extoll this Arab fellow and celebrate him knowing fully well he killed, plundered, raped their ancestors.

    They look like bhartiya, eat like bhartiya but call themselves arabs.

  165. Pakistan taking precautionary measures to counter Hindutva Terrorist Ideology , but writer have no Idea what he wrote i think

  166. Please check in India how they have changed education system & making hindi compulsory..
    Writer is an idiot .

  167. Pervaz hoodbye and daily Pakistan are openly opposing a system which brings you near Islam and still you are true lover of Islam and his prophet pbuh. You do not need to look for Hippocrates.

  168. I has had proposed one system of education in Pakistan to IK and others, to break through the barrier of many education systems . Core objective was bring it to international level, inculcate thinking from start, and increase flexibility.
    The method to deliver was e-learning with continuous updating of content of every subject at all class levels with recorded lectures to overcome teacher shortage, school building shortage, and e-examination every month and every quarter instead of once a year old exam purely focused on memory mechanism. Concept was delivery over internet where same content would broadcast for different levels from Class 1 to 12,
    It seems this writing is most critical basically against introduction of religious values to the youth and is totally out of place as religious values does not curtain but expands the minds in every society in the world. Don’t forget God’s Devine instructions want you to explore and not contain your minds as was done by all previous systems specifically imported British imported system. We want our generations to explore the universe breaking the old education barriers imposed.
    I can have a open debate with the writer. Bottom line is develop 18000+ lectures with latest content for ALL lectures from language to social studies, mathematics to sciences, including the Islamic teachings, to focus on humanity and equality for all as expected in Islam like other religions.
    Let’s not criticize just for criticism sake.

  169. In science keep the same terminology. Please don’t try to change it. If to acceleration you will give the urdu name of israh and so on. Then you will destroy our students. But if acceleration will remain acceleration, velosity will remain velosity, only then teaching in Mother language will be an advantage. Our urdu medium is so backward because the education adventurer have invented a new term in urdu for every scientific terminology.

  170. Poor and Pro India article. The PM is trying to develop the country and needs the support of his people and the media to spread his progressive movement. Let him be!

  171. The writer has no idea what so ever on education. Comparing 1-5th grade with O-lvls. Totally out of question. 1-5 grades are ment to focus more on morality and character building rather then science. Education is imparted step by step not all at the same time.

  172. The writers seems to be paid by Jews/Christians Looby to humiliate and denigrate the 80% of Population of OUR GREAT MOTHERLAND!

  173. Parveez hoodboy always being the one with the anti state narrative to show the negatives (self proclaimed) he himself is an atomic energy scientist and his words and views perfectly show how illiterate he is at mind. Using good vocabulary doesn’t help parveez half the world can speak that way. Learn to give facts not just fulfil the needs of the RAW officals on who’s payroll you bullshit your own nation. Grow up!

  174. this idiot writer is an extremist himself self propogating the false message that pakistanis perform poor in mathematics

  175. Keep your views to yourself Mr., your article is totally absurd and serves no purpose. By the Grace of Allah Almighty we are heading in the right direction Inn Shaa Allah things will be better day by day, be optimistic don’t be so pessimistic.
    If our priority is Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala and teachings of Khatim Un Nabieen Mohammed PBUH the worldly education will not be a difficult task I know many brilliant Engineers who started with religious education first and than pursued to engineering and technical education.

  176. The opinion writer himself is poised against Pakistan Imran Khan is brining out the country from the class system to have same curriculum all over the country, writer has no any idea about Pakistan education system, however, his only concern is to spread negative news against Pakistan.

  177. “and recite some difficult religious passages such as Dua-i-Qunoot.”

    Shocking, since when did that became a difficult Dua to memorize/recite? Every Muslim who has ever prayed the ‘Wittar’ prayer during Issha prayers, has to recite it towards the end of the third rukku.

    This gives us a glimpse in to the so-called ‘huge volume of religious material…’ Imran’s govt (in writer’s opinion) is about to introduce in to Pakistani Educational system. This is why, he did not provide much details in to the actual text/changes being introduced but at the same time made it look like the end of this world stuff!

