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Coronavirus is Pakistan’s debt for lifelong rejection of Darwin

Good news: Pakistan hasn't ordered a shipload of Ajwa-Khajoor, touted as cure for all diseases by Imran Khan's staunch ally, Maulana Tariq Jameel.

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Charles Darwin is a name Pakistanis are taught to hate. School teachers and university professors tasked with teaching his evolutionary theory usually skip the subject or, if they go ahead, first soften it with a ton of scorn. A commonly used biology school textbook rubbishes the theory, claiming that evolution of species is tantamount to assuming that “a motor car is evolved” when two rickshaws collide. Imran Khan, in his 2002 article, blamed the West’s follies upon, “Philosophers like Darwin, who with his half-baked theory of evolution had supposedly disproved the creation of men and hence religion, were read and revered”.

With the corona apocalypse looming ahead, it doesn’t matter that Darwin was a naturalist, biologist and geologist rather than philosopher. It also doesn’t matter that Darwin gets lashed regularly by Christian, Jewish and Hindu fundamentalists as well. Yet every hope for dealing with today’s rogue virus rests squarely upon Darwin’s 200-year-old discovery of the principle of natural selection.

In a nutshell: natural selection says that life on Earth didn’t come pre-purposed and pre-formed, as tradition insists. Instead, it holds that, whether for man or microbe, only those forms of life best adapted to a specific environment survive while all others die away. Most crucially, evolution maintains that new kinds of life and new molecules randomly appear. A few — like coronavirus — will chance upon some suitable animal or human cell and thrive.

Not convinced? Then get yourself some slides and a powerful microscope — actually, a million-dollar electron microscope would work best. Then wait and watch as cells reproduce. You will soon see some that are imperfect copies. While most bad ones die away, a few survive and then proliferate.

This, for example, is how cancerous cells form. Experiments at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre show exactly how certain common species of bacteria respond when their environment is changed. This led distinguished molecular biologist, Harmit Malik, to remark that natural evolution is “the world’s definitive game of cat and mouse. Viruses evolve, the host adapts, proteins change, viruses evade them. It never ends”.

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Darwinian selection is as fundamental to biology as Newton’s Law is to physics. Denying the theory of gravity will not cause gravity to disappear. However, it will certainly destroy our ability to do physics. Similarly, not teaching evolutionary theory won’t stop brand new forms of viruses from emerging. But then forget about any scientific approach to diseases and epidemics.

Without Darwinian selection one can’t even begin to understand microbial-host interaction, the evolution of pathogens, or start developing drug and vaccines. So go ahead and blame Darwin for inventing the notion that only the fittest survive. But then also punish Newton because apples insist on falling downward rather than rising upward.

Now the good news: most educated people are beginning to understand why scientific approaches work and unscientific ones don’t. Better still, even ultra-conservative and science-rejecting world leaders are now begging scientists to speed up the rescue work. For all their talks about faith and calls to bang utensils or clap from balconies, they end up pleading for anti-coronavirus vaccines and drugs. Bluff, bluster and bombast have limits.

Take Narendra Modi and his claims of ancient India’s vast medical expertise. For years he and his Hindutva crew have dwelt upon the therapeutic powers of gaumutra (cow urine) while also extolling ayurveda and yoga. But India is not calling for emergency dispatches of ‘Cow-ka-Cola’ and dung to India’s most affected areas.

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On our side of the border we have yet to order a shipload of Ajwa-Khajoor (dates from Ajwa in Saudi Arabia) touted as cure for all diseases by Maulana Tariq Jameel, Pakistan’s most popular preacher and a staunch Imran Khan ally. Nor is the government arranging sacrifices of a million kala bakras or mass importing olive oil and kalonji.

Instead, the mood is sober and reflective in all power centres. Last Saturday, Pope Francis held a dramatic, solitary prayer service at the Vatican. Speaking to an eerily empty square, he urged the world to see the Covid-19 pandemic as a test of solidarity. Three hundred years ago, the Church finally gave up attributing plagues and natural catastrophes to divine punishment.

