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Mecca to Vatican — COVID-19 proves when human beings are in peril, gods flee first

Everything is on hold in Mecca. The Pope isn't communicating with god. Brahmin priests in temples are putting masks on idols. Religion has deserted coronavirus-fearing people.

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From the practice of ‘tawaf’ — going around the Kaaba — to ‘umrah’ — the pilgrimage of which ‘tawaf’ is a part — everything has been stopped in Mecca. Pilgrimage to Muhammad’s burial site in Medina has also been halted. Quite possibly, they will stop the Hajj as well. Numerous mosques have cancelled Friday prayers. In Kuwait, new azaan can be heard asking the people to stay at home for prayers. Clerics are no longer claiming they will go to the mosques and pray before Allah to save people from the virus.

That is because the businessmen of religion know very well that Allah will not save us from the novel coronavirus. If anyone can, it’s the scientists, who are busy finding a vaccine, a cure.

The ones who should be truly surprised by such a turn of event, the ones who should have a lot of questions, are the idiots who believe in religion. The ones who flock together like sheep and follow the herd without asking where or why. Neither do they ever seek proof of god’s existence, nor do they have any faith in rational and free thought. Are they not curious today as to why their religious institutions, the ones that are supposed to help them find refuge against disease, have shut their doors? Is serving the common people not the actual purpose of these religious institutions?

Gods are saviours for many, the ones they pray to throughout the year for protection. But when humanity is in peril, it is usually the gods who flee first.

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From Vatican to temples, gods are fleeing

Coronavirus has been detected in the Vatican too, the holiest of all places for Catholics. Apparently, the Pope can communicate with god. But why is he not doing that now? Even he has not been able to lead us to any wonder drug revealed to him by divine intervention. Instead, the Vatican is reeling from fears of a viral outbreak and the Pope is not appearing in front of people. Numerous Christian religious festivals are held there. Holy Week, Good Friday, Easter, and all other upcoming events stand cancelled and congregations have been prohibited.

Brahmin priests in Hindu temples are moving around wearing masks. In fact, in some temples, they have put masks on the idols of gods and goddesses too. The Hindu Mahasabha has organised a cow urine party because the outfit believes gaumutra will prevent COVID-19. Some have chosen to cover, even bathe, themselves in cow dung because apparently cow dung acts as a shield against the virus. Religions and superstitions are usually complementary. The Tarapith temple is shut, there are no long queues of people seeking flowers, blessings or holy water. Tirupati temple and Shirdi Sai Baba temple have also put in restrictions. The evening puja and the aarti are being projected on a big screen at Kolkata’s Belur Math.

Isn’t that incredible? Where is god then? Do religious people not have this question?

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What’s the point of religious places?

Governments everywhere should stop all grants and subsidies that are guaranteed to religious institutions. The popes, priests, clerics and sundry religious heads of the world are feeding off people’s hard-earned money but come to no actual use to them in times of need. Instead, they are force-feeding people untruths and unscientific facts, sexually abusing children and pronouncing misogynous judgements from time to time. What is the use of such institutions? What have all these religions done over the centuries other than causing harm? Other than perpetuating abuse of women, riots, partitions, bloodshed and pervasive hate?

Religious structures should be repurposed for the betterment of people as museums, science academies, laboratories and art schools. Nature has demonstrated again and again, science has proved again and again, that there is no god and religion is a fairytale. Although many people have managed to extricate themselves from the jaws of religion, especially in the more developed parts of the world, one can find a hyper-reliance on gods and worship wherever poverty, social inequalities, misogyny and barbarism are acutely present.

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Science, for god’s sake

It’s been nearly 160 years since Charles Darwin disproved the existence of god by his theory of evolution. Humans were not made by a Creator, they evolved from apes. Long before Darwin, 16th-century figures such as Galileo and his predecessor Copernicus had shown that the biblical notions of space and cosmos were wrong. Despite this, most people in the world have continued to believe in the divine. Their invisible gods have remained invisible, no proof of their existence has been found to date, but blind faith has persisted.

And now with the coronavirus pandemic spreading from one person to another, country after country, most religious gatherings and congregations are shut. People who would otherwise run to their nearby temples, mosques, churches and other places of worship to seek protection from illnesses and diseases have nowhere to go — except hospitals and isolation centres.

So, the facts as they stand now are clear: diseases are not cured by Allah, God or Bhagwan; diseases are cured by scientists. Human beings are not saved by supernatural powers but by other human beings. Religious people are no longer waiting for benevolence from their respective gods; they are waiting for a vaccine.

Isn’t it time people cast aside their religious madness and embrace reason?

The author is a writer and commentator. Views are personal.

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  1. “COVID” is a fantasy flu. It is a man-made psychological operation, which requires a man-made solution. So of course God is not going to intervene.

  2. Corrupt atheists like the author of this article have been invading the churches and temples for decades and taking up leadership positions to enable them to destroy the churches and temples from within. There are faithful among us who trust and believe in God but the demons as usual are trying to destroy religion and now they are stealing and shutting down our churches and trying to silence us into masking up avoiding each other and hiding at home while filthy self appointed authorities take over in every corner. Shame shame same on these devilish liars and shame on the sheep who fall for it. God is good and we serve God and trust in God. Amen. Hare Krishna Praise Jesus

    • Ohh….pick the term Humanity here. Can’t we all humans follow a common religion called “Humanity?” No one is superior than our Nature.

    • Ohh…pick the term Humanity here. Can’t we all humans follow a common religion called “Humanity?” No one is superior than our Nature.

  3. What about those that see God as Father, not what Abraham explains to us? To have rest during movement.

  4. O son of Kunti [Arjuna], I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man. Bagavad gita chapter 7.8

    The scientists whom you mentioned gets their intellect and skills from God as he himself said to Arjuna.

    O son of Pṛthā, know that I am the original seed of all existences, the intelligence of the intelligent, and the prowess of all powerful men. 7.10

    This material nature, which is one of My energies, is working under My direction, O son of Kuntī, producing all moving and nonmoving beings. Under its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again. Bagavad gita 9.10

    These are events that are bound to happen and God knows this it is nature which is acting under him does this.

  5. Article is well written.
    But You are joking …haha…
    This article will go into dust bin
    Once the Lock down is relaxed.
    People will run to temples and churches.
    More or less 60% Scientists are practicing their religion. 40% Scientists do not believe in God and never invented anything except their empty talks and opinions.

      one may kiss god’s ass as much as one wants, but at the end of the day there are no real facts to VERIFY any divine interventions except for wishful thinking- see the ABC news: did you ever hear of any miracles?

      • assalam alaykum brother,
        Calling out those who believe in God idiots or herds who follow shepherds. Believe me brother in Islam we believe that any thing doesn’t proceed without the permission of Allah (I’m a Muslim, please this is my religion and I have my beliefs and I put my beliefs to you. It’s up to you consider me fool or a idiot but you have no right to Call me an idiot). Alhamdulliah brother the prayers (muslims) around the world had stopped to prevent the virus not to say that There is No GOd, and he will not come to help us. The fact is disasters are from Allah (my beliefs), and if he is the one who permits the disasters then why would he erase it, we have seen in the Quran, thousands of disasters have been occurred/ wrath of Allah on disbelievers and those mocked the him, but Allah is merciful and I make Dua that sooner this pandemic would end inshaallah, jazakallah khairan.

  6. This article is mistaken in so many ways. Firstly, when you say, “Clerics are no longer claiming they will go to the mosques and pray before Allah to save people from the virus.”

    Islam gives us the flexibility to pray from home, and we can pray for the safety of the muslims and non muslims. And so we utilized the opportunity.

    Secondly, When a place is afflicted with plague. As per the instructions we should avoid going there or coming out of that place.

    Thirdly, Prophet instructed to separate the sick from the healthy ones.

    Fourthly, “…the sanctity of the believer is greater to Allah than your sanctity, in his wealth, his life, and to assume nothing of him but good.”

    So we stopped some of our activities during the crisis because of Quranic instructions and not because we were scared or because god has fleed. Those statements are just an example of atheistic ignorance who are incapable of explaining whether the egg came first or the hen.

    • Subhan Allah well structured answer to the misguided. Allah himself does not guide the misguided and let’s them wonder the earth.. deaf dumb and blinded. A seal on their hearts Allah himself has placed thereIn. May Allah grant us all complete Shiffa from all that harms us and may he Almighty Allah reopen all our facilities of Islam to their full capacity. Aameen.

  7. Finally someone is saying the Emporer is not wearing any clothes. God is only
    in our imaginations! Been preaching this for years and the Coronavirus is a
    reminder man is merely a product of evolution. God is bullshit!

  8. What a stupid, ridiculous piece of rubbish. The first thing I noticed was how immature the writer appears to be in her insistence to refer to God in lower case. If she knew anything about the God of the Bible and the Book of Revelation in particular, she would know that what is happening around the world today with climate catastrophes, earthquakes, droughts, locust plagues, wars, fires, floods, disease…etc was foretold to St John 2000 years ago. Any true Christian should know this and find huge solace in this fact during these troubled times. We don’t need the fake, liberal Pope in Rome to speak to God because God was very clear when He spoke 2000 years ago.

  9. There is no point arguing with her. She just decided to close her mind to what the religious organizations have achieved through various programs and activities. Beside, God does not abandon His own, most of those scientists are religious people who pray to God for divine direction and inspiration.. In due time, there will be solution. I pray that God will appear to her before departing this earth.

  10. For the faithful all these well dressed arguments do not matter. Darwin is not against God. The entire creation works according to Gods and the Divine mother’s law. Just an appeal to the faithful don’t waste your energy arguing with the atheism. Lead a good life keep your faith and your honesty.

  11. God does not serve the humans. Humans serve God. All religions have for centuries advised humans to not sin against GOd. They did not listen. So they have to pay the price for the consequences. Just like the one who wrote this article.

    The religous house God will be closed until the reward of sin has passed. This is a warning and reminder to the unrepentent.

    Commercial benefit does not overide human rights and the rights of mother nature.

    Earth has its own anti-bodies to fight against this virus of the earth called “HUMANS”!!!

  12. So God is supposed to come down and heal and dispel the virus and hand over the vaccine to the Pope, Mullahs, Pandits & Priests?
    I find it strange that those don’t believe in miracles and yet you seek and expect God to deliver one through religious leaders.

  13. Irrelevant article. I’ll make only one comment. Doesn’t she believe all the nurses, doctors and his scientist struggling with convid 19 don’t believe in God alike?
    Will she use a vaccine produced by a Christian Scientist?

  14. Irrelevant article. I’ll make only one comment. Doesn’t she believe all the nurses, doctors and his scientist struggling with convid 19 don’t believe in God alike?
    Will she use a vaccine produced by a Christian Scientist?

