File photo of PM Narendra Modi | ANI
File photo of PM Narendra Modi | ANI
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The Prime Minister of a nation with 172 million Muslims citizens did not mention the festival of Eid, which is in August, in his address to the nation Tuesday. Narendra Modi rattled off the names of all upcoming festivals such as Guru Purnima, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Chhath Puja, and Kati Bihu. He even announced an extension of the Centre’s free-ration scheme till the end of November, and detailed how much wheat, rice and chana families would get.

But there was no mention of Eid.

“From July onwards, the atmosphere of festivals begins to develop. Now see, we have Guru Purnima on 5 July. Then Saawan (month of Hindu calendar) will start. We will then have 15 August, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam. If you move further ahead, we have Bihu, Navaratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Chhath Puja,” he said in his 15-minute address.

Guru Purnima is the closest upcoming festival, followed by Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Janmashtami, all of which fall in the month of August. But Modi decided to take a convenient leap till Diwali, Durga Puja and Kati Bihu, completely skipping Bakri Eid, which will be on 31 July – 1 August.

This is new India where Muslim festivals can be ignored. But is this an act of omission or commission?

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A deliberate slip-up

Asaduddin Owaisi, AIMM president, pointed out that Modi made it a point to mention chana in his address, but failed to mention Eid. Nonetheless, Owaisi wished the PM Eid Mubarak. Activist-scholar Umar Khalid questioned Modi’s popular claim of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.

Modi, however, is not someone to miss such details. He often extols the fabric of India. He is well aware that his words, or his omissions, will be noted and analysed — and he wants them to be. It was nothing less than a deliberate skip, a design to hurt Muslim sentiments, and invisibilise them.

Some will say that he tweets on Eid. But that he does because not doing so would invite direct questioning and international attention.
Pick up any of Modi’s addresses, he rarely includes Muslims or Christians. This is a strong signalling to his core constituency that dreams of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

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Only apathy

Many years ago, Modi refused to wear a skull cap during his sadbhavana fast in Gujarat. Today, he ignores a Muslim festival, even in such grim times of unemployment and widespread morbidity caused by a pandemic.

The only time Modi notices Muslims is when there is a protest on the streets. He recognises them by their clothes, and then his supporters spread Islamophobia identifying Muslims on the basis of their names, beards and burqas.

A Prime Minister who espouses slogans such as ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ would have at least shown the humility of acknowledging Muslims, who followed his lockdown call to stay indoors during Ramzan, while mosques remained shut. But Modi only has apathy to show for the community. Clearly, the idea of diversity is just a diplomatic postcard for Prime Minister Modi.

Views are personal.

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  1. When pandemic is still to peak, he is addressing 130 cr, with China flexing muscles, why people want to think communal. Is covid patients treatment, or any benefit scheme being done on communal lines. All community covid warriors r on job. Then why such unnecessary provoking devide

  2. No wonder there. The PM is pursuing his agenda of humiliating and isolating Muslims in letter and spirit. But he should know it well that for his known inherent dislike for Muslims, now the Muslims too do not die to hear words from him vis a vis anything that is Muslim related. So he can relish his base pleasure as much as he wants and get exposed to the world in the process. The Eid that is approaching in about a month’s time is very grand and is of utmost importance in the religion of Islam. In a way, it is good that this word is not uttered by those who are known haters of Islam. Good riddance.

  3. The most saught after persons are the ones who are abused the most. We are most fortunate that we are enjoying freedom in democratic India. That’s why people can easily abuse even the PM with impunity otherwise had they been in CPC, China, they would have enjoying the luxury of being in lock up with merciless blow up.

  4. PM of India is unaware about Indian festivals or he is only addressing few communities in India and then he says”sabka sath sabka vikas” without any vikas

  5. Mr/Ms KH: The practice of Hinduism varies from region to region within India. For instance, in Kashmir, meat is offered by Hindus. Lamb sacrifices are done for the deity Kali in Bengal and so on.