Iran has learned a bitter lesson as well. Last month, its religious authorities recognised they had made a colossal blunder by initially allowing pilgrims to visit shrines in Qom and Mashhad. This permission was later rescinded but Iran has reported over 3,000 dead and the disease has spilled over into Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The shocker, however, was Saudi Arabia’s suspension of umrah, followed by an announcement that a decision on Haj will be taken soon. This is very wise. Getting millions together — who would subsequently spread the virus in their home countries — could be just as serious as dropping an atomic bomb on each Muslim capital. Consider, for example, that in the middle of the 14th century more than half the population of England died, and that 25m perished in various parts of Europe.

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What if this year’s Haj was under Imran Khan rather than Mohammad bin Salman? Would he have waffled there as indeed he has in Pakistan? The PTI government has seriously downplayed the seriousness of the situation. Although Tablighi Jamaat congregations have finally been banned, the damage has already been done. Shrine visits still continue.

Fortunately, the Sindh and Balochistan governments have shown more resolve. Moreover, the military seems to be taking orders from somewhere other than the government and is forcibly shutting down possible infection hotspots. Checkpoints now dot cities across Pakistan, somewhat inhibiting the free flow of people and the viruses they carry. Whether this will suffice remains to be seen.

Thanks to biological science — the foundation of which was laid by Charles Darwin — the coronavirus will eventually turn out to be a deadly but controllable affair. Its final worldwide death toll may run into many tens, or perhaps hundreds, of thousands. Still, compared to the toll exacted by pre-scientific era plagues, this will be small. Your life may well be saved by some yet to be invented drug or vaccine. All beneficiaries of modern medicine should surely forgive Darwin for his supposed transgressions.

The writer teaches physics in Lahore and Islamabad. Views are personal.

This article was first published in Dawn.

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  1. I started to read your article amd lost it with the opening facts. “Taught to hate Charles Darwin”. Realistically most wont know who Charles is. Coming from Pak I have read Darwins theory. However, I did spare time to read the article and couldnt clearly understand the point you are trying to make. All i got was that you are using Darwins name along with some twisted facts to conclude that Imran and Pakistan doesnt understand what Corona is and your side or border is very well aware of how to manage it. I see some defense points using cow muttar analogies as well. Would have be clearer if you instead of presenting some anecdotal and unverifiable arguments could have pointed to real information. It seems more like your opinion instead of analysis. The truth that both Pakistanis and Indians know that we have a long way to go to call our selves as sucessful countries. We could be better people if we actually work for progress our own country instead of creating the perception that others are lagging

  2. As a science geek, I applaud your sentiments towards the”Survival of the fittest theory”
    At the same time I request you to not mock at other channels of medications (even if you consider them as age old myths)
    1) We do not have any idea about the age old practices as most of them are unknown to us today.
    2) “Bodhidharma” a name that factually proves our incapacity to understand ancient medical techniques(like Ayurveda, Siddha, Yunani, Yoga, etc)
    3) The reason for the world to depend on the current system of medication and giving less focus to the ancient ones does in no way portraits the weakness of those systems.
    While many factors can be attributed to the lack of support for ancient medical therapy, the core reason lies behind the growing westernization of the people instead of getting modernized.

  3. As an advocate of Science, the least one expects from the writer is not to be so judgemental,while expressing his opinion. Your ‘Ode to Darwin’ is not only full of misconceptions, but also seems like one of your other failed attempts to belittle religion, and a few select people.

  4. After all Paki bigot failed to hide behind his MIT degree.
    Candles/Light flashing for showing solidarity not for killing virus even uneducated person got it but not this Paki scholar.
    Likewise for clapping and Thali bangs to appreciate the health workers not to scare away virus as Paki mental level failed to comprehend.
    Gau mutra or camel urine of Islamic cult is not main stream which is common sense but not so common in Paki Scholar!
    Hinduism is more than 8-10,000 years old and lots of thing proved truth and being from science fraternity he might have known them but personal enimity to Indian PM Modi clouded his wisdom if have some.
    Uni degree or govt rank does not mean GENIUS or SCHOLAR definitely not a WRITER!!