  178. I agree with Karan”s comment. Sorry but Prof. Pervez Hoodhboy has to stop selling himself as the ultimate in everything. Many don’t share his pessimistic and fatalistic views

    There is no society without its share of issues and all solutions are not final or ultimate. Pessimistic’s selling doomsday scenarios are part of the problem and not the solution

  179. “and recite some difficult religious passages such as Dua-i-Qunoot.”

    Shocking, since when did that became a difficult Dua to memorize/recite? Every Muslim who has ever prayed the ‘Wittar’ prayer during Issha prayers, has to recite it towards the end of the third rukku.

    This gives us a glimpse in to the so-called ‘huge volume of religious material…’ Imran’s govt (in writer’s opinion) is about to introduce in to Pakistani Educational system. This is why, he did not provide much details in to the actual text/changes being introduced but at the same time made it look like the end of this world stuff!

  180. The writer is completely bias. He has lack of common sense. May Allah bless Imran khan and Pakistan- from Bangladesh.

  181. No references, an opinionated article rather than one based on facts, no solid comparison chart, bias that’s almost palpable and undermining Madrassa Teachers. Poor journalism at its finest.

  182. Yes, you are damn right. Our whole country is converting into a religious institution. Over 70 years we have been trying how to be more religious every day and all we have seen is deterioration of situation not just on religious fronts but on every other walk of life. Generals are eating the country like a termite and the whole country is becoming a military colony. Religion has failed to change the fate of the country since its inception and wont make it any better going down the road. It has only brought radicalism, sectarian violence, intolerance, talibanization and so called jihadism, We need a different system that actually works for this country we love so much. Otherwise, we are heading towards a chaos that only benefits powerful people.

  183. Typical deplorable and poorly written opinion that shows Hindutva fascists mentality. I feel sad for such sick minded people in India society.

  184. Typical deplorable and poorly written opinion that shows Hindutva fascists mentality. I feel sad for such sick minded people in India, RSS thugs are all over the place and poisoning the society.

  185. Seems like Indian “media” is mostly a mouth piece for hindutva fascists…

    Which is more concerned with Pakistan’s education than Indian’s disastrous education system which already has been comprised by fascism….

  186. Yes. The writer himself is an extremist
    And he is against making Islamic teaching a part of our curriculum.

  187. This article is no more than an extremist and one-sided opinion. Media should not be one-sided.

  188. یہ اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان ہے ہمارا حق بنتا ہے کہ ہم اسے اسلامی تعلیمات کے مطابق چلایے، نہ کہ ہندتوا یا یہودیت کے طرز پر، اور مجھے نہیں لگتا کہ تم اسلام پسند ہوں بلکہ مجھے تو تم انتہا پسند لبرل اور کمیونسٹ لگتے ہو. It is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we have the right to follow it in Islamic teachings, not in the way of Hinduism or Judaism, and I don’t think you are an Islamist, but I think you are a radical liberal and communist.

  189. Ha… This write up is a piece of shit. Focus on our issues we have within India. We pay more attention to cows then women in India also represent fascists mentality we have.

  190. Writer is mentally ill, biased and belongs to self claimed secular class. One of the worst article.

  191. Pakistan is an Islamic republic. It has all rights to provide madarasa education to its stakeholders. US is a Christian state. All 52 states have their on school education board. Majority of them are dominated by church. Theory if evolution is not taught to students. Even they are told sun revolves around earth. But citizen has no grudge.

  192. Request Modi to give him Indian citizen ship like Tariq Fateh and Adnan Sami He is no more a lunatic

  193. Pakistan should shut down all schools and colleges and universities. Let the people get drowned in religion.

  194. Unfortunately Mr. Pervaiz always come up with an opinion excessively declined and refuted by the majority of his readers. His narrative is based on his own anti Islamic agenda.
    Sorry to see publishers giving him space to speak irrelevance .

  195. After reading this, writer appears to be extremely inept. What he has written shows his mentality and perception that is, i must say, very foolish and absurd. There is absolute lack of information. This is an insult to himself and this website. Nothing is logical.