    You want the BJP & PM Modi to ban festivals where animals are slaughtered. Apart from the fact that such a ban is bound to alienate Muslims, tribals and much of North-east India where offerings of slaughtered animals are the norm, you also forget that such ritual slaughter is but a drop in the ocean. 70% of Indians are meat eaters and that fact alone should tell you that animals are slaughtered in India on a daily basis. And the bulk of these meat eaters are Hindus. Which begs the question:

    If ocassional slaughtering of animals for religious festivals is bad and should be banned, why not ban the more frequent and daily slaughtering of animals?

    Let me know how you plan to resolve the inherent hypocrisy in your stance.

  6. Its a big shame for india ..instead of developing the countries infrastructure,healthy environment and standard of living etc, people still fighting for relegion which will gain nothing but only hatred..really sad. Please live happily

  7. See dont want any1 wishes, we only need Allah wth us …dnt create any issue on ths topic . Thy do all this purposely to provoke us ….he have ruined the country

  8. The minorities have been given a unduly long rope till now. Taking advantage of that, the minorities have not improved their lot, instead propogated the religion to the detriment of majority religion. So, the minorities appeasement should stop somewhere and good sign that the PM himself started. Hail NAMO!!!

    • Mr Subbiah: In your infinite wisdom, you pontificate:

      “.. minorities have been given a unduly long rope till now .. minorities appeasement should stop .. ”

      Fine. But then, why appease Sikhs? After all, in the Khalistan struggles, weren’t Hindus massacred by Sikh extremists? And yet, the PM refused a Muslim skull cap but had no issues wearing a Sikh turban did he not Mr Subbiah ? So wasn’t PM Modi appeasing Sikhs ? And after all, unlike Muslims or Christians, Sikhs wanted to break away from India didn’t they ? And Sikhs are ostensibly far more powerful in India than Muslims and hence must be appeased right?

      And lest you get any ideas that I am advocating discrimination against Sikhs, well, the answer certainly not. I merely being sarcastic and just want to ensure that shakha groomed intellectuals like you don’t get the wrong idea that I am encouraging discrimination. Far from it.

      Finally, I could not but help notice your last phrase “Hail NAMO”. Well, it might interest you to know that the RSS where PM Modi received his ideological training and shakha experience was based on Adolf Hitler’s Nazi ideology. Combined duly with Mussolini’s fascism. And of course, Hitler was always saluted with “Hail Hitler”. But then I forget that Hitler is a popular figure in middle class India.

      Ominous indeed Mr Subbiah.

  9. Public se ab kuchh chhupa nahin hai , sab achchhi tarah se jaante hain. Magar ab koi bhi NAFRAT PHAILANE ki chaal kamiyab nahin hogi. Bihar’s people will give befitting answer. HINDU muslim sikh isai and Jain Parsi unity ZINDABAD Bhaichara BANAYE RAKHIYE please. Ham saath the, saath hain aur SAATH MILJUL KAR RAHEN GE. Aspas mein confusion BILKUL NAHIN. Jai Hind.

  10. the book which they want to follow literally is silent about festival.
    Hindus have joyful festival where all are welcome to participate but this particular day have full of restrictions. Commands from above is key.

  11. Is Telegraph upset that PM Modi is not promoting slaughter of thousands of innocent animals on one single day? Does Telegram support animal rights or not! It’s not the normal Eid it’s a literally a bloody Eid where animals in Lakhs are slaughtered in a single day. Streams of blood flow in your local canals. No one should support this festival. Slaughter your vice on Bakr Eid and not innocent animals in millions on a single day. I am glad he is not supporting a festival that truly overlooks animal rights. Foreign media had trouble with Indian bull festival where the animal is not attacked or even slaughtered. But they want leaders of the world to promote animal genocide in the name of minority festival.

