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My camera had ‘evidence’ of Babri Masjid demolition, but it was consigned to bin of history

I know what I saw on 5 December 1992, in Ayodhya. My camera was witness to the rehearsal that was undertaken by the kar sevaks.

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The special CBI court’s verdict in the Babri Masjid demolition case has brought an end to a 28-year-old chapter of my life. I only wish it had been authored differently, and that the end had not left me confused.

As a photojournalist with The Pioneer, I know what I saw on 5 December 1992 in Ayodhya. My Canon (camera) was witness to the rehearsal that was undertaken by the kar sevaks and I had guarded the negatives like my babies, all through the years. I was scared that the slightest of moisture would destroy the negatives wrapped in polythene. My Canon was witness to everything — my pictures proving beyond doubt that the demolition of the Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992 was a calculated, meticulously planned exercise.

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I was positive on my ‘negatives’

I remember the stinging slap my wife gave me, on a winter day many years ago, when our house was ransacked by robbers. While she had shed tears for the jewellery that the robbers had taken away, I had rushed in to see whether my negatives were safe. That’s how precious they were to me.

All I am left with now, after years of numerous court appearances, is confusion, questions and the dilemma of how to make sense of my depositions in the court of special CBI judge Surendra Kumar Yadav, and my interactions with him.

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A day before the verdict

On Tuesday, 29 September 2020, a day before the verdict was to be given, I woke up at 3:30 am to catch an early morning flight to Lucknow with ThePrint’s senior assistant editor Ananya Bhardwaj.

We landed in Lucknow, and headed straight to Surendra Yadav’s chambers, only to be told that the chances of getting an interview with him were between slim and non-existent. His security initially refused to even pass on my visiting card to him, telling us he was busy. He doesn’t have the time to even talk to his wife, let alone answer the phone or entertain pesky journalists, we were told. But I persisted and requested his security to at least hand over my visiting card to the judge. Minutes later, we were ushered in.

Happy to see us, Yadav was gracious enough to give us some exclusive time. He told us how he had been burning the midnight oil, studying the voluminous evidence and writing the judgment.

Kar sevaks queue up with hammers and pickaxes on 5 December 1992 | Photo: Praveen Jain

He also surprised me by producing a business card that I had given him about two years ago when I was working with The Indian Express. He took it out of his wallet to show me. I was humbled to know he remembered me.

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The judgment day

The next morning, on 30 September — the day the verdict was to be announced — Yadav gave us some more exclusive time as he called us over to his residence, before leaving for court. We met and chatted with his family, who also told us how hard the judge had been working on the case. We were offered ladoos when Yadav learnt it was my birthday. The family, too, wished me well.

I had the opportunity to click a few pictures of him — the candid brief moments as we followed his car on the way to the court. Memories of the time spent in court appearances flooded my mind. Yadav had presided over the hearings when defence lawyers had gone out of their way to discredit and humiliate me. They had called me a fake photographer who was out to make a quick buck. Yadav had been witness to all those moments and my old visiting card in his wallet was, for me, proof of my professional standing. I had felt validated by that one gesture of him. It had filled me with hope. A hope that India would be redeemed of that 6 December stain, when the composite fabric of our country was shredded by a perilous political campaign.

Minutes later, he announced the judgment, dismissing my pictures, among others, by pointing to a lack of evidence, and ruled that the demolition wasn’t planned, acquitting all 32 accused in the case. My work had not passed muster in the eyes of the judge. My negatives, for all their worth, were consigned to the bin of history by the judgment.

Praveen Jain is the National Photo Editor of ThePrint. He had covered the demolition of the Babri Masjid and was a witness in its criminal case. Views are personal.

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  1. Mr/Ms SJ: You pontificate:

    “.. Even though we all know someone destroyed the Masjid, we don’t know who to hold accountable. This is not a failure of justice, it is simply the failure of the prosecution ..”

    Well, you do have a very high opinion of the Indian judiciary and its independence don’t you ? So let us look at some cases:

    Manu Sharma, son of Congress leader Venod Sharma shoots bartender Jessica Lal in 1999. When the case comes up to the Trial Court in 2006, evidence is destroyed, witnesses turn hostile and Sharma walks free. A media outcry later forces the Supreme Court to convict him.

    In 1999, Sanjeev Nanda, scion of the powerful Nanda family drives his BMW over 6 persons, including 3 policemen and kills them. Nanda was acquitted in 1999 but a later retrial awards him 2 years + community service. Again, the evidence was destroyed by Nanda.

    Participated and led the 2002 riots in Naroda Patiya but was not convicted. A Tehelka sting operation (ref: shows him bragging about setting fire to Muslim men, women and children and relishing it. Bajrangi also says that he escaped prosecution because then CM Modi changed judges such that he was let off. Convicted finally in 2012 to life imprisonment, Babu Bajrangi is out on bail.

    A gynaecologist who shredded her Hippocratic oath, Kodnani was one of the many instigators of the violence against Muslims, indeed her own constituents in Naroda Patiya in 2002. Kodnani, despite her bloody credentials, was made Minister of Women and Child Developement by then CM Modi. She was convicted in 2012 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Needless to say, the judge herself received death threats from Hindutva forces. And needless to say, in 2018, with the BJP in power, Dr Kodnani has been acquitted.

    To the above list, I can add Narendra Modi, Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Amit Shah and a host of other powerful and well connected politicians who could NEVER be prosecuted. Witnesses will turn hostile, evidence will vanish and the prosecution will not do its job.

    And people like you will then say:

    “.. This is not a failure of justice, it is simply the failure of the prosecution ..”

    As the noted author Jonathan Swift said:

    “”Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through”

  2. When his ( Praveen) are personal, how Mint ascribed / stamped it as Criminal case.

    This itself shows the Hindu biased mental of the Mint 😬😬😬

  3. Humey to apno ne loota ..!gairo main kaha dum tha .!apni kashti wahi doobi .!jaha pyar karne walo ka hujoom tha..!

    Ap ko pata hai woh lootery kon hai

    1. Mazhab ke naam pe hindustan ko bantne waley!..
    2. History ko dobara dohrane wale
    3. Insaniyat ke dushman.
    4. Nafrat dilon mein dalne waley.
    5. Apne hi ghar mein aag lagane wale.

    Romain Rolland once said about India:
    If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.

    Hum kahan jarahe hain? Jagoooo

  4. The judicial system needs a clear revamp. It is poor and is not for common man and never will be. If court were to pronounce the judgement when the issue was in budding stage… would have well prevented all the Karsevasa and demolition. It is so poor even after verdict they delayed this judgement.Is Judiciary a piller of democracy 🙄No.,it is hunging on heaps of dung… a clear loose platform and hence the common man trust is lost.