  15. Guys I’m An Atheist From India..
    This Is Really An Wonderful Article..

    Check Out My Atheism Insta Page
    And Please Do Follow It And Support Me In Growing My Account.
    Thanks To All
    Love Y’all

  16. Relegion is targeted because no one is presenting originality in there relegion.
    In the name of relegion there is loot(in all relegion).
    In muslims all the rules are given in Quran and hadith .
    New azan is not developed to” to pray in your home” but is indicated in hadith 1400nyears ago.
    Blog writers must study complete relegion first then critisice

    • Sir, typically you are going into technicalities.
      Please just say whether you agree or disagree.

  17. Dear writer to each their own. Right?
    Why are the so called scientist have not yet been able to find a cure?
    Because they will WHEN GOD WILLS.
    The prayers of billions of people may not be offered at the holy sites, but, it’s not because God has abandoned us, but because there are bans on visiting these places in light of the events. If the ban was to be lifted, you would see that people wouldn’t fear anything in worshipping the Almighty.
    Infact people had become so ignorant and self absorbed, believing anything can be cured through science and money. But, if you actually see now, many have turned back to God, even if it is in the four walls of their homes.
    So yes, there will be help,. And, surely,the help will vome from My Lord.

  18. The Bible Said that fool say there is no God so I am not surprise of the stand of the Writer.

  19. Hard-hitting and a bold article. Not seen such an article in our mainstream media. But a caution – avoid direct references to certain religions. Adherents of these religions are generally on a short fuse. Also, our IPC still has British Raj enacted sections 295A, B and C.
    Hit ’em hard, but should show no scars.

    • My apologies! Didn’t notice the name of the writer – TASLIMA NASREEN!! Indeed. You are fearless and bold. My comments are meant for lesser mortals like us.

  20. No, the author is mistaken and is trying to fool the world by her words..
    we do not circumambulate the kaaba (Tawaf) to do some favour to Allah, or with the aim of attaining safety from diseases. No. We serve Allah and live by His commandments as He is our Creator and we have to appear ultimately before Him. This world is a temporary abode and doesn’t matter much, the real abode is the hereafter. Any way this approach to life can’t be appreciated by everyone. And many people disregard it simply because they do not want to live a disciplined life, otherwise they know what the truth is.
    Regarding the point that we have given up assembly at religious places, it is not because we don’t have trust in God. But in fact in doing so we are following the very commandments of Allah. We have been directed to stay away from the places where an epidemic has appeared or not to go out if it breaks in our area i.e. we have been commanded to observe quarantine. We have been commanded “And do not kill yourselves. Surely, God is Most Merciful to you.” (Quran 4:29).
    And how do you think that we have no proof of God’s existence.
    The first proof is the universe itself. Our own life, our existence. What about that. Big bang doesn’t prove its existence; it only says how it might have come into being. Stephan hawking who declared that the universe created itself because of gravitational forces; the fool failed to account far as to where the gravitational forces came into existence when nothing existed. Though he knew that gravitational waves occur only between masses and when there was no mass, he hypothetically tried to account for it. He knew the reality and hollowness of his claim but he tried to be-fool people. But any wise man – anyone who has an iota of brains can realize that it was all a hoax. Simply words, mathematical formulae to deceive people. Satan usually hypnotizes people with such thoughts, Those who can’t understand these things.
    The existence of life too is a Proof of the existence of God. The consciousness of human beings, the emotional state of humans. Can these things happen by itself? Science has not been able to prove the emergence of life on earth. It has not been able to account for even for the emergence of a single celled organism, or for that matter science can’t even account for the emergence of a single protein, which is the building block of the life. A protein is so complex that science with all the modern technology can’t account for the emergence of one protein. And then joining together of these proteins to account for the formation of a single cell and then cells joining together to give rise to organs like kidneys or eyes. Eyes are so complex that Darwin himself said that if any organ is found which appears not to have emerged by evolution, My (Darwin’s) theory would fail. Evolution can’t account for the appearance of eye, because all components of the eye must be present at the same time. That is eye didn’t evolve slowly. It must be present all it once. So must be the part of the brain present which interprets the message of the eyes. So can “evolution” decide all this of its own?
    And then the transmitting of this information from one generation to another through genetic material and how did that message got encoded in genetic material and how delicate is that message and how accurate and you think the arrangement for this transmission and preservation of message thought genetic material came about by itself.? Perhaps the writer is unaware about what Darwin did. He simply suggested that the animals evolved from one another. But he couldn’t prove it. Nor is science in a position to account for all the loopholes in the theory of evolution. There are so many missing links between the species. [I.e. the species which the scientists claim to have evolved from one another, but on analysis it is found that there must be some other few species in between as the transition could not take place directly. Those species in between the two claimed, are called missing links. But none of the missing link has been found so far, it is hypothetical species]. When science failed to convince its own fraternity about the emergence of life, they came up with a new idea that the proteins were formed somewhere else in the universe and then transported to earth, because the life span of earth proved to be too short for the evolution to have taken place. And recently some American Ellis Silver came up with the proposition that the humans came into existence outside earth as the earth is not suitable for them and then were transported to earth. He has written a lengthy treaty – Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence.
    So what did Darwin disprove. He proved nothing. He disprove nothing. He simply provided a pretext for people to become atheists. Atheists, people without knowledge , who do not know and understand the biggest truth of this world and life: that the life was created.
    Anyway,for augments’ sake if it is proved that evolution occurred, how does that disprove God. It is not known to us as to how Allah brought various species of animals (excluding humans) into existence. If at all evolution has occurred, the scientific knowledge available at present at the most point to the proposition that the evolution occurred under the guidance and interference from some external power and it didn’t happen by itself. The scientists can’t even create a Virus…in biological weapons only the mutations are carried out in the genetic material so that they become more lethal and transmittable.
    Anyway, the diseases we suffer like the spreading of Carono virus in the world is because of the ingratitude shown by people to Allah.
    Let us repent from atheistic thoughts.

    • If God/ Allah exist would have not allowed Mecca/Vatican to be closed. It’s a big shame for him and a victory to non believers. Why pray if no answer?who do you pray to? Accounting on something that is not existing . Pray and take your money to scientists. Science promise and deliver. Now Pop and everyone including you and Allah are anticipating for a cure or vaccine from scientists and not from house of worship or God.

      • If he really wanna win in that way, then there would not be any disbeliever, he left on once will, and everything is in his power. And many people like this author and other have come and gone, and no scientist can really discover the cure if god doesn’t will . so pls stop ridiculing yourself by being a moron

      • God stays in our heart. He never told to construct temples. Our body is his temple. Worship Him. He just showed world what he is. Even if you deny it wont save you. Only one way is there you can be saved. REPENT.

      • He is not in need of being worshiped. we worshi Him, because it is we who need to worship him.

    • Hassan. You tried hard to defend the existence of God…..more so your God…Allah. By the way, the universe is full of different faiths and various Gods. And Allah can only punish the ingratitude of Muslims …not Hindus, Christians and Buddhists. Allah cannot take the responsibility other faiths so let him not take consider him as the Big Boss of the World. The vaccine will certainly come from a hospital, not from the places of worship. It is a fact that the business of Gods has taken a severe beating. Instead of building mashids, churches and temples more number of hospitals and research units should be established.

      • I do not need to defend God. He is self evident and His signs are everywhere, we just need to open our eyes and the signs are up there.
        Vaccine will work too when it is His wish and He allows it to work.
        Let us look at the diseases and the cures? is it coincidence? that we have diseases and that we have then cures. We have viruses and then vaccines for them. No sir, it is not coincidence. It is all the Plan of God.

        • Mubashir hassan You made a far better article than the nonesense written by the writer above, clearly she wasn’t thinking while writing, very detailed explanations that if somebody disregards it he’s clearly just closing his eyes before the shinning light of the truth. Wanted to add that as you said the existence of evolution was never something Atheists should take for an argument, a developper can create an Artificial intelligence that evolves itself and multiplies, yet he still can come and create a second one that is far more developped, but it still creation, up to now humans haven’t been able to create a simple protein yet the propaganda behind the theory of evolution makes it sound as if it’s a given how life started on earth. There are rule in the universe and as for humanity, if humans didn’t create laws and rules they wouldn’t have popped out of nowhere, it is the same for the universe. Finally to those who complain that God doesn’t show himself or that he doesn’t make direct moves, well sorry to break it for you but you wouldn’t be a disbeliever if you saw a miracle nobody would, but that’s like leaving a class of students to take a test, if they see cameras nobody would cheat, but if they don’t see any and the teachers only tell one student that there are cameras and he should tell the others not to cheat, some will listen to him but others will cheat as if nobody is watching.

  21. One day will come when the author of this article and all who believe it will confess to the Creator that He exists. Lastly the FOOL had said bin their heart there is NO GOD. I didn’t say it, the Holy Scriptures did.

  22. Humans are destroying everything on planet earth and has not slowed down the destruction even with climate change, pollution, destruction of forests et cetera giving all sorts of warnings.

    God has been saying to us to SLOW DOWN. And we have not. Covid-19 could well be His loving way of saying, practice.

    ‘My flock knows my voice. …,,And there are many flocks.’

    In His time and in His plans. Stay blessed, all ye who believes.

  23. The nerve of this woman to call those people who “flock as sheep” as idiots. Didn’t she even think for just a minute before writing this trash that these religious leaders did what they have to do to save lives not flee as she calls it? They’re following what’s imposed by the government and that’s what God wants them to do too. To give to the authorities what’s due them.

  24. Religion is the root cause of all current conflicts in the world and for other problems such covid-19 it offers no solutions. its time we stop wasting blood, sweat, money and time on religion and divert it to development and saving the environment

    • You do realise that you will die one day. Have you ever given a thought as to what you want after you die. We only live on this earth for a short instant in time. For you to think that humans have control of this planet is very pompus of you.

    • The PRC tried eliminating religion. They’ve been relatively successful; by replacing Religions with the CCP … which in itself is a sort of religion.

      Xi Jinping is analogous to the Pope. It is likely that PRC Scientists will develop a Covid-19 Vaccine before any on else. The Chinese Scientists can test their concoctions on Uygur prisoners.

  25. Wake up Tasleema Nasreen, do you think people have stopped praying because they’ve stopped going to the Vatican or mosques???
    Only he is the protector, savior, forgiver, nourisher & sustainer. This is a test on all Mankind. No scientist can find a cure until Allah wills, remember that. So instead of cursing Allah, maybe if you also bowed down to him and ask for his mercy who knows your prayer may be accepted. It’s never ever too late to repent & ask for forgiveness my sister.

  26. Science and spirituality can go together as long as we do not believe in quackery and superstition. God has given humans the ability to reason, to learn from experience and experiments and to evolve, thereby helping them become the most intelligent beings on this planet. Nurturing the scientific temper is one of the best ways to understand the infinite power of God.
    Institutional worshiping of God through religions often promotes the need of middlemen, rituals and rules. But spirituality can be practised without conforming to any religion.