  196. An extremist Pro Hindu has vomited his heart out. Mr. Pervez Hoodbhoy is a known intelectual terrorist always distorting the face of Pakistan and Islam.
    Here in this article also he has tried in the most prejudiced manner to undermine an excellent effort by the Government of Pakistan towards a just educational system for all.
    This shows his dirty mind towards Pakistan and Islam.
    You better stay out of it Mr. Hindubhoy.

  197. Terrible Government poised on creating fresh waves of religiously brainwashed extremism in an already ailing, religiously fanatic society. I agree with the author of this article 100%

  198. This con artist is as good a con artist like some of those TTP types who are paid up members of RAW.

  199. Opinion writer has given a sharp and rational view of educafional directions in Pakistan. And the dangers ahead for pakistan. It will miss development a nd be relegated to the museum piece in respect of educafional achieve9ments.

  200. Totally disagree with the opinion of this so called teacher of physics. Has no knowledge of history. We are Muslims and citizens of Islamic republic of Pakistan. Does Islam stop us not to learn science, The fundamentals of modern science was laid down by great Muslim scientists. Being religious doesn’t stop some body to be logical thinker. Off course great reforms required in infrastructure of educational systems. We have to start from some where . Single national curriculum will give confidence to the children belonging to all classes of society. No body will feel himself inferior to others. Yes teachers training and assessment of students as per international standards need great efforts. One should appreciate these steps rather criticizing.

  201. Mr. Hoodbhouy is known for his radical comments stemming from his slowly vanishing idea of secularism (anti religion) that he believes is the solution to all problems faced by diversed set of people. He comveniently likes to ignore that all scientifically advanced countries have had their roots in religion. … To this day the US dollar bill says, In God We Trust. Germany and Japan are two other nations who have a history of being religious.

    His opposition to nuclear weapon is something that everyone would want to work but is not applicable in the world we live in . Pakistan’s creation of the atomic bomb was in response to India’s acquiring the technology first and other nations acquired it before India did… notably Americans and the Russians . If they hadn’t started the global nuclear race and gone on to show the world the consequenses of non-compliance (Hiroshima) and national sovereignty of other nations would not have been in danger…. See what happened in the Middle east, Vietnam, Afghanistan etc.. So instead of going round and round he should first reach out to those who caused this useless yet costly obesseion in the first place, an obessession driven by the necessity to survive.

    Lastly, medarrasahs have many issues, the most important being mindless and overly-done conservatism that must be addressed but at the same time there are many good maddrasahs that take in kids from not-to-do-so-well parents and give them food, shelter and basic education. That is why people donate to these maddarsahs… I dare Pervez Hoodbhoy’s to share details of how many underpreviliged kids he has financially supported or worked with…… it’s a shame that he has always only criticized the government and never offered wide spectrum solutions and tried to work with the governent. (Disclaimer: He is a great professor and an intelligent man for having graduated from MIT but that’s where it ends) .

  202. F irst of all the writer really needs to understand the Seen of Islam. It teaches us nothing but to analyze and think about our daily lives and the acts we perform. Secondly it is the madaris where the major scientific discoveries were made by famous Muslim scholars, because they researched back then… How much research have you yourself done on your subject Sir?
    Please stop saying negative things about your beloved Motherland as it has saved us from the most extremist colonial system where we would have been slaves. Hence, let us not take this independence as granted.

  203. I remember couple of decades ago when HEC changes were made Hoodbhoy was one of its biggest opponent. But when Zardari Govt started curtailing it he became it’s supporter. Let’s see how the policy works out before we jump to conclusions.

  204. Are you for real man😳
    Yor are saying students are not safe with hafiz and qari’s, do LGS have qaris that harrasing students.People like yOu never want that child of poor rise to your level, you are a clear extremist man, look on your self .Islam is all about equality and justice, i suggest you to read Quran and sunnah and u will know the beauty of islam and importance of equality, I m really sad about you man, you have the right of freedom of expression but first… You should be able to know about the thing you are talking,…poor man. May God bless u and may u seek the right path. Blesses.💐

  205. Pervez, it is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. So the premise Pakistan was built upon is Islam. If you have any problem with it you should go and settle in the West. There you may also be honoured with a Sir title like they do for every Islam basher. And you can keep writing articles for Shaytaan, the laeen.

