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Miliband to Burns — validation by foreigners gives Rahul Gandhi a kick but hurts his politics

Rahul Gandhi’s obsession with international platforms to draw some pats on his back, instead of connecting with voters, has constantly given Modi ammunition.

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Rahul Gandhi has done it again. The Congress leader has pandered to his need for validation from, and the desire to confide in, foreign intellectuals with zero stake in India, at the cost of very poor political optics domestically.

In his virtual interaction with former US Under Secretary of State and Harvard University professor Nicholas Burns last week, Rahul Gandhi criticised the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for “wholesale capture of state institutions” and questioned the US for its silence over what was happening in India. Why is this problematic, some may ask. Picture this: The top leader, the face of the main opposition party openly trashing the state of democracy in his country and seeking foreign intervention in the middle of very crucial and hotly contested assembly polls. All this, when the pitch of his very powerful rival is an amplified idea of nationalism and glorification of the country’s values.

This is hardly the first time Rahul Gandhi is allowing his desire to be heard by an international audience overpower the need for smart domestic politics. Back in 2009, Gandhi, who was then an MP from Amethi, had told then British Foreign Secretary David Miliband during a visit to a Dalit family’s home in rural Amethi that this was the ‘real India’ — as if there was nothing more to India than raw misery.

Rahul Gandhi seems to be drawing his inspiration from the likes of Mani Shankar Aiyar who, during a panel discussion on a Pakistani news channel in 2015, had sought the removal of the Narendra Modi government, drawing much flak for his usual foot-in-mouth syndrome. And anybody, with even a remote understanding of politics, can tell you why Aiyar should be absolutely nobody’s inspiration.

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Rahul’s flawed approach

The question is not whether one must be allowed to air her or his views openly, the answer to which in a democratic set-up is an obvious yes. The point, however, is that politics is far more complex, and requires a delicate and nuanced approach. And like it or not, Narendra Modi has changed the rules of the game to an extent that it is near-suicidal to give him full toss deliveries to smash sixes, one after another.

By taking to international platforms to convey his views and draw some pats on his back, instead of trying to speak the language voters in India would want to hear, Rahul Gandhi has constantly given Modi that extra leeway.

Narendra Modi has made ‘nationalism’ the fulcrum of his politics. One doesn’t need to necessarily compete with that or imitate it, but given how voters are lapping Modi’s politics up, it is important to not fall into the trap of giving him a reason to question your commitment towards the country. Rahul Gandhi must resist the urge to take the bait, and fail Modi’s nationalism test, time and again.

Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha election, for instance, Modi sold the retaliatory air strikes in Balakot as his big achievement, something the voters quite happily bought. But Rahul was busy picking holes in this theory, questioning Modi’s ‘chowkidar’ skills over the Rafale deal. The results were there for all to see.

In 2017, as Congress vice-president, Gandhi addressed students at the University of California, Berkeley, and criticised the Modi government for its economic policies and its handling of Kashmir.

His interaction with Burns is the latest in the list of ‘how to harm your politics’ moves.

Look at the optics and messaging of this. Essentially, he’s telling his domestic constituency — which is what should matter to the Congress and him the most — that your government isn’t good enough and hence, you need international involvement to save you. Leaders spend considerable energy and time trying to fend off outside influence or involvement in matters internal to their countries.

And here you are, targeting a PM who is hugely popular, carries immense goodwill and is able to sell his story extraordinarily well on international platforms. You may detest Modi’s politics and his party’s communal fibre, but you cannot deny the grip he has established over the electorate. To deride such a PM and his government on international platforms can hardly going to look palatable to the voters, and will only boomerang on Rahul Gandhi and his already floundering party. And all this when elections in five states are on, in three of which, at least, the Congress has got serious stakes in.

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The need for international approval

At what point do you stop feeling exasperated with Rahul Gandhi? He has got almost nothing right since he stepped into active politics, and more glaringly, since he began to lead his party (whether as president or de-facto chief). From being erratic to non-focused, disconnected and quite self-absorbed, Rahul Gandhi has stumbled his way through. As well-meaning as he may be, realpolitik isn’t quite his strength, which is precisely what is reflected in his inexplicable obsession for validation from international audiences.

Many in the country don’t take Rahul Gandhi very seriously, as impolite as that might sound. But international platforms are where the Congress leader is heard, and hence, he takes them more seriously than he perhaps should — putting his heart and soul into these interactions and sidestepping all political correctness, prudence and pragmatism. The fawning by foreign listeners gives him the same kick that one extra vote on the EVM gives to other politicians.

Rahul Gandhi operates at an esoteric level. He thinks his beliefs and roadmap are all that matter, and winning and losing elections is not the point. Which is precisely what he wants to convey through Miliband or Berkely or Burns. Unfortunately, however, for any political party to survive, let alone thrive, winning elections is imperative, and international attention or platforms to speak purely incidental.

Some other politicians may still be able to pull this off without much damage being caused, but for a leader who is already the weakling, this is complete harakiri.