  12. The article writer, the publisher and all people raising this issue belong to the same category who derailed the lockdown benefits by inciting pity labor class to move out to streets. It is another example of diverting attention from main topic i.e. the extension of benefits to poor which will be given to all irrespective of any religion. And here lies the essence of SABKA VIKAS, not in not mentioning name of any festival. Do not try to divide the country by raising such non- issues.

  13. Reality check. This is India, comparatively when Muslims living in India speaks up for our Indian brothers living in Pakistan and other Muslim countries and let them celebrate our rituals and religious with dignity, respect and freedom like you enjoy in India. You will then have all our respect here in India too..

  14. in short time I think muddy are destroy India are सिस्टमैटिक and we poor people fight ich other
    देखते रहिये

  15. Why u all are fighting before all you are indian and this the print they are getting good amount from investor to run their content.rubbish content always antii for every religion it should be ban same as like tik tok and editior should be ashmed For printing this kind of things .

  16. When the country is reeling under poor Covid19 handling, PM reminds about upcoming festivals (some newly invented!!),as if the whole country is in very Happy mood. As usual don’t give much importance to his cinematic action. What he best does is Jumla Baazi let him continue to do it along with Mann Ki Baat (Let him say some Kaam Bi Baat).

  17. Hai guys pls don’t fight hamey kisi ki jarurat nahi hai wishing ki apne_apne tehwer koh khud hi yad karo koi bole na bole kya farak padta hai this not a first time

  18. Day in and day out we hear animal lovers criticizing atrocities on animals like dogs, elephants, tigers etc. Why do they not have similar concern for poor goats. Should the day of killing goats in huge numbers be called a festival.

  19. Butcher of Gujrat has become more open about his hatred for Muslims since his last victory. Why not? It gets him re-elected by a sick society that India has become.

  20. What else can one expect from a creep like you ?. You are anty
    Indian, anty hindu , and most of all YOU are anty the great MODI.

    • Anyone who living in India, doesn’t support the nation, he/she is a traitor. Same time India is supposed to be a democratic country, like it or not, it as a nation support all his people, irrespective of their religion. P.M. MODI ,does like muslims of middle east, Afghanistan;he just doesn’t like the Indian muslims.

  21. Media is silent when hon. Court has released all the Tabhlighi innocent, but media and sicial media shout when idd is not named in any speech, still we live in immature democracy where action in less important than speech

    • All Muslims are butt-hurt. It’s as if Modi not mentioning ‘Eid’ will finish off Islam! What sort of fragile religion is Islam? Now, will Eid not come and will you chaps not be able to slaughter-sacrifice fattened goats because Modi did not mention ‘Eid’ in his address, is it so?

  22. PM probably thought he was addressing Bihar BJP election rally. Also while speaking about extension of free food grain program,why link Hindu festivals. We have many panditjis to tell dates of festivals. As for as poor they see God in their bread. We have not come across any Indian PM who lists out festivals in an address to nation. Was he addressing Indian/bharat or Hindu rashtra

  23. I think Modi skipped mentioning Eid so that the author gets something to write about. According to the author Eid carrys significance only if Modi mentions it. Looks like for the author there is no world outside Modi. Anyway she should be thankful that he gives her topics to write about in her Modi obsessed life.

    • U Dumb tool,,. It is a question of inclusiveness and deliberate attempt to omit mentioning eid…after mentioning 12 festivals……screw you.. ….ghatiya pm ….and his gobar aim

  24. This is a perfect example of fear mongering. These people do everything they can to bring focus on some useless stuff. Here they don’t care about speech, they don’t care about next schemes, they don’t care of about anything but some words (here some missing words). Such a lame article. Wonder how she got the job. Oh sorry, this is “The Print”. She is eligible for even promotion now.
    Lame good for nothing creatures.

  25. When you are the prime minister of a country, all your speeches and actions will be monitored and scrutinized, this is what you signed up for, when you know there is an unrest and spread of islamophobia in the country, it is your responsibility to show a sign of solidarity with the community whenever you get a chance to do so, but he didn’t, what does that say? He knows the state we are in, how the public is feeling but still he left it out, this is indeed a signal. No one is being deliberately victimized here.