  206. you dont need to worry about our education system. after reading your article, i think you should need to worry about your education……

  207. We can see the writer can’t support his on words. His vision is so limited. Clearly he just want to creat distress in Pakistani s heart.
    He hide lots of things changed in syllabus. It is highly honored to maddrassh student to introduce numeracy, literacy n IT. ALLAH knows how intelligent n enthusiastic Hafiz scientists n politician will b born in coming years. Imran khan always thinking for the coming years.
    Previous government couldn’t tackle their the situations were ahead clearly like elctricity short fall. Their only mission was protect them n their children n end up with their king style life in their palace where they could enjoy their lives to death.
    Last 40 years the writer was happy with the Pakistan s destiny, n now he s very worried . n u know his actual worries r that Pakistan will b a prosperous Islamic country. In sha Allah.

  208. professor hoodboy assumes himself to be an expert on anything and everything,A lecturer who hasn’t produced any work of distinction in his field, The single curriculum is being implemented so that children learn the basics of Islamic creed, this is much akin to the religious studies taught in the UK, non Muslim children are exempt from these lessons and so they should be. in Pakistan we don’t have vigilantes who go around killing Hindus or Christians and if someone carries out acts of violence or intimidation against our fellow minority Pakistanis then we call that terrorism and special courts are setup for such people. whereas in India people from the minorities are murdered or forced to say pro Hindu slogans, the hindutva politicians, media and police are part and parcel of this anti Muslim hatred, so the likes of the Print should focus on that. why is there no mention of the atrocities being committed in IOK by your occupying forces, those same occupying forces that murder Kashmiri women and children yet against the Chinese in Ladakh they had their heads cracked open, where was their bravery. In India the Muslims are being disenfranchised economically, yet the likes of Hoodboy has very little to say about the sufferings of Muslims in non Muslim countries,. Hoodboy loved by the hindutva media.

    • 🧐🤔🤔🤔 why Imran khan calls Osama bin Laden martyr in Parliament. After watching Lord Buddha statue being destroyed by Muslim workers in Pakistan yesterday , I think what a marvelous country created by PM Imran khan who contradict his own statement, clearly he has made new Pakistan where no one is safe and promoting selling of their sister to Chinese, shame on you.

  209. Very unreasonable argument. Why is it ridiculous for prejudiced eye? The equality of education creates pangs in abdomen of those peoples who are reaping unfair benefits in form of lucrative profits and are promoting social differences among minds of elite and Middle class Pakistani. Imran Khan vision is appreciable in this regard.

  210. Whats a problem with you people? Y u r so afraid of this positive step taken by PM? If u r a secular minded than that doesn’t mean that whole nation should also becomes like you. What kind of writers are you? Just to spread hate and fake information. You are not a writer rather you people are diverters.

  211. Pervez hoodboy is a very extremist person himself learning difficult physics theories is easy for him but dua e qunoot is difficult for him kindly look in the curriculum our children are learning and reading what our ancestors where learning old old curriculum . Kindly do something on ground rather than writing stupid articles . Our madrassah system is far more well equipped no cheating results on time syllabus complete on time . inshaAllah the madrassah system will be successful for Pakistan

  212. Hoodbhoy,
    Your athiest mentality can’t help.this country it’s better to have one direction rather then being a confused and wannabe nation so please keep your bullcrap to yourself…

  213. We know what do we want!! don’t dictate us. Only Liberal Mafia on Foreign agenda is afraid of Education Reforms. Reforms will cover with advanced sciences and technology along with ethical building of Student’s Character. If You’re afraid of Islam then Study Islam to overcome your extremists thoughts and behaviors to Islam.

  214. The writer is having pain in his hole who has no idea of wtf he is talking about. Jal rahey hai tere tu burnol lagao..