  5. Clanging utensils and clapping from balconies was NEVER meant to be a cure for the virus. The idea was to cheer our health workers. Neither Modi nor did the govt ever say cow urine is a cure for the virus. Anybody who disagrees should offer proof that they did. That said, it is proven beyond doubt that gau mutra has some anti microbial properties. Still nobody of any consequence said it’s a coronavirus cure. It’s certainly not the govt’s stand. As far Darwin, his theory is perhaps the ‘best fit’ answer but not proof beyond doubt. Anyway, it doesn’t explain aspects such as evolution of consciousness, love, feelings etc. As the theory could be right, wrong or half-right.
    This is just for the record.

  6. Go mutra is not Darwin theory- just like 99% of terrorists Of the world don’t represent Islam in general , few BJP people actually the numbers are tens , not even hundreds , don’t represent Hinduism. Hinduism is actually supports and in line with Darwin theory – the ten Avatars (Dashavatara) of the Hindu scriptures the order of avatars is strangely similar if not same as Darwin theory, like Starting with Fish , Turtle , then mammal of boar, then man-lion being , followed by Dwarfs and not to mention Ape like humans like Hanumans.

  7. I hold Prof Hoodbhoy in high regards. In one of his talks he has himself admitted that in general Indians have better scientific temper than Pakistanis. He credits this to early secularists like Nehru. I don’t think so. I think it’s simply because today’s India has a larger and much more thriving middle class while Pakistan has largely remained feudal. In this article there seems to be a balancing act of shaming Hindus which might be because the author hates Modi or he generally assumes most people who vote for Modi are hardliner Hindus which is hardly true or maybe he is doing it simply to please his domestic audience. In any case sir, we Indians won’t mind, after all there’s always room to improve.
    Just one thing, sir, maybe just maybe consider that if you don’t do the balancing act, your article might actually change the mindsets of many people specially young Pakistanis, while such an article would offend bigots of both sides but will have no impact at all. The choice is yours.
    We keep inviting you to our universities. Why don’t you criticise our bigots there. Anyway those are the real future of India.
    Much love.

  8. A typical article by an author who has wandering thoughts. Doesn’t know where he is heading to.

  9. Wow.. does the writer sound any more impartial towards PTI or religion?! FYI, we studied evolution not enshrouded in hatred or with the undertone of cynicism. Mr writer, you should know better than to write such a slanderous and off putting statement! Didnt even finish reading the aricle. Completely disregarding your article or in other words your “opinion”.. do better next time.

  10. So are you proud to be one of those geneouses who believe that “Self-Organized Criticality” and the “Edge of Chaos” and all other attractors to achieve or maintain an order whether in physics, biology, geology or society are all by “its self”…I would request to be loyal to your concious and Start asking “Why” to each answer, and you’ll get there. As you said in your text denial doesn’t make something disappear.

  11. Politics and religion has a symbiotic relationship. Relationship of politics with science is problematic. Trust science will continue to fight viruses etc inspite of this.

  12. For frog the pond is the whole universe, and he is also very confident while screaming traaan…. Traaaaan. Just ignore.

  13. Politics, religion and science could never become bedfellows. But rest assured that science will continue to do its duty in silence.