  27. This article is not offensive. It is just sadly littered by bare and unsubstantiated allegations, statements the author expects the reader will accept on blind faith. Sadly, the author’s logic is utterly flawed. He asks if God must have known how bad humans will be and thus create problems for themselves, it does not does follow that he will never decide to create humans. The fact is that man has the power of free choice between good and evil. If there is indeed a God who so created man, he then created man free. Having so created man, He must respect that freedom, lest he reduce us to robots. In a perfect world of robots, there will be no evil and suffering. But that is also a world, where love, heroism, bravery, self-sacrifice, kindness we find in our health workers who are risking their lives for others would not be possible at all. WOULD YOU RATHER CHOOSE TO BE ROBOT IN A WORLD POPULATED BY ROBOTS?


    To all those people who thought this article is so offensive and that the author has made unnecessary inflammatory comments, please answer the following questions first systematically. I am not on any one side of the aisle yet since I just don’t know which side I should be on – only for want of answers to these questions.

    1) If humans are the ones who have been creating problems for themselves, God a.k.a the creator must have known by now how bad humans are and never decide to create them again. According to religion (at least the Hindu one that I know of), God has been involved with the process of creation and destruction every 4,320,000,000 years. Poor God must have known how erratic the behavior of his creations is. Why create then? What’s the point?

    2) According to the Hindu ‘Karma’ philosophy, your good and bad actions today will have an impact on your life in the future. If that is true, then, what happened to the humans in the very first life? How come (as per religion) some of them became bad and some good? I ask because those first humans did not even have a previous life! So, why did god choose some of them to be good and some bad? Just to get the creation and the human race going?? The answer that I hear most frequently from religious folks is that God has given free will to people so they can live their lives. If that is true, again, God must have known by now how bad his decision to give humans the free will has turned out to be since they all cannot just be good??

    3) Let’s step back a bit and think…why should there be any existence in the first place? God could simply stop creation altogether – let nothing exist – no humans, no planets, no starts – let there be absolute vacuum. Now, please don’t tell that this is all a figment of my imagination and is my “midhya”. Maybe that is true, but, if a poisonous snake or a lion attacks me this moment, I can’t stop and wait for them to kill me thinking that it is “midhya”, isn’t it?

    4) Let’s step back a little bit more and think…If God exists, who created it/him/her in the first place?? If you tell me who did that, I will ask you this question again. Who created the creator of the creator? So on and so forth..

    Basically, we don’t know the answers to many such questions. At the same, I am among the first set of people who believe that Science can also NOT answer many many many things that are happening. Basically, I am just saying that there is nothing black or white here. Then, why take offense to this article and be a strong proponent of one side? The author has expressed his opinion which I think is as valid as the opinions expressed by many others in the “comments” section.

  29. Author hasn’t grow yet, if he has enough hurdles, experiences, challenges in life then you would have changed your opinion about God. Ofcourse what you have written is true and some mature school children talk like that. You don’t know what the term ‘God’ means. It’s not what you have written, you will know it for sure. Shame for accepting this article on the print, there are so many platforms or he can create his own blog an dkeep his unmatured opinions and thoughts. First learn, that you don’t know nothing about world.

  30. dear Taslima Nasreen

    you are refreshing, pioneering, courageous, profound and simply spot on, and i cannot add on to your articulate article but just to say you have put into simple words my personal suspicion of the divine. what a splendid write SYABAS … you, are my God

  31. see you need to research on the topic first. how can you say such things about religion? The temples, mosques, churches are not shut down. The government had taken precautionary measures to save people from deadly coronavirus. Do you even know what is science? Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Even for some questions science does not have a perfect answer. I am a science lover and I follow my religion too. Religion is beyond the understandings of science. Science is just for exploring new things

  32. We don’t have to visit a holy place to worship .god is within us around us above us and never leaves us and know journalist or news reporter the uneducated haters or government can take that away from us . Everything god does he does for a reason and u shall find out pretty soon and God knows best .god bless and hope you start to see hear and believe

  33. The article is absolutely un waranted,idiotic expression by a faceless writer and comments from Ayesha are in same category.
    All Knowledge and Wisdom Comes Direct From God
    Aug 28, 2018 · The first verse will tell us that all the “treasures” of wisdom and knowledge are “hidden” in God the Father and Jesus Christ. Notice that God is comparing knowledge and wisdom with “treasures,” and that this treasure is hidden within Himself.
    Allamal insana malam ya’lam’, (God teaches man what he does not know) a verse from the Holy Quran
    Propagation of education and service to humanity will lead humanity to a better world and a better Hereafter.
    The author and Ayesha both are imbacile,birdbrains, blockheads,mislead the people.

  34. The God of the bible is not fleeing. Because he is the one that sent the Corona Dragon. China’s dragon worship has not gone unnoticed. God is not mocked.

  35. I am very sad that so many people are away from God”s abaundance love. No matter what happened in this world and around us it is human that made dissaster and plaque happened. Religion is a path to God. Instead of realizing the fragile life we have and repent and ask for God forgiveness, humans are becoming more and more boastful and untruth to themselves that God do exist. There will be no humans existence without God ‘ creations. Please Forgive us God for we do not have the humble hearts and making God as the center of our lives. As Jesus said on the cross forgive them as they do not know what they have done. Thank you God for everything in hope and in sorrowful moments. I am always great full for every breath that I take and all the experiences of Life we have to endures to be stronger and faithful to you and your Church and I pray for all the people who are sick or have died due to the virus. Life and death is in Your hands and please forgives their sins and give them rest in peace with you Amin.

  36. This is such an angry and callous article, sorry you feel abandoned by God. Plagues are natural and a part of life. When the Black Plague hit the world, the Middle East quarantined their sick and went on with their day. We all die one way or another, everything serves a purpose. Also who says that evolution disproves the existence of our Creator? I have no problem believing in both and that evolution is a catalyst used by God. Science and religion do not need to be separate. Science is just a method of exploring the world we’ve been given. Go eat a snickers and relax please

  37. The author of this article derides religious adherents for failing to question their doctrines and convictions and yet, most ironically, does the same with her blind faith in secular science. She displays no willingness to investigate (let alone question) the motives and so-called ‘truths’ peddled by secular scientists, and little to no understanding of those who follow a different set of beliefs.

    With that said, let me start with this gem of a quote: “Neither do they ever seek proof of god’s existence, nor do they have any faith in rational and free thought. ”

    There is a raft of evidence that points to a creator; more so than would justify belief in purely naturalistic origins.
    The following are, in my opinion, some of the more compelling arguments in favour of a creator God:
    1. Morality. That we have objective morals is evidence for God. That is not to be construed that atheists and agnostics cannot be good people, but that without an objective ‘law giver’, there is no basis in naturalism for objective morality.
    2. The cosmological argument. A basic principle of science and rationality is that nothing comes into being without a cause, with the laws of thermodynamics providing powerful evidence for this.
    3. The contingency argument; why there is something rather than nothing.
    4. The existence and usefulness of math in science.
    5. The ontological argument
    6. Human consciousness and our innate need for love
    7. The coded information in DNA
    There are others, but as I said, these are among the most compelling. There is an abundance of evidence; it’s just a matter of whether you choose to attribute our existence and the universe that sustains us to purely naturalistic causes.

    Furthermore, on the issue of “rationality” and “free thought”, on what basis does the author trust the reliability and trustworthiness of her own thoughts if she is the result of unguided evolutionary processes? If the naturalist account of origins was correct, we would be the offshoots of blind forces with no intention or capacity to produce rational creatures.
    From the mouth of Darwin himself, “With me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy. Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?”

    All our thoughts and subsequent actions would be the result of our atoms obeying the laws of physics (as claimed by the likes of Hawking), shaped by prior physical states with no basis for independent thought or reasoning.
    But as evolutionist J.B.S Haldane admitted, “If my mental processes are determined wholly by the motions of atoms in my brain, I have no reason to suppose my beliefs are true…and hence I have no reason for supposing my brain to be composed of atoms.”

    In the interest of keeping this to less than a novella in length I’ll address the next few quotes briefly.
    “It’s been nearly 160 years since Charles Darwin disproved the existence of god by his theory of evolution.”

    Firstly, Darwinism is not concerned in any way with the issue of a supernatural being. It focuses solely on (attempting to) explain the rise of ‘simple’ organisms through natural selection to the more complex phyla we see today; or molecule to man evolution. That’s it. At no point did Darwin attempt to “disprove” the existence of God.

    Secondly, the ‘theory’ of evolution amounts to no more than a hypothesis. There is absolutely nothing in the way of empirical evidence to support its many grandiose claims. Natural selection eliminates, but it never creates.
    In the words of evolutionist John Endler, “Natural selection is common enough in natural populations to have been detected in a wide variety of organisms…However, natural selection does not explain the origin of new variants, only the process of changes in their frequency.”
    Mutations never give rise to function-gaining information. Not once has there been an observed instance. As Dawkins once said, “Evolution has been observed, it just hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.”

    Evolution, like creationism, is historical science – in that neither can be subjected to the scientific method. Unlike operational science, which is governed by the scientific method, historical science concerns once-off events that no human has ever witnessed and which cannot be replicated.

    “Long before Darwin, 16th century figures such as Galileo and his predecessor Copernicus had shown that the biblical notions of space and cosmos were wrong.”

    About the only thing the author bothered to research here was the dates for which Galileo and Copernicus lived. Had she delved deeper in her research (as in, do any research at all), she’d have realised just how woefully wrong this claim is. It should also be noted that nowhere does she give examples; merely throwing names and dates about as though that constitutes an argument.

    Firstly, nowhere in the Bible was the geocentric model mentioned. In fact, the Bible mentioned the likes of a spherical earth (Isaiah 40:22) long before the Greeks made such a discovery.

    Galileo and Copernicus were not in opposition to the scriptures; rather, they bravely confronted the Papacy and its adherence to the geocentric teachings of Aristotle and Ptolemy. Ironically, the Church leaders clung to the ‘majority opinion’ concerning the universe and rejected the ‘minority views’ of Copernicus and Galileo.
    It was the belief in an omnipotent and omniscient law-giver that led men like Copernicus, Galileo, Newton (regarded as the greatest scientist of all time and a creationist) etc to discover the laws that bind and govern this universe.
    In the words of Copernicus, “To know the mighty works of God, to comprehend His wisdom and majesty and power, to appreciate, in degree, the wonderful working of His laws, surely all this must be a pleasing and acceptable mode of worship to the Most High, to whom ignorance cannot be more gratifying than knowledge.”

    And finally, I will end with possibly the most uninformed quote this article has to offer (and that’s saying something): “Although many people have managed to extricate themselves from the jaws of religion, especially in the more developed parts of the world, one can find a hyper-reliance on gods and worship where poverty, social inequalities, misogyny and barbarism are acutely present.”

    No belief system has triggered more death and suffering than that of atheism and its evolutionary teachings.
    Nowhere is this better evidenced than the murderous regimes of Hitler and Stalin, both avowed evolutionists. Eugenics was touted as means to ensure that only the ‘fit’ among us reproduced.