  26. Of course it was deliberate. The Führer only really addresses the jingoistic Astrology believing simpletons. It was a joke of a speech. Just some warming up and stretching out for the Bihar elections. Everything is about elections!

  27. It would have been clear to any person with a sincere mind that the primary focus of Modi’s address yesterday was to explain the various scheme the central government has formulated and/or implemented for helping the poorest people of India, especially in the light of the current pandemic. This included schemes such as free food for the poor, medical care for the poor and schemes for providing them employment. Modi mentioned those festivals only in the passing, and it was not intended to be a complete or comprehensive list. You have to either lack comprehension abilities at a very fundamental level or be extremely communal, divisive and sick-minded to keep harping on a supposed omission such as not mentioning Eid in the list of festivals.

  28. सारे ज़रूरी मुद्दे गायब क्यूँ थे?
    उसका ज़रूरी मुद्दा कब गायब था?
    वो जनता से बात करने आया कब था?
    वो नफरत का एक नया बीज बोने आया था!
    उनके पर्व को नीचे दिखने आया था.
    अपनी झूटी निष्ठां जताने आया था.
    क्यूंकि अब यही एक आखरी सहारा नज़र आ रहा है !
    सबके नाम गिना कर एक को जान बूझ कर छोड़ने का जोड़ीदार
    का फार्मूला एक बार पहले भी जनता को पिलाया जा चूका है.
    लेकिन अब इस देश की गंगा जमुनी तहज़ीब पे इन गंदी चालों का कोई असर नहीं होने वाला!
    तुम्हारा असली चेहरा सबके सामने आ चूका है !

  29. Of course a deliberate omission to keep bhakts happy. Let them be happy since all of them thrive on negativity. They dont realise their whole psyche is changed. People whose hearts are filled with hate can never love others even themselves or their families fully.

  30. Really amazed to see mass supporters of modi without any reason lyk seriously people who are offended for not mentioning eid-ul-azha are expressing their views and it’s normal for them to react but majorities r lyk mere bhai Ko kuch nhi bolne ka ..agar yehi attitude Apne country ke development urf “vikaas” pe jawab mangne lagte tb to tarraki ho hi Jana tha is desh ka

  31. In the Black Lives matter campaign, the first thing in the US, that protestor wanted was understanding and not denial.

    In Other Religions Matter in India, the first thing you will find is instant denial that PM Modi is a hypocrite which is also a reflection of their denial.

  32. Neither omission , nor commission but a deep conviction . Just as he abrogated the Article 370 and never mind if it is Bye-Bye Ladakh .People with deep convictions can never be politically savvy no matter what price they have to pay for it..

  33. Why are people so communal in India? This practice was started by the greatest Scam party the Scamgress party headed by master Scamster Nehru, continued by his so-called daughter Indira and successive Scamgress govermments. Can these communal muslims please clarify if their great leaders followed Indian festivals and wore dhoti and angavastra and went to any temple. Lets start with ex VP if India Ansari. Is it not blasphemous to follow any other religion other than islam as per koran? Please answer communal people….

  34. Will not educate self in modern science as it goes against religious texts . Forget nitpicking concentrate on reforming the community. Otherwise please inform us where the community is in absolute majority why are still killing each other in thousands. Unless you reform over the top religious fundamentalist beliefs you will always find fault with others

  35. Views are personal and stupid. Why some people always need special treatment. He doesnt need to celebrate that , so he didnt name it.

  36. This article is the perfect example of why The Print exists – it’s a mouthpiece of the disgruntled, anti-establishment, bitter & negative people who contribute nothing and criticize everything.
    Best ignored.

  37. He repeated 130 crore Indians, 130 crore citizens multiple times. It includes people of all religions. Such nitpicking as done by the author reflects his personal bias more than anything else.