  14. 1 Darwins theory is a theory not a law like newtonian law ,u can not compare theory with laws of physics,dorwanian theory could not be proved yet
    2 most viral diseases especially those who do not have antivirals are fought by our immune system like, t cells ,b cells ,antibodies,cytokines and if u read about these body defences how they are synthesised ,how they work,and how specific are they in that they do not damage our normal cells and attack only foreign parasites ; u ll b surprised how our body works and what a great defense god has provided us,ask those who have lost it because of immunocompromise like hiv ,no antiviral,no vaccine ,no antibiotic is able to protect them from microbes ,signifying the role of our defense system
    3 some foods have immunomodulator action like dates ,colongi,vitamin c rich food,hence nothing wrong in using them and it is not unscietific

  15. Why Pakistani writer dragged Hinduism in the above article. We were learned Darwin and did not escaped from his theory.

    • He dragged it quite rightfully because we also follow pseudoscience. Modi government has been pushing Ayurveda as a legitimate science, which it is not.
      But when a real catastrophe hit, everyone came to their senses. Nobody, even in BJP, really expects Go-mutra to cure anything. It is just political drama.
      This is same as Islamic Clerics. They all came to their senses when the deaths started piling up.

      • First, Aurveda is an ancient Indian science.
        Second, Darwin is tought in Indian text books and is not scorned in the classrooms.

  16. Darwin theory is a theory which might not b perfect snd we are not taught to hate. Its just rubbish to say. Religion never ask to abandon available sources. Hood byi is happy that world is looking towards scientists instead of God but science will never come up with anything from non existance as God does. Science will take the substance provided by God in universe to treat corons

  17. How pathetic of an article to downplay the nation’s best leader and the most favorite religious leader Molana tariq jameel sahib. The words are oozing out only contempt and hate and a far cry from reality.

  18. First, Darwin and evolution is taught. I remember being taught this in Masters. I teach it to my O level and AP Biology students. It is taught in Pakistani Colleges as well. Please stop spreading lies.

  19. The writer is a biased person. He is based against Pak Armed forces, Islam, any neutral/sane voice, Pakistan and Imran Khan.
    He will always drive against the flow and gets hit by many. This is how he tries to get cheap popularity. He should confine himself to Physics only and must avoid spreading the shit. If you have the potential then achieve something like Dr Abdus Salam and make us all proud.

  20. This article on Darwin is written by jews media cell headquarter Viana. It is published in many newspapers etc. Jews always do this thing. They come up with new ideology after every 50 to 100 years to confuse the non jews. Remember Carl marks , Darwin etc all are jew originally

  21. Ajwa still better than having piss bath. Thank you for theb common courtesy, i must propogate the same. Go corona go will only spread more cornona as so called illiterate and miss managed people and hate preaching government are still breathing the corona air that is being spread while saying GO corona. marrying a tree, putting cow dunk on head and spraying piss wouldn’t spread love. I guess pandits and sadhus of india should stop their circus and for once be honest to their people. World thinks these people are jokes. but i think its dangerous for your government to spread dunk i mean cure in that manner

    • One should know the difference between criticism and hate… You are so full of hatred that everything will go over your head… I don’t believe in religion… So nothing to support religion here… But hatred inside you is the sickness of this world.. And do i need to point out ignorance you have… Just try to see things without your glasses and stop destroying the world cause you think yoir way and cause is superior.

      • Very rightly responnded.
        Criticism is acceptable
        But the hatred towards anyone is not acceptable

    • Lol Islam is a religion which preaches blood blath. Be it blood of animal or blood of uterus. Prophet was a pedophile.

    • Terrorists are not born, instead they are cultured to a terrorist. The hate society and nonscientific fundamental blind faith on something will only lead to terrorism and finally to a failed state. Reading a wrong history can not elevate some one to a better spot rather the day the will understand the truth the time is over. So failed state which has no contribution to the world except terrorism should not speak louder.

  22. We are NOT taught to hate Darwin’s theory. It’s a theory and we’re educated about it because every theory has some truth in it. It may or may not coincide with different religions but that is none of your business. To say that an entire country is taught to hate a man whose name will keep going strong in history is absurd. Where did you get your info. Also, IK (if you mean the PM) is an educated man who has also been the Vice Chancellor of Oxford university. So how can I man like that shun science. You didn’t even cite your sources. Please next time when you right something do your search and cite your sources. Thank you

  23. Darwin sarwin to dekha jayega par yha par bhi logo ne hindu muslim start krdiya btw dont judge me by name

  24. Like wise hood, that also proves you are a parasite!! I think other messeges had already disgusted you, what a moron.