There is no bravery in waxing eloquence against all that you perceive as being wrong with your country on international mediums. But there is every bit of bravery in resurrecting yourself, doing the necessary course-correction, playing it smart and developing the wherewithal to win elections and take down the Goliath. It would do Rahul Gandhi well to remember this. It isn’t his country he is letting down by censuring it internationally, but his party, its members and every dedicated voter of the Congress.

Views are personal.

Edited by Anurag Chaubey

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  1. Rahul Khan much as @The Print & other Tukde gang members are the very definition of failure!! These people live only as parasites for this nation & it’s majority!!

    We await the day when @The Print & other Tukde members show us their real nationalism…………………. for Pakistan of course!! because they can’t be Indian!!

    Else the communal fibre is only with Tukde gang led by this idiot Rahul or those who voted for Pakistan but stayed in India to drink Gaumutra!!

  2. This is a stale thinking. Our journalists praise Mody for whatever he speaks, even if he tells some untruth and unscientific things and criticise Rahul even if he tells the truth. This is only because Mody wins (?) elections and Rahul does not. The real reason is these journalists are scared to endorse truth and criticise the untruth lest that would offend the ruler and the ruling party.

    BJP has lost so many state elections. in the last
    3 – 4 years which every one knows. However, it regained almost all of them through backdoor methods. This kind of journalist didn’t have the time and courage to criticise that !!

    Yes, winning election is important in a democracy. But we must start speaking the truth. I think Rahul is doing that. Whether he should win or lose depends on the people of the country.

  3. Why are you and your language is so soft for the blunder of Clown Prince? You guys so much scared of 10 JP?What the hell they are using to scare you all?Not in power, what’s that medicine 10 JP is using to keep the entire lutyens under their feet? Quite amusing. You guys couldn’t show your spine when Mamata Banerjee said openly that Muslim vote bank should not be split. Was it not a communal polarization? The PM had to explain people of Bengal and India that how venomous that statement was. He also exposed the lutyen chaploosis hiding meekly to speak on that. The PM also said , had that kind like Hindu voters must unite kind of a statement comes from BJP even a ward member, all these 10JP chaploosi media could have blown it out of proportion. Guys expose these left wing Commie 10 JP steno whenever you get a chance.

  4. Did we come across any such articles when Narendra damodardas modi used foreign / western platforms to deride past govts, political stalwarts etc.? So why blame the INC or the Gandhi family now? Whether we like it or not, most Indians / asians seek such recognition / acceptance from the Western / developed world. So why point fingers on the easiest punching bag of the day ( Congress party & the Gandhi family). Also, could we identify ONE liberal / unbiased institution / media house in India who would conduct such a program for the opposition leaders? So when no such opportunities exist in India why blame those who seek international avenues?

    • No!! Only Brown British & de-racinated Indians need to kiss foreign white rears!!
      No nationalist or person who understands the splendid Indian/culture does that!!

      You generalissing on Asians is NOT correct!! In Alaska meeting, China has successfully shamed America & that lame dementia patient Biden’s record on human rights & democracy!! This amply demonstrates that only slaves look for western approval, no one else!!

  5. Fortunately Or Unfortunately This Guy Is A Failure In Indian Political Arena.His Mother is Lending Her Shoulders To Prop Him Up But Without Success.So He Is Trying Every Trick Up His Sleeves To Be In The Arena.

  6. In these comments, I see a lot of misuse and misrepresentation of Nationalism. Nationalism is just love for your country which propels you do the impossible when you are up against the wall – ask me. I can tell you.
    Nationalism is not exclusive of globlisation, inclusiveness, empowerment, diversity and humaneness.
    Tail piece: Nationalism is not an ogre. I find that even a large section of the media is complicit in misrepresenting Nationalism, either by default of by design.

    • Very true. One does need a modicum of nationalism else you end up getting ruled and exploited by foreigners as India was during the past few hundred years. Between ultra nationalism and complete absence of any kind of nationalism, the former although not ideal is preferable.

    • Absolutely correct Col Viswanahan!

      The congress created Indian eco system incl. Media survives to this day! They are undoubtedly complicit in misrepresenting not just Nationalism but also the Hindu community!! This is very much by design by these Brown British, radical Islamo-leftist fascists!!

    • @Raj Jayaraj: Muslims defend only their own Umma BS!!
      Useful idiots like Rahul who have passed their sell by date are thrown in the dustbin!!

  7. So true to the Congress mentality of being slaves of westerners, and they don’t seem to be able to shake this off. Not in this life time. What more can be expected of a party so full of itself and its history and spineless members of the party.

    • AnuCha: Does giving interviews to foreign news outlets or having a dialogue with foreign leaders – Western and non-Western – amount to “mentality of being slaves of westerners” ? India does not exist in a vacuum and the alarming developments in India and its rapid march towards fascism and one party state under an autocrat is something the world notices. More so as Hindutva fascism is being exported to NRI communities and rearing its ugly head in many Western countries.

      In any case, given the fact that Führer does not talk to the press and his excellent Delhi university education does not seem to have prepared him to take simple questions, it is only natural that the vacuum is filled by others with a non-Delhi University education. More so when the few articulate and educated members of the Führer’s errand boy corps – south Indians like Jaishankar & Nirmala Sitharaman – are not allowed to speak .

      RaGa does not lose credibility by speaking to anyone, the Western press or Western leaders.