    As M Haller noted, books on eugenics were written by scientists arguing that the most humane method of preventing reproduction of the unworthy was a ‘gentle, painless death’. It was in Hitler’s Germany that the leaders of the eugenics movement used evolution to justify countless atrocities. Moreover, many evolutionists, including Darwin, taught that women were biologically and intellectually inferior to men – something the Bible directly refutes.

    In atheism, our intrinsic worth amounts to little more than fertiliser. Human life has no particular meaning or purpose, and there is no basis for ethics, love and rational thought. Atheism provides no foundation for a just, caring and secure society.

    If even a modicum of time was spent researching both the claims made by leading figures in the secular world, and the arguments against by the likes of apologists, the author might actually come to realise how deeply mired in ignorance her worldviews are. But, ironically, she has demonstrated herself to be a devout and dogmatic adherent to the religion of naturalism.

    • Stunning reply. This author hasn’t done any research at all.
      The reason why people stopped going to church, temples, mosques isn’t because of a lack of faith but because government authorities have shut them down. Before the curfew, every religious organization was open in India. The religious places of worship are merely following government orders.

  38. This writer clearly hasn’t studied Islam. Plagues is a sign and warning from God as Judgment Day is not far away. The leaders of Mecca have halted the pilgrims due to health reasons.

  39. SO EVERYONE we can’t go on abusing him it’s his fundamental rights it’s ok

    But man u can’t go on hurting people s religious sentiments.We trust in God to help and guide us and be with us like a family member or a friend and humanity knows that it’s God who will at last through the works of scientists will save us

  40. the simplest way to understand math’s is religion…subtract,add n divide the people in the name of religion. the writer has correctly portrays the ugly part of religion. I never believe in religion..although some time’s I take part in a religious ceremony since I being a human has to live with the community. For some I may v branded as an atheist since I never believe in religion which is a human creation not the creation of god..I mean let’s not pollutes god with the unholy religion.

  41. Hello Taslima,
    More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. An encounter with the Almighty could happen sooner than later for you. That would change your outlook. For a start, try learning to pray from some one knows and loves to do so.
    Regards and all the best.

  42. It’s ok to hear another view from an atheist who is articulate and intelligent on her questioning God’s Providence and Existence. She’s just devoid of wisdom and Understanding.

    To understand God is a gift from the Holy Spirit, without which your scientific existence is just limited to what you believe you achieved and will never find answer or will ever feel the full dignity of existence.

    I practice my religion by asking not for material things as it’s all given already before I even open my eyes to this beautiful world, but asking for guidance and wisdom of choices in my personal mission and journey in this world. Science , is just one part of the entire process that gives meaning to ones existence, but not the fullness of it, for when you dig further you fell further from the truth you’re seeking, and feel mediocre and incomplete.

    With all material blessings given, we ask for guidance how best we can use them and enjoy them for our meaningful Existence and journey in this world.

    Im sure this writer doesn’t believe in soul and she sees a void life made up of cells and DNA and elements and series of unending theories that science find it hard our will never be able to answer. How science can explain her thoughts from what she feels and what she sees and how this works in tandem with the life before her, for sure it is still a question she finds an answer.

    Would be interesting if she can write another article explaining the deeper meaning of her human existence and purpose in a scientific way and maybe she can find an answer which for sure she’s still chasing endlessly.

  43. First of all, you need more knowledge about religions to write such an article about religion. Secondly, mosques, churchs or whatever worship buildings are not phone booths where you can talk to God. They are just buildings in which people reunite to worship God, nothing magical as your imaginations tells you. God can here even our toughts. Science said reunions help spread the virus and religions is not against science that’s all. You should read more articles and books to enhance your knowledge, but you’re busy writing them.

  44. You and I will die with naming the death from corona virus, heart attack, bird flu and so on. You are so curious without the knowledge of religion. Our religion says as-

    Al-Bukhaari (5739) and Muslim (2219) narrated from ‘Abd ar-Rahmaan ibn ‘Awf (may Allah be pleased with him) that he said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) say: “If you hear that it (the plague) is in a land, do not go there, and if it breaks out in a land where you are, do not leave, fleeing from it.”

  45. Doesn’t it say that you can’t directly pray for something specific like a vaccine to just appear. You pray for a vaccine to be discovered but not for it to appear right then and there. Obviously you don’t understand any belief behind the religions within the world.

  46. Good Afternoon writer ,
    You must have been mistaken alot in thinking lately. How wouldn’t you, you have alot of free time in your hands. Do wash your hand regularly
    I don’t appreciate you being this salty of our religion but all is well ” if you don’t like, question yourself first before you act” that’s a great saying there. Don’t just speculate and assume as u please. As per our religion, will handle it as what seems fit. Stay out of it or even better take a closer look. . . . .
    Even if religious isn’t practice at mosques and most are under shut down. If you really take the time to dig further you would have realized that we still practice our religion in these hard times and in fact it made us realize alot more than we let on . Makkah may stopped people to make umrah all day but prayer in the holy mosque is still there . Mosque may cancel Friday PRAYER gathering and ask people to pray at home , Azan is still heard 5 times a day , Kutba after prayer is still going and Imam duaa is heard in every HOME. Proves that our religion is engraved in our heart and mind and shines brighter even more than ever. Muslims and Muslimah now look after one another even more theses days. Family gather for all the 3 meals and far relatives calling every other day, friend you haven’t heard of them in years remember you and try to reach you, you have the longest call and actually enjoy family gathering. This shut down made our bond with one another even more stronger. I mean it’s was always there, but we mostly unintentionally took it for granted with work, schools, bills etc. It was hard to even make time for them leave alone time for yourself.
    Look at us Now we have all the time for our loved ones without monthly plans or quick visits .
    The greatest mistake this article has is that it’s understamates the power and strength in our religion and within its people.
    Our government asked us to stay at home and avoid going outside to protect ourself and our dear ones. Our religion doesn’t ask us make irrational decisions and endanger our lives or loved one especially others as well. Despite that we indeed still continue practice our religion in our respective homes. Every each household together and all united in our religion Islam . Praying together with our families and children after Azan, making duaa everyday and learning and reciting Quran. ALHAMDULILALLAH
    And one more thing about the cure ! Isn’t it silly of you to think that if you always ask for every single thing and expect to get it, you should get it. Every single parents would flip if they heard u say that.
    Allah swt is all seeing and all knowing. He is closer to us more than our jugular vain. Subhanaallah
    If you read this, I hope you reassess your allegations.
    OH and have a great day, from a muslimah.

  47. Pardon the long response. But a God question is difficult to respond to in a tweet length!

    Your bitterness with respect to acts such as bathing in cow urine to avoid virus is understandable. But you’ve thrown the proverbial baby out with the bath water, for there are two fundamental logical fallacies in your article:

    1. fallacy 1: To assume that the closure of places of worship is abandonment by God:

    Your headline has the same fallacy as saying that the closing of google office means the death of computing itself. God, in almost all religions, is not a localised phenomenon but the ground of all being.
    Yet, localisation is important to human psyche. To put it in the same analogy, even in the age of wfh, research shows that people need a physical Google office because humans have evolved in embodied, physical environments that give meaning to their lives .
    In fact your headline is dangerous because it incites believers to prove their faith by assembling in places of worship (the yogi jis of the world).
    One could argue that when Religious places take such responsible decisions as shutting down in an epidemic, they act from a place of wisdom, a place of Godliness within us. Practical wisdom is not outside of our God nature.

    2. Fallacy 2: That Darwin ‘proved’ the non existence of God.
    It is an unsettled debate, even in the world of science. It depends on what we mean when we say ‘god’. What is it that we are proving or disproving? When a Darwin disproves god he probably disproves an old man sitting above the skies and meting out rewards and punishments. But that’s hardly how mystics, philosophers and even scientists like Einstein have conceptualised God (I highly recommend you read Einstein’s ‘the world as I see it’ )
    This conception can at best be put into language as – the ground of our existence – that from which we have emerged, that which animates all phenomena. You can call it nature (as the taoists did), but what is nature? Do we know it as a whole? (Heisenberg famously said that it isn’t nature but nature exposed to our methods of questioning that we know) Is evolution blind energy? Where did it come from? (science also asks us to just ‘believe’ in the first miracle of big bang after which everything can be rationally explained, but just don’t question why the big bang happened. It is the ghost in the machine).
    These are unsettled debates, and cutting edge quantum research shows that just by observing a phenomena we change it, so then how do we ever observe a pure phenomena? How do we know what truth is? (Here I highly recommend reading The Tao of Physics and more recently Brazilian Physicist Dr. Marcelo Gleiser’s talk on the limits of science

    I am not a card-holding believer. But I also think that the verdict on God and the mysteries of our existence is not yet out. And that true scientific temperament is to accept open questions as open and leave space for pluralism and many ways of being in a society. Because until science has solved the last mystery on this planet, it has no right to browbeat people into atheism.

  48. Death is sad, but so is life (if there was no death) Disease is bad, but such bad things are the reason we see goodness in good things. God is omnipotent, but he/she/it is not going to come and calm you down every time you cry, because that is not going to solve anything. You have to learn to calm yourself down and grow.
    Remember God is there to reward you and punish you as well based on your Karma. You can think of this crisis as a punishment broadly for the humankind for the disaster that we have made of this planet.

  49. Only stupid people ignore to know and criticize and gossip around, when the whole world including Pope and it’s community are praying to God for protection, for the situation, and to fight against this Coronavirus, the vested interest group started criticizing the Churches and institutions of other faiths. Stop your non sense gossips and pray to God to open your spiritual eyes, whoever criticize the religious groups are those devils who love to pray in the open place in a big gathering, who love to be noticed by others that they are praying, for prayers there is no specific place that God made mandatory only such and such place or Church you can pray, only limited understanding with limited knowledge questions about others faith before looking around the situation and people, stop this business you idiot people who criticize others.

  50. I thought writer’s were supposed to have good knowledge of what they write about. It’s very clear that the writer of this article has never really studied or experienced at least some of the religion’s mentioned. Stick to what you know. The only message really standing out here is the ignorance of the writer.

    • Taslimah you have not learnt from the lesson that humans taught you. Yet you talk about absence of God. If God deserted people why are the scientists PRAYING to their God’s to help them find a vaccine. Darwins theory was flawed and so is your rhetoric about non-existence of God.
      What is certain is we expect writers to be knowledgeable. Your country labelled you, india accepted you, nothing human here, its God’s intervention.
      Your knowledge I now see even thru a straw is narrower and baseless.