  215. It proved that PTI government is a slap on the face of liberal and secular parasites living within an Islamic Republic.
    That’s actually the crop of Macaulayism and the puppets of West

  216. He has no idea behind the reason for this decision. Some people in India are still following Angrez. No matter what they say, do or want. Pakistan is way more courageous than India when it comes to confronting external powers

  217. Seriously??? U guys think that dua e qunoot is difficult? ITS A PART OF ISHA. IS THERE A MUSLIM WHO DOESNT HAVE TO PRAY ESHA???
    to some extent, the article is right, but it is equalising madrassahs with terrorism and modern schools with an outstanding education system. I study in a private school, yet the entire system is solely based on authoritarianism. Boards exam checkers dont care if you understood the subject, or even if you WANT to learn the subject, they just care if u got the headings right, the facts right, and hand-writing right. True, madrassahs should observe critical thinking in secular subjects, but the religious subjects are authoritarian, because thats what a muslim’s life is. But the teaching system of the elite schools are just for the elite. Us middle class people need ratta to make it through, and thats facts. Thats something the government should change.

  218. This article is totally based on prejudice and irrational. Written in a sense of anti islam. Studying religion doesn’t mean doesn’t studying secular subjects.

    • Your foolish, irrational, illogical, immoral, below the belt comment is based on all the accusations made against a highly educated enlightened scholar, qualified from the world’s most prestigious MIT university. Maybe you have more sympathy for barbarian janglee terrorist TALIBAN AND USAMA BIN LADEN or their over lords like ZIA UL HAQ or intolerant fanatics in seminaries founded by Zia ul Haq, but remember we will crush them wherever we find them and their illegitimate saplings in your form!

      If riyasat e podeena is sponsoring you then let me tell you, you will fail. typical bots of riyasat e podeena and JI

      • You just mind ur language it’s riasate madina
        Bloody illiterate, communal useless bigot and moreover if Madrasas and modern schools are brought under same curriculum what’s the problem it should be appreciated.

      • @ali: you sound and come across every bit and every adjective you used for the other person. Assumptive, fascist and intolerant….. you can’t go too far with these traits.

  219. This is time to show World that Pakistan is an Islamic country and in Islamic country what would be better than Islamic curriculum..???

    • The developed world is not bothered about religions. It is pluralistic and cosmopolitan unlike us poor nations whose leaders have nothing else to show to the world other then religious pride and fanaticism. This is another way to divert the public from real issues of society! Religious is a private affair between man and God, politicized by failed states because they cannot deliver anything called “development, pluralism, mutual respect, basic human rights etc”… to the masses.

    • this is not time to show the world your religious ice cream flavor, its time to save the people of our country from this riyaasat e podeena, lead by a team of highly jahil fools

  220. Writer has very bad reputation in Pakistan. And it’s because of his extremists and anti Pakistan thoughts. This is why he keeps trying to damage the image of Pakistan. His every piece of shitty writing is clearly biased.

    • Your comments will only earn you further bad reputation because you religious fanatics have a habbit of hurling abuse, fatwas and mudslinging against anyone who differs from your stone age way of life and bronze age opinions. You need to get a life, which you cannot from the nursery of Taliban, Ziaulhaq or Riyasat e Podeena

  221. A leader always takes bold steps, I think it will provide opportunities to middle class students, who are talented but don’t get opportunities. An Elite class always try to dominate. Hope for improvement in this way. An experiment may fail to prove the theory, but don’t worry the fear may not stop you from experiment.

    • The French, UK, Germany etc have a uni for education system, Hoodboy is lamenting that being a coconut and all other coconuts will have to abide by the education of the state.

    • To call the founder of Riyasat e Madina (Imran Khan), a leader is like calling Nawaz Sharif a PHD in English Literature, and Zardari a PHD in Physics. These people need to be called Leeches not leaders. They will always use religion in the end, when all else fails to control large populations. History of Religion is a proof of this.