  8. Nobody has ever accused Rahul Gandhi of having orchestrated a pogrom or having incited communal conflict. Given the state of Indian politics today and the many politicians with pogroms and violence on the CVs, RaGa has a clear conscience – at least when it comes to maintaining peace in the populace.

    But alas, in the India of today, shedding the blood of Muslims or Dalits or harassing Christians counts as an asset and fetches you votes from Hindus, especially in North India. That is the path that the BJP wants to tread. RaGa has not chosen to walk the path that can lead to a further weakening of the very tenuous unity of India – despite the sporadic flirations with Hindutva lite. I guess therein lies RaGa’s appeal – in an India where fascism is triumphing, RaGa is decidedly not the fascist.

    • You shouldn’t give such remarks without having knowledge of ground zero. How many Muslims, Christians and Dalits are in crisis?
      Face the reality, I don’t know your nationality and probably need not as you people comments on such core issues. Indian constitution is really capable and Judiciary is more and more effective to handle those situations.
      See, India is a one of the few countries in the World where coloquel language used to change after every 100 km. Each are small towns or village is full of multi religion and multiple languages, so there may be some issues and those issues are solved by local people and they stay as before.
      So, commenting on such sensible issues without having proper knowledge is very very bad attitude

    • Mr/Mrs Kili………very commendable valiant attempts to defend your paymaster. But not good enough. No worries though, there is only so much you can do to prop up a loser.
      There is space for you on the other side. Think it over.

    • LIAR!! Congress has done Hindu genocide several times!!
      They also kept voters of Pakistan in India!!

  9. It’s utter idiocy of news media for it can’t give up their obsession on this immature and naive politician. There are so many young, upcoming politicians who are eager to do something give them some name recognition. Or just write some other topic like how people of becoming more socially conscious in southern states and at the same time getting fooled by corrupt regional politicians.

  10. Indian education system doesn’t allow students to develop critical thinking and reasoning, so judging on people’s comments one can say that people don’t understand him(a well educated open minded person), but his point is to open people’s eyes on what is happening behind the veils , and as he had said before Indian institutions and professors are not allowed to talk to by talking to foreign media he is trying to convey his message and hopefully one day people will understand him.

    • So you think people of India suddenly became fools the day they elected Modi Government on 2014.0get well soon…

    • @Nirmala: You seem to be lacking any skills what-so ever!! So get them first!
      Else, do get well soon!!

  11. He is just an overgrown 51 year old child who never grew up to become a man. A wastrel and an intellectual pygmy, it gives him a coke high to have professors listen to him, of universities he could never dream to get admitted to. The guy is just simply a useless, black sheep and will go down in the wastebin of history.

  12. Tomorrow pappu like Manishankar iyer once said will ask Pakistan, China to attack India & make him PM. Atleast now the lutyen’s media, liberals must accept pappu is not an Indian in heart.

    • M.Sridhar: One really wonders how this shameful dynasty hasn’t yet received the treatment given to their brothers Gaddafi’s & Saddam Hussein!!

  13. “Shah of India” inviting foreign interference to place him in the throne, mommy always told him that the throne is his when he grows up but Indian electorate is not giving it to him, very unfair?

    BTW this is precisely what Indian liberals do, they run to foreign liberals and spread negativity about India.

  14. The Congress party missed the bus long time ago. This guy RG too has been left behind. For their, all these validations from external agencies and individual is not going to make any difference as the Indian media paid or otherwise is constantly showing him mouthing a whole lot of bullshit which has not and will not go down well. If there is anyone giving him any credit, those are individuals who are scared of their past wrong deeds of which the party head has record of, or those who have stood and still stand to gain from the loot the party has made over the past few decades.

  15. Each time i think modi is bad n i shudn’t vote for him. RaGa gives me one more reason why i shudnt vote for RaGa. He has no clue whatsoever, that deliberately inviting foreign powers to interfere in a country politics is a serious foot in mouth move which will further downgrade his already downgraded image among our people, if Bjp tries to take advantage of this then it will only be his own fault. Iam quite surprised why the bjp left this golden opportunity to target him ? Maybe, becoz they r too focussed on Mamta banerjee in Bengal then targetting RaGa which appears to be true given modi is on a campaign in Bengal. This in itself is shameful becoz they dont even consider him a worthy opponent to give reply to what he does or doesnt in his leisure time. At a time when farmers r on roads RaGa cud have very well supported them by giving dharnas, shoulder to shoulder but all he has done make mistakes after mistakes

  16. Rahul Gandhi argument is stupid. If it is not congress rule in India then it is not democracy. Suddenly India is a Banana republic. And folks who voted for BJP the majority are traitors and stupid. And he seeks their votes. Does this sound like a “Definition of Loser”? Are there no true hard core politicians left in congress who can bring in their adult game to this? Even I am a congress supporter, I am totally baffled by this approach. Burn the house you live in if you don’t get power. How smart is that?