  25. Covid-19 is hard hitting those countries and governments which more or less believe to agree with Charles Darwin.The theory is believed by athiests, not by those who have common believe on religion and society norms. Thank God most of the population in the globe believe on religion otherwise this Charles Darwin would have led them go astray.

  26. The people responsible for all this mess in the first place are those Chinese people who sold and ate wild animals and as far as I know, they are not religious at all. Dumb people would do dumb stuff, has nothing to do with their religion.

  27. First of all the author went through Darwin only to make his point that Imran Khan and Maulana Tariq are wrong but the Sindh and Balochistan government is right. If true, why is Sindh having more coronavirus cases and where are all the ration bags that were promised by CM Murad because many daily wagers are complaining in this region. And if you’re ready to believe a government that always lies and does corruption, we don’t. Unlike you, we are not blinded by science to believe those who only blabbered all these decades of their power but made no substantial improvement in the region. Secondly, how is it Imran Khan’s fault? The matric system in Pakistan was long introduced by the Bhuttos, and if you’re bashing why no one taught the Darwin theory then please also criticise why everyone had to learn “heeyo bholaro aahay” (no offense). After that O and A levels came and if the Cambridge and Edexcel board do not have Darwin in the syllabus then how is it Imran Khan’s fault?
    Thirdly, even those countries that study Darwin’s theory closely are in a state of distress right now because of coronavirus. Check out the number of cases and deaths in Italy, America, Spain and the UK. Surely, they teach such theories and they’ve got more resources than Pakistan yet look at their state.
    So if you’re so clever as to take the readers on a ride only to fulfill the purpose of your propaganda (perhaps even paid by the opposition) then do your research because right now it seems that you’re just ranting about Imran Khan’s government.

  28. Pakistani writers like this one have problem criticising their own people and for stating what they believe as right. They somehow have to drag Hindus/Hinduism/ Modi/Hindutva supporters into their narrative. This not only shows the cowardice of such writers but their hippocracy.

  29. We cannot outright reject the theories of scientists just because of our following of different religious beliefs or do otherwise since be it religion or sciences each has its exclusive domain and relevant merits. We the humans as beneficiaries of both sides should acknowledge the merits of each of these sides in a logical, sane and prudent manner without affecting the equilibrium between the two indeed!

  30. The writer is a well known scientist and knows that a scientific and modern outlook is required by a community ,but is equally aware his life would be in danger without hitting out at HINDUS. But I would say to him GOOD LUCK . He has a humongous task of taking a community who insist they want to go back 1400 years into modernity

  31. pakistan ke siva koi compititor country nai hai kiya ye duniya me pakistan pakistan apne india news walon ki aur pakistan ki gand me goli mardo baat kare ki pakistan no im fedup from this godi media

  32. You cannot throw baby with bath water. We should have scientific temper but mocking everything ancient is not wise . Throughout human history people have expanded the
    boundaries of knowledge and everything is not mumbo jumbo. Ancient civilizations, thinkers and pioneers have brought us where ee are now.

  33. Professor, dwelling upon the subjects & passing comments uncalled for, expose your ignorance and harm the serious message you want to convey; if any !

  34. am
    You are right. He doesn’t know about biology as well cause I never have read that Darwin gave any fundamental theory in biology.
    Survival of the fittest is one aspect of Darwin’s theory while evolving from monkey’s is truly another.
    And Darwin was unable to provide enough evidence to consider it as a law.
    It is still a theory
    No one, Hindu or Muslim, should get annoyed from this lame article, as I can see no logic into it.