  38. All the sickulars looking for an excuse to het butt hurt about inconsequential things…no matter that you cant bother or focus on anything positive considering the magnitude of the situation this Govt is facing and dealing with while librandus keep whining and crying about imagined slights.

  39. Why only Muslims have problems everytime and why everybody is concerned about only one minority community? We, Jains are in much greater minority. And @narendramodi ji didn’t mention our festival of Paryushan which falls just before Ganesh Chaturthi! But we dont have a problem, because for us Hinduism is a way of life!!!

  40. To be honest, people just wanna crib and prove him of being anti Muslim. What abt events like Dubai or US when he meets lot of Muslims there and many were there in those events. I mean that’s a height of hypocrisy. When everyone gets the sarkaari benefits and there is no discrimination in that then why people just become so selective abt his speeches.
    For instance in Indian army, whosoever gives the highest sacrifice for nation is not discriminated on the basis of cast creed or religion and they are entitled to get every benefit from the govt then why to crib and criticize unnecessarily on these things which might not be even related to what’s it being forced to relate to. Grow up psuedo intellectuals or hypcrites.

    • Then why did you read it? Obviously, you thought it was worth reading and then make comments about the article’s triviality and narrative of victimhood.

      • You are the ‘bot’ assigned to this story to write in defence of the article and the article writer and The Print. How much are you paid for the service?

  41. Knowing Narendra Modi, it was certainly a deliberate omission. And when he had reached upto November end, where was the harm in going a short month further and also including Christmas? I would like to remind those who have a short memory, that in his very first year of POWWWER, in 2014, Modi had canceled the holiday of 25 December.

    • No. He did not cancel Dec 25 holiday. Students of Kendriya vidyalaya were told to celebrate good governance day in memory of Atal bihari vajpayi whose birthday is also on dec 25th. Stop false propaganda

      • For children a holiday is a holiday. Why should they celebrate a fraud called good governance: or whatever in the name of anybody? To completely subvert respected institutions like CBI and SC is good governance? Of course, things will unfold in such a manner was not known on the very first Christmas day of Modi’s rule, but why change an age-old practice, just to underline that he was now in POWWWER? The way he interfered in the decision-making of Rafale just to favor a thoroughly incompetent industrialist Anil Ambani, and put our nation’s security in peril, which may cost us very heavy, God forbid, if there is a war at this juncture, was that good governance?

  42. Damn, you guys are really some cribabies. Next time the guy says you’ll say he said it for the sake of it. Even you guys know you’ll never get satisfied. Nonetheless,prime Minister should’ve mentioned the festival.

    • What about Halloween and Thanksgiving?

      Indians of American origin are devastated by their omission.

      ‘Indian American Lives Matter’

  43. Fool!!
    Modi has tweeted in Urdu as well. You people have always tarnished the nation’s image on global level by deliberately demonising him and proving him as Anti-Muslim

    • He is anti indian muslims, he love arab muslims because they are rich, he needs investment from them, he remember all festivals of only hindus, it is deliberate omission/attempt to appease hardcore hindu community.

  44. He did not mention Christmas either. But only one community, with as many as 20 crore people, fall under minorities who matter for Indian liberals and media.

  45. So bad. Muslims again being victimized.

    India should see US like ‘Muslim Lives Matter’ protests…oh wait, we saw that from Dec’19 to Feb’20 and look how they ended in Delhi.

  46. what is your problem?
    Did you ask him for meethi sewayian during last Eid?
    If not, then why crib.
    You have OPENLY put your Shahi Tukde in others basket but still look for Namo’s validation?

  47. It is only people like you who Analyse Mr. Modi’s speech and then tell muslims….see he has not taken ur festival’s name…see he is so and so….
    Unless people like you point it out, no one notice all these things…
    And all will live happily…
    But how can people like you allow that to happen.
    Please stop this fear mongering and spreading hatred.


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