  17. Your article is unkind to RaGa and congress . According to one of the congress leaders , who was quoting from the internet , Modi is stupid . If so , the voters who brought him into power , twice , must be idiotic .
    And RaGa needs highly intelligent voters , in addition to all other facilities , to win . And later he found them in Kerala . Too bad , his 10 year UPA government, headed by his mother’s stooge , couldn’t get them in 2014 .
    The stupid , bigoted , communal majority of this country needs to understand how imporyant it is for the minority to be incharge .
    The one great thing he’s accomplished is unite this stupid majority .
    May he flourish , in the same rich vein of strategy , farsightedness , and wishful thinking .

  18. Another proof,RaGa only thinks for him and himselves,not about India.He wants,India direct by the directions of USA,Europe and,Chaina.Sorry to say RaGa,that is the reason mejority of Indians reject you.Pls change your mind or apply for nationality of these country.

  19. Another proof ,RaGa only thinks for him and himselves,not about India. He wants,India direct by the directions of USA,Europe and ,Chaina. Sorry to say RaGa, that is the reason mejority of Indians reject you.Pls change your mind or apply for nationality of these country.

  20. Where does Rahul Gandhi get these brilliant ideas? Kaushik Basu, Raghuram Rajan?….these people prove that the way we define intelligence is deeply flawed. Over the past few years every forecasts by these gangs have not worked. Anything out of their sphere of expertise they become stupid. They are losing their grip in India. Now they are desperate and trying to get foreigner’s influence India’s internal politics. I hope these foreigners don’t meddle in India’s elections. They then cannot complain about Russians influencing US elections.

    • What makes you think that USA/west or China for that matter don’t try to meddle in Indian elections??!

  21. Nakli (fake) gandhi with shattered hopes and frustrated ambitions just pulling on without ammunition to find political space.

  22. The greatest disservice done is by the so called journalist, chasing bones thrown by the current dispensation. When Modi calls out ” black life matters” that’s not interference to these paid journalist. Modi as a CM was banned from travelling to US and Europe, why was that. It happened in India and why were they shutting him off.

    • The fact that pretty much no one in India cared that Modi was banned from travelling to the US and Europe, and voted him in twice with majority, the second time with a RESOUNDING majority, should tell you that Indians beyond the 0.5% fancy-pants crowd do not care what the US and Europe think. And in any case, the day Modi became PM, US and Europe revoked their bans. Not very committed to “values” then, are they? So neither Indians, nor the US, nor Europe care about this banal witch-hunting. So it’s time for the durbaaris to get real.

  23. According to author all that matters is poor optics and electoral outcomes. People and country be damned. Where do you find such fancy words “Modi’s nationalism test”? It’s not Modi’s nationalism test that RG failed, it’s common sense test and people’s trust test that he failed.

  24. What is the author trying to do? , Trying to being a political advisor to Rahul Gandhi or an objective critic trying to push politicians towards taking positions in the interest of truth and public at large…???. We have enough media outlets analysing the moves of the political dispensations in garnering popularity. A political parties may indulge in such analysis; but not a public media like PRINT, which is expected to criticize in an objective manner in the interest of truth and public interests. I am disappointed… !!!

  25. RG always criticize Modi or RSS not BJP. He should be criticising BJP policies not individual. There is ample areas like fuel price rise, small savers low interest rate, price increase, high GST, farmers plight, death in J&K etc are not being addressed effectively by congress or RG. Rahul Gandhi is still learning politics, I do not know if he can learn it in another 20 years.

  26. Rahul Gandhi’s thinking is essentially identical to that held by many dynasts be it in India or Pakistan. Rahul Gandhi probably feels that by virtue of his ‘noble’ ancestry from the Nehru-Gandhi cabal, he is entitled to rule over India even if he had none of the virtues of leading a country the size and complexity of India. His recent speech in Kerala that his NYAY dole of a few thousand rupees per month would solve Kerala’s economic issues goes to show how naive and unrealistic his political opinions and policy narratives are. I am a committed Sangh partisan but also believe that Congress does have many talented people in its ranks and it is vital for Indian democracy that these people are able to get elected to the parliament to ensure Modi sycophantism and NDA authoritarianism are kept in check. For this, the seasoned veterans in Congress and the ambitious, neo-liberal, libertarian youngsters break away from the Congress to resurrect a Swatntra-esque political party space to give such voters a viable choice. One-party domination in a democracy is a threat to the country and leaders must rise to prevent this.

  27. Show me one opposition leader from any Democratic country seeking foreign intervention. Shouldn’t RG be talking to Indian intellectual rather than talking to a foreigner? Shouldn’t he be interacting to people of India? It’s not the first time and not going to be the last. Earlier he insulted North Indian voters who until now made sure his family gets elected. What if South India also start rejecting him? Where would he go then? Italy I guess.

    And to the author: it’s not ok to seek foreign intervention in domestic affairs. Its essentially a betrayal to your country and to your voters. We are not Syria Iraq or Nigeria unless you think so.

  28. I really admire Rahul Gandhi as a politician. He can offer better to the country, if he comes in power. As a politician, he seems most honest, diligent, and young leader. His honesty is shown when he admits that I do mistakes and I believe who is so sacrosanct in this planet never make mistakes. At least, he is admitting that… And it’s a sign of honesty!!!