  222. I agree with Karan. The writer has no idea of the whole issue. imparting religious education is not extremism. By this piece of writing Sanghis will be happy though they are more extremist and violent than pakistani mullas

    • The writer educated from MIT and a scholar and journalist has no idea? so who has an idea, the Mullah who brainwashes your children in seminaries or the founder of Riyasat e Podeena (imran khan)?. Get a Life, looser!

  223. This is common nowadays like INDIAN GOVERNMENT also removed chapters like DEMOCRACY, SECULARISM, CITIZENSHIP from text books.

  224. Karan has just written my words.. Dear
    “Theprint” team… my advice! I shall appreciate if you don’t waste your IT tallent for unnecessary criticising neighborhood. Please reassess your goals to eliminate, poverty, secular rights of your fellow citizens ” The population very much larger then the peoples in power Today..” When the peoples ,your elite see them like reptiles, ..Rise..”مارینگے کم گھسیٹیں گے زیادہ “of the “The great India”.
    Don’t be so mean.. Let other live peaceful and “independent” indeed. Specially The Kashmir.. Don’t worry.. The great India will not collapse if it gives right of self determination to The Kashmir. ..then see your all inner tumors shall heal up very soon.. Other wise it’s becoming Cancer.. Do understand..prosperity and peac lays in Giving the same..

  225. I feel sorry for this writer. Paid content perhaps. Current education system is dividing nation and helping rich Mafia to manipulate and collect money from masses. It has to change sooner or later.

    • I feel sorry for jilted semi modern / semi islamic surrogates of religious seminaries like you unable to digest opinion different from your fanatic and failed mouthpiece called “Imran Khan”

  226. Now that Dr. Hoodbhoy has been recused from his academic position in Pakistan, this is the right time for an Indian university/govt lab to give him an offer as well as give him an Indian citizenship. We will gain immensely from the wisdom of Dr. Hoodbhoy. I wish he was an Indian.

    • You’re seething with hatred you little tin man from a failed state? You people have a habbit of mixing politics with religion and then creating religious hatred against all those who are educated with a reformist view. You should migrate to Afghanistan. Your leader of “Riyasat e Podeena” praises Osama and Taliban after all. Thank you, but we dont need a barrage of english writing Fanatics now!

    • Come out of your fictitious 72 houri jannat, puppet of Riyasat e Podeena. or go away to afghanistan and leave Pakistan alone. We have already suffered enough due to you religious extremists and fanatics. How much do you get paid by this Taliban Khan through the Bakwas Program? (aka Ehsas Program?)

  227. I totally disagree with you. Since our faith in islam is already so crippled that we can barely stand up as an ‘islamic republic’, introducing these new ideas will be a step forward. Introduction of Islamic teaching isn’t a burden or at least, shouldn’t be. Being Muslims we should know our religion well. Also separating the notion of being a student and being a Muslim is out of question. Even though this may seem like a huge change or maybe a difficult one, it is bound to bring betterment to the country. It is also very pathetic to see that being Muslims we, ourselves, are negating and discouraging ideas like these. No wonder the Muslim nation is suffering all around the world when we aren’t even ready to accept who we are.
    P.S introduction of Islamic values and teachings has never ended up as a disappointment in Islamic history throughout, well, unless we have ‘Muslims’ who aren’t ready to support the idea and who are, sadly, suppressing their own identities.

  228. Good job by Imran from India’s point of view.The more they are deprived of modern science and technological knowledge it’s better for India’s future.

    • My friend, deprivation isn’t the point. The point is introduction of Islamic teachings. And believe you me, when Muslims hold onto their teachings, they can conquer the world. If you need any proof, be sure to search up some Islamic history and dynasties.

      • Not in the next thousand years Muslims will conquer anything. Tomorrow ‘s world is knowledge based. And Muslims do not have knowledge.

    • like your PM and various hindutva MP espousing that India were advanced in plastic surgery, aeronautical engineering etc tens of thousands of years ago. Indians have been given access to western and Russian universities and been provided access to military technology, from a population of 1.3 Billion people what have you produced yourself, zilch, nada.
      The fascist hindutva government is chipping away at your own constitution with the backing of the majority of the Hindu population, from this one can assume that the majority of Hindus are anti Muslim and anti Christian, where do they learn this hatred from, from the hindutva politicians, hindutva media or the so called holy men. if anything you should look to what’s happening in fascist hindutva controlled India, because sooner or later your fascist government will go to war against Pakistan and like the moron German public of the 1930’s you will pay a price .