      • Salaam,
        Oh-my-goodness… That was straight run common sense response, with intelligence.. Which could help her with evolving into a more intelligent and empathetic person with life, henceforth upgrading the species, as this is one of the most beautiful designs of life and how beautiful this algorithm He made is. Beside’s common sense shows this in evolving stages naturally. Amen. Just as it was written. No doubt He built what is the Only. It’s terrifying and beautiful and lovely.. out of love and pure beauty.. Amen. I feel for her because she is wrapped in a world of hurt in her (mind)/brain running at her max capacity of 8%. and she wants that 8% to be the reality.. But just because, she is ignorant of RNA DNA Tcell and Tloop scripting, certainly gives her no license to point angrily at what she know’s nothing about, nor care for others, nor does it give her a right to accuse The One who obviously has power over all. This article is about her hurt feelings in self-centeredness and The Maker acknowledges them, henceforth the lesson unto mankind, to demonstrate what is important? Just as she, would be the species “of weak thought” that dawin observed as the weaker species. But any fool can simply observe as dawin demonstrated, he only failed when he added his own vain empty thoughts aka theory. Amen. That’s just truth, nothing special, but in world of empty thought and self-centeredness sometimes the truth is the most special. Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein said it in the best ways, not to mention the real prophets.. Anyways… that’s just observation of people’s with good minds. Like Einstein said he “ struck ‘all the AWE’ of it caused humility and meekness in him talking of The Maker. And very close to that and the same is Isaac newton. Besides some people’s are just jealous and envious of those who have a* “peace” of the puzzle of life that they do not have. I can tell that you know this. But anyways… the Chimps will kill themselves at times trying keep other primates from what they cannot have. But a pack wolves can raise a Feral human child as their own’, this affection is actually love. But copies of mankind will leave a child in the streets or abandon his children, just as a copy of copy of woman does.. Only God is GOD naturally and obviously. All beings know this… it’s the arrogant weaker species or… also called copies that are disposed of in naturally cycling* back into chaos. Just watch what happens.. Amen. Naturally ~.

  51. God indwells us. He is ever present with those who know him, individually, and isn’t in some faraway place or nearby church, mosque or temple. My God, Jesus Christ is the very last one to leave in an adversity (in fact, he never does), and not “the first to flee”. But you have to know him personally. In adversity, he communicates with us guides and helps us find the way out of every difficultly. Isn’t that beautiful? Do you want to know him? Tell me and I’ll be happy to help you.

  52. there is no place no book no saying where he says I will come to save you. In our Hinduism we say Har Har Mahadev means we all are Mahadev and we have to do what he do so we can get solution. I think same in all religion. But u will not understand..

  53. God doesn’t reside at places . Holy places are the spots where people unite to Remember the creator and hence blessed .I can sit in my room raise hands and pray to God. Shame on print to give platform to atheist bigots like tasleema nasreen to hurt the sentiments of the faithful .

  54. Lol. so many butthurt people here, irony!

    You’re being rude to OP which exactly isn’t what is taught by ANY religion.

    If you really seek truth, then you’ll always be down for a formal debate, not talk shit and be rude.

    For me, science is answers and religion is just peace. I use namaz as a way to seek peace and inner enlightenment (like meditation) and nothing more. Allah and any other god is neither a creator nor a destroyer (ask yourself: who created god then? how do you know?). For me, Earth is god and I’ll do anything to serve her and protect her.

    If you really think about it, religion has been a major source of hatred among humans. Science on the other hand allowed you morons to write shit using a box thingy which runs on electrons being pushed around, on which you tap your fingers like a madman.

    • Whatever in the main article is view of the person who for some reason does not believe in God…We cant blame and point fingers at God at what happens..Where we doing the right things all times?..We as people who are assigned to take care of this Earth has exploited and vandalised..We have to figure put why this virus came..It is time to evaluate ourselves as now the whole World is affected..

  55. Cranky… may be you and your family….what about Tirupatti and Sabarimala in India.. Don’t play with religious sentiments.. for getting cheap popularity and money…

    • as it should be. imagine how more prepared the world would have been had we invested in the research of diseases and the global health care system instead of donating to various religious institutions. especially in the 3rd world countries. a very inefficient use of money, for which we will pay with our lives.
      anyway, faith and religion are always found within oneself.

    • as it should be. imagine how more prepared the world would have been had we invested in the research of diseases and the global health care system instead of donating to various religious institutions. especially in the 3rd world countries. a very inefficient use of money, for which we will pay with our lives.
      anyway, faith and religion are always found within oneself.

  56. Interesting perspective from someone who isn’t aware that practicing religion is not restricted to places of worship. It is a daily personal act. And it would be highly reckless of any human being to continue to throng places of worship in hordes to contaminate humans…that’s homicidal.

    The call to prayer was first altered in the time of the Prophet PBUH when there was a massive downpour and floods in Medina.

    If anything, this pandemic has proven that religious practice is valid for all times and can adapt to all situations.

    Thank you for your contribution to a narrative in this pandemic.

  57. Dear Dr. Taslimaji,
    Many thanks for one thing that you have initiated a good bebate for more discussions and understandings. It looks to me that you have deliberately provoked many! We appreciate.
    O.K. But i think, your analysis and understandings of religions are based on your experiences. We are sure you might have suffered a lot. Your rational thinkings are well taken. But your analysis and understandings are based on the religious practices, behaviour of the so called faithfulls, and your personal sufferings in the community might have forced you to outburst your inner feelings and hidden sufferings. And your outbursts are certainly not on the true teachings of any religion.
    All religions are for truth and love of all. It is we who have been doing wrongs. Nature, which is nothing but of super power, punishes the culprits whenver they abuse the nature. There are principles to use and manage the nature as per all religions, when these principles are overruled by science, disaster is inevitable. Where science stops, religion or religious philosophy begins.

  58. How pathetic is this? Do you not know what the Christians are doing right now? You are SO lost and SO conditioned, you will be one of the last God reaches out to with such a malicious post when the people of truth are doing FAR more than the BS your illinformed stating here

    Get an education before you post you vile scumbag

  59. It is apparent that the writer doesn’t have scientific bent of mind. Even a moron would understand the importance of social distancing to stop the chain of devastation caused by the virus which would be compromised if people congregate at any place, including religious places. She is quoting Darwin’s evolution theory which itself is questionable. But I give benefit of doubt to her as she is convinced about her evolution from ape.

  60. Precautions are being taken world wide to prevent the spread of this disease. Anyone with common sense will understand this. People who lack even that shouldn’t write in the first place and blogging is out of question! This is the most insane thing one can ever utter.

  61. For a man created problem, a man should find solutions too.. if there is so much disbelief, they why are u even expecting the god to come and save you ? Ask yourself, may be you’ll find an answer.

    Or may be u r too ignorant to even understand what it means by quarantine.

  62. How is it that you alone are so intelligent and all others are fools? Obviously that’s what you believe. Well, stupid woman, here is something that you ought to take note of. We, who believe in religion and God, HAVE “asked where or why” and have got answers. We HAVE sought proof for existence of God and have got it. Only this is not in the form that can be communicated to everybody on a notice board. God is not something that is the last line in the proof for a theorem.
    No believer ever said that because there is God to protect you could walk on a railway track in front of an approaching train. Nobody faithful ever said there is no need for drugs or doctors.
    If you ever can put your arrogance aside and reflect, you might just possibly find that just as religion and superstition are two sides of a coin, so are religion and science. You might realize that science actually explains religion, not contradict it. If you find a contradiction, your understanding of either science or religion is wrong.
    Our approach to God and religion is not irrational, as your approach to the opposite apparently is. If you don’t believe in God or religion, fine, it is your business. You have no business to call others idiots, you moron. So, just shut up and let people do what they want. We don’t need enlightenment from excrescence like you.

  63. We can only pray at this point of time and ask God for forgiveness. These are testing times for us. Many will try to come and sway us away from our beliefs through such articles. We need to stay strong. Taslima has forgotten that God works thru people.
    It’s time to come and work together as one community and pray for all those who have come forward to fight this Virus which has crippled the entire world. Taslima we should be writing about them and take the good work they are doing forward.

  64. Dont agree with this article. Religious Heads and their teams are not running away. They are praying for all of us. They are Angels God will hear their prayers and send a cure but we have to change our ways and be good. We have hurt God with our evil ways. The Religious Heads and their teams have to respect the Government Advisories too but they are doing their best for their followers.

  65. I guess some brains are not fully wired to comprehend the logic and reasons behind the existence of super natural power!!

  66. Would you write this when you are on your death bed and no scientist is able to save you?. I am sure you would start praying and believing in the Creator.

  67. I do not support your views. No Religious Heads or their Religious teams are running away out of fear. They are all praying for all of us and asking God’s mercy and healing. God is full of mercy and he will send a cure. We have to respect God’s laws and do no evil. We also have to keep in mind the Government Advisories to take precautions and the Religious Heads and their teams are respecting the Advisories much as they would like to be with the people and show love and compassion to all.

  68. Darwin didn’t disprove the existance of a God with his theory. He just proposed an alternate theory. Evolution has never been proven, it’s a hypothesis. Creation has only 1 fact. But evolution has several theories. It’s easy to cling to an idea that you cannot find an answer to in order to relieve yourself from responsability to another higher being….


  70. Every one has every right to express his or her self based on his knowledge about God Almighty who is the unmoved mover the creator of the universe .Believe it or not there is a supreme being and that supreme being is God His ways are far more beyond human comprehension and so if you don’t know about Him seek Him and He will let you know Him.

  71. You are an idiot who thinks in a certain way n tries to prove your futile argument. Many things in the cosmos are unseen n unknown n yet they are realisedby spiritual wisdom. Just because u dnt believe dznt mean it dznt exist. You are trying to prove the non existance of God based on culture n traditionsbut remember be it Hinduism, Christianity or Islam…..that one God is tge creator, preserver and destroyer of tge universe n is beyobd the varidness of culture n traditions.

  72. I think that Ms Taslima has not understood the true spirit of science and religion. Even if the entire humanity is to be wiped out of the world because of Corona, that cannot be considered as a failure of science and religion. That can be maximum considered as failures for technology and prayers. While science does not claim that technology can solve all problems, religion also does not claim that prayers can solve all problems.

  73. Dear Taslima Ji,
    While criticizing you made the following logical and factual errors which doesn’t suit a “rationalist” person you claim to be:
    1) Stopping the “tawaf” is a sign of being proactive to stop the spread of a contagious disease. Had scientists been clerics at Mecca they would have advised the same thing!
    2) Clerics are saying to stay at home and pray from there. Just like my rationalist CEO has advised employees to work from home.
    3) the “new” azaan in Kuwait asking people to stay at home could be new for you but not for Muslim community. This version of the azaan was already given during the time of the Prophet when’s hailstorm struck asking people to stay at home and avoid mosques. That was a proactive step to save lives which any thoughtful person would appreciate.

    To summarize, God has gifted us a brain to use and appreciate the fact that reason and revelation can go together.

    • Very well written. However, what you are saying is that you will arrive at the same conclusion with or without religion as we are all rational human beings. Therefore, it can be concluded that religion is redundant in today’s day and age. In fact for those among us who are unable to come to this same conclusion, religion is doing more harm than good, if you consider the violence which has been perpetrated in the name of God – To protect him, to serve his (supposed) dictact, defend a particular set of beliefs as opposed to some other set of beliefs etc. Hence perhaps time has come to promote rationality rather than religion.