  5. बंद करो प्रवीण भाई। कब तक तुम उसी पुरानी ठंडी सड़ी कहानी पर वीणा बजाओगे।अब तक इस पर पैसा कमाया, क्या यह पर्याप्त नहीं है।

    • Tum gande soch waale logo ke wajah se aaj babri masjid ka nayay kanun ke hisab se nahi balke gair kanun se huaa nahi to aaj faisala muslim ke hatho me hota

  6. Why arw there so many who just wants a hindu rashtra rather than a secular one.. Why camt all humans flesh and blood stay together in peace! Why all these negativism n hatred in men’s minds… People are commenting rudely without even reflecting upon it! No thoughts or brain put into it! Just pure primal and soo primitive emotions! So much hatred and vengeance n poison in everyone’s minds… All these will bring our own defeat! Dat day wont be too far!

      • Ms Yamuna Potukuchi:

        Those members of the other community you allude to and who think differently viz. Muslims have moved to Pakistan. And the state they constructed on the basis of Islam broke apart in less than 3 decades with E.Pakistan splitting to become Bangladesh in 1971. The rump that remains – the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – is a failed state that is fighting many internal battles along ethnic, language and sectarian lines.

        History shows that religion is seldom successful in nation-buiding. Pakistan is still unable to define who a Muslim is – an activity they have been trying since 1947. And mind you, Islam is a fairly newish and relatively more codified religion compared to the infinitely more complex and very heterogeneous Hinduism.

        And then you need to answer another question: If Hindus can have a Hindu Rashtra, can’t Sikhs have a Khalistan? Do you expect Sikhs to believe in the RSS nonsense that since Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism are “indic” religions, they will be treated on par with Hindus?
        “A well Wisher” hits the nail on the head when he says:

        “hatred and vengeance n poison in everyone’s minds… All these will bring our own defeat”

        Toying with the secular Constitution will break up India – Pakistan is ample example of the dismal failure of religion in nation building.

  7. The structure built by invader Moghul on a Hindu temple is worth demolition- wether illegal or legal. JAI SRIRAM

  8. This story is so full of “negatives” that it comes across as a positive lie.
    There are pictures(positives from negatives that other photographers developed) showing the head of the pejawar matha Sri VishweswaraThirtha… then a much younger person placating the sevaks not to take to vandalism… in an interview a few years b4 he passed he clearly mentioned that he was called to ayodhya while he was on his way to haridwar… by narasimharao to help with the possibilities of protests in that area…
    Well India and Indians have had enough of this pressure cooker conditions… Mr negative photographer… and your “Print”…
    Newton’s law naturally takes over not artificial pseudo peace mongering…

  9. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful”.

    So said, Seneca the Younger, ancient Roman philosopher.

    The Babri Masjid / Ram Mandir saga and the importance attached to this soap opera whilst many other more pressing, critical and existential threats confronting India have been brushed under the carpet by the BJP & its Hindutva validates the observation of Seneca the Younger.

    Truly mind-boggling that Indians, even educated ones seem to have forgotten the worsening COVID crisis, Chinese military threats and capture of Indian territory, the looming economic catastrophe, the increase in violent crimes against women, the growing numbers of people who go hungry, the devastated informal economy, farmer suicides and rural distress and so on. Amazing that bigots like Adityanath, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Seshadri Chari and other Hindutva ideologues are clearly able to control the masses of Vishwa Guru Bharath through religious nonsense. And even educated Indian fall into this trap and become errand boys for this ideology !

  10. Maybe justice Yadav has been offered a rajya sabha post and later a CM post in UP same like Gogoi of Assam ,hence all the ruckus happened.

  11. There are enormous ancient temple got destroyed lying as proofs in front of eyes no one cares. Why should people care about this negative or pictures

  12. As a good enough to judge photographer & Cinematographer I feel like Indian justice system was already powerless and things like religion is very hard to debate about even in court because our country is a mixed religion country and everyone who is not selfish tries to keep the peace of the people but since not all people are like those good guys you can always expect religious extremists from all religion to try and take advantage of that weak justice system and the weak mindset of the masses also doesn’t matter whether the guy did provide the evidence through his photographs because at that point no lawyer or judge will even consider to talk about such a sensitive case that too with risk on their own head I mean we all know what kind of manipulative, life threatening people are present in our country. Also for everyone I am a Muslim that lives a life of an Atheist practically meaning I don’t believe in the existence of Allah or Gods regardless but have not left the religion because my parents will feel bad about my decision.

  13. MR.JAIN.
    Iwish you maintain this enthusiasm since it pertains.What will be your position when all Jain mandirs alongwith the statues of thirtankaras are destroyed in India .May be you may not be there.But it is sure to happen.Defenitely it will happen as it happened in Afghanistan where the Talibans destroyed world famous Buddha statues in full view of the world.Be a little grateful to Hindus because of whom your community is living for centuries.
    After all it was a dilapidated masjid constructed on a Shiva temple.,There was no loss of life .I would have appreciated if you had covered the mayhem of 6 lakh pundits in Kashmir or the recent demolitions of Hindu temples in Andhra Prafesh.

  14. अयोध्या तो बस झांकी है
    काशी मथुरा के बाद जामा मस्जिद बाकी है

  15. Where was your Abbuu’s camera when Babars were urinating on and soiling up this Holy land of Indians ? All rot in India only.

  16. Where there is Firoun, there will be Musa!

    Every sould shall taste death!

    May Almighty give hidayah to the good people, and let He seal the hearts of the evil.

  17. If Ayodhya verdict was pronounced early demolition incident by kar sevaks would not have happened and by order of the court the encroachment would have been removed.

  18. You were given an audience at his Chamber and at home asper your own words. That is very rare. Any judge at that moment of extreme tense situation would avoid meeting anybody. That is presumed to be a purely private affair. You, alas, failed to keep it a private affair and should have shown the greatness of not publicising the encounter. should the judge have gone your way in delivering a judgement you would like and what you want to convey of Meeting you with your business card? You are trying to influence him for a judgement of your liking?

  19. You’re a certified idiot, Mr. Jain. Lord knows you should be stuck down by lightning! Wonder where you studied journalism (if you have studied at all)? The article reeks of immaturity and novice writing! Goodness, one would think “The Print” is looking for people to work for the sewers! And why would they not? After all, “The Print” seems to have spawned from the sewers too!

    • Mr Nishith Mysore Kumar:

      One notes that whilst you are good at hurling abuse, one also notes that you are incapable of formulating a cogent argument. So pray tell us what is wrong with the article. Facts that dispute the claims of your Godse worshipping Hindutva buddies are hard to swallow perhaps ?