  29. We should ask ourselves – Do we need validation from outsiders? If Rahul Gandhi feels he needs it, it is his choice. It is to be observed that it is during the reign of congress that we Indians felt that we were not good enough, our products and services were sub par and that we require international validation- a pat on the back by outsiders to tell us that we are good. This is obviously what he has been taught to think.
    But the situation is changing. people are now proudly showcasing products, services and skills from India. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t seem to understand this and that’s why he is highly unlikable, untrustworthy and unreliable.

  30. Rahul Gandhi’s maturity is not real but pepped up one by his party men. In a real sense, he cannot deliver his thoughts with the clean script and he fails miserably. The country’s democracy in trouble; this is the narrative from think tank groups in foreign country and relate that to Indian voters how they will vote. The narrative by external forces will not be heard seriously in India; except, of course, the media who may want to keep debating about with narrowed audience. Modi’s nationalism with Rahul Gandhi foreign intervention… the voters here are not fools. Also, everything that Rahul says needs not be related to the vote. He should have his own sense of what he should talk about.

  31. It only proves Rahul is essentially very much Indian, trying to impress a Gora and through their acknowledgment of him and his thoughts perceive himself on a step above the rest of the ordinary Indians, including a very desi Modi.

  32. He spoke nothing but the truth if my home 🏘️ on fire and captured by fundamentalist RSS then you need to help of others to protect yourself.

    • @Abdul Yaseen: Sunni Muslims like you who lie all the time always meet fundamentalists like #CCP communist China!! #CCP then rapes your Umma! Then it rapes Ughur Sunni Muslim women in Burka after torturing & killing their men!!

      Their Children then become Han Chinese & nAllah floats in mosques made into toilets!!
      WHY don’t you move there or your ilk prefers to continue having Gaumutra here after having voted for Pakistan?

  33. The only positive one can flag from interacting with globally respected thought leaders is that it corrects the Pappu perception that a small fortune has been expended by the IT Cell in creating. To carry on an intelligent, unscripted conversation with Dr Rajan on the state of the economy, measures required to improve it, that speaks well for someone who aspires to national leadership. Or to discuss issues relating to foreign policy with Professor Nicholas Burns, within the overarching framework of India and the United States being good friends. 2. As citizens in a democracy, we question / criticise the government of the day. An Opposition party is entitled to do that even more vigorously, continuously, with a lower bar of fairness and objectivity. However, not on foreign soil. Or publicly with a foreign interlocutor. Mr Rahul Gandhi needs better advice, starting with reading this column.

  34. Validation by foreigners? Do I read it right?

    I thought we were done with listening to foreigners since 15 August 1947.

    Tail piece: Is it that some politicians and a section of the media are still obsessed by foreigners?

  35. G23, please do something to save Congress sans family which is essential for being in Opposition to support the real democratic process

  36. Your analysis is shallow. The real problem with RaGa is that he is not ‘Indian” in the sense that he does not have the lived experience of being an Indian. He has lived a life of luxury and power. He does not know what it means to wait on a train platform for a train that is running hours late, traveling in a train packed like sardines, having to give a bribe to a babu to get your rightful service, traveling on a potholed road in a village red bus, having to cook and read in lantern light when there is no power, being harassed by a local goon,….or any aspect of life that common indians face while growing up and living in India. He now airdrops himself from a privileged family with his “idea of India” – as if we already don’t have our own idea of India – and pretends like our saviour while having no clue of our history, lives and aspirations. For his family, it is all about power and control of India – like the islamic and european invaders before them. The Nehru family has no real interest in uplifting the Indians, their interest is only in controlling us for their material benefit and to benefit foreign interests. If RaGa becomes the PM one day, Indians would deserve the horrible fate that would befall them. RaGa is a lot more insidious that what your article projects.

  37. Same for his dadaji. british endoresed indian politician who was selected for transfer of power 1947.. nothing has changed .

    its an alarm when foreigners like you …that means you serve well their agenda.

  38. Rahul is required badly by Modi as opposition leader and also by all of us as young, bright, well educated English speaking leader. He needs to follow his heart and not brain and be aggressive while attacking Modi. We need him for our daily entertainment. He owns Congress which is all India Party with 12 crore or so voters. Thee is no other national party that Modi can look up to. So for another 3 years till 2024, let us not criticize Rahul and distract him. Recently, he found a new issue in Rafael deal. He can carry this for next 1 year easily. And then something else will up. And the saga will continue.

  39. Well mr Assad would like to have the Writer on his payroll. Nice philosophy. And why the fake concern about congress ? How can you call Rahul incompetent when he hasn’t ruled and destroyed the democracy in our country which unfortunately our current govt is doing.

  40. Politics is really a complex game without any authentic rules and regulations. Instead of organizing so many rallies and lectures BJP will not be able to result good in Bengal, Assam, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Poduchery. People became frustrated with the fake promises of BJP leaders and inflation and uneployment.

  41. It’s easy for Pappu to lie and throw garbage on India in front of those foreigners who know little about Indian politics. Indians call Rahul Gandhi as Pappu after listening to him for several years. Foreigners may also form a similar view of Rahul Gandhi if he repeatedly present himself as a mentally sick person.