  74. Why you aren’t irritating by mask which covering the face.How the hijab of Khatija Rahman and other Muslims become problematic in your life.

  75. Truth is painful Mam, thats why so many ignorants are angry in comments section. Your article is harsh truth. Diseases are bought by god so god cant stay at the center of pandemic when humans suffer. Because If God was at Makkah, he would remove Coronavirus from there , but he failed to remove. Thats why humans declare curfew in makkah. Also Its a wrong thinking that god creates life, if that was true, Humans could not create life in IVF laboratories. Coronavirus vaccine cant be created by god, because the concept of Vaccine was never written in bible or quran. If we follow Quran, we have to leave our mothers and daughters to die in area affected by plague. god cant be so inhuman. Thats why humans have a brain. Quran says we are all from adam and eve, that means our parents are brother and sister, but Genetic data exposes the falsehood of Islam. If you question Mullah, he will threaten our lives.
    The reason for coronavirus spreading is actually Intolerance and Ignorance. Shias licking tombs and muslims hugging and kissing in mosques. Catholics doing the same in italy.

    • There was Ayesha Siddiqa (May God be pleased with her) wife of the prophet and daughter of first caliph of Islam. Millions across the world wishes to emulate her character as a daughter, a wife and a good believer. Unfortunately, you carry the same name and I doubt anyone ever wish to be like you as your thought process is in absolute contrast. I’m sure, like taslima nasreen, you too would have brought lot of shame to your parents and all those related to you.
      It’s never too late, make use of your wisdom, know more about the mother of believers whose name you carry, imbibe her character, and become a role model and bring pride to the society you are living in.

  76. Etymology of the word Corona >> “Crown”.
    Etymology of the word Virus >> “Snake”.

    So … The crowning of the serpent.

    Or…. COVID 19

    Break it up.
    “C” is the third letter in the alphabet .

    So , let’s go to Strong’s, Greek, bible concordance #3 …

    “Abaddon” – aka “The angel of the bottomless pit”.

    Now let’s take the letters ‘OVID’ …

    In ancient Latin “Ovid” means ‘Sheep’

    Now, 19 ….

    Let’s go to Strong’s concordance again:
    Strong’s Greek #19 is “Slaughter”.

    Thus : “Abaddon (will) slaughter the sheep”.

    God knows quite well what’s going on .
    So, I’ll continue to take God before your humanistic/rational science – any day of the week

  77. An absolutely skewed and pathetic article, it shows an utter disrespect to people of all faiths, beliefs and religions. Lacks respect for humanity and it lacks common decency. If this is how you plan to build your journalism career than I‘m afraid that there’s very little hope for your future.

  78. Any questioning of religion is always perceived by believers as insult. If you do not agree with the author, answer her points instead of insulting her. Looks like there can never be a debate about religion.

  79. Darwin my foot. He must be as insane as this mindless author. Who is god? Supreme power who created the universe. Apes are creation of god. What is science? The name of the study to understand gods creation is science. God has no name, no appearance or no religion. Stop questioning the faith with your useless knowledge.

  80. I have never seen “theprint” before. Wow…what a way to start! At first, I thought the author was joking around but then realized she was serious. Goodness! You should talk to Ronald Regan’s son and get ready to rot in hell…

  81. God bless all the religious leaders of the world who have taken precautions to save lives during this crisis, lives only they give hope of transcending terror, meaninglessness and loss.

  82. Dear Author,
    The way you have written the article, I believe you are an atheist.

    Well, let me put some light in your dark life.
    First of all, for every creation there is a creator. Human is a creation and the creator is Allah.

    Below is reference for you from Quran(The word of Allah revealed on Prophet Muhammad)

    “Verily We created man from a product of wet earth; then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging; then We fashioned the drop into a clot, then We fashioned the clot into a little lump, then We fashioned the little lump into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators!” [23:12-14]

    In every creation there is a sign of almighty Allah.

    This virus maybe a mercy from Allah or maybe a punishment. Allah knows it better. For a believer, he needs to put his trust in Allah.

    A scientist cannot save your from the death which is destined. It is Allah who can.

    Spare some time and read the holy Quran. I’m sure you will get a lot of logical and scientific answers for your existence than believing in an illogical theory of evolution.

    May Allah guide you, me and whole of humanity to the right path.

    • By your logic every creation has to have a creator right? Then who created Allah? Gods are a creation of man. Don’t just talk what has been taught to you. You need to think on your own and ask questions too.

    • The only thing I would agree with your comment is:
      ‘May Allah guide you, me and whole of humanity to the right path.’

      Apart from that, may be Allah wants a human to help other human instead of constantly bugging Allah. May be what Allah really wants is to stop looking for help from thin air, magic and being lazy and do the real work to find out how to solve our own problems. May be what Allah will be delighted if instead of being wondering who created whom, we care more about no human dies with disease and hatred. Perhaps, Allah already gave humanity enough of wisdom and just want to see how we do on our own and not destroy other other human beings, species and the earth itself. How else Allah should help us when everything is already here and now. So may be it is time to act rather than just hope blindly. May be Allah wants us to always keep learning instead of being dependent on what already is known. What if Allah wants us to do science so that we humanity can evolve and we no longer need to bug Allah for things he can and should not provide.

      Lots of May Be? That is because my guess is as bad as good is your knowledge.

    • Ok. Who created Allah? You will say He is self creation. Logically universe is self creation which always existed.

    • Wow, this sadly proves that this divine virus that is in your head, which controls your mind is incurable.

  83. This is Islamic principal, to lockdown a city in an event of a plague or similar illness and to isolate if someone has a contagious disease.
    God has given us guidance in event of illness like coronvirus.
    No body had abandoned the congregation nor has the congregation abandoned the religion.

  84. Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them out of their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and brake their bands in sunder. Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! For he hath broken the gates of brass, and cut the bars of iron in sunder.
    – Psalms 107:13-16

    We have to bow down to God the creator. Science , and dissrespect of the poor by the weloff people, and the globalistic mindset is the reason as to why all this has come. Its only to the dall people who dosent nkow that billgets and aclick of greedyminded people are bihind this mess in the whole world. Go and see what he said in years back about disease x. Soon you will see new laws enforced worldwide . You want to kill almost all people especially those whom you think are of less value. But God the creator will and now standing against the whiles against His people He with Us . Through Jesus’ Name there is going to be sease the spread of the Virus.

  85. A childish article. Covid-19 is yet to be conquered. It is still in its onset. A man who claims to have explored the universe and conquered the moon is faltering in finding out a cure for the disease. At present people are surviving only because of their inbuilt immunity provided by nature, if not God, if people like this author are shy to acknowledge. God save this world and God save the author.

  86. There are people who are working on a proof of God. Robert Spitzer is a brilliant physicist and a Jesuit priest. You should check him out. He sees no contradiction between Faith and science. Open your mind.

    • Why to work for finding the proof of GOD or the Super Creator?
      You can see the proof every where.

  87. Lord Jesus said Blessed are those who have not seen me but still believe in me. This is the right time to stand strong in faith and prove our faith fullness towards The Lord our God

    • You are so narrow-minded to acknowledge the God. The air that you breath the water that you drink are not created by science.

  88. The article is another arrogant ignorance. It is written with utter disdain. The writer does not understand what religion is all about. Religion NEVER promised crisis free world. I actually envisaged thinking like this. True religion does not suggest immunity to what are considered evils in the world. Rather religion points to how to truly overcome the challenges.
    Someone also mentioned the theory of evolution as nullification of idea of God. Wow! There is need for education for so many arrogant ignoramus.
    A question for the writer, does this pandemic mean failure of science?

  89. You said ‘Diseases are not cured by Allah, God or Bhagwan; diseases are cured by scientists. Human beings are not saved by supernatural powers but by other human beings’. In regards to Coronavirus, many people have recovered at home without the help of scientists through their own inborn God-given immunity over coming Covid-19.
    It’s ironic you believe science here is the silver bullet when several medical people have died of the virus.

    • Not everybody’s immune system overcome Cobid-19. You’ll need medical help to increase your chances of recovery.

    • Immunity is not some god given commodity. Humans like me and you develop it on our own through our daily way of life. There is no god who is building it anywhere.

    • People are recovering at home by taking medicines and following care protocols that were created by scientists. Our immunity has also developed over time / evolution!

    • Isn’t she a happy ghoul? Preening over the thousands dead. I think we should thank that in this time when everyone is coming together helping out each other in calamity that they expose how empty and cold heart they have . What is this? News,? analysis? History? No just gloating over dead bodies .
      Had this wretch taken time to be more involved in Islam she would have found that Allah extorts time and again to find signs of reality of Allah the creator, at various place in the quran he calls upon human to ponder in the existence of mountains, the clouds, the love of a mother bird, the bee, the rain
      The dead, the love between humans, the variety of cultures and races, the any maps which give milk, the ground which goes barren and then comes back alive on first rain, the sleep so much like death that one wakes up revived, the motion and regularity of sun, moon the winds which carry rain and even birth and death even the knowledge of a scholar, he exorts humans to study these and asks are these not the signs of the creator Allah. The prophets all died, lived , endured defeats even in their darkest despair the thanked their creator. The Quran and Bible tell the story of Prophet Yusuf the handsome prince who endured tragedy after tragedy for years from being betrayed by his on brothers the being kidnapped, jailed then released then accused of rape then struck by disease, abandoned by his wife, thrown in garbage where he unable to move and flesh rotting eaten by maggots was still found thanking Allah. Or have you forgotten history? The forefathers of the current Wahabbis 200 years back destroyed the shrine of karbala. That did not stop the piligrims. They killed one of every two piligrims to send message back but people vived to be chosen to be filled . They even put a price of a limb if piligrims wanted to continue still people gave there limbs. More recently the people in Peshawar would take out Muharram processions unarmed even when Taliban shot them year after year even in places where they were firing still people went . The Iran Iraq war lakhs of young men armed only with sticks over took artillery tank columns. Nearly a million were killed but they prevailed. Do you think few thousand deaths will deter their faith.
      The scholars have always told do what is your duty and pray you succeed. But if you do not then exercise patience. In fact patience during helplessness and being thankfulness to Allah in adversity is mark of a believer.

  90. You and your family are alive right now is a proof that your ancestor’s God’s are protecting you. Be thankful for being alive and do not earn the wrath of nature (God). All this disaster is created by you and me and not God. And, now you want a vaccine from God, how selfish.

  91. Well said. Religion is a con that has continued long past its sell-by date. Tax exemptions only continue to prolong it.

  92. Divine: It’s the ultimate entity one reaches to find a solution by mind or by a symbol. Through ages, huge amount of human lives were lost in the name of religious symbolism and rituals. Now, in this digital era, current ‘corona’ turbulence will create a new perception on life and after-life.