      Quite obvious who is wallowing in the gutters. It is not the author of the article Mr Jain or the Print.

      • What is wrong is that the part about meeting the judge has no relevance to the judgment or this article. Just because the judge entertained you or remembered you, doesn’t mean he will pass the judgment in your favour for your goodwill.

        • “.. meeting the judge has no relevance to the judgment or this article ..”

          On that I fully agree Mr/Ms SJ.

          But it also shows that judges meet people who are parties to a case outside the courts, something that should be a strict NO NO. The independence of Indian judiciary has steadily eroded it is now a secretariat to the ruling party, carrying out the instructions of the ruling party. A glorified kangaroo court.

  20. Praveen Jain , please let go this past of yours and move ahead in life. There is still good opportunities for photo journalism. Gadey murdey kyon ukhadte ho. Write things which might be relevant today. Yeh ghisi piti baat ko lekar bar bar rona band karo. Koi nai baat karo bhai.

  21. Even if it true the opponents Ram Temple at Ayodhya had been trying to deny justice to majority Hindus for last 100 years so there’s nothing wrong. Further it is Hindu rashtra for centuries but was made secular by pseudo secular parties by emotional fraud so it is correction of historical blunders considering what happened to non Hindus who remained in Pakistan after partition. Mathura as well as Kashi temple should be freed at the earliest to correct Historic blunders without harming converted Muslims

    • Mr A S Jorwekar: You pontificate:

      “.. it is correction of historical blunders considering what happened to non Hindus who remained in Pakistan after partition ..”

      Since when did the failing state of Pakistan become the template for India Mr Jorwekar? Duly noted that you are not only a great admirer of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan but also want to turn India into a Hindu Pakistan.

      Pathetic Mr Jorwekar !

  22. Achha story line tha but fake publicity ka koi faida nahi hai. Stop discrimination Stop it get some help before it’s too late. U r not greater than supreme court justice. That masjid was built purpose fully infront of Ram mandir can’t u see are u blind. Accept the fact
    Stop spreading toxic. Have some shame as journalists

  23. Waste of time and energy on a lost cause. Anyway the mosque was old and dilapidated. The Karsevaks just brought down something that existed in their minds. The verdict was too funny though.

  24. InshaAllah fir se masjid bnegi chahe abhi ye 100 salo ke baad par Muslims kabhi apni Masjid nhi bulega ye to India ki badkismati hai ki gaddaro ko High court supreme court ki kursi mili .

    • Dude. Please keep your stupid remarks to yourself. Indulge in conversation which are beneficial to everyone. Don’t spark hearted !! P lease. Just coz troll do this, we don’t have to behave the same way..

  25. In my opinion, Babri Masjid was a case of hindus claiming the land as theirs for constructing a temple.
    Muslims defending it should have given it to them as a gesture of goodwill and to maintain peaceful relationship in the first place itself. But the representative mplb etc were adamant. They lost it shamefully.
    Peaceful co existence is the most important in this country. Kashi, Mathura and all disputed places should be given to hindus as a gesture of goodwill without litigations.


      What does the BJP IT cell pay you for each of the pathetic comments you write ?

  26. Maan, you can still submit these photos during the appeal proceedings when it is going to be heard in the Supreme Court. If only you really Have Any……And What kind of journalist you are……Assuming that the Judge would pronounce judgement the way you expected it, just because he offered ladoos to you when you visited his home. By the way, majority of the Indians pronounce The Print as The Pimp

  27. Does this man really think we are all so naive as to believe that in this electronic age, a professional photographer didn’t know how to preserve his precious photos ?

    • Mr Sundararaman: Digital photography started in earnest in the late 90s when both the software as well as the electronics in cameras matured. In 1992, people mostly took traditional photographs that delivered negatives that were later printed.

  28. Jai Chand and Mir Jafar still exist in this era in different way and they also find the प्लेटफार्म और plate farm is provided to them for propeganda . What he want to say. People needs aware of these type of element especially Hindus .

  29. Do you also have photos of genocide of Kashmiri pandits or when karsevaks were burnt alive in Godhra ?? As no photojounalist seems to have them supposedly….Are you not ashamed that for a few bucks you are ready to sell your soul… or i doubt you rather have it?

  30. Pravin Jain ,
    Your photos reveal the moral resurgence of Hinduism which is a fitting reply to the invasion and demolition of ancient Hindu temples by the ruthless Islamic rulers.
    History will repeat itself. Any religion should establish good aesthetic history but not a bad history

    • Mr Subramanian:

      You bray:

      “.. photos reveal the moral resurgence of Hinduism ..”

      I would formulate it as follows.

      “Photos reveal the extent to which political parties exploit the potential of religion to mobilise masses, making them even to forget their own far more important bread and butter issues”

      Additionally, the real tragedy is that despite the fact that you are surely a highly educated South Indian, you allow yourself to be lead by a bunch of semi-literate, Godse worshipping, testicle scratching, lumpen, lobotomised North Indian gaurakshaks. These saffron thugs set your agenda and if they tell you that 2+3 = 5, you would go about thrashing people who would have said that 2+2 = 4 !!

      Mr Subramanian: Thanks to you, I now know the true meaning of the phrase “useful idiot” !!

      • Kili, you keep a pessimistic view of (at least other) religions and want to sweep all religious matters under the rug like secular parties won’t touch politically uncomfortable religious issues. What you fail to realize is that the litigation for Ram Mandir had been going on for many years even before the demolition of Masjid without political support. A few comments ago you were having lot of contempt for a comment filled with abuses even as you are reciprocating the same mentally unsound behaviour in your comment.

    • Petro $$$$ loving Pravin Jain. His kind will never find worthy photographs of Kashmiri Hindus, including children & women who were raped, tortured, threatened, forcibly converted, hacked & chopped before being driven out of their homeland Kashmir.

  31. This verdict was surely heartbreaking for multiple reasons…. It was a failure of our judiciary… A case which is so clear, a case of national importance where either democracy’s free and fair judiciary wins or hindu majoritarianism… Its evident that the masjid was demolished… Why does it even matter if it was a planned action or not? It was a huge action. Yes,in ancient India, there used to be a ram mandir which was demolished… But justice prevailed in that case, the land was given to ram mandir trust to rebuild it… But here, justice wasn’t given. Its really unfortunate that just because we are Hindus and we are more in number, the judiciary chooses us over truth.

    Waiting for orthodox Hindus to bash me with slurs and rape threats lol. I know how you all will respond just because my opinion is not like yours. It’s evident in the comments that you can not respectfully oppose someone’s opinion haha

    • No one threatened or abused you madam. Lol. Classic fear mongering about Hindu majoritarianism. The Masjid was demolished, and those who demolished it need to be punished, regardless of the demolition being planned or not. The court couldn’t convict anyone due to lack of evidence. Even though we all know someone destroyed the Masjid, we don’t know who to hold accountable. This is not a failure of justice, it is simply the failure of the prosecution.