  42. Everyone in India wants RaGa to continue highlighting the disgraceful state of affairs in India .
    He wants a number of things right to win elections in India . Unfortunately the UPA government under McMaun Singh couldn’t do that in 10 years . Its his birthright that the ideologically opposite party do it for him .
    One of his party’s leader , cites internet quotes of calling Modi “stupid” . Which also means a large majority of Indian voters are particularly stupid and probably idiotic in goving Modi the reigns of leadership , not once but twice .
    Indian voters woild do well to give that to a 5th generation leader, who is waiting for prime ministership , so that his invention of a machine that turns potato to gold can be manufactured .

    Too bad , he couldn’t do it in 2014

  43. Truth is truth evenif only one person says or knows.Lie is a lie evenif all but one says it.Truth does bother about your opinion. True media brings out the truth.where is the investigation.Beware of these EVMs.

  44. You understand the basic nuances of RG leadership, and the inherent flaws in it. But, surprisingly, are these not understood by senior party functionaries? If no, are then these senior people then required. If yes, why doesn’t someone come forward and take the mettle. Otherwise, you will always keep on whining.

  45. Seems Rahul never reads these essays. Or perhaps there is a method in the madness, which these essayists are unable to decipher.

  46. Why blame Rahul.. you spineless media n opportunistic editors need to introspect.. when u fail to do your job the honest n comitted have to take it up at the cost of their political downturn..

  47. If M S Aiyer had the “foot in the mouth” disease, This dynastic wannabe has the whole “leg in the mouth” disease! When Gods want to destroy someone, they will first make them go mad. Those of us who want to see the backs of the dynasty can only welcome more of the same!

  48. There is problem in the underlying narrative here. You are implying that his thoughts are ok, but airing them is political harakiri. Is that all there is to it? Only votes matter?
    I find it unpardonable for a prime ministerial candidate, to even think of inviting outside interference in the country’s affairs, let alone announce it. It is not ok at all!

    • Mr Keshava MP: Since when did speaking to the foreign press constitute a crime ? Admittedly, the Führer at the helm of affairs today cannot handle an impromptu press conference and is in essence a man who has not studied past 10th standard in Gujarathi medium. One may not agree with RaGa, but at the very least he has enough basic knowledge to be able to speak without notes prepared by his aides. The Führer cannot.

      • If you want to be into name calling and abusing, please get your facts in place. Hitler / Fuhrer caused the death of 20 million. But Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Jyoti Basu etc have caused 80 million deaths and counting. So you know who is more evil. And I do hope you know the educational background of Bharat Ratna Smt Indira Gandhi, grand mother of Shri Rahul Gandhi.

    • It is like author went from stating a news, to giving advice to her favourite and to pitching a new Netflix show “Rahul Gandhi must resist the urge to take the bait, and fail Modi’s nationalism test, time and again.”

  49. Why waste so much writings, energy on some leader who failed miserably in so many elections and who has been judged to be incompetant by several eminent people including ex u s precident. Rahulji gets international platforms because of his dynasty and because his mother is an European and not because he is a leader of calibre or capable.

    • Absolutely right.
      I wonder why “The Print” continues to waste its energy on incompetent Rahul. I mean, even the poor of Amethi realized that this bugger was no good.

    • It’s utter idiocy of news media for it can’t give up their obsession on this immature and naive politician. There are so many young, upcoming politicians who are eager to do something give them some name recognition. Or just write some other topic like how people of becoming more socially conscious in southern states and at the same time getting fooled by corrupt regional politicians.

  50. What’s wrong with calling a spade a spade??
    When global institutions observe that democracy is under threat In India, an opposition leader accepting that it is in not wrong, unless one recognises the problem one can solve it.

    • If you had understood the difference between Democracy and Dynastic Rule, you’d have considered that the current government and the political party is more democratic than it’s predecessor, whose Prime Minister was never ever elected by the people of India through a Lok Sabha election. I wouldn’t even comment of their Party Presidency.

    • Do you think french democracy is perfect? In France Muslims cannot wear burqa or build mosques with minarets. American democracy with it’s racism and race motivated shootings isn’t really perfect either. In Sweden burning Quoran is legal. In India you will be put behind bars for doing this. So how exactly do you compare one imperfect democracy with another and claim one imperfection to be glaringly better than another. The way you make democracy is by fighting and winning elections . You did not see Democrats whining about Trump to foreign media rather than campaigning against him to win elections. If leader of opposition is this incompetent he should quit election. He has lost enough elections to hang up his boots.

    • Calling out India’s problems is easy for all of us. He’s not judged on that. He’s judged on his ability to find solutions and execute real change atleast within his own party if not his constituency. He talks a good game but he hasn’t delivered so far.

      What the author is trying to point out is that by being critical of India on a public forum he plays into Modi’s hands. You have to maintain a modicum of solidarity on an international platform. Doesn’t mean you can’t criticize him when you’re in India. Look at Obama when Trump came to power. He was in India for a speech and he refused to go into the specifics of where he disagreed on policy. He refused to air dirty laundry on an international forum.

    • The day he (Rahul)starts respecting the elected leader PM Modi…will be the day, the Nation begins to listen Rahul Gandhi’s words.

    • Yeah. You should recognize that problem of countries do not get sorted by foreign countries but within the country.