  93. Ignorance is not a Crime. Who gave intelligence to scientists. This kind of disasters will increase in the coming years. The reason is Atheism, Idol worship, Extra marital affairs, homosexuality, wars, terrorism, rapes etc. It is not God’s punishment, but God has taken away his protection for some time. Appointment sheri

  94. Ignorance is not a Crime. Who gave intelligence to scientists. This kind of disasters will increase in the coming years. The reason is Atheism, Idol worship, Extra marital affairs, homosexuality, wars, terrorism, rapes etc. It is not God’s punishment, but God has taken away his protection for some time.

  95. My dear sister who put this news. Ignorance is not a Crime. Who gave intelligence to scientists. This kind of disasters will increase in the coming years. The reason is Atheism, Idol worship, Extra marital affairs, homosexuality, wars, terrorism, rapes etc. It is not God’s punishment, but God has taken away his protection for some time.

  96. My dear sister who put this news. Ignorance is not a Crime. Who gave intelligence to scientists. This kind of disasters will increase in the coming years. The reason is Atheism, Idol worship, Extra marital affairs, homosexuality, wars, terrorism, rapes etc…It is not God’s punishment, but God has taken away his protection for some time.

  97. I don’t know that you area believer or an atheist….. u are blaming all the religions. A true believer can understand what is happening around. I don’t know how can u make such a comment in this tragic situation. It’s better to have introspection.

  98. My sister i don’t know what made you write such a hateful article about God.People are not allowed to enter masjid because one of man may have covid-19 and may transfer it to others.In the religion of Islam if you even save one life it is equal to saving whole humanity(surah-5) and talking about “God not curing Covid-19”.My sister Covid-19 is a test from God for the people of faith and for the humanity as Allah says in the quran “we will surely test them to make evident of who are steadfast and those who lie” and indeed cure lies in the will of God.So my sister take heed and please be not among the ignorant and among the rebellious who will not be granted respite on the day of jugdment for it is the reality and Allah says the worldly life is nothing but lie and delusion.

  99. You must know who you are ? First
    The creator of heaven and earth is not answer abl to you ? Are you geater than the creator ?
    You must have lost faith or mental balance or either or both ,

  100. Are you dumb ??!! The writer of this blog shud be ashamed to write fake news..tawaf is not stoped.only the ground floor is vacant cz of cleaning provces.umrah n tawaf still going on on rest of the there is no entry of non arabs to perform umrah bt citizens and people living n working nearby can perform.its a safety precaution taken by the govt to stop spreading of the virus. Not like ur india which cant stop prayers in mandirs .. it wont be a shock when the number of cases in india increase..

  101. All those who are abusing the author should arrange a party of C virus infected persons with party caption as wine, embrace and dance. I am sure they soon would be flying high to meet in person their respective GODs.

  102. The author in the name of freedom of speech has resorted to abuse of religion and sacred places. If she has the right to freedom of speech, then what should stop me from expressing my anger on her in the name of freedom of expression? The whole world is worried about the virus , who created it? scientists? governments? Darwin? no doubt created by Someone we call Almighty ALLAH. Its cure also lies with HIM, scientists are just mediators. Who has created the neural network of the brain and its functioning. Open your eyes. The author is hurt by her personal experiences but that doesn’t warrant her to spew venom about religion and Islam in particular. Tsunami, diseases other calamities are not man made. They are for a purpose created by Almighty. One has to rely on Almighty more than calling others to denounce religion and its best practices. False beliefs and superstitions should be however be shunned always while looking for right way of prayers. Quarantine is a best practice of Islam.

  103. There can’t be a better truth than ” the gods flee first”. However for believers there are numerous cases to keep them confused and continue trusting imaginations. C virus has indeed woken up and activated the sleeping KUMBHKARANs in people who had been ignoring the hygienic practices in favor of CHALTA hai. So all is not bad contributed by the C virus.


    • As this is your personal opinion, so no one can deny your feeling and what you tried to express cannot be everyone’s feelings as well.
      God didn’t flee from any where……May be we need a proper concept of what is God and where he lies.
      If somone doesn’t pray in mosques, churches or elsewhere; doesn’t mean there is no God.
      There were many other instances in our daily life where we can say God had already flew…..from our hearts. We are just worshipping our self made Gods.
      Just look around, other than Corona issue…… Was there any God…….whom we were really worshipping as God?


    • You are a fit case to become C virus bomb to be dropped by ISIS. I was wondering why Pakistan’s ISI has not created C human bombs and dropped them in India with C love letters.

  106. My words in support of non-existence of any convincing evidence that there is a supreme being , even if there is something, that it cares about the mundane nature of a typical person’s requirements. Since the dawn of photographic/video recording of events, there has been NO indisputable, unquestionable recording of the presence of any being intervening in any event [man-made horrors or natural calamities]

    Nazis gassed 20 thousand children every single day for nearly 4 long years. No supreme being can hide under any excuse for not intervening and stopping this attempted extermination. Krishna [as an example] cant use the logic that, I can see this happening [all knowing, omnipresent god], but I will not intervene because they are not my ‘bhakts’.

    The tsunami on the Indian ocean and later in Japan, No supreme being came to stop or ‘lift the land’ out of harms way. There are so many legends of frankly unrealistic stories across the world of ‘their Gods’ doing , nothing in the last 150 years. There isn’t going to be any, coz there is none.

    Humanity – Stop wasting your time, energy, resources trying to live in the past. Move on, educate and liberate yourself from irrationality. That’s the ultimate freedom.

  107. I am really sad to read this entire piece. I know, as a writer you are entitled to your own opinions but they don’t have to pose questions that are so vague. You are legit questioning 80% people’s choices about the Almighty. God/Bhagwan/Allah do not make elixirs to save humankind from deadly diseases. The Supreme Energy exists to give you strength from within to fight deadly diseases. Our immune system is wonder in itself and definitely your ancestors didn’t make create you unless it was for the Supreme Being. Get a hold of who we are. COVID-19 is a new issue anyway, but there have been wars and epidemics earlier which started and ended (some Wars haven’t ended yet) and people still believe in the Almighty. Your article has hollow, vague, and utterly useless and mindless questions. Sorry

  108. Perhaps because the duty of religion in to lead people through their believes and hopes rather than through pure law.

    Many people get the sense of comfort from religion more than from the police or any governmental body and as such they, the religious leaders, have to take steps to ensure the safety of the believers.

    The point of gods is not to give miracle cures but to provide sense of unity with local community and to support people is such way that panic is reduced and acceptance of measures is accepted.

    As such the religious bodies have taken fairly good approach.

    …. Plus… Puting masks on holy statues is surprisingly logical since it clearly communicates what one mist do in the pandemic.

  109. Warns of floods + food shortages . Only people with a mark on their arm will be able to get food. All somewhere in the Bible. How low to blame God.

  110. Let’s not hate, but disagree with controversial author. So, wait for Print to publish a counter. In the film OMG the dialogue “we are not God loving, but fearing people which is what is getting exploited by those who are managing the affairs of temple and of course we have politicians who are always there to exploit our belief and faith, very well play the role of dividing us using God and religion. In fact, we in India has unique distinction of electing a government which has exploited one particular God and has come to power. Unless we find some who can remove the myth that we don’t need a broker to connect to God instead we can connect directly do by performing our duty. The place of worship is only to discipline our mind to keep away from distraction. God is omnipresent and it should be our choice to connect with him at home or a particular place called “place of worship”.

  111. Ms Nasreen literally begged the Indian Govt for temporarily granting asylum. Now targeting the pandits, temples, Priests and Maulvi’s will fuel more hatred on her part. Moreover her inertia towards religion is well known as she had denounced Allah/God’s / Bhagwans etc on her personal grounds. Hence scoring on religious believes is unnecessary and she should refrain from such views in future. Its the same Indian’s who granted her the permit to stay and the ones with varied belief’s. If she feels she is a product of interface of her parents genetically developed from a scientific experiment, its upto her to consume such view’s, why she is leveling her’s on the masses. The iconic religious establishments on earth from various faiths have not shut down as God’s are on run, instead it is to abide with the basic principle of keeping the epidemic at distance. Remember the famous line “Precaution is better than cure”, hope Ms. Nasreen remember’s this. I feel Ms. Nasreen remains a fugitive on run from the country of her birth and can understand her agony towards religion and its belief’s as she feels abundant by the Almighty. Although this is not the case. She has the blessings of the creator of the Universe and that’s why she is living a life to her length. I am sure she will be facing the Almighty with all the negativity she inherited in her life to set her accountability.

  112. It can be argued that God is helping the human race through these scientists to find a cure for this virus.

  113. She is one type of cronavirus to human needs of religion. Very soon the nature itself will cure both the viruses , New ones will come and so the cure.

  114. Absolute bullshit! Nonsense! A person with common sense will know places where people gather in huge numbers should be avoided at this moment.

    Gods don’t have to flee. Nature takes its course and God is Nature Himself. I appreciate priests putting masks on the God Himself, bcoz that’s the kind of connectivity, love and affection they have towards God. People don’t seem to understand basics of spirituality. Irrespective of any religion, if love towards God and Nature is absent, only such BS articles will show up.

  115. What a breath of fresh air. After reading Jyoti malhotra every week and her ranting against everything India does, it is so refreshing to read an author who is down to earth and is never scared to tell the truth.

  116. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

    “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.” (Reported by Bukhari and Muslim.)

    The Scientific Fact:

    Modern science now understands the ways in which microorganisms multiply and the diseases they cause. Scientists affirm that healthy people who have no symptoms in the place of plague are already carrying the microbe and so they represent a real threat because they may transfer the plague to another place if they move to it.

    Thus, this system of quarantine, in which all the people of the city that suffers from plague are prevented from leaving, and visitors are also prevented from entering, has now been established worldwide. In the 15th century, plague hit Europe causing the death of a quarter of its citizens. At that time, plagues and contagious diseases were much less in the Muslim world.

    Facets of Scientific Inimitability:

    At the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as well as before and after his time until Pasteur managed to discover the existence of microbes, people used to think that diseases were caused by devils, demons, and stars. That is they were not related to cleanliness or certain behaviors; thus, they resorted to sorcery and magic as a remedy.

    In such an environment, the Prophet (peace be upon him) established the system of quarantine which is considered the basis of modern preventative medicine after the discovery of the microbes that cause diseases and plagues. The Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered his Companions: “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.” In order to make sure that his order would be carried out properly, he (peace be upon him) established a wall around the area of the plague and promised those who are patient and stay in the area of the plague with the reward of the martyrs, and those who run away from it were promised doom and perdition. Thus, he (peace be upon him) said: “He who runs away from the place of the plague is like the one running away from fighting in the cause of Allah and he who forbears it and stays where he is, he will be rewarded with the reward of a martyr.”