    • An excellent, outstanding comment Ms Srishti Verma !

      Alas, democracy in India has degenerated into majoritarianism with strong fascist and Nazi influences from the RSS, VHP and the wider Sangh Parivar.

      Worse still, at a time when the nation is reeling from 6 years of economic mismanagement under Modi, a deadly disease stalks the nation, the Chinese are flexing muscles on the border after having captured Indian territory, unemployment is rampant, Naxalites control large swaths of the country, caste based violence is increasing and attacks on women, particularly lower caste and Dalit women are on the rise, even the educated in India are obsessed with a temple. Few are going to be visiting that temple, particularly from the South and East of the country where the centres of pilgrimage are not Ayodhya. Indeed, a straw poll in my own family and neighbours in upper middle class Madras revealed that nobody really knew what the issue in Ayodhya was. And cared even less.

      What is truly mind boggling is that the RSS, an outfit that tacitly extols Godse, never flew the Indian flag until recently, never fought for Independence is able to control the minds of even educated Indians with a false narrative of victimhood. Sadly, it is also the educated middle classes who conflate Hinduism, an ancient religion with Hindutva, a violent, fascist ideology that the likes of Savarkar and Golwalkar created by copying Mussolini and Hitler.

      As a Hindu – albeit rather lapsed – I find it abhorrent, unfathomable and uttery inhuman that a Hindu mob would gang rape a pregnant Bilkis Bano, smash her 3 year old child’s head on a rock, beat her up and leave her for dead during the 2002 pogroms in Gujarat. 14 women from Ms Bilkis Bano’s family, including her mother were raped and killed, mostly by men from her own village. Indeed, her cousin Shamim who had delivered a baby the day before was also raped and killed along with her infant. When I narrate this to many of my highly educated friends, they do not see anything wrong in it. As they almost always say – Muslims started it; the Pandit exodus from Kashmir justify the Godhra pogroms and there is love jihad too. Indeed, one fellow said that Godhra was OK because Muslims celebrate when Pakistan defeats India in cricket. Equally shocking was the fact that even some women shrugged it off saying that they surely deserved it.

      Ms Bilkis Bano survived her ordeals and was reunited with her husband. The police and judiciary in Gujarat being what they were, they refused to register her FIR and she was threatened and had to go into hiding. Ms Bano finally received compensation, some 17 odd years after her night in hell.

      As you say, India’s judiciary is not independent. And as the rule of law goes out of the window, one is remoínded of John Locke’s statement:

      “Where the law ends, tyranny begins”

      Please write often Ms Srishti Verma!

    • As a fellow women, I feel really ashamed over what you have wrote. I went through all the comments and didn’t see any “rape threats”. You don’t understand the gravity of the word before using it? Please for god’s sake don’t try to be smart by doing it please. Express your views but don’t try to play the women safety card unnecessarily.

  32. As per his story he met the judge two years ago and twice before the judgement. Even in his house when he us leaving to deliver the judgement. This is a clear case of influencing the judge. As per law this is a offence. By writing this story now giving personal meeting details and subsequent judgement he is causing aspiration on the judge. Case should be booked against him in various sections of Cr.PC.

  33. What is this idiot trying to tell or prove……does he have any proof to establish 5th was the rehearsal to the 6th incident except his claim by producing some photos…..where is the link …the photo could have been taken any other day as well….trying to make sensational when everything is shut and closed….

  34. The part where you try to sell your professional integrity to us with that house ransacking story, that’s a tad bit cheesy. Too bollywoody.

  35. Have you read what is written in this article ?? He submitted the proofs thats why he is saying “dismissing my pictures”

  36. Hi Praveen,

    Did you get a chance to meet him again for an explanation? Or would you like to consider such an option? After all, we’re human beings who can reason

    • It is very rare for judges especially in lower judiciary to entertain journalists or give interview, especially those which are witnesses in the cases they are hearing. There is a real chance of being influenced. In fact it only attests to the judge’s integrity. Mr. Praveen does not have legal expertise and he wouldn’t be worth the time for the judge. This is not a debate arena. The prosecution can appeal in higher courts and most definitely will. Interestingly I believe Praveen has put the judge in peril by disclosing that he met with him.

  37. Thank you for your pictures ☺️…it’s a story now….Would like you see your pictures in future also…Thank you.

    • Forget these photos, there is vedeo evidence by Kashmir terrorists saying they killed Pandits. But, neither the secular supreme court nor these intellectuals journos like Print, etc showed any interest to entertain the vedeo and punish the culprits. This is selective attitude of the seculars of this country.

  38. Right or wrong about what happened is a different debate.People may have various views.But ‘composite fabric’ of country shredded? Governments shredded their responsibility in the past.Is it because it has been a one way traffic in the past & now the majority awakened & start questioning the apathy towards them? Cannot believe that,some people even today consider that whatever they propagate people of this country will follow.No sir.We judge everything with wisdom.we are not fools.Go to the Court and prove your case.

    • Well said. The secular fabric of the country was torn by the Congress party and its vote bank politics. The BJP has cleverly utilised the disgust of the majority Hindu population with the sheer anti Hindu outlook of the Congress party and its vote bank policies. The BJP are no saints, they just measured the majorities disgust. By the way, I am completely against the demolishing of the Babri Masjid and the building of the Ram Temple there. Its not the Hinduism I believe in.

    • Mr Shantharam:

      You pontificate:

      “.. We judge everything with wisdom.we are not fools.Go to the Court and prove your case ..”

      Care to clarify who exactly do you include in the notion of “we”? All Indians? Just Hindus? Believers in Hindutva ? And then are all Hindus believers in the violent ideology of Hindutva?

      And as regards your claim:

      “.. now the majority awakened & start questioning the apathy towards them ..”

      well, suffice it to say that the “majority” – whatever the hell that is – did not suddenly wake up and realise that there was an issue of supreme national importance at Ayodhya upon which the entire future of the nation depended.

      Fact is Mr Shantharam that your Godse worshipping, fascist friends in the RSS & VHP decided to put Ayodhya on the national agenda in their own bid to stay relevant. Of course, aided and abetted by PM Rajiv Gandhi’s vacillations and bids to appease both Hindus and Muslims. There was no clamour from the 1 billion + Indians, most of whom were eking a hand to mouth existence that a Ram Mandir temple needed to be built at Ayodhya. Few Hindus, particularly in the South and East India had heard of the Babiri Masjid and even fewer believed that their futures depended on the temple being built at the site of the Masjid. Building a temple at the site of the mosque was a non-issue – I re-iterate, a complete non-issue. India faced far more serious challenges than that.