  35. Writer here want to equate or nullify the fact yhat some people on this planet drink cow piss to cure illnesses such as cancer. This virus has not asumed another shape or totally become another superior specie, it has just changed its victim, it is STILL making the same DNA/RNA replication that it would have been making before jumping on to a new specie. There is a differnce in become a totally differnt specie , this virus was a corona virus , still a corona virus and will always remain a corona virus .

  36. What I learned by reading comments here and in Dawn, where the author normally writes is, Pakistanis are much more respectful of a scientist than we Hindus. Our middle class seems to be far more radicalized than theirs in right-wing nuttiness and pseudoscience. Sad state.

    Or maybe, it is just because Dawn moderates forums better.

  37. Excellent Article, Superbly written. You made my day under lockdown, people who are criticizing the writer have thin skin and no sense of critical thinking, You should possess the skills necessary for critical thinking and analysis. The critical thinking tradition seeks ways of understanding the mind and then training the intellect so that such “errors”, “blunders”, and “distortions” of thought are minimized.

  38. I belive this is not right angle if reporting and writing. The is article seems to result of countless frustration spread all over the west.
    In islam our HOLY PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W has ordered us not to go outside in case of pandemic disease and nit to contact and touch in this situation . HE S.A.W.W ordered specifically for women to take veil and cover your face and body parts properly which now a days are followed by every one.

  39. I belive this is not right angle if reporting and writing. The is article seems to result of countless frustration spread all over the west.
    In islam our HOLY PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W said no one go and no one leave from the specific area where plague is spread, 1440 years ago. HE S.A.W.W ordered specifically for women to take veil and cover your face and body paets properly and all the things which are told by HIM S.A.W.W are now even so called superpowers are following that rules and instructions which were told to Muslims in Madina Pak.
    We feel proud to be Muslims and hope so you will learn from my article.

  40. The writer is trying to live a title of a leftist-liberal by abusing ancient Hindu heritage every time he has to encounter a stupidity of abrahamic faiths….this is pseudo secularism on the steroids! How can you give tap on the knuckle of muslim/Christians without abusing Hindus.

  41. its a well known fact that pakistani propoganda heavily relies on gau mutra to look down upon hindus. but hardly anyone indulges or promotes it. those who do are ridiculed. Get your facts right. as a man of science look for evidence, and do better than just expressing outrage. The editor of print should look at what is being published. no one wants to read a rant. This article was useless. may be in pakistan people hate darwin. here in India we take science seriously!! Keep india out of your genralisations

  42. The whole world is baffled by something that noone can control. If the world is forced to go back to basics. To get your hause in order 5 times wodu abloshon and 5 times numaz prayer might be the only chance seeking mercy in Allah

  43. Brilliant article sir.. I have been following you since long time. A true common sense in a pathetic environment .

  44. Hindus whole heartedly accepted Darwins theory ,u idoit , hindus evolution is scientific almost like Darwin or even more sophisticated, hence if ur religion is idiot don’t bring hindus they are always scientific

    • As I said the writer has hidden agenda to abuse Hindus every time there’s stupidity done by Muslims/Christians….on the holy name of pushed I secularism.

      Darwin’s theory couldn’t be more justified by Hindus than by dashavtars….matsyavatara, kurmavtar etc are In direct Agreement with Darwin’s theories….in fact Darwin might well have been inspired by it.

      No wonder until brits landed in India there weren’t much of science in the western world except gun powder and narcotics.

  45. I have only one question. …….” If a man is a transformed form of monkey………then what will you say about the monkeys who left behind. …….. why they were converted into man?”

    • Read yourself and think about it…you will find your answer…if you don’t then you are decscribed somewhere in your sentence.

  46. Can we rely on theories. I am not refuting. But no one has proved even after century. May be it looks correct, so we believe in the postulates.
    Secondary can we affiliate modern occupational or lifestyle decreases to Christianity or modern science.. Does sanatan dharm restricts to question, adopt & apply logic.
    In case of infectuos decreases the already present anti biotics are proving less effective, don’t even of viral ones.
    Modern medicine treats mostly the symptoms only while our own immune system does the rest. With side effects as bonuses. Should we discard them or demean them. No. But people are skeptical on modern drugs.
    Can we call all the achievements as vain or orthodox.