  229. What is he even writing about?? The only thing that can be seen after reading the article is that the writer,himself is not in his senses. Everything that Imran Khan tries to do for the betterment of our country, liberals like you sneak your big noses into the matter whether you know what is going on or not. Your only aim is to destroy his government and make the racist indians more happy.

    • well said, totally agree. The print having been accused of leftism is trying to portray itself as some serious journalistic outlet, yet keeps it’s mouth shut about the atrocities in IOK being carried out by the ‘mighty ‘ Indian occupying force, the same Indian army whose 20+ soldiers were clubbed to death, where was the mantra of ‘suuurgical strikes’ or ‘ hum ghus key marengey’, Indian hindutva government, medi a and society think of Pakistan as inferior yet they can’t stop mentioning us in every second of the day.
      Get over it there was no Akhand bharat, no you didn’t give Pakistan to us, we chose to create Pakistan, and Pakistan was the new kid on the block while India received it’s independence a day later could be considered the after birth.

    • If you can criticize the author of this article why cant he criticize your Idols? You people speak hatred, You people think hatred, You people are filled with Hatred. You have politics and religion mixed up in your genes to the point of madness. You are a perfect example of a ROTTEN EGG from the basket of ZIA ERA!

      If you are so afraid of english medium professors why dont you take your dumb self to Afghanistan and join some madrassah of Taliban. We need to cleanse pakistan from You. This was what Zarb e Azab meant!

      However in form of Imran Khan’s riyast e podeena now we have ZARB E AZAAAB E ILAAAHI!

    • Agree…..most of the articles of this author i read are against @ImranKhan…& now he writes induction of Hafiz or Qari is open question to the safety of students…how man…?? What an ill & disgusting thinking….
      Moreover, writer must keep in mind that Muslims excelled in maths,medicine,physics & in fact every field when they were reading and practicing Quran…in those times there were no prominent works from non Muslims…Writer needs to re-read & undrstand the history of Muslim scientists….Jabir bin hayan..alkhwarmi..ibn al haysm…a long list……

    • Yes you are certainly rubbish for you have no educated counter argument. Just like a religious fanatic extremist you have one thing to say: abuse, scoff, and pass fatwa on educated thinkers. Please go and do your vocal jihad in afghanistan. Pakistan is already sick of you seminary infected maggots.

  230. The opinion writer is an extremist himself. He has no idea about what he has written. Absolutely deplorable and poorly written opinion to make Hindutva fascists happy.

    • The author is a PhD in nuclear physics from MIT . He quite regularly puts forward his opinion regarding Pakistani edu system. Nothing to do with Hindutva . You moron

      • In which book it’s written that a nuclear scientist can not be fool and full of extremism and uneducated mind set…

        • True. Unlikely, but not impossible.
          You also don’t expect a scientist to make a business by selling nuclear secrets.
          And yet, we have Abdul Qadeer Khan, the biggest profiteer among scientists who put nukes in the hands of North Korea.

          In Pakistan, you sell nukes to a cruel dictator for personal gain, you get Nishan-i-Imtiaz . But talk about not polluting education with dark ages ideologies and you are called a traitor.

      • You are hundred percent correct. but these uneducated morons from seminaries will never understand how stupid and how ridiculously ill mannered they are to the entire world, to other religions and to other nations. Pakistan is a classic failed state which tries to blame everyone else for its failures except itself! We are victims of this fanatic society since the inception of this nation. Is se behtar tha ke partition kabhi na hoti….agar ham logon ko yehi riyasat e podeena or corrupt systems or martial laws hi milnay the

        • If you are still in Pakistan after bad mouthing every single thing….then i’m disappointed of you Ali…

          If you are living abroad already….then i’m ashamed of you.

          and when you’ll reply negatively to my comment, i’ll be disappointed of you and ashamed as well…. 👍🏻 seems like Ali has loads of free time in hand, Good day.