      But clearly, religion and religious divisions in India and in particular hatred of Muslims runs so deep that even educated people like you allow yourselves to be led by semi-literate, testicle scratching North Indian gaurakshaks. You allow these saffron nutcases to decide on what the nation should be expending its energies on. Indeed Mr Shantharam, people like you are the useful idiots for the cause of Hindutva and the frivolous priorities of its violent chieftains. At a time when the nation is reeling from the COVID crisis; the economy had be run to the ground even before the COVID crisis by the Gujarati wizards in Delhi; China threatens and captures Indian territory; unemployment and real hunger is spreading in the population and so on, your ilk prioritises a temple. And a temple which you are unlikely to visit.

      The fact that thugs like Adityanath and the Godse worshippers of VHP can control people like you reminds me of a quote from the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger:

      “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful”.

      Going back to your claim: “We judge everything with wisdom.we are not fools”. Well, I for one know who the fool is. He is actually a useful fool !!

  39. You people are naxals in India sooner than later Yogi will be the PM of India and India will officially be declared as Hindu Rastra…

    • Hindu Rashtra is way far
      Bit India isn’t going to be Muslim when more than half of India’s Land is already divided into three muslim nations
      And remaining which Congress was trying hard to make Islamic Rashtra.

    • Ayodhya is in Nepal, not India, Ram was not even an Indian but Nepalese. Just because Hindu is incorrigible doesn’t mean that the so-called State Judiciary had to prejudice the house of God and support a Hindu Lie. Only time will decide the truth?

    • Seriously.!!! You people are actually the real pests. It is our beloved country and you are the devils surviving on the defecation of religious bigots in the name of hindutva.
      Time will come and India will have its revenge with these breed of pests.

  40. I have photos when Kashmiri Hindus were killed,noone still stands with them,I have proof when Palghar sadhus were killed,noone stands with them,& where temple was demolished first,and later reestablished is confused ending.
    Protest for brain in front of God,none of you have brain,
    Biased god isn’t it

    • The numbet of pundits who were massacred or their womenfolk brutally raped and killed was around 6lakh.
      This Jain guy may get encomiums gor his historic ,risky work but he does not know it was an unused madjid constructrd on a shiva temple.I wish he visit Andhdra Pradesh now ans click the number of temples rszrf nu Christians with help of Govt.
      Fortunately Jains and thir properties are safe thanks to Hindus.Bit si tell you it woll ne shortlived

    • What a journalist, who despite being a witness in the case , goes to meet the presiding judge a day before judgement, potentially to influence him. But his bad luck, it didn’t work. Someone practising climbing can’t be termed as evidence of practising demolition.

  41. The man in mask may be shouting to stop, how this idiot presumed that he is instructing, lot of imagination which is not valid in court.

    • That’s the greatest lie which is being propagated since 2014. Don’t know where they got this magic number of 45000. How is even possible to demolish 45000 temples. Demolishing 45000 anthills some 500 yrs ago will leave some evidence, let alone 45000 temples. History is being murdered every single day and this is definitely not good for emerging India. I don’t understand something. If there was really a ram temple in the place of babri masjid, and tulsidas who according to everyone was so fond ram and wrote great deal about ram, born in 1497 and died in 1623. Missed to even mention about the great ram temple being demolished and babri masjid taking its place in 1528 or 29. The justice hasn’t been done yet.. it’s a criminal act that needs criminal action against the perpetrators.

    • This is habbit of so called minority which is only 1500 years old and person born in this section/caste is not in minority at the time of birth… He/she is Hindu/Sanathan dharam by birth.

  42. You all fake news the print,all nonsense,gossip,plz go for some different news across India,wahi ghisa pitta,bored

  43. This person is a mediator of congress fools who have no guts to restore Indian culture after the invasion of Islamic rules from afghan. We Indians strongly support the honourable Supreme Court judgment. And want Madhura and Kashi restored to its originals how it was before the Islam rulers destroyed it. #freeindiafromislam

    • India is a secular country and everyone has the right to live here and practice their respective religions so you are no one to say that” free India from Islam”.As here we all are living peacefully and because of your kind of people’s who judge others on the basis of their religion we faces disputes between different religions.

    • How about restoring even before mathura. I The Lord Shiva can show you the real truth, the end, the beginning.

  44. We all know the Print is most biased news channel we don’t believe any proof or any news provider by ur channel. Go to hell

  45. The judgement exonerating the accused to be seen as a prevention of another fresh blood bath notwithstanding merits of the verdict. Enough of blood and violence on this. Let’s spare the gullible.

  46. This idiot, having changed so many newspapers thinks it is his photographs vs rest of the world which would have decided the case. As per his article he showed a man with a mask giving instructions. So it proves that some 49 leaders are guilty of conspiracy, ha ha.

  47. Well he is a photo editor …. probably a bad one as court see through his editing. Also even if pictures are not fake (which they are) then too they are circumstancial at best and not conclusive. Also why in story they say kar sevak everywhere just to pass their narrative how are they able to identify kar sevak by just look..

  48. What about thousands of temples that have been destroyed and hindu idols and chariots that are still being destroyed? Is this guy not worried about that?

  49. Hello Mr.Pravin Jain. You declare that you have covered almost all important events occurring in the country including VP Singh,Bindrawale,Sikh riots of 1984. Has it ever occured to you that there were rehearsal riots by Muslim majority against pandora in Kashmir in 1986 and final act in 1989-90 onwards. Did it not fancy you to cover the same as there was no TRP value or atrocity against Hindus is not a catchy media masala. Had you or the likes of you covered something out of genocide in Kashmir then,may be majority of the secular Hindus of Kashmir might not have lost faith and trust in your masala media.

  50. Why are you not producing it court?
    Stop this way of becoming famous and doing income.
    If you have real evidence (which you claim you have taken with the risk of life), please submit it to court.

  51. Why are you not producing it court?
    Stop this way of becoming famous and doing income.
    If you have real evidence (which you claim you have taken with the risk of life), please submit it to court.

  52. Do you want a conflagration by getting 32 people convicted for bringing down a structure that was built by force by the ruthless invaders usurping this peace loving country ?

  53. Praveen Jain, you seem to have been taken in by Hindi films where the hero dramatically produces some evidence at the last minute and the judge overturns the case. That is not how real life works. In case you had evidence, the thing to do was to place it before the court. What you did, instead, was to print it in a few newspapers where you worked. That is mischief making. It is not search for justice.