    It shows the mental level of the writer, who in general is a renowned fellow. But this time he got trapped into his own prejudices rather than rational

    • You are not anywhere at the level of the writer.

      You seem quite uninformed about modern medicine.
      Scientific Medicine treats root cause whenever possible and symptoms when not possible.
      Quack Medicine likes to say that it treats root causes, but they don’t have any understanding what the root cause it.

      For example, if you get Cholera, medicine gives you antibiotics to kill Cholera organism and in the meanwhile corrects fluid loss so that you don’t die.

      Ayurveda and Homeopathy have no concept of Cholera germ and think it comes from air, not water. Homeopathy gives sugar pills with no actual medicine in them.

  47. The writter is so rascist, I mean I and my community have been teaching Darwin since dacades. This is first time that I have goota onow that Pakistanis hate darwin. Hahahahahah shame on you the writter

    • Shame on writer , but I think why shame should be ashamed? Shameless, I have no words for such a cheapest person, cheapest platform, cheapest approach.

  48. Hoodbhoy you wanted to shame Hindus, OK no problem with it. But have you ever visited any yoga and ayurvedic centre in India. Yoga and Ayurved is practised in whole world. As for Gomutra… there are varied claims. Hindus do believe Darvins theory. Silly Hoodbhoy, do you know Dashavtar of Lord Vishnu? It is nothing but evolution of man in present form. The first living was born in water and hence these 10 avatars i.e. God’s incarnation starts with Matsya i.e. fish. The tenth is Budhha which relates to present human being. You may wag your tongue in any way when you talk of Islam, about which your knowledge is also limited. Do you know that whole world has acknowledged now that Hindus have a different RNA which fights with virus. Also the scientist all over the world have accepted that Hindu eating habits i.e. including turmeric, Ginger, Garlic and spices improve immunity. Modern day doctors prescribe Yoga postures to calm down mind. What is your Namaz, it is nothing but different Yoga Postures, which was borrowed by Mohamed from Hindus so that the digestive system of Islamists can improve as they eat beef whole day and night.

    • Are you a doctor or a bhakt promoting cow dung and cow urine , come and see me in some place I can cure you

    • Hello. I wish a good day to you.
      I don’t agree with some statements you have written. First of all, humans don’t have RNA, they all have DNA. The reason there are different races is due to the fact that DNA differs accross the globe. It also differs across every human being but people closely related don’t differ that much(like the people of the subcontinent). Your claim about “Hindus” having different DNA isn’t completely accurate. It seems to be HLA genes that are doing the trick. That is a good example of evolution(I don’t disagree with evolution). But this evolution is also dependant on several other factors which I am sure is common for all people living in the subcontinent. So the researches carried out these investigations in Delhi but countries in the subcontinent have been less susceptible so we can say that it is a characteristic of people living in the subcontinent. Nothing that makes the Hindus special cuz indians, Pakistanis and bengalis are closely related together. So your claim about Hindus being better off is wrong, that word should be replaced by Indians.(similarly the scientific study doesn’t state Hindus)
      Scientist’s do acknowledge the eating habits of Hindus but something better they quote than even Hindu diet is a balanced diet. Scientists say that you should take plants and meat in proper amounts required by the body(idea of a balanced diet). So again I would say wrong use of words there. The herbs and plants the people of the subcontinent use have good advantages for our immune system but so does meat. You can’t just say one is right and the other is wrong. Both have been shown to have benefits to the human body and immune system.
      Lastly I want to say something about Islam which you have commented. I don’t know anything about Hinduism so I won’t comment on that. But about Islam you say that Muhammad(SAW) borrowed yoga postures from Hindus for namaz. That was taught by angel Jibreel(AS) to the prophet. You will not believe in it but you will believe that there wasn’t much of a link between the Arabs and the Hindus. Also it was the Arabs in the era of the caliphs that reached india and they spread their teachings there then. Prophet(PBUH) could not have borrowed it from a Hindu because there were no Hindus visiting Arabia at that time.
      Lastly you said that Islamists eat beef all day and night. Again that is wrong because we eat mutton and chicken as well. Most of all we love vegetables and fruits too. The Prophet wasn’t a beef eater. He spent most of his time in poverty. He would only have dates for himself most of his life. Also in the Quran, Allah does not say that. That’s again misquoting. Instead Allah reminds us of his favours again and again by reminding us of the fruits and vegetables we see and the cattle we see as a gift from Allah for us to eat. There are so many verses talking about fruits and vegetables and Muslims eat and enjoy plants. The Prophet’s(SAW) favourite vegetable was Loki(pumpkin). So that again is an allegation upon Muslims because you have made assumptions about our Deen(religion). I hope you understand and I am only defending my religion and I hope you note that I didnot target the Hindu religion. Have a good day.