    • Well said Mr/Ms Marsh !

      For all his faults, RaGa is just about the only guy with some stature outside India – there being utterly no difference between a Yedyurappa, a Stalin an Adityanath, a Mamta Bannerjee or a Jagan Reddy. None of these guys, including Führer Modi can discuss India’s challenges with a reasonable degree of comman over the subject. In fact, Führer Modi comes off as a semi-literate man with very little grasp of the complex global and domestic challenges that India finds itself in. The Führer therefore never gies a press conference and never deviates from a prepared speech. RaGa, Shashi Tharoor and to some extent Jaishankar Subramanian are capable of articulating their vision for India and the challenges it faces. Of these 3 latter figures, Jaishankar is on a tight leash – he knows that he is but an errand boy for the Gujarathis.

      For a brilliant example of the Führer’s command over mathematics and spelling, watch these videos:

      Meet Narendra Modi, Algebra teacher:
      Modi Spelling Strength:

      Admittedly, the Führer did not learn these things whilst he was a student at Delhi University. But one wonders where he gets his speechwriters – they seem to know even less than him !

      • Mr/Mrs Killi “For all his faults, RaGa is just about the only guy with some stature outside India “….. this statement of your is the joke of the year. You are slipping up.

  51. Even international bodies have mocked Rahul Gandhi and we’ll know why this comedian is not required and should not be in Indian politics however Not shocked that print is making this clown as a sort of heroic figure
    Tc, Jai shree ram

  52. Rahul Gandhi never learns . It must be the Italian blood which makes him run to foreign shores for approval
    Don’t think he is or his family are the future of our country. He and his family along with his millions should just fade away.

  53. Authentic news has become past. Present day news are based on the party and politicians you support and most of the news are fake, distorted and fabricated ones. Journalism has reached its lowest ebb.

  54. Shows how naive he is politically and otherwise. People don’t take him seriously, what he says is often of entertainment value at his own cost.

  55. What a Great try by cronies of CONGRESS. Do whatever you want to but this machine is not going to perform at any platform.

  56. Rahul Gandhi is essentially foreigner, just as Nehru was – nominally a Kashmiri Brahmin, but culturally a Muslim and intellectually a Briton. RG cannot think for India or as an Indian. He has been wrongly transplanted in Indian politics. He is more like Bourbons under Louis XVIII of 19th Century France. He can learn nothing and he cannot forget anything!

    Your wasting your time tendering him unsolicited advice.

  57. To give India a strong opposition party all non communist parties should unite under one good leader barring the Nehru Gandhi family

  58. After all these are opinion of the author. Till now US has shown its approach as preservative and protector of democracy globally. In this contest Rahul might tried to convey some message to US. May be his idea is to let the global countries know his views and may be strategically pitting himself for a longer time struggle to see his point .Even I India a section of people ,though ,have some reservations ,try to see his observation.

  59. Crap from Cottage Industry of Rahul Gandhi Witchhunters..How much did Mr Gupta get from Rafale deal bribe taker GUPTA?

  60. Absolutely, pappu has gone beserk mentally because he thought after mouni Mohandas Singh, it will be a cake walk for him and his illiterate wily Italian ex bar maid mummy Ji Antonio maino to take over and Lord over India as usual keeping the people of India as their slaves. But modi has spoiled their party.
    Now they are furious but unfortunately helpless. So what they can do. Like Street urchins they are abusing modi in filthiest language and in the bargain insult Hindu culture and our great country. They are digging their own graves.

  61. That’s why he is called Pappu and he is not at all fit for politics. Who knows him if he is not attached with title Gandhi. Foolish guy

  62. Everyone is aware that he is not an effective Indian politician and whatever he says is fodder for opposition.Then why this fixation with what he says and does.More space is filled by columnists in disparaging and demolishing him rather than praising the omnipotent ruling party politicians.When the whole country eagerly waits for a piece of approbation from overseas inspite of all talks about atmanirbhar can’t he be excused for drawing the attention of the same creed to the sorry state of democracy in the country.Whether his statement is factual or not the media and ruling party is in all likelihood ridicule him.But there are rarely few worthies from overseas who deign to offer an interview to any other opposition politician.Whaever be his shortcomings he had persistently criticised the path taken by the present rulers.Let him do that even to the detriment of his own political future and that of his own party because no one else is even making an effort.

  63. His problem is the sense of privilege. He thinks others will have to work for him to get him to power because he is entitled to it. He doesn’t need to work for it.Modi, mamata, biju, sharad power all work hard. And mr Rahul is going abroad complaining. The foreigners are having fun actually, much like Obama did in his book.

  64. Have you seen old hindi movies ? RG plays his role like that played by Jonney Walker in old Hindi movies– Entertaining . If he does not come out with some funny statement or being interviewed by non-descript foreigner having zero knowledge of ground realities of Indian politics and mostly carrying on leftists s burden his/her weak shoulders , that week seems boring to most of RG s supporters and baitors . Carry on Jonney Walker of 2020 s.

  65. Some people just don’t give up. Trying to advise RG on what he should do is as futile as RG pontificating before international audiences. Both bring no result. “Rahul Gandhi must resist the urge to take the bait, and fail Modi’s nationalism test, “. Failing Modi’s nationalism test doesn’t matter but failing the voter’s nationalism test does.