    The Babri Masjid was an evil structure, created by an evil shadow which haunted India for long. It is gone in the new India. The new India is a better place because of it being removed. This new India is neutral to caste, religion, wealth and gender. The new India treats everyone as an equal. Anyone who has a problem with living as an equal is welcome to go off somewhere else.

  54. Meeting judge numerous times before judgement, to influence the verdict in your favour, that’s what he is trying to say

  55. Pravin ji court me pesh kie the aap negatives?? Duniya ko ullu bana rahe ho for cheap publicity..sharam aani chhaiye and aapke jaise logo ko gaali hi padni chhaiye

  56. As a member of a minority community, I am heartened by the fact that Praveen Jain is a Hindu who feels that justice has been perverted. Also that the Print published his statement. This means that all goodness is not dead in the hearts of Hindus and that there are many, albeit silent now, who do not agree with the politics of historical revenge and an “eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth” philosophy. If Babur built a mosque on a temple, that was wrong, but demolishing the mosque to make a temple does not make it right.

  57. Print you have everything to say against Hinduism, but never against islam who tortured Hindus for centuries and still doing it but print cover

  58. If illegal occupant become owner by rowdism, the true owner will be stopped by this gay, to reclaim his property , on his own concoction.& Sympathy towards occupant. Ownership decided by SC.. Yet this fool supports goonda

  59. Thanks Sir the truth will always prevail and people like you and your work will be the witness to it.

  60. I am not competent to say whether it is a biased judgement or an impartial judgement. We should look at the claim of one particular community that there was ram temple prior to a masjid which was forcibly constructed during muslim rule. One should realise that these religions were not existing prior to invasions. This doesn’t means that I am not secular but I am only throwing some light on the history of this land. One should go down deep into the history of this land.

  61. Suspicious how his house was ransacked. That’s where you lost me… jewellery stolen??seems like another desperate attempt to over the night fame

  62. This are making 💰 in the name of God and communalism disturbance occurred time to time ,to speculate by fraud and uncivilized will confuses population, but at last what we get is it ok/ sufficient / for the cost of these , really it make any sense ? First think than print .

  63. This are making 💰 in the name of God and communalism disturbance occurred time to time ,to speculate by fraud and uncivilized will confuses population, but at last what we get is it ok/ sufficient / for the cost of these , really it make any sense ? First think than print .

  64. Both the pics could be of any place …..if there were more to proove print them. Else where is the structure or proof they are from the site only….

  65. Tens of thousands of temples accross India were destroyed by the Moghals, read Muslims, and converted/rebuilt as mosques, the tolerant Hindu community wants only three of these back. Even after partition, Hundreds of temples have been destroyed in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir.

  66. Why lament about the destruction of a delapidated mosque built on grabbed land? Forget and move on. We have lost thousands of temples like this, but we Hindus are moving on. Not crying over them like Muharrum mourners!

  67. What was not planned according to him? Maybe his Cannon doesn’t have all those proofs for other things. Why doesn’t he produce evidence of the Gyaanvapi mosque in Kashi, the Mathura temple and other numerous places of destruction across India. Why doesnt he file a case in all the courts? Why doesn’t he seek appointments with various judges to restore these temples and hand it back to the Hindus from whom they have been encroached. Fortunately, India is not full of such people or else we would.not even get to study these places forget seeing them. Let him save his service for more nobler works with his camera or his wife maight slap him hard next time.

  68. Racism is on the increase in third world countries like Pakistan , Bangladesh , Myanmar & India under the garb of democracy , whether it’s Islamic fundamentalism or Hindu racism against Muslims in particular & Christians . No one can hide the fact of Christian missionaries being burnt , churches being vandalised on the pretext of Chriains converting Hindus . Hindu Muslim riots are ofcourse commonplace with perpetrators always being left scot free for purported lack of evidence .
    Racism is the biggest scourge of the century & the international community is vehemently condemning it despite it being practiced under the garb of democracy .

    • That is not called racism you fool, it’s communalism.
      Btw where did you saw Christians being vandalized in India?

  69. Dimolition OK. All knows. Question is. Who did. Did all those. Implicated. Conspired. NO. Big. NO I was. Watching. TV. Live. Leaders. Were. Shouting to. Stop. Stop
    S.Mr. singhal in particular. All cases have. Two sides. Why. Raise. Issue. After

  70. That is a judge. This man tried to influence him by going behind him with his sweet words. How can a witness go and spend time with the judge?? Is it fair?? That too when the case was on. What he was thinking about the integrity of the judge?? The judgeis fair enough. He give the judgement in proper way, of course it was against the way this man wanted

  71. Mr. Pravin, Babar had destroyed lot of temple’s in his era. Now we destroyed babari masjid which was built on the Lord RAMA’s birth place by babar. He was not Indian guy. So his monuments does not constitute any value to Country.

  72. Pravin Jain ji, i understand your stand as you earn bread through ‘The Print’ but how do you face hindus, jains and others whose temples and sacred places were, and even today, demolished by barbaric muslims? Muslims, who believe that non-muslims must be killed, their wives and girls be raped and kept/sold as sex slaves in accordance with the instructions of Mohammed’s quran and allah?

    • Pls enlighten yourself with Holy Koran this is made to be appeared as a book of muslims which is not true It is a book of All the Humanity revealed by the PARMATMA please please

  73. As Indian I am ashamed to say this but flawed Indian judicial system never gave a verdict worthy of praise
    Sadly but no one wants to admit that

  74. Yes. Why did he not exposed that earlier. Now after judgement he is telling all this stories. Every one has to condemn the Babri demolition. But this guy is talking about tearing of secular fabric. Let this guy answer what about secular fabric during following crimes.
    1. Lynching and killing of several Kashmiri pandits and driving them away from their home land
    2. Killing of several innocent Sikh people in 1984 Delhi riots.
    3. Hatred speeches of Akbaruddin Owaisi and Waris pathan with threating to kill a particularly community people.
    4. Encouraging of Communal clashes by Congress and some pseudo secular parties on various ocassions.

  75. Lol, lies lies lies…
    Biggest lie is your donation section.
    Tel lga ke dabar ka naam mita do baabar ka

  76. He has taken pictures of 5th December.
    It is not an Evidence of what happened on 6th December.
    He should have taken pictures on 6th.
    He is simply trying to Limelight .

  77. Who cares if it was planned or spontaneous mob frenzy? It was time to take back what was ours … By hook or crook. Stop shedding tears for your evidence which has little relevance in the larger picture.

  78. LOL … What an imaginary article trying to generate sympathy! Good plot for a movie … The judge simply said “the cat of demolition was not planned” based on the evidences presented to him about the 49 accused. Even if the demolition had indeed taken place as planned, what is the problem for this pseudo-secularist journalist? Hundreds of Hindu temples were destroyed by Mughals and Babri Masjid was not even a place frequented for worship!