      • “First of all, humans don’t have RNA, they all have DNA”

        I am still laughing at this statement.

  49. This writer do know that when plague spread in medina. Prophet PBUH said to stop the viral disease no one leave the city nor anyone new came to the city” and we are ordered not to perform namaz in masjid but at home. So no its not shocking saudia Arabia is just falling sunnah. NO. Muslim, at least educated one, don’t believe in somethings. It clearly says in quran that Allah made sickness. Also, I think its really unethical of some people like him fir using the pandemic for their own agenda. Shows that there is no humanity in them

  50. While Hinduism does contain some outdated stuff, it is willing to adapt itself to modern discoveries. Can you say that for Islam?

    • Oh…please. While your are writing this. Radical Hindus taking shower with Gomutra and go-dump for the cure. Just insane.

  51. The author is a confused man. Did eating khajoor or drinking cow Mitra lead to Covid 19. Does not believing in Darwin’s theory lead to Covid 19. The genesis of Covid 19 lie in the wet markets of China, which the author does not mention even as a passing reference
    Covid 19 killed more people in China and the rational West, with the US being the new epicenter. Comparatively fewer have died due to Covid 19 on India and Pakistan. So does this mean that fewer people believe Darwin’s theory in China and the West then in India or Pakistan. Instead of trying to scientifically understand the reasons for this the author is indulging in irrelevant ranting.

  52. Just because Ayurveda and yoga cannot be used in emergency situation like this calling it as pseudo science is shameful don’t forget while Indians are too busy to be ashamed of their yoga culture west is busy using it for betterment of life

    • Unfortunately, problem with hoodboiy is, he wants to be a famous name is science, but as he has been incapable of doing anything extra in science, he wanted to fill the gap by cursing other aspects of life.
      What science has to do with religion, and people beliefs? Why u suppose evry one is hating Darwin? Just to be strong and stupid critic of people belief is not science.
      Being such a trmendous (so called) scientist, what have u done for corona? that the molvis have rejected??..
      You could have done much better in ur filed if u could have focused there rather then hating relegions.

  53. Darwin is abused by Hindu fundamentalists?

    What kind of shameful monkey balancing do these so-called Liberals have to do each time. Hinduism at large has no problem with science but is in consonance.

    As opposed to Abrahamic religions.

    • It’s almost as if the writer wants to please the muslim readers . “See, hindus are much worse”. But the fact remains that most hindus don’t care about Gaumutra and in return troll the people who promote that.

    • Wow.. does the writer sound any more impartial towards PTI or religion?! FYI, we studied evolution not enshrouded in hatred or with the undertone of cynicism. Mr writer, you should know better than to write such a slanderous and off putting statement! Didnt even finish reading the aricle. Completely disregarding your article or in other words your “opinion”.. do better next time.

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