    If a healthy person was asked two hundred years ago to stay with the sick people in a plague area, he would have considered this some kind of nonsense and in response to his desire to live he would have run away to another place. Only Muslims did not run away and leave at the time of plague in compliance with the order of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Non-Muslims mocked them for this act until it was later discovered that those who appear to be healthy with no symptoms, are the germ carriers who might transfer the plague to another place if they moved to it. They would move freely and mingle with healthy people, so they might cause them to catch the disease.

    Who told the Prophet (peace be upon him) this fact? Could a human being know something like this fourteen centuries ago, or is it revelation from the All-Knowing, the Almighty Allah. Allah, the Almighty, says:

    وَقُلِ الْحَمْدُ لِلَّـهِ سَيُرِ‌يكُمْ آيَاتِهِ فَتَعْرِ‌فُونَهَا ۚ وَمَا رَ‌بُّكَ بِغَافِلٍ عَمَّا تَعْمَلُونَ

    And say, “[All] praise is [due] to Allah. He will show you His signs, and you will recognize them. And your Lord is not unaware of what you do.”

    The Noble Qur’an, Surat An-Naml, Verse 93
    Plzzz try to do your homework properly Prophet himself advised people to stay at home in such a situation…….do proper research before jst typing things ok?

  117. Great article! I hope people will open their eyes and see the so-called gods and their representatives run as soon as the calamity strikes. It’s time people to shun their blind faiths in gods and religion and support science and rational thinking. This world would be a better place then!

    • Mr. & Ms All. This virus test is from God. So shut the up your mouths and try to repent ur sins. HE warns you that u shd come clean to him coz God loves u despite hw unthankful and stupid u are. He knows u well inside out coz HE created u. God is never on run it is the minuscule you that is trying to out run HIS grip. “God created us all and to HIM is our return”. See u on the otherside

      • I can’t help but feel that you’re high on mushrooms like other priests who wrote these nonsense books so that morons like you can be kept in mental slavery. Enjoy it and keep barking about it. Scientists will find a vaccine for a cure for coronavirus soon but there will be no cure for your ignorance.

        • God said: Indeed, they were not expecting an account, And denied Our verses with [emphatic] denial.
          Indeed, We have warned you of a near punishment on the Day when a man will observe what his hands have put forth and the disbeliever will say, “Oh, I wish that I were dust!”

  118. I had a remote sense of respect for this lady for her persecution by Bangladesh government. But that is completely lost with this terrible article. She has no clue about traditions, religions, science, medicine, or philsophies. She has picked up a very slim reed to disprove god and surely sinks.

  119. The author has demonstrated a very poor understanding of religion and possibly has an Atheist mindset. In the context of Islam, God doesnt lives in mosques or Mecca. They are places designted for woshipping. He is defined as All Encompassing of everything.He created including the Universe or multi-verse as we know it now. Quran says there is no calamity that befalls humans except with the decree of God whether its natural disaster, calamity or pandemic. Muslims are encouraged to seek help from people of knowledge doctors, scientists and professionals as Nothing from the knowledge of the All Knowing God reaches humanity except by His will. Being religious doesnt means throwing caution to the wind. As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said Tie your camel and put your trust in Allah.

  120. I am surprised to read the comments from few, bashing the author.
    Religion indeed a fairy tale and man made nonsense. It serves no purpose, but setting a group of people against another group. It’s a riot cause of all evil (across time) and another root cause which is a derivation of this is : Politics.
    Remove these two and replace the same with Humanity and see the difference it will bring to our lives.
    Main purpose of life is to be happy and spread happiness. I am sure most will agree that Religion and Politics do not achieve that.

  121. You are essentially barking up the wrong tree. We Print readers belong to the class which continues to benefit from God, religion, superstitions etc. We know what is what. No confusion.

  122. Mr Avinash, ” closed because of comunity spread?”, Aren’t temples , churches, mosques supposed to be place where we try to find ‘ god’ . Since they are ‘ supposedly’ god’s place don’t you think they should be averse to human induced calamities ? and people should go there to protect themselves from whatever it is!!!

  123. I haven’t stopped participating at mass. Nor has there been a drop in the numbers at my local parish.
    Darwin gave a theory, he never disproved God. Copernicus scientifically explained that the earth goes round the sun, the Bible isn’t a textbook on physics though.
    A farmer cannot use his tools to treat a patient at a hospital nor can a surgeon reap crops with his forceps.
    Science is a tool and it has its limitations and till science cannot disprove God’s existence, it doesn’t have much to either challenge those who believe in Him.
    One cannot make music holding two stones in one’s hands….one can though throw it at a window and cause a loud noise, that’s all what this article has done for the writer.

  124. Here she comes ranting again. Honestly, if you are good at nothing start attacking religions to hog the limelight. Anyways when is she begging again for a visa extension from the Hindutva government.

  125. Please note that Indian government is not giving any subsidy to such they are looting temple income as they come under endowment department and using that money for other religion. What ever is said above is applicable for minority temples in India.

  126. Believing in God does not mean leaving the pursuit of tangible means.
    Going by her logic, believers should stop eating and have faith God will satiate them Or leave their homes unlocked all the time hoping safety !
    Belief is to pursue material means and have faith.

    • Good Afternoon writer ,
      You must have been mistaken alot in thinking lately. How wouldn’t you, you have alot of free time in your hands. Do wash your hand regularly
      I don’t appreciate you being this salty of our religion but all is well ” if you don’t like, question yourself first before you act” that’s a great saying there. Don’t just speculate and assume as u please. As per our religion, will handle it as what seems fit. Stay out of it or even better take a closer look.
      Even if religious isn’t practice at mosques and most are under shut down. If you really take the time to dig further you would have realized that we still practice our religion in these hard times and in fact it made us realize alot more than we let on . Makkah may stopped people to make umrah all day but prayer in the holy mosque is still there . Mosque may cancel Friday PRAYER gathering and ask people to pray at home , Azan is still heard 5 times a day , Kutba after prayer is still going and Imam duaa is heard in every HOME. Proves that our religion is engraved in our heart and mind and shines brighter even more than ever. Muslims and Muslimah now look after one another even more theses days. Family gather for all the 3 meals and far relatives calling every other day, friend you haven’t heard of them in years remember you and try to reach you, you have the longest call and actually enjoy family gathering. This shut down made our bond with one another even more stronger. I mean it’s was always there, but we mostly unintentionally took it for granted with work, schools, bills etc. It was hard to even make time for them leave alone time for yourself.
      Look at us Now we have all the time for our loved ones without monthly plans or quick visits .
      The greatest mistake this article has is that it’s understamates the power and strength in our religion and within its people.
      Our government asked us to stay at home and avoid going outside to protect ourself and our dear ones. Our religion doesn’t ask us make irrational decisions and endanger our lives or loved one especially others as well. Despite that we indeed still continue practice our religion in our respective homes. Every each household together and all united in our religion Islam . Praying together with our families and children after Azan, making duaa everyday and learning and reciting Quran. ALHAMDULILALLAH
      And one more thing about the cure ! Isn’t it silly of you to think that if you always ask for every single thing and expect to get it, you should get it. Every single parents would flip if they heard u say that.
      Allah swt is all seeing and all knowing. He is closer to us more than our jugular vain. Subhanaallah
      If you read this, I hope you reassess your allegations.
      OH and have a great day, from a muslimah

  127. Ms. Taslima has stated some facts. She believes in humanity and not religious Gods, who has apparently failed in the current situation. All those high places of various religions have proved her point by shutting/restricting entrance/prayers.

  128. Maam,
    When nothing is in human hands. God gives HOPE and that hope is very important in evolution otherwise science will also not exist.
    So science and religion(Not hard core fundamentalist which is interest motivated) can cohabit.

  129. A nice and logical critique of the myth of a god. This myth has become an addiction and Marx rightly called it opium. Poverty and illiteracy are the grounds that sustain these myths of god and religion. I demand of the State to ban public display of all religious activities to start with and take up programmes to disabuse the citizens’ minds about the non-existing god.

    • pretty biased response to a pretty biased article. The writer and the commentator have no idea that religious sentiments are not the result of poverty or illiteracy, but a primordial urge of the human person. The expressions may range from the superstitious to the most enlightened; but denying the fire that is deep within is blind.

  130. The article could have been rubbished if editor had even a vague idea of a huge extant literature on anthropology & psychology of religion. This is just a rant devoid of any substance, missing even a shred of due diligence done on part of author as well as editor. The point is not to justify theism but a offensive jabber like this is just a pure disservice to agnosticism and atheism driving people away from it rather than toleration of the same . Negative journalism is counter to journalism ethics, the very essence of your (The Print) existence in 1st place.

  131. This is a very narrow-minded approach to divinity. Temples, mosques and churches are closed not because of Gods inability to protect the people but because of fears of community spread. The same reasons why malls, pubs and bars are closed.
    It is very less intelligent to conclude that God does not exist or does not care about this world by one coronavirus outbreak. There is so much sufering in this world and thousands of people die every day and millions catch some deadly disease. There are several calamities happening as we speak. The problem of evil has always been there and this corona outbreak does not change anything in that perspective.

    The problem of evil is not because of the absence or negligence of God it is a part of the effort by him to chastise people and bring them back on track. In the Christain faith, it is said that ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. And the Vedic followers call it the laws of karma. Before blaming God for this outbreak let us analyse our own activities in the last several years.

    We have taken all efforts to hurt mother nature by cutting down trees, increasing the emissions exponentially and polluting the whole world. Millions of animals are slaughtered every day for the satisfaction of the tongues. The violence and cruelty are unbelievable. The exploitation of several people still continue and we ourselves invent means to create more problems for everyone on the earth. This fact is well documented and there are several more examples out there.
    By the laws of God the mother nature tries to return the favour through natural calamities and epidemics which cause lot of destruction. As long as human being stop being greedy and stop exploiting the nature and other beings for their own gratification thiese things are bound to happen.

    In conclusion God himself facilitates these problems as a chastisement for the human race just like a father sometimes chastises his children for misbehaviour. Finally, one has to use his human life to cultivate the love of God and go to transcendence. This world is just a temporary place for the soul to practice developing love of God. Temples, mosques and churches are like the universities for this purpose. The real success of these institutions is how much the person has suceeded in destroying his vices and increasing is love for God.

  132. what BS is this? There is a limit where you can claim
    freedom to offend,We are living through an existential crisis
    and the Ms Nasreen seems to be happy scoring brownie points,
    The Vatican, Mecca, and places of worship have taken steps to reduce transmission
    going against their usual practises, they should be appreciated not mocked.
    The Church runs a lot of charities and hospitals which have been
    the forefront of the battle against many diseases, Even if it’s against the innate nature of Ms Nasreen to
    appreciate the good of others, she can at least refrain from unnecessary inflammatory comments.
    Again what great service has Taslima Nasreen offered to mankind? considering her vitriol, she can
    also, be criticised for living off governments largesse.
    Maybe she has discovered that making offensive statements is the best way to stay relevant
    Largesse. The freedom to speak should not be taken as a license to offend

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