  79. What he was doing when case was going on. Now Mr. Oppurtunist came forward to share the story . Shame on you ‘The Print ‘ is biased towards Hindus and spreading false propaganda.

  80. Arey kahna kya chahte ho…laddu achche nhi the ya phir judge was carrying ur business card as proof to give judgement based on your expectations.

  81. Where are those leaders in this picture who were allegedly prosecuted for provoking the crowd. It’s truth that the structure was demolished, no doubt. But where is the proof that they preplanned it. The case was registered by CBI and got investigated and then it chargesheeted all of them in the reign of Congress Govt who were the masters of CBI those days.

  82. Just trying to come into lime lite.
    Meter चलना चाहिए, जो मर्ज़ी छाप दो। public तो चुटिया है।

  83. Such a typical reaction….no evidence, no proof…but continues to rant against the VERDICT…..This is the SAD TRUTH of Indian Liberalism……They go to any extremes just to PAINT BJP LEADERS as those responsible for the chaos that happened on 6th December 1992. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN TO BE MORE OBJECTIVE RATHER THAN DISHING THE SAME NARRATIVE OVER AND OVER???

  84. Cheap Publicity stunt to get a election ticket, some popularity…..if he really had such proofs why didn’t he produced in media. He bring in media industry itself, had good chance to organise a conference, uploading on digital platforms..but he kept Mum.. such hippocrates, desh drohis, dharam drohis should be linched in public, as such people are more dangerous than enemy like Pakistan, china…

  85. All judiciary is scared, all the police will do is wait for a favourable placement and make even more unearned wealth, all of bollywood will do is ask for favours from the don or the bigger don. All the voters will do is support their own black leader. Democracy will always show it’s black face. Every one will quote history that favours their biases. All that religion will do is divide people and divide even an imaginary god. This will remain forever. Man will never spot a mistake in it’s own neurobiology. So be it, I will repent in silence.

  86. A tight slap on your face and to your useless negatives. You are all paid by the foreign media to dishonour Indian culture and Hinduism and to portray a bad picture of Hindus.. People like you should learn from this verdict that justice prevails

  87. Really a good idiot again with poor article Gaand mai dum hai toh Jakar court mai prove kr tre baat ki nhii hai sb chijee smjha

  88. Terrible. People like him paved the way for the current gen press”titutes”.

    Completely fabricated and misleading.

  89. You have done your job as a honest photographic journalist. Thanks for your courage. God will punish those are behind this crime.

    • God will punish allah (remember, god is not allah, he is a self-reclaimed mediator of god)

  90. IT is Matter of our faith , even planned it’s good , this land is given every body place,where are Hindus in Pakistan ,muslims is given respect ed , let us unit this is only Hindu nation ,JAI HIND

  91. Sab ka badla liya jayega. Hamare desh me aake hamare sanskruti ko nast kiye ho ab bhugat na padega. Sab vapis liya jayega.

  92. Why did he not produce the negatives in front of the court if that would have changed the verdict?! That is his mistake. Now why cry

  93. The dogs who want to destroy India and create discord in the form of pseudo acts will sooner or later be consigned to the bins of history. Truth always prevails. The whole world knows what is Right and what is wrong. Even the judge who delivered this judgement knows that. Bravo, journalists like you are an asset to uphold Justice and Truth. JaiHind

  94. When he submitted the evidence 26 years before that also not use. Because is there having justice. Only formalities nothing else.

  95. The negative impact on sanatan when each and every standing things were cut to pieces when yamuna becomes pale when 4 lacs in delhi were killed in a span of 4 days when ayodhya kashi Mathura somnath were robbed idols broken masjid build on that .we are what we were these traitors has changed total mindset of population and still they are doing…………any solutions

  96. This so called fool presented the evidence to court as mentioned in the article in many depositions but it was ignored in the end.
    But hats off to such brave people who fight for justice till the end.

  97. A half truth is no truth at all it is true that Hindus destroyed babari but it is also undeniable fact that at time of islamic invasion multiple hindu holy sites were pillaged and desecrated and mosque were build over them what Hindus did was setting the history right

  98. Babari maszid was demolished ; It is a truth
    Ram mandir was demolished and Babari maszid was constructed ; It is a truth.
    Both are history now.

  99. What he wanted to do now..who is he …hopless pravin Jain .. matter close hua hai…

    Is he supporting to Muslims…

    Chor Sala..chupkes photo letea hai…Shri ram bolke under gus gya and photo liya…harmkor..

  100. Acid filled anti BJP & anti NaMo haters, delusional genocidal cult followers & commaoism violence predators. These barking dogs will continue their rabid howling !
    Finally justice prevails in Ayodhya !
    Hope this is repeated with overturnng & demolishing the injustice yet prevalent in Kashi & Mathura !

  101. In those days,very few people had cameras,and even those who had never had extra rolls of films.and usually half exposed rolls in the camera were not kept for long time as they deteriorated due to heat and moisture and prints went bad. So anybody who had photos could have sent to court. Then same story happened for Delhi riots of 1984,after I dira assassination.Not one good print or film even by media was available as evidence to punish the karyskarthas of congress where thousands of lives were demolished not an old building in decay.

  102. Praveen Jain Ji,
    Truth “need not” triumph always. There are exceptions and also exceptional cases. You might feel your photos were not given the due respect it deserved. Sir, history is full of aberrations. So let it be. On many occasions Goliath wins and NOT David.

  103. What were u doing all these years when people were killing eachother. Now u showed up so that u get something out of it. Worst fellow

  104. Do you think it is easy to produce facts in a country ruled by goons and mass murderers, when your family’s life is at stake ? One is only allowed to stake their own life for their country, not their whole family as well.

    Everyone knows the truth, even the judge who passed the verdict, but you know what happens in this country when the judgement is ruled in the favour of minorities. More self justifying mass murders enacted and protected by these goons politicians.

    Atleast he came forward. Many would have already burned those negatives.

  105. This is a typical example of Paid journalism, who can write anything and everything without having guts to prove it

  106. There was the kingdome of Ramchandra.. Muslim Rulers built there mosjid..We got justice only from PM Narendra Modi Ji..Jai Hind..

  107. Of course there are NO Cannon and journalist when great Humanitarian Babar attacked and destroyed the Hindu Temples.

  108. This posting his cracks in religion issues… This type of news will bring gaps in relationships…. There will be problems in every family.. For happiness of majority people sometimes we need give them it… Hindustan has given lakhs of temple to him in past.. Now its one masjid which is tekan by them now.. For hundreds of years Kings looted this people and their lakhs temple were destroyed….