  66. What the author has conveniently forgotten is that person in question was asking foreigners

    To help him build his party his institutions his machinery which coincidentally existed since 47 but self destroyed in the last 7 years, euphemism for money.

    Secondly asking foreign power to intervene in domestic affairs of a sovereign country.

    If this is not naked deshdroh then don’t know what it is it.

    Another jhollawala gem by theprint team.

    Well done you are a beacon of journalism which will help this nation on chita and turn into ashes.

  67. What else can we expect from Pappu??

    What is more inexplicable is the constant interest such authors have in Pappu, who has nothing to show for except his lineage of the FIRST DYNASTY of India.

    He never was and never will be taken seriously by anyone other than himself and the cronies in CONgress.

  68. The emotion in this essay seemed genuine from the author, like they are genuinely exasperated with RaGa and his obvious inability to succeed as a politician. I feel the same and would sympathize with the author more if she hadn’t proven herself to be quite the Congress supporter herself over the years.

  69. I donot find fault with Rahul Gandhi for having interactions with foreign intellectuals who do not have any stake in Indian politics but their opinions cast a long shadow all across the world and filter into India eventually.
    The main reason Congress has not been able to win elections is because of poor leadership. Sonia Gandhi thirst leadership before he had full grasp of the party and politics. She was prepared to lose in 2014 but magnitude of loss was too big to overcome .in 2019. Besides that Electoral Bonds policy emasculated financial strength of Congress and opposition to show credible ground level activity maintaining and managing cadre at the grass roots level. Besides that Rahul Gandhi let his adversaries define his image to the detriment of positive appeal to win elections. By 2019 Indian electorate became immune to corruption and hence Rafael deal scam did not work. Rahul Gandhi should have changed tactic to economy and jobs message . Also power in Congress has become centralized without state and regional leadership to manage the party. There is nothing wrong with Congress ideology

  70. He also criticise the govt severly in India and not only in International forum even in in where the polls are going.

  71. “Validation by foreigners “?
    Are you kidding? These “foreigners” are paid for their validation!

  72. I am at my wits end as to who gave him this stupid idea. How can you seriously ask for US intervention? Extremely stupid and in my view should be illegal. I seriously wonder if this man has the mental competence to even have a claim to be India’s opposition. He ought to have conversations with our people. And if intellectuals is his go-to gang, he could have easily had a convo with Pratap Bhanu Mehta or whoever. I honestly don’t understand what he seeks to do with this. How he manages to screw up at each step so remarkably should be a case study in human behaviour. Not a single opposition leader in India is this nutty.

    The worse part is that he WILL be the future PM. May be not now, may be not in 2024. But when Modi will leave and may be a little later than that. But Rahul will become PM. That’s the privilege of Gandhi family scion. Dumbness, bad politics, bad economic ideas, no sense of people’s pulse, all those can be brushed aside when you are born in the first family.

    Even a booth level karyakarta would be embarassed. And i as a voter am deeply embarassed that the main opposition party’s defacto leader is this stupid at politics. He needs to go and give space to a more seasoned and shrewd politician.

  73. No, we DO NOT detest ‘Modi’ s politics ‘. We also DO NOT detest ‘ communal fibre’ in BJP’s politics, because its nothing but anti pseudo secular politics. Hence, DO NOT try and speak for the readers. Speak for Yourself. You are no one to tell us what we ‘detest’ or not. Those days are over. Shekhar Gupta knows it very well.

  74. Has the media run out of topics that they need to talk about all that has been written about above. Does anyone really think that such narratives are sellable. Just as the great interactors from UK and US are now consigned to the dustbin of relevance our counter part need to be ignored. When someone is out on bale and making the best of the delays in the judicial system, it is obvious that seeking the finality in clearing ones name is not a priority for the fear of conviction.
    All the money and goodwill of past generations eventually will run out.

  75. Rahul Gandhi is definitely at fault. But ,so are the people who give him a ear at international forums. These mostly US based intellectuals should rather look inwards, introspect and find ways to mitigate rampant mass shooting killings back home.

  76. It was during 10 year rule of MAMMAMIA a lot of evangelical groups financed by millions of dollars set up conversion shops and registered themselves as human rights or environmental NGO’S. This was with total support by THE FAMILY.

    After BJP realised that this NGO’s were involved in mass conversion and carried on anti HINDU/ anti Developmental activities are now being monitored for subversive anti social ACTIVITIES.

    THE FAMILY who wanted ROME RAJYA is upset and is now on a warpath against HINDUS and is badmouthing INDIA from any forum the get.

    • Absolutely correct!!

      Yet! Rahul is only a photocopy of Nehru, the first un-elected & incompetent autocrat/dictator British/Paki created Congress produced!!

  77. Maybe it’s mama’s approval that he is seeking. And she, does she really believe that he has it in him to lead the party? . The daughter is a natural but Italian mamas love their boys. I am a congress supporter by the way , and a very frustrated one at that. I had always said that he must be given a chance to fail, but not a license for perpetual failure. He is Modi’s biggest asset

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