        • Shame on you, laanat ha tmhari soch pe, tmhari soch se andaza ho rha ha kis kism k ghar ki parwarish ka nateeja ha tu bhnchod

    • Pervez hoodboy is one of finest educated minds in Pakistan. He is not trying to please anyone. Any physicist and scientist would be upset at a physics text book that says “Allah created everything” that should be in theology not physics.

      • Without Doubt Hoodhboy is an amazing scholar and a highly educated / respectable person. But trying saying this to fanatic extremist religously mad pakistani majority and this is like showing the Sun to a blind man sitting with black cap on his head in a basement of a seminary, being brainwashed with the stick of the dictator!

    • Hooodbhoy , a professor, doesn’t like 2 nation theory, I have seen him criticize Jinnah and Iqbal various times. And yes he loves Indian democracy .
      He is a perfect example of the roten classes education system of Pakistan. These highly English medium educated professors are very far from the true realities of 80 % Pakistanis ideologies and culture.
      And more over they are also extremists…. just standing on the other side.

      • The cucumber eating class, these imbeciles are like robots assuming themselves to be some great intellectuals, the likes of these have been in the system for far too long , like a tumor these coconuts are destroying Pakistan, they are carrying on the work of their forefathers who served the British colonialists.

    • And you just prove his point! Lookup Fascism to learn what it actually means before you use big words!

    • Dr. Hoodbhoy has every right to have opinion. Most of the time I don’t agree with him but I am proud that he is a Pakistani and my country gives him right and freedom to voice his opinion. The opposing views usually make countries great and put them epath to success.

    • Karan(??),
      So, you’re saying that the follwing sentence is a figment of the author’s imagination:
      “The Punjab government has made teaching of the Holy Quran compulsory at the college and university level. Without passing the required examination no student will be able to get a BA, BSc, BE, ME, MA, MSc, MPhil, PhD or medical degree. ”

    • I strongly agree with ur point. I appreciate ur analytical power to understand how divisive this article is.

    • The author is a respected physics professor in Pakistan who regularly writes on Pakistani politics and education. On what basis have you called him an extremist?

      • who says he is respected. Do you read the comments on this stupid article by an idiot?


    • No he’s not an extremist but rather an ignorant or “I don’t care”, and the reason for is what I assume a difference in core belief about the religion as I think he’s an Aghakhani. We as a Muslim believe that to attain a small piece in Jannah one must strive hard but still no guarantee. Where as an Aghakhani can buy as much of Jannah he can by just donating in Aghakhan fund and yes sure shot.

    • Writer’s opinion is too harsh and undeniably biased. Rather than solution oriented writing the writer’s opinion is peppered with destructive criticism!

    • The Article is about Pakistan’s education policy under Imran Khan not about the Indian education system. I think you have also extremists views. Extremism either left or right not suitable for a democratic society. Pakistan is a religious country and Islam is his state religion hence article is right because new education policy will increase religious extremism in a religious society through government policy. China is a communist country where religious activities are restricted like other restriction e.g. freedom of speech, one-party rule, no independent election even in the educational institutions and local bodies. China and Pakistan both are fascist nations. Pakistan is a religious fascist country and China is a communist fascist country. What is fascism? any extremist intolerable view.

    • Karan You’re Right Dear, 2nd They Didn’t even know actual Rules
      These rules are for Muslim Students only and all the Muslim Students almost study all that stuff in near first 10 years of their life.

      • Why this paid journalist would consider Islamic education as compulsory part .he had been in MIT. And an agent of foreign powers.this bloody stooge is the one ,who built a symbolic grave of honourable Dr. Abdul qadeer khan.when Pakistan conducted nuclear tests .God knows where our security agencies are sleeping . when these paid dogs e polluting the mind of our . young generations in educational institutions.

    • Very true, indeed.
      These are, supposedly, Muslims who are scared of Islam. To them, following kuffaar is a badge of honor.
      Such people, I can say confidently, have never Quraan.

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