  109. Wow! Then you’ll also have pictures of Babri initially destroying the original Ram Mandir, ain’t it?

  110. These evidences are of a little use when so many karsevaks are ready to testify that they have demolished the structure.

  111. History is the witness of demolition of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Krishna Mandir in Mathura, Vishweshwar Mandir in Kashi, Somnath Mandir in Saurashtra, Bhavani Mandir in Tuljapur and many more… Is there any wordict? Any convictions? 2.1 million people died during Indo-Pak separation! Any convictions? Bhopal gas tragedy! Any convictions? Let’s forget everything. Give the taxpayers good roads, clean water to drink, quality education, at least basic health-care and most importantly the safety!!! Is it possible?

  112. One mosque demolition has twisted Indian politics for 26 years. May Hindu temples in Pakistan and Bangladesh were demolished after that. But no Muslim has ever protested against them.

  113. The way BJP spread lies is evident in the Babri issue. They destroyed it and used the incident yet they’re lying that they have no role in it

    Everyone who’s not a BJP supporter will be ashamed of the BJP’s lack of morality and the cowardice own the incident

  114. Your witness is so biased, because it didn’t showed in the photographs the destructed temple structure and Hindu idols .
    Please get some life. Hope the truth prevails everytime and for everyone.

  115. It would behoove you to also learn the intricacies of the charge of Criminal Conspiracy before writing your ‘Dear Diary’ cringe inducing article!

  116. NDTV and Print are more dangerous and parasites for indians. They do more political scene then a political party. Both are useless C medias.

    • Sir these are the only elements of press which still stand proudly without leaning on backs of any party. They focus on actual issues, show the bigger picture and are bias free… This is actual journalism. Sure, aajtak, Republic TV and many more moneypinchers are acting as Indian media.. But I’d rather prefer to call them daily soaps who only devise new marketing gimmicks the whole time lol

  117. Good sir. Hope we had similar technology when Ram Mandir or any other similar temples were demolished by mughals.

  118. The Babri Masjid, though it was constructed by Islam activists of yesteryears, but there’s a foolproof proof is there that this masjid was built on th foundation stones of “Ram Mandir”. I’m not telling this. The Archeological Deptt, has proved this and Muslim Scholars have (130 Muslim Scholars) signed on this.

  119. Jab dikhaya….tab to yakeen karna chahiye tha na….this decision of court specifying the dark future of law in our country…

  120. U r a perfect blackmailer journalist ,u had proved by showing this eveidance after long. U don’t want peace in this country. Media people like you only make news ,at time of demolished u should not have been allowed to enter ayodhiya. I had no words but in simple words a person like u living in India makes picture of Indian dirty by his dirty journalism.

  121. ThePrint why you’ve not produce all these positives(my mean negatives) and pictures in court in 26 years. Where were you all that time. Have you tried to be a witness in the case or just squeezing the bottle of your desire.

  122. Can understand the indignation.

    Probably the whole (bigger) picture may be too big to be (have been) captured in a few frames!!!

    • Conspiracy can’t be proved by negatives.Babri masjid was demolished that doesn’t require any proof photos or negatives..charges which required required proof dint get any..judgment is not’s written for all of us to see

  123. What stopped this photo journalist from publishing the evidence soon after the incident. He could have done it in the Indian Express. He can even do it now in The Print instead of writing tear jerkers.

  124. प्रवीण जैन साहब,
    बाबरी मस्जिद केस के सिलसिले में आपकी मेहनत, आपके द्वारा जमा किए गए सुबूत, आपकी पेशियां, यादव जी से आपकी आत्मीय और भरोसे से भरी मुलाकातें, उस पर खड़ी की गईं आपकी उम्मीदें, और फिर उन उम्मीदों का अत्यन्त ही बेदर्दी से ना-उम्मीदी मे तबदील हो जाना, इन सब प्रसंगों के लिए यह गाना बिल्कुल उपयुक्त है, कि:
    “आँखों पे भरोसा मत कर, दुनिया जादू का खेल है,
    हर चीज़ यहाँ पे धोका, हर बात यहाँ बे मेल है…”

    • More than others being fools, most of the time it is our foolishness and incapability to not understand what is written.

    • already produced before the same court. Please read the article fully. That is why he is disappointed.

      • No CBI dint file his negatives nor he produced.It’s in the judgment.He is looking for cheap publicity, kindly have a look.

    • Would that have mattered at all Mr Hari Sud ? After all, we are talking of Indian “justice” aren’t we?

    • Seems like you haven’t read the entire story. This article is about how from the beginning he’s a witness in the case and produced all evidence ..

    • These evidences are of a little use when so many karsevaks are ready to testify that they have demolished the structure.

    • I think u missed reading that this person was a witness in the case and did present all evidences he had.

      • He dint..he dint gave it to’s written in the judgment..he dint submit it by his the judgment and his own testimony in the court

    • Lol. Are you a fool like many others talking foolishness? The article says he had submitted it along with various others such pieces of evidence which the court finally did not find enough worth of, which is appalling. Please read and try to understand what is said in a sensible manner before calling someone a fool. If you don’t understand an article, maybe ask someone else for help to summarize it for you!

    • Errr. Did you even read the article? He did produce it in court and gave evidence on repeated court hearings.

    • You can’t produce additional information post the first trail. Higher courts will judge basis of the information filed with the lowest court when case was filed. And our system ensures that proper evidence is not filed initially.

    • Sud Saab, the least you can do is read the entire article before you write a scathing comment on someone. He clearly mentions that he was part of the case and was also belittled by the defence lawyers.

    • Read the article well, he has produced the evidence in the court. Then why he has to meet the judge and the defence lawyers should humilate him.

    • You don’t seem to have read it. Please take the trouble to go through it once again. When a photojournalist deposes before a court , the obvious issue is the photographs he had taken . These photographs are considered “exhibits”. So…..

    • I suggest that you read the article before you comment, the pictures that he clicked were part of the evidence!

    • He was witness in the case, he already produced photos and kept negatives for its genuineness only.
      He wanted to show that demolition of Babri Masjid was pre-planned. The karsevaks carried hammer and other things to demolish, with them.

    • Mr.Hari Sud.. Your comments are absolutely hilarious… He said that he had produced the images but that they were not even counted as evidence in the trial… that was the whole point that he wished to make by writing this article… I’m surprised that people like you exist who don’t read/ understand the article but still have the guts to right a comment! I hope that you atleast have the guts to reflect upon your statement… Mr. Praveen Jain was sidelined by *Modern India* because he uncovered the truths about the ruling party’s rise to dominance…. Atleast he had enough guts to come out and speak instead of being an onlooker